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i wanted to make one of these things! reblog so your followers can send you a letter.

a - what color are the walls in your bedroom?

b - do you sleep with the hall light on or off?

c - favorite pastel?

d - thoughts on sand?

e - chocolate milk from the bottle or mixed from syrup?

f - moon or stars?

g - butterfly kisses or eskimo kisses?

h - sweater weather, coffee/tea, beanies, and little pumpkins aesthetic or late night driving, neon lights, gas stations and favorite song turned up aesthetic?

i - what color is your favorite blanket?

j - favorite constellation?

k - emoticon heart <3 or emoticon smile :) ?

l - fairy lights or tea candles?

m - aliens or ghosts?

n - sunrise or sunset?

o - what colors do you associate with each of the main school subjects?

p - name three cartoon shows that you liked as a child.

q - flannel shirt or fleece jacket?

r - shepherds or magi?

s - hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme or little boy blue nursery rhyme?

t - name a fictional character that you would describe as soft.

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Do you have a vox machina/Hogwarts au?

oh buddy. my pal. friendo. of course I have a Hogwarts au. well, a VM house sorting at least it is like the first VM headcanoning I ever did I am Standard Millennial Nerd Trash

Grog - hufflepuff. Loyal, well-meaning, hardworking, “my strength comes from my friends” and all that jazz. Would 110% play beater on the house Quidditch team and be the scariest mofo

Keyleth - gryffindor. the whole striving to be a good person and do the Right ThingTM even when everyone else is telling you to sit down and shut up is the gryffindor-est. excels at transfiguration and herbology, thinks the Forbidden Forest is the coolest (kiki no)

Percy - slytherin. I kinda want to put him in ravenclaw but that boy is all about ambition and acting for his own sake. plus there’s the cunning, resourcefulness, and a loyalty only to those very close to him. potions expert, also very good with charms. has a small collection of cursed artifacts “because they’re fun”

Pike - hufflepuff. a very gryffindor-y puff, but at the end of the day she’s all about kindness for kindness’ sake. also, she will kick your ass if you threaten her or her friends because good is not soft and because you can be the beating heart of the group without being weak. plays seeker beater; tried out with grog for shits n giggles and turns out she’s really good

Scanlan - slytherin. as an existentialist everything is inherently meaningless, so he cares very much about those close to him and everyone else can figure out their own shit. resourceful, clever, sly, cunning. great showman. wonderful with charms. definitely does the commentary for the quidditch games, to everyone’s dismay

Tiberius - ravenclaw. always with the questions, always with the suggestions, always with the trying new things. Tibs wants to know, wants to discover. Probably spends all his time in the library. what a nerd

Vax - gryffindor. brave, chivalrous, charges headfirst into battle and wears his heart on his sleeve. sure, he could argue his way into slytherin with Vex –– and make a good argument for it too; that boy definiely has some slytherin qualities –– but at the end of the day he desire to do the right thing, to be worthy and just. he’d definitely play quidditch, probably seeker

Vex - slytherin. ambitious, resourceful, clever, cunning. whip smart and determined to get what she wants so help her god. captain of the slytherin quidditch team, chaser seeker and amazing on a broom (she had percy make some mods that probably aren’t strictly legal but whatever, it’s fine)

bonus: Allura is a ravenclaw, Kima is a gryffindor, Gilmore is a slytherin, Kash is a puff and he doesn’t want to talk about it, Zahra is hard to get a bead on but probably a slytherin, Victor is a ravenclaw (learn from his mistakes!), and Kern is a squib

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Hey.. one question, how do you manage to draw in voltrons style? I’ve been trying and it looks nOthing like the show lmao. I try to copy show styles in general, but I can’t. Any tips on getting started on that?

well i wouldn’t say i’ve completely got the style down, but sometimes it’s pretty close! B^) what i do is maybe not the best way to do it, but by golly i’ll try to provide whatever help i can!

so! there are two VITAL things you gotta do and they are, in this order:

1. PRACTICE. i did this via studying screenshots and redrawing them as closely to the original image as possible. this gets u started. i did half a small sketchbook worth of redraws until i started catching on. eventually you kinda memorize the general look of things and can roughly re-create it on your own.

so at this point you’ve got a great foundation to start making original voltron style things. Now step 2!!

