fictional countries series


D I V I N E | R I G H T : fictional countries, a web-series by vanz and lyra

It all begins with a question man has always asked. Why? But they are not men. And there is an answer.

Imagine the stars and how they shine. Imagine castles and their unbreakable walls. imagine princesses in their fairy tales and noble princes. Imagine kings and queens in splendor. Imagine kingdoms of paradise. Imagine a harmonious peace.

Now tell yourself: it is all a lie.


Just like the stars upon you ceiling, a Linnea fanmix, inspired by the fictional countries series.


I- Songbird intro Anais Mitchell

II- The Departure Michael Nyman 

III- Coming down Anais Mitchell

IV- First time outside Zbigniew Priester 

V- You’ll be queen one day Ramin Djawadi

VI- Fantômes Mansfield. TYA

VII- Singing to the bones Wendy Rule

VIII- Lonely soul UNKLE

IX- Stars Warpaint