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Top 10 moments when ACOMAF shattered my heart in the best way possible

Okay, now that I’ve spent my whole week just living and breathing about ACOMAF… re-reading ACOMAF… and just thinking about it obsessively and telling ALL my friends about it… I feel like now it is a good time to post this. I’m going to post my top 10 moments in ACOMAF where MY HEART BROKE. And I hope you guys can agree–because this fandom is one soul, and we ride and die together.  

10. When Feyre comforts Rhysand after waking him up from his nightmare.

Like first of all, OW. It just breaks my heart over and over to think about what Amarantha did to Rhys, and what scars it left behind. 

But… what broke my heart more was this:

“But–but how many nights had I wanted someone to do the same for me?” 


Because some stupid High Lord of the Spring Court just pretended to be asleep whenever she vomited her guts out, and pretended everything was all fine and dandy. You claim to love her, and yet, you let this happen. tamlin u shit bag

9. Lucien and Feyre reunion after Feyre goes to the Night Court. 

You gave up on me.” 

Look, guys, I know Lucien is not a bad person. Deep down, he is a good, troubled person who has a lot of his own scars, and I know that he does consider Feyre to be his friend and he does care about her. But he also chooses to yield to Tamlin at the end of everything. He does fight for her, but he doesn’t fight enough against Tamlin. Now, this could be because Tamlin does instill a lot of fear in Lucien–which, if it’s true, it is not a healthy friendship, even if Tam is Lucien’s High Lord. But it makes me wonder, you know. Where is our fiery Lucien, who once spat at Tamlin’s feet? I really do hope that Elain will help him change for the better. Or that he comes to this realization from himself. Man, I love Lucien, but he’s going to have to do a lot more to redeem himself. 

Because, see, even Rhys thinks that Lucien would’ve stepped in.

And this breaks Feyre’s heart, that her friend wouldn’t do this for her. And she would’ve fought for Lucien until the end, no doubt about. 


8. The scars that remain with Rhys because of Amarantha. 

The next scene that broke my heart happens during the sexytimes between Feyre and Rhys.

Okay, just re-reading this scene is making me really emotional. So I don’t know if I’m going to be coherent enough to say this. But like, guys. I think this scene is important–and heartbreaking at the same time–because it’s a moment where Rhysand’s scars are acknowledged. Again, it is so rare in YA fiction to see a male character who has been sexually abused, and Sarah explores the scars that remain within Rhysand. And it’s also important because he’s also able to overcome these scars, and find happiness even after the darkest of times.

7. How Rhysand is treated in Velaris vs. Under the Mountain

Okay, so I like how 8 and 7 relate to each other. 

What struck me about this scene was: “no one whispered about him or spat on him or stroked him as they had Under the Mountain”

What really breaks my heart here is that it’s not just Amarantha that violated Rhys. Others did it too, because Amarantha did it, because Rhys was Amarantha’s whore, and therefore, her property. 

And this makes me really sick to my stomach. And it breaks my heart. fuck

6. Feyre realizing how sad she is at the Spring Court before her wedding. 


my poor baby Feyre 

I spent a good portion of time during the beginning of the novel wanting to wrap her in a warm blanket, hug her, and tell her it’s okay. 

And Tamlin, CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS, is able to laugh freely. I’m gonna fight him

Even Rhys in Chapter 11 goes: “Months and months, and you’re still a ghost. Does no one there ask what the hell is happening? Does your High Lord simply not care?” (Shall we count this as like an honourable mention moment for when my heart broke into a million pieces… again) 

ha ha ha ha let me DIE my heart can’t take this 

5. Rhysand asks Feyre about her birthday. 

This isn’t a sad scene, but it still moved me and broke my heart because you can obviously tell how much Rhys loves Feyre.





