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Addy narrowed her eyes at him. She wasn’t angry anymore but she wanted to be clear, “Don’t ever do that again. I don’t need you to protect me.” 

Luke just shook his head, laughing hollowly, “Adrienne, I’ve been protecting you for all of your life. How am I supposed to just stop?” 

“I don’t know, Luke. But you have to.” Addy said, unyielding. 

Luke sighed so heavily, it sounded like a groan, running his hand through his hair so hard, it looked like he might yank some out, “Fine. No more threats. You don’t need me to fight your battles for you.” 

“That’s right.” 

“But if you ever… if you ever decide you want me to fight a battle for you, just promise you’ll tell me?”


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I like Maddy too, but now I’m officially #TeamLaddy!!!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, louder for the people at the back: THE LAWS OF INHERITANCE and THE THING WITH FEATHERS by dear @hushedhands are so much better than THE HEIR and THE CROWN. I’ve never seen a fanfic better than canon, only this one. So fight me.
A Thing with Feathers - UglyWettieWrites - Broadchurch [Archive of Our Own]
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Hardy x Miller. How it should’ve ended.

Word Count: 3617

Warnings: none

Rating: Teen, for some swearing and adult themes.

Summary: [Right after the last scene of the last episode]

Ellie sees Alec with his date at the same pub she went to that evening to have a solitary drink. The drink they should’ve had together. It bothers her, but she is loathe to approach them and say something. Alec knows her well, and expects her at his cottage after she’s done sulking, with open arms.

He waited on her in the dark. The stars were especially bright over the ocean tonight, so he sat in the rocking chair the previous owners of the cottage left, and mulled.

He could still smell the faint traces of his date’s perfume on his shirt.

He considered changing, then decided against it. Despite Daisy’s efforts, he didn’t really have anything to change into - the lady who came in to do light cleaning and chores would be in tomorrow, though.

He bowed his head and sniffed. It was strong, the perfume. He went into his bedroom and put on a sweater. The smell vanished.

He sat back down, and watched the stars.

Her insistent knocking woke him from his sleep. His beard was damp with drool. He hissed and wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his sweater.

Her cheeks were florid with drink, her hair a tangled mess that made him ache.

He turned on the light and opened the door.

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“It’s after midnight, Miller. Daisy’s sleeping.” He put his finger to his lips.

She fidgeted, pulling her coat around her.

“How was it, then?”

He walked inside and to the kitchenette to wash the saliva from his beard. She followed him. She was only slightly unsteady. He patted his beard dry with a paper towel.

“How was what?”

She sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes. “You know, you could’ve just told me you didn’t want to grab a drink because you had a date. We’re close enough for that, aren’t we?”

“I’m making you a cup of tea,” he said, and grabbed the kettle. It was not a question. She yanked off her jacket and slung it over a chair.

“I’ve drunk enough,” she said, and sat down.

He poured the water into a flowered mug, and threw in one - paused, looked at her - and a second tea bag. She liked it strong. He knew, even if she never explicitly said so.

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Ray and Susan

From my scifi universe: Dino Odyssey

My two Nanotemnus character talking with their armor put on.

Ray’s armor is based in his love to paleontology while Susan’s armor shows her love to botany.

Hope you like it.