2. REFERENCE. honestly you don’t have to be as obsessive as i am, but i went through most of season 1 2 & 3 and took screenshots of useful things, then compiled them into a very organized set of folders for all of my Referencing Needs.

useful things like: various angles of the paladin armor, various angles of the bayards, various angles of all of the paladins (LANCE ESPECIALLY), expressions, mouth shapes, CHARACTER SPECIFIC EXPRESSIONS (again lance especially), references of all of the paladin’s casual outfits, interesting poses that could potentially be used for reference in BPJ (usually of the paladin armor b/c that shits hella hard to draw), various shots of the castle of lions interior, generic galra ship interior shots, interesting effects (explosions, smoke, action lines, etc), various angles of the exterior of the castle of lions and other ships (bc i will never draw them)


this is helpful if you really only know how to draw one character, AKA LANCE IN MY CASE LOL. B^) when the other characters show up in different situations, BAM references got u covered.

or you can practice and practice until you can draw Every Single Character in voltron, i guess. but let’s be real. am i gonna do all of this for anyone other than lance??? OF COURSE NOT.

anyway hope this helps, happy drawing! :^)

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So I don't know why but sometimes it just HITS me that Dan and Phil are real, live people who actually exist (I'm used to fangirling over fictional characters) and are probably doing something incredibly domestic or whatever. Just... they exist.

honestly same, like i sometimes forget that there’s more to Dan and Phil then what they show us on camera. they’re actual grown ass adults who pay rent and do taxes and LIVE together like ?? and it’s crazy to think that they do things in their house that you would do when you’re in your own home. i’m positive that they occasionally go into each others rooms just to hang out and bug each other just like i used to do when my sister lived with us. like, Dan and Phil do live with each other and actually do things that a family would do because that’s what they are to each other. family.

  • please think about dean and benny bein’ woke-ass dads
  • like they take emma to pride marches and other protests but not just for show emma knows why they’ll be protesting and they only take her if she wants to go
  • imagine them sitting down with her to have “the talk”: about sex, protection, sexual orientation, romantic/gender identities, and how they will always be there for her no matter what
  • imagine them talking to her about abortion rights
  • they’re the dads who buy tampons/pads for their daughter
  • they stress on the importance of gender neutral clothing and let her wear whatever she feels comfortable in
  • like they don’t even expect her to “come out or anything” cause in benny’s words- “you do your thang girl, and we’re always gonna support ya.”
  • they have this evening ritual of watching the news together and having peaceful discussions about issues around the world
  • sam is her ultimate resource to know about her rights
  • jo teaches her self defense
  • bonus: dean and benny teaching emma how to cook
  • double bonus: benny braiding her hair
  • triple bonus: cas likes to knit her sweaters with feminist slogans

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hey for the prompts thing do you think you could do either "bitch better have my money" or "kick his ass for me" nurseydex would be cool but whatever pair you wanna write on if you choose to do it :) ur blog is awesome btw!

Awww Thank you! I have a lot fun running this lil old nurseydex blog. 

Thank you for the prompt!

“Bitch better have my money!”, is heard from the front porch as Dex is walking into the Haus.  It turns out that Lardo, and Chowder, are destroying everyone at Drunk Mario Cart, again. Ransom and Holster are faux weeping when they hand over a credit card. Dex is being pushed sideways with the force that could only be the infamous Derek Nurse. 

“Yo! Dexy, you made it!” Nursey still has his arms around Dex’s arms and pinning them around his torso. Nursey with his stupid face buried in Dex’s neck; and yep, Nursey has already well on his way to being drunk. 

“Yeah, but, I might not make out if you don’t let go.” Dex wheezes.  Nursey lets go with a sheepish smile.  Dex takes a full breath before Nursey recounts this afternoon’s shenanigans. 

“Dude, OMG,  you missed Lardo and C wiping the floor with the caps. O, We ordered pizza. I got you pepperoni and pineapple. R&H treat, of course. Also, I made have signed us up for next round.” Nursey is lucky he is cute when he rambling and affectionate because -

“Fucking seriously, Nurse. Remember the last time we played against them.” 

-Last Time-

“Brah, Mario Cart is a sacred battle to put friendships to the test. If you don’t try to murder you fellow players, then you aren’t trying hard enough.” 

That’s the last statement Dex remember clearly before he and Nursey lost, so badly; they had to run naked, across the quad, in the snow. 


“Yeah but we were wee baby frogs then.” 

“Nursey, that was last month.”

“Whatever, It’s our turn now anyways.” 

Its Dex and Chowder first, and in a surprising upset. Dex squeaks by with a well timed banana peel. Chowder has his terrifying goalie face on, when, Lardo and Nursey start to play. Nursey can’t even use a bullet to pull a head of Lardo. The tie breaker is down to Dex and Chowder. 

While, Lardo and Chowder plan their last round. Nursey leans over the couch to whisper in Dex’s ear, “Kick his ass for me”, and punctuates the statement with a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Dex knows that face is now red, but, that’s not as important. He got some goalie ass to kick.  


There is a loud knock on the front door. It’s opens to see a very bewildered pizza guy. 