But also, like. Rhys seems genuinely sad that Feyre did not celebrate her birthday. Do I foresee belated birthday gift/party in ACOTAR 3? Because yes I will sell my soul for this 

4. Feyre walking away from Rhysand after learning about the mating bond

Okay, no, I totally understand why Feyre is angry enough that she wants some time alone away from Rhysand once she learns from the Suriel that they’re mates. I’ve seen people hating on her for it… but c’mon. Really? You don’t think you’d be angry? Angry enough to walk away? I mean I’d want my own space to think too

But yeah it still broke my heart because Rhysand just calls after her… injured and weakened… ahaha…..ha…. why…

Now we’re rolling into the final 3… and honestly, these broke my heart the most and made me cry. I still want to weep when I think about them. 

3. Rhysand noticing Feyre’s weight loss 

He cares so much about her. *UGLY WAILING* *falls to the floor*

And he makes sure she eats properly. And wants to have breakfast with her. 


cue ugly sobbing, with the snot and everything 

rhysand calling tam out on his shitty behaviour

2. Cassian and Feyre training 

This is still one of my favourite scenes, and I … just. The whole scene leading up to it is an emotional roller coaster–Cassian saying that he’s there for Feyre if she wants to talk about leaving the Spring Court, the whole “I’m fine” thing, and how Feyre just realizes she did everything for Tamlin… and he just…. left her to suffer alone.

He’s ready to take the blow. 




Rhys is precious, Cassian is precious….. the whole Night Court squad is precious. I just love them so muchhhhhhh. 

And now. .  . okay. 

The final scene had me in full blown tears. 

1. Amren x Feyre 








D E A D 


This post also made me very emotional again. Thanks for reading. And if you know want to discuss ACOMAF with me, and the scenes that broke your heart (because there are like 10 million more)… feel free to shoot me a message. 

I’m gonna go read ACOMAF some more and cry by e 

Our PLL Tumblr Family...

I don’t post on my account often (if ever, actually) but I need to get something off my chest.

Pretty little liars has been a show that I’ve watched since I was a young teenager and I’ve literally grown up with it, it’s been my anchor through some of the most challenging times. I have absolutely loved theorising and looking through the PLL theories tag, I’ve done this for so long that it’s breaking my heart that in two weeks there’s going to be no reason to look through that tag anymore.

This might sound silly to people who aren’t fans of the show but even though the liars are fictional characters it feels like with each episode I’m catching up with an old friend. The PLL theories tag has been an escape for me where I can immerse myself in a world where I forget all of my problems and scroll through the tag for a while.

I can’t explain how grateful I am for the show, to the tumblr blogs, to the fans. To me it’s not just a show, it’s a whole community. People have come together from all walks of life and have made friendships through their love of PLL, how incredible is that?! As much as I want to know who -A is after all this time I don’t want it to end! I’m getting so emotional just typing this post. How cool would it be if we created a new tag once the show is over that the tumblr family can still look through to stay connected?!

Here’s to all of the pll blogs out there, for taking your time with some incredible theories and for bringing people together. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Much love xx

I realized something today. I love books. I love stories and I love drifting off into their pretty tales of adventures, but most importantly I love fictional characters. Despite the fact that I can’t hold them, talk to them, or physically see them. I love books, but feel a sting in my heart whenever I finish a good one. I feel a sense of loss and depression knowing I’ll never read about those characters again. I feel as though we adventured together, we laughed together, we suffered, lived, and loved. Once all this is over a part of me feels empty. A part of me recoils in sadness and sometimes it lasts for months. The reason I say this is because I realize if I could feel that way over a book. If I can feel that way over some fictional person whom I’ve never even met. What would it be like if I actually fell for someone? What would it be like if I actually fell in love with someone and everything they are. Then one day it’s gone. They leave. Not a fictional character whom I grown to love. A real person who I invested my life into. Someone who I attached myself to emotionally and physically to in reality. Someone I could actually touch and see right before my eyes as I grow to love them and just like a fictional character they leave. However they don’t disappear from existence. They just leave me in particular, continuing on with their lives, meeting new people, falling for someone else, and I can see it right before my eyes. How would I feel then? Hell, I think I’d shatter
—  A very emotional book worm

