fictional feather

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From the anon that started all this supernatural au stuff yesterday: all this brainstorming looks really interesting! (i've been picturing jo with big bird wings?? He might keep them tucked down when he plays? Its just my personal idea, you don't have to use it or even include him. I really like the look of winged characters.)

Oh my god???? I have no idea about the context of why he has wings and idk about the logistics but the visual my friend my dude my buddy

Can you imagine Jo surrounded by a cloud of soft feathers, trying to groom himself. Maybe that’s why he refuses to be shirtless, bc his wings would show. He likes laying on his belly and spreading his wings out over his bed, just hanging out in his boxer briefs and nothing else bc it’s the most comfortable. When Nate is there Nate can’t stop touching them, stroking the long primary flight feathers and burying his face in the softer down feathers closer to Jo’s back, and Jo curls his wings around Nate to tuck him close