“Did you guys lose a bet?” He laughs as he hands over the pizzas.

Nursey and Dex are only in their boxers and some of Bitty’s more romantic themed aprons.  

Fuck Drunk Mario Cart.

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Hey, hey dude.... Just like how you shouldn't ship real people, you shouldn't make up headcanons about real people. It does not matter how long its been since they died. Its fucking disrespectful and creepy. eat a rock.

Amelia Earhart is alive and well on Themyscira with her lesbian wife, Penelope.

Penelope and her friends helped pull up some of the wreckage of Amelia’s plane, since she wrecked close to the shore, and helped Amelia to settle at the heart of the village. Amelia and Penelope sometimes babysat Diana- that’s why Diana wasn’t very confused about Steve’s plane, just about the pilot, because Amelia taught her about planes.

Sometimes, early on, Penelope would find Amelia up on the cliffs, surrounded by a flock of roosting white peafowl, staring out over the starry ocean waves. She would come and sit next to her, leaning against Amelia’s arm, warmer than the outside air, and they would watch the ocean together. Penelope thought sometimes Amelia missed home, but Amelia always assured her she was happy here. Penelope would sometimes tell Amelia that’s not the same thing, but she usually let it drop.

They shared their first kiss three years after the crash, in the spring, or what passed for spring on the eternally sunny island of Themyscrira. Amelia pulled her under an apple tree in full blossom, and tucked one of the apple blossom’s behind Penelope’s ear and kissed her.

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sam or cait?

gonna have to go with….


It’s a fabulous show and even more fabulous set of books. 

I highly highly highly recommend!!

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Hannibal “Missing” Scene: After Hannibal kills Beverly, he encourages Abigail to assist him in the preparation.

Writing Speeches in Fiction

Anonymous asked: “One of my side characters need give a speech. Would it be unrealistic if they recited the whole speech? (Around about three hundred-ish words)”

There’s no real rules to this. If a speech is good and engaging, it can be as long as it needs to be, but really, you don’t want for a speech to be any longer than that. If you’re repeating information that the reader already knows, paraphrase. Keep it succinct. 300 words is pretty long for one speech, but if works, don’t take it out on account of me.

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For the DVD commentary bit, if it's not too late- I'm on mobile, so I'm not quite sure where to cut the 500 words, but the School Boy bit when James says 'You know I never...Dated' made me think of the bit from Midnight Blue, when James tells Steve that he hasn't been w/ anyone since That Guy. I've always been curious, does Steve really get that most of their firsts are really *firsts*, like James never actually had consensual sex? Basically, Steve's feelings/view on physical relationship stuff

so I have a lot to say about this apparently, so let’s start out with the relevant text from Hands of Clay:

Just for a moment, James wished Steve wasn’t so Steve. Of course Steve would want to be open about this. His life had been so very different from James’, that James didn’t know if he could explain himself.

He took a deep breath. He had to try, because he was in love with Steve, every infuriating inch of him.

“I ain’t ever done this before,” James said, lowering his voice under the din of the coffee shop. “So just… bear with me, okay?”

“Done what?” Steve asked, bending back in to speak at the same level. “Dated while parenting?”

“Dated.” James spread his hand flat on the table. He wanted to look away from Steve, but this was too important. “Can we just take this slow?”

A momentary confusion crossed Steve’s face, then comprehension and awareness. He put his hand over his mouth for a moment. “Never?”

James curled his hand into a fist. “Only once in high school, and I think we can both agree that it don’t count.”

Steve bit his lip. There was a new expression on his face: anger. “I’m sorry.”

James used his clenched hand to knock lightly at Steve’s arm. “Shut up,” he said, without any real heat. “I don’t want to talk about that now, okay?”

“I get it.” Steve reached out to fiddle with his empty cup. “Yeah, of course we can go slow. Whatever you need, anything you need. Just tell me.”

Chapter 22: Midnight Blue


After an eternity, Steve rolled onto his back. He smiled up at James. “I’ve got some lube and condoms and stuff in my bag.”

James raised his eyebrows. “Good,” he said. “Same.”

“You do?” Steve lay still as James reached over him into the little drawer in the bedside table. “You got a brand you like?”

“Maybe.” James slapped the condom box onto the table, and sat back holding the little bottle of lube. “Shit.” He’d half hoped he could fake his way through this, but of course he couldn’t. “I, uh… I never done this before.”

Steve propped himself up on his elbows. “What is it?” he asked, but softly.

James stared at the bottle of lube. “Just…” God, why was this so hard to say? “You know I never…. Dated.”


“I also never been…” Jesus Christ, he could feel his face going red. He was a thirty-two-year-old Ranger veteran, and here he was blushing like some Victorian spinster. “Whatever you want to call it. On top.”