Man, I was gonna make an irate post about Tumblr’s self masturbatory love of pointing at any problematic or poor decision made and decrying it as abusive and irredeemable but the more I thought about it, the more I realized, that’s not even Tumblr. That’s just society, and we do so love to forget that we are just as susceptible to the inherent prejudices built into our society as anyone else. We aren’t special. We aren’t even that much more well-informed, we’re just better at re-branding our prejudices and bigotries to better fit a shallowly ‘enlightened’ image, and we get it into our heads that being ‘aware’ is the same thing as being ‘self-improving’. I can be aware that mosquitoes are necessary parts of the ecosystem that feed various other creatures that are important to the food chain and still find myself absolutely hating the bastards.

People want to point at characters like Pearl and say they are entirely, inherently awful for their mistakes, even in the face of evidence that they’re suffering from mental illnesses, suffering from a lack of self-worth, suffering from the loss of a close loved one, just suffering, suffering, suffering. They write off the explanations as excuses, even though Pearl never, ever excuses herself for her actions. Not for long, at any rate- she makes the same cursory defenses anyone would, but ultimately, she knows when she’s wrong. She doesn’t cling to false innocence. When she realizes she’s hurting Steven with her words in Rose’s Scabbard, she removes herself from the situation, when she realizes she’s projecting her issues onto a 10-year-old girl she stops, and re-formats her training to better accommodate Connie and Steven’s wishes, when she realizes her actions toward Garnet are not harmless, she breaks. Her methods of fixing the problem may not be flawless, but she is doing her best, within her own capacity. 

And that’s all you should ever ask of anybody. I see so many people, I know so many people who closely identify with Pearl. Not excuse her, but identify with her, they know those feelings, they understand her reactions, they see where she’s coming from and understand why she makes the mistakes she does. Some of them have probably even made similar mistakes, because Pearl is a very real, very multifaceted character. People have very real, very human reactions to characters like this, and it fucking breaks my heart to see people look at Pearl with all her flaws and label her ‘Abusive, irredeemable trash’ and know that that same mentality is reflecting back on the real people who suffer from the same feelings of worthlessness. If you can’t even bring yourself to sympathize with a fictional character in a manufactured setting, especially a character so many of you loved before she started displaying the nastier symptoms of mental illness, how can you honestly expect yourself to sympathize with real people in similar situations? How can you call yourself an ally or an advocate of any sort?

People, both in the real world and on tumblr, are so brutally unforgiving of mistakes in any capacity. It just breaks my heart.

My family's reaction to Be My Princess 1

I’m doing a special react episode as BMP got the highest vote count for my giveaway aha. I’m doing the first one here, the other one will be up another day. Enjoy my family’s reaction to BMP! :D

Family members joining me: Sis, 3 hot male cousins, mum, anime-loving cousin (A/N: I promised extra people, didn’t I? :D)

Yes, we always start with a group CG

Sis: Wow. 

Male Cousin 1: You haven’t called us for so long, so I assume this is one of those games again.

Male Cousin 3: They did a good job with the medals and stuff y'know.

Male Cousin 2: Blondie looks like he had a hair disaster that day. At least use some mousse.

Me: Okay the boys here are all crown princes, heir apparent to their own country’s throne. You choose one of them, fall in love and become their princess. Anyone can guess the name?

Mum: So that’s what you’ve been giggling like a schoolgirl when revising your work. (Guilty. Sowwy mom ;-;)

Anime cousin: Is this adapted from anime???

Me: Dammit no. Anyone can guess the name?

Male Cousin 1: Let me whisk you away into the castle of dreams (WHY WHY WHY)

Me: Err the name isn’t that long O.o 

Male Cousin 2: Take my hand and we’ll see the world (HAVE YOU NOT BEEN LISTENING?!)


Sis: Be My Princess?

Me: At least someone gets it. I give up on you three.

