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It's a Country Thing - Tom and Abby (one shot/drabble)

It’s a Country Thing

Saturday night turned out to be a lot more fun than I ever expected, especially so far from home, away from my routine, away from normalcy. Since I was between productions back at home and my recent engagement to Tom, I was his tag along nearly everywhere he went, Bangor, Brighton, London, and now Michigan in America. Naturally I didn’t mind being with Tom, spending every waking and sleeping moment with him, but the travelling didn’t suit me well.

Uncontrollably excited as he was prone to get, my beautiful man dug into a new role with two feet, two hands, and his entire head, fully dedicated, fully immersed, fully committed to learning and living everything he needed to learn and know to play Hank Williams, a significant country singer icon. We had taken a small road trip through Alabama before landing in Remus to get a feel of the south, enjoying grits and woken up by a rooster.

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Just like the stars upon you ceiling, a Linnea fanmix, inspired by the fictional countries series.


I- Songbird intro Anais Mitchell

II- The Departure Michael Nyman 

III- Coming down Anais Mitchell

IV- First time outside Zbigniew Priester 

V- You’ll be queen one day Ramin Djawadi

VI- Fantômes Mansfield. TYA

VII- Singing to the bones Wendy Rule

VIII- Lonely soul UNKLE

IX- Stars Warpaint