fictional characters whom i would marry

Leave Sakura Alone.

She didn’t do anything wrong. The hand of the creator forced her to be this way, deviating from her true character. It saddens me when people call her “Suckra” or “useless”, because in my eyes, she is still my favorite character because she reminds me much of myself. She was born with no special powers or ninja clan statuses, yet her will to become stronger made her special.

Can we all stop attacking characters whom others adore? If you dislike a character, dislike them to yourselves. 

Ask yourself something… why? Why do you dislike the character so much?

Is your hate founded in reason, like, has the character done something so inhumanly despicable that it is impossible for you to see their goodness? Or is it simply because of boobs, lack of boobs, good looks, fancy eyebrows, or have they simply hindered your OTP, or something petty like that? (hehehe, fancy eyebrows… so random, yet not random at the same time…)

I hated Hinata for so long. Hated her guts out. Same with Sasuke. Then I asked myself, “Is it just because my OTP didn’t happen?” and I was all, “Crap. It is.” They aren’t my favorite characters, but, I see many other people love them as much as I love Sakura and Naruto, so I stopped posting hate about SS and NH completely.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone practiced looking on the good side of things and people? I tried it a little bit with these fictional Naruto characters whom I disliked…

The real Hinata was so kind that she would have fought in strength for her dead cousin, instead of holding her crush’s hand. 

The real Sasuke… well, I think he would have chosen to be alone, rather than choose Sakura to marry, no offense favorite-character-of-mine.

The real Sakura, I feel, would have chosen Naruto, if the real Naruto remembered who he was, and would not have given up on pursuing Sakura, something he promised never to do.

All in all, I believe that Sakura is truly a victim of the creator’s hand, twisted and warped for superficial and vain reasons. She is no longer the girl I began to adore in my youth, but I will protect what little is left of my precious character.

So, everyone, chill out. 

Go do something productive like share your fan arts and fictions. Give a note to someone you like (or possibly dislike, remembering to look on their good side!).

Leave my Sakura-chan alone.