First up, I showed them Wilfred (or Wildabeast) as I call him:

External image

Me: This guy’s like really serious in his work and he doesn’t want his princess to face the same kind of stress he did. The name’s Wilfred.

Male Cousin 1: He’s got a really awkward dancing form.

Sis: Hair disaster guy no. The girl has hair sticking out as well oh god. (ARE YOU THE GODDAMN FASHION POLICE HERE?!)

Mum: What is this? Your dad can’t even do this properly for god’s sake sigh. (MUM YOU SHOULDN’T BE SHAMING YOUR HUSBAND HERE)

Anime cousin: Call him and I’ll suggest some anime and books to learn how to properly waltz.

Mum: I wanna dance out of a sudden!

Me: Stay still mum.

Sis: The girl and the dress don’t match (Sis you aren’t fashion police for the last time sigh >.>)

Male Cousin 1: His mouth is weird. Like he trying to suck something man.

Male Cousin 3: The sparkles in the picture are getting to me bad.

Male Cousin 2: SPARKLES BE GONE 

Me: Enough!

Second one showed was Joshua, or Joshizzle to me:

External image

Me: This guy’s as serious as the first one when in work mode. His name is Joshua.


Mum: I want to get that curtain to decorate your room and makes some rugs! (Eh…?)

Male Cousin 2: This prince has at least better hair and not so stiff clothes like the hair disaster one before.

Sis: He’s cute I want his number aha

Male Cousin 1: I like gummy bear smiles and I demand a photo with one.

Me: I can’t guarantee.

Male Cousin 3: Is it just me or does everyone seem to have different hair colours??? Cos I want to dye my hair that shade of purple.

Me: I give up on you.

Anime cousin: I’m boreddddd (Random kid.)

Rest of us: *ignores*

Thirdly, I showed them Glenn or rather, cozumi-otome’s beloved Glenny-poo:

Sis: Aww he’s so cute with those cat ears OwO

Me: Isn’t he?! He’s the cutest character to me in this game. ♥ His name is Glenn and he’s the youngest out of all the princes.

Sis: I think he is. Cuteness overload!

Mum: He can make a good son-in-law, no? (WHAT WHAT WHAT MUM WHAT ARE YOU SAYING NOW)

Male Cousin 1: Hmph. I’m cute as well and the two of you are fawning over him.

Male Cousin 3: *pats shoulder* Too bad. I see the hearts floating around the two of them.

Anime cousin: Damn, if they turned this game into an anime, this could be something worth watching.

Me: Just go and watch Diabolik Lovers! 

Anime cousin: I’m going to my room for a while *disappears*

Me: And he’s blushing y'know?! SO. CUTE.


After what seemed like forever due to me and my sis fangirling over Glenn, I showed them Roberto or rather, littlehevn and labyrinthofleah’s beloved Robbie:

External image

Me: This guy here has some sort of a love for fun, and his speech is kinda like a player’s. His name’s Roberto, or Robbie for short.

Male Cousin 2: Honey, don’t you know it’s not cool for males to grow long hair nowadays? Hmm? (The return of the damn fashion police. >.>)

Male Cousin 3: What a gaudy suit. That tie is just, ugh.

Mum: Well at least he can play a musical instrument. 

Sis: That wink tho.

Everyone: … *awkward silence*

Male Cousin 1: Why so quiet out of a sudden?

Me: Ahem. I told you he may sound like a player, but he has quite the tragic past. His mum passed away when he was young.

Male Cousin 1: Well at least we have a reason to see why he behaves so.

Sis: Can I stay in this game?

Next up, we have Keith, or Keithster to me XD:


Me: Um, okay…? Ahem. Anyway, this guy is quite the controlling type. His name is Keith.

Sis: Lemme try braiding and making your hair into that hairstyle the girl has there.

Me: Be my guest.

Mum: I see a nice mansion, but I won’t wanna live in it. Imagine how much cleaning you have to do!

Me: Mum, this guy’s a prince. If you live there, you’re his mother, the Queen. Dad’s gonna be King then.

