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That first night, Anders lays his head on Hawke’s chest and is almost overcome.

He’s felt for pulses with steady, elf root stained fingers and listened to the sound of his own heart roaring in his ears when Templars get too close. The memories of being in a body that wasn’t his and wasn’t alive makes it hard to ignore all the signs of life around him. Too used to silence and stillness to not marvel at the differences sometimes.

But none of that compares to now, listening to the steady, slow beat of Hawke’s heart, skin warm and soft beneath his own. There’s life, and that’s beautiful on its own, but this is more. This is the life of the one he loves, perfect and protected.

It is, he marvels, the most beautiful song in the world.

I guess this is (technically) a Oneshot OC?? 

Her name is Jay and she’s straight up nothing but a side/background character in the fic I’m writing, but a lot of ppl wound up liking her which is surprising, to say the least!! ;w; She’s a waitress who is a coworker of the MC/Reader, and she’s notorious for breaking and spilling things (」゚Д゚)」


Addy narrowed her eyes at him. She wasn’t angry anymore but she wanted to be clear, “Don’t ever do that again. I don’t need you to protect me.” 

Luke just shook his head, laughing hollowly, “Adrienne, I’ve been protecting you for all of your life. How am I supposed to just stop?” 

“I don’t know, Luke. But you have to.” Addy said, unyielding. 

Luke sighed so heavily, it sounded like a groan, running his hand through his hair so hard, it looked like he might yank some out, “Fine. No more threats. You don’t need me to fight your battles for you.” 

“That’s right.” 

“But if you ever… if you ever decide you want me to fight a battle for you, just promise you’ll tell me?”


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I like Maddy too, but now I’m officially #TeamLaddy!!!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, louder for the people at the back: THE LAWS OF INHERITANCE and THE THING WITH FEATHERS by dear @hushedhands are so much better than THE HEIR and THE CROWN. I’ve never seen a fanfic better than canon, only this one. So fight me.  

This is what you get.

You treat me like a child, always ignoring my questions, and for that, this is what you get. Stripped, bound, helpless, and ripe for tickling. I hope you don’t mind I dismantled your little art project for these feathers, but having you like this really deserves a classic touch. Does that really tickle? Just wait until I start digging in there with my nails, you’ll be begging for the feathers again. Oh don’t worry, once I start kneading my way down your ribs and sides, you’ll really have nothing to worry about. Luckily your parents asked me to check in on you (obviously they don’t trust you alone with yourself), or else I couldn’t have known they’d be gone for the weekend. So scream all you want, there’s nobody around to hear you (expect for me of course).

Oh and don’t even think about what I’m going to do to you once I get down to your feet. I remember when we were kids, you always running around barefoot, and me trying to catch you but never getting close. I always knew you were ticklish, but I never got to learn firsthand. First time for everything right? You think getting a pedicure is bad? Try that times ten, that’s how bad it’s going to be. I’m sure once the oiled hairbrush is digging deep into your soles, you’ll think twice about giving me the time of day. Are you ready to answer my question now? Okay, I’ll ask it again, so I hope you’re listening:

Is God dead? Take your time.

Picture Source: FrenchTickling - More Pleasure With Flore’s Upperbody