“Oh.” Steve sat up. He gently reached for James’ hand. “Do you want to be?”

James took a steadying breath, and lifted his gaze. He needed to be looking at Steve for this. “Yeah,” he said. “I really do. If you want that.”

Steve took the lube from James and put it on the bed, then lifted James’ hand and kissed his fingers. It should have been weird, but it wasn’t. “I want that a whole lot.”

Chapter 30: School Boy

Okay let’s go.

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So in all of this, Steve is also going off what he’s seen in Bucky’s physical reactions and what Bucky isn’t saying, as much as what Bucky is saying. We’ve heard what Bucky says, but Steve also knows that the mere mention of That Guy can send Bucky into a tailspin - and nothing else Steve has ever seen has done that to Bucky. Not talking about the explosion that lost Bucky his arm, nothing about his father (who was a sonofabitch in Steve’s eyes), nothing at all. At the very worst, when something comes up that Bucky doesn’t want to talk about, he’ll just change the subject.

So when Steve sees Bucky go into fight or flight mode, where he can’t even drive, when he physically falls apart as soon as the kids are out of the way, he knows shit was bad. (as in chapter 12: Générique)

(Also, and sidebar: I mentioned a bit about this in the notes to chapter 26, but neither trauma not healing are linear or fit nicely into discrete chunks. Our brains can’t unravel things that happen in and around the same time; in an attempt to keep us safe, things can get bundled up. Example, if I got punched on a bus and then later couldn’t get on a bus without having a panic attack, it’s not about the bus; it’s my brain large-slicing all available information and trying to keep that from happening again.)

(I bring that up as all of the things that happened around Bucky trying to get away from That Guy, having his father throw him out with no jacket and no shoes and no support, then his father dying without ever talking to Bucky again and his mother de facto refusing to acknowledge any of what Bucky went through. All of that happening in the space of a couple weeks in Bucky’s formative years; that’s what layered everything into a spiral of trauma and shame for Bucky.)

So, back to Steve: badly timed drunken kiss at the beach aside (which Steve feels really bad about in retrospect), Steve’s determined to always let Bucky take the lead on their physical interactions. He lets Bucky initiate their first real kiss, he lets Bucky go in for the hugs, he waits for Bucky to make the first move before any big cuddles etc. He also asks Bucky before making moves, and when Bucky’s even a tiny bit hesitant, Steve stops what he’s doing to check in.

Also keep in mind that as of the latest chapter, their romantic/physical relationship is still really new, not even a month old yet. Steve wants Bucky to feel comfortable with what they’re doing, and to want to be with Steve, but he also wants to be open with Bucky about what he (Steve) wants in bed - somewhere along the way Steve decided that the best thing he can offer Bucky (in addition to loving him with his whole heart), is full and complete honesty.

So going back to “firsts” - yes, Steve gets that for Bucky, a lot of what they’re doing is a literal first, and for those things that Bucky has done before physically, what is between Steve and Bucky is emotionally a first.

The one things I don’t think Steve (or Bucky) have fully realized yet is that their relationship is the first time Bucky’s had the full and unconditional love and support of another human being. His childhood had conditions. His time in the Rangers (ages 19-27) was a time of loose friendships as he hid a large part of himself. And Natasha loves her father with all of her little heart, but Bucky is the parent/caregiver and he’s responsible for her health and safety and it’s a lot of work.

But Bucky and Steve - they can stand together, support each other, step up when the other needs help, and balance the load. They’re not just best friends, they’re not just in love; they’re building a life together (though they hadn’t exactly articulated that to each other or themselves quite yet) and that needs a firm bedrock of support and trust.

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[DVD Commentary Me]

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I have to say... 2 birthdays in a row and a toxic family... *shrugs* celebrated it today and lemme tell u. It fucking sucked. Like... stuck between trying to find help, declining health, and financial issues and... lots of bullshit and it's not been great. I'm just happy to pass by yalls blogs just to have at least a good laugh. And this is probably the sweetest fandom ever. I just wish i could participate in stuff more and wasn't having a shitstorm problem where im useless TT^TT

If any of my shitposts brings a smile to your life in a time where it’s hard to find any reason to smile, then I consider my job on tumblr to be accomplished. Y’all have helped me smile in my low times, and I have got to return the favor in the only ways I can.

I haven’t been able to participate in many fandom things that I wish I could, but it’s not happening rn with my limited time and energy, lol! But the good thing about this great fandom is that it’s always going strong, and I believe that for the most part it’s positive and supportive. So let it be the wind in your sails for a bit, anon. We’re always happy to help. ❤️ with thirst