Mum: I take back what I said. (She seems eager to be queen.)

Male Cousin 1: Another long-haired dude wow. This game designer sure likes guys with long hair.

Male Cousin 3: Upside kiss? You’ll feel dizzy and the kiss won’t feel right at all.

Me: Umm I leave it to your imagination, this scene. Moving on now!

I showed them my flowery Edward next:

External image

Me: This guy has a flowery speech and he loves roses. He refers to you as the world’s most beautiful rose he’s ever seen.

Sis: Seems like how a player would talk.

Me: Oh no he is most certainly not a player. His name is Edward.

Male Cousin 1: I like his hair, it seems so shiny and smooth. OwO

Male Cousin 2: I like his uniform! Especially that frilly shirt inside.

Male Cousin 3: *looks at his brothers in disdain* You two are turning gay, I swear.

Anime cousin: Damn right *emerges out of room*

Me: The heck were you doing in there? You literally vanished for so long.

Anime cousin: Went to catch up on my anime aha

Mum: He seems like a nice boy! 

Me: He is!

Sis: Does he like roses? I wish he could give me a bouquet of them. He seems like one of the good-looking ones in the game.

Me: I tell you I fell for him first, but my heart belongs to another forever now. ♥ (I think everyone knows who he is, no? OwO)

Sis: Is it that guy? *nudges*


Me: Chill! The guy’s a fictional character so calm down!

Male Cousin 2: Whew. If you had a man young lady, the three of us will hunt him down and have a manly talk with him. Break your heart and we’ll break his face.

A/N: I’m honestly scared about what will happen to my future boyfriend.

Lastly, I showed them our handsome man in a braid, Yakov baby:

External image

Me: He’s just perfect to me. My King Yakov. ♥

Sis: WHAT?! HE’S A KING?! But I thought you said that they were princes. :<

Me: In this story he’s still the crown prince aha

Male Cousin 2: Are you serious he has a braid! Oh my god when do guys have braids?!

Me: B-but he pulls it off well! He says it’s for protection purposes y'know.

Male Cousin 2: But still, why a damn braid!

Male Cousin 1: To be honest, he IS kind of handsome. Plus, I think I can see some slight bit of abs.

Male Cousin 3: Stop raging bro. 

Mum: He’s handsome.

Sis: I like this guy.

Me: I called dibs first.

Sis: Nope nope nope.

Male Cousin 2: Ok stop fighting over the damn male LOL


So that’s it for the BMP reaction! I’ll put up the BMP2 one soon :D I didn’t tell them the nicknames I have for them for fear that they’ll burst out laughing and dying XD

See ya again with this LOL


It’s amazing how people find it pathetic to cry over fictional characters’ deaths. They just say “They’re not real. It’s not worth crying over.”
The reason we put stock into fictional characters is because they represent us. Who we are. Who we want to be. They represent our desire for love, redemption, power, freedom, strength. 
In them, we see ourselves; growing stronger and overcoming adversities.
We see them sink into the depths of despair and pain, and see them overcome it.

That’s why, when we cry over them, we’re crying for ourselves.
We’re crying for a piece of ourselves that’s been ripped away. It’s something that can’t be easily replaced.

When they die, it’s like they’re looking right at us saying: “This is as far as I can go. The rest is up to you.”
We cry because we’re afraid to face a world where they don’t exist anymore.

I write this post as tears are still streaming down my face after I broke down and cried out loud after seeing the death of a character I love. A character who was flawed, but still fought for his friends. A character who knew for a long time that he was dying, but never gave up. 
even as a fictional character, the lessons I learned from him will stay with me forever.

I dedicate this post to all of the fictional heroes. To those characters who gave us hope and courage when real people failed to do so.

anonymous asked:

What is it about Logan that you love so much excluding his love with Veronica?

Gah!  You realize when I finish answering this question, people are going to be concerned for my mental health for loving a fictional character this much, right?

I take my Logan love way too seriously.

  1. I love him because he gets out of bed in the morning when so many others would give up under the circumstances.
  2. because he tends to bounce back
  3. because he skips
  4. because he can laugh at himself
  5. because he’s brilliant
  6. because those eyes break something in me
  7. because he keeps putting himself out there, even though history should have taught him to guard his heart.
  8. because he’s snarky
  9. because if he loves you, he will go balls to the wall against anybody who tries to hurt you.
  10. because he moves like a dancer
  11. because he makes perfect pancakes at the right time
  12. because he went after the bad guys with an unloaded gun
  13. because he knows how to listen without prying
  14. because spin kisses
  15. because if you don’t like his girlfriend, you can head towards the rectangle with a knob.
  16. because he fights back
  17. because he’s pretty when he fights back
  18. because WOOF
  19. flicking fingers and made up hand gestures
  20. not-so-made-up hand gestures
  21. his pointy nose
  22. the way he can’t sit in a chair
  23. his white tuxedo
  24. because he threw an entire prom just to have an excuse to get Veronica there.
  25. Because he practiced that epic speech for weeks ahead of time.
  26. because only he could get away with saying marshmallows and promises.
  27. in spite of the orange pants
Breaking down the wall with a clockworkplum

Breaking down the wall with aclockworkplum

Wolfie: hello Kate, thank you for accepting the invitation to do the interview.

I am a fan of your writing, and pretty much a fan period, so it is a great privilege to have the opportunity to exchange words on a neutral platform.

The whole purpose of doing the “breaking down the Tumblr wall" was to bring people together; writers and readers in all sorts of arrangements and without the intimidation that some very talented writers have as a shadow.

What is your take on the feeling that newer Tumblr writers feel there is a wall separating them from veteran Tumblr writers?

Kate: Hey Wolfie! Thank you and thank you and thank you. (I’m blushing, in case you’re curious.)

In my year or so on Tumblr I’ve found everyone, more or less, really kind and supportive. I try to take people on a one-on-one basis, so the idea of a wall is, well, odd to me. Yes, there are people who have known each other longer, who have insight into each other’s lives and inside jokes, but you’ll find that anywhere. People are just people – in real life, or on Tumblr.

Wolfie: That seems to be the general response in my simple observation, and not just from writers that have been here for years but also those that have been here at least three months and writing consistently.

So…. You chose a catchy and wonderful url and I must say you wear it so well. Would you be so kind as to describe the original thought behind “aclockworkplum”?

Kate: Heh, thanks! A Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite books – I’m a sucker for a good anti-hero, and I find it fascinating the publisher thought Americans wouldn’t like the 21st chapter and convinced Burgess to cut it from the version first released here. I’m softer on the outside than an orange, though. I bruise a little easier than most, but I have a solid core. Besides, who doesn’t love purple?

Wolfie: Ahhhhh Burgess ! Lol

It’s funny how I didn’t make the connection but now it is so clear and yes ….. Purple is very likeable.

Let’s see if we can get you to start wiggling in your seat with the next few questions.

Can you tell us who it is that you consider the welcome party to your Tumblring experience?

Feel free to name as many people as you wish and the reason why you feel the way you do about them.

Kate: Me? Wiggle? Naw.

Hmmm, let’s see. Chris (boxofverses) was the one who suggested Tumblr to me, but it was probably Phil (p-x-r) and Shannon (calamityxjane) who I’d consider my welcome party.

Phil dragged me into CritInk, and Shannon dragged me into, well, everything. I don’t know what I would have done this past year without her. (Her first born has to be named after me for my role as taxi driver in an impromptu vacation she took – you’re welcome, Wifey.) Philly actually lives less than 20 minutes from me now, and still owes me a coffee date.

Wolfie: So that basically summed up the rumors floating around about the Michigan Rowdy Bunch.

Kate, you are a wiz with formatting Greek mythology into poetry and you also do some pretty intense prose, can you share with is your motivation for writing? When you started writing and who influenced you the most into writing?

Kate: Why thank you!

I’ve always loved to read. I think I found every book my parents had in our house – just sniffed around for that old book smell I adore. I’m still not sure why they had a Greek Mythology book, probably leftover from one of my dad’s many random college classes, but that started my love of Greek Mythology.

Writing became the natural extension of my love of reading. I’d get angry when I read a book, and think ‘it shouldn’t happen like that!’ It took me longer than you’d think to realize I could write my own stories, and, well, play god.

My biggest inspiration would have to be Diane Wakoski. She was my poetry professor at MSU, and ridiculously intimidating and inspiring at the same time. (She told me I have an interesting mind for categories, and it’s still one of my favorite compliments, even though she felt the need to clarify that it was actually meant as a compliment.)

Wolfie: That sure sounds like some awesome motivation and I completely understand why the Prof. Felt it necessary to expand.

This is the part of the interview in which I ask you to name a few Tumblr writers you just can’t live without. Can you name a few blogs that have made your experience here on Tumblr very memorable and a few new blogs you just started to follow?

Kate: Oh man, now you’re going to find out what a horrible follower I am.

Some of my favorite writers, in no particular order:

Kristen (GirlvsWhale) – Cheesy as it sounds, Kristen writes with her whole heart. She has an innate talent for drawing you in, and making you feel both heartbroken and hopeful at the same time. It’s beautiful, and cathartic.

Ruth (UnbearablySharp) – I just want to hug Ruth. All the time. Her way with metaphors is just amazing. She lets you into her brain, and her heart, with everything she writes. (I want to make a home there.)

Noelle (OrdinaryWonder) – Noelle changed the way I look at science fiction. She has a way of twisting the synthetic until it seems completely organic – that’s talent.

Stimie (HowitzerLiterarySociety) – Stimie is just the epitome of a bad ass. He has all the confidence of someone who knows they’re good, and the talent to back it up. Not only does he do his own thing, he encourages others to do the same.

Justin (Portersnotebook) – There’s a grit in Justin’s writing that I adore. His magic realism is some of my favorite writing on tumblr – the way he works in the surreal in varying degrees and how it melts into the story he’s telling is simply wonderful.

Gibson (GibsonGrand) – Gibson’s writing is down and dirty, but has a whole lot of heart underneath a good spit shine. He makes you feel at home with the junkies, and the whores, like it’s the best place in the world to be.

Jade (HookersorCake ) – I don’t even know what to say about Jade’s writing, other than how whole unique it is – it’s just good, dirty, fun.

Jen (Jayarrarr) – Who doesn’t know how great Jen is? Her stories have a lived in feeling – like slipping on your favorite pair of sweats. There’s a high level of relatability to her writing, even her fiction, that I can’t help envying.

Matty (RaiseTheCurve) – Matty would take on the world’s hurt if he could. His Sadness Series breaks my heart.

Jake (Jake501) – Jake is probably the newest writer I’ve followed. While a lot of what he writes is smut *ah-hem* erotica, his characters seem like people you know, and he’s disgustingly romantic.

Full disclosure: Every single time I’ve talked to any of these lovely writers, well deserved teasing aside, they’ve been nothing but absolute sweethearts to me. And I’m leaving out tons of people who make me smile every time I see them on my dash.

Wolfie:  A very good list …. Now Kate… before we close things up here, I am going to ask you to leave us a few words. No pressure …. Okay maybe a little but can you leave something encouraging to new writers or supportive to all writers here on Tumblr in regards to how to survive the Tumblr posting and writing in general?

Kate: Hmm, words of encouragement… write because you want to, because you love it or you feel compelled to, but don’t write for praise or not write because of criticism. Mostly, my biggest advice, do what’s fun.

Wolfie: Thank you again Kate it was certainly a pleasure getting to interview you, being that you are my biggest crush even though Tumblrbot denies it.

Kate: *blushes* Thank you, Wolfie. It was an honor. *hug*

Wolfie: Thank you Kate and thanks to everyone reading and participating on the breaking down the tumblr wall project