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i can respect people who just don’t like villains because they just don’t like them. fine, cool, you do you. but as soon as you bring morality politics into fictional characters that are supposed to be bad or “problematic” that respect is gone. as soon as you start calling people buzzwords because you cant handle other opinions you’re boring as hell

How to write young adult fantasy fiction that ignores PSTD

Fictional Character:  My village was slaughtered.

Fictional Character:  My parents died.          

Fictional Character: I saw the bodies.

Fictional Character: I was betrayed soon after by someone I considered a friend.

Fictional Character:  I was taken prisoner.

Fictional Character:  I fought monsters.

Fictional Character: *mourns when they set out on their journey from village*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t grieve more than briefly after that*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t cry at random times*

Fictional Character:  *doesn’t become emotionally numb*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t flinch at things glimpsed out of the corner of their eyes*

Fictional Character: *has no paranoia about lurking dangers*

Fictional Character: *trusts companions*

Fictional Character: *only has fear of companions dying/disappearing when companions are actively in danger*

Fictional Character: *still feels normal sexual/romantic attraction, but nobly tries to suppress it because that is what they should do*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t mistake random people for dead people they knew unless sorcery/deception is involved*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t regress or become dependent*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have panic attacks*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t freeze when violence occurs*

Fictional Character: *doesn’t have nightmares or nightmares used to get love interest to comfort character*

Fictional Character:  *experiences insomnia, but never to the point of hallucinating*

Fictional Character:  *does push themselves past the point of exhaustion repeatedly as a plot device to make companions have to express caring feelings*

Fictional Character: Survivor’s Guilt? Maybe on the odd occasion when I’m enjoying a really good meal or song or something. Because that would be Dramatic and prove I have Benevolent Feelings and deserve to be loved. Will I cry over warm unpleasant tasting water in a goatskin canteen because so-and-so will never taste water again? Probably not.

Fictional Character: *rare intrusive thoughts* *may interfere with The Plan*

Fictional Character: *walks confidently in city streets when they have never been to a city and have never seen more than hundred people together at any one time before* *doesn’t experience overwhelming sensory input* *doesn’t even get a headache*

Fictional Character: *goes to the royal court for the first time ever, doesn’t fail politics*

Fictional Character: Unexplained unreasonable emotions? I’m being manipulated by outside forces or my powers are emerging.

Fictional Character: *when the subject of loss comes up, expresses righteous outrage*

Fictional Character: It was the worst experience of my life. It changed me forever. I shall never forget.

Fictional Character: *for a whole chapter, doesn’t refer to their loss or grief at all, not even in private thoughts*

Author: PSTD is only for minor disposable characters, not main characters.

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My world has a shit ton of lore, in the prologue I describe how the world formed. One of my beta readers said it was grueling and boring. Another one said it was exciting and captivated their curiosity because the world had so much detail, thoughts?

Hello there, nonny :)  Congratulations on having a big, deep world that you love!  There’s definitely nothing wrong with having extensive lore – after all, popular universes such as those in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars have information dating back (fictional) centuries.  Even before these franchises developed video games, prequels, toys, and comics, they had a lot of history packed into them – probably more than ever made it into the final drafts!  So what makes the difference between these brilliant universes and the info-dumping disasters that are a lot of amateur fantasy stories?

1. Choose your details.

There is beauty in deep, convoluted and realistic history for your fictional universe – it helps you to write deep characters, deep politics, complex cultures, and it gives you plenty of fodder for foreshadowing and mirroring.  But.  But it’s not all necessary for the readers to know.  No matter how much vital information you have (and it will probably all feel vital), with careful consideration and a pinch of brutality, you’ll be able to pare away the non-vital details.  Only include and share the information that

  • involves the main characters or their culture
  • has bearing on the conflict or message of the story, or
  • answers a question your readers are probably asking already

2. Choose your moments.

There are times and places to share this information you’ve so carefully selected, and it’s never in the heat of battle or while your characters are running from a giant monster.  Find little moments between big events to teach your readers about your world – never at a moment that would distract the reader from the Actual Conflict Occurring Right Now (the ACORN).  I just made that up and it’s stupid but I’m proud of it… :]

So wait until the information is necessary, and until it would realistically be discussed or revealed in the scene at hand.  Don’t make your readers roll their eyes because, “Seriously, now is the time they all stop to discuss the four goddesses who created the world?  And how is this the first time the protagonist heard about these four major deities?”

Yes.  We think about these things.  Which leads me to my last point…

3. Choose the messenger.

One of the best ways to bore your readers with more and more infodumping?  Just have the same person reveal world information. every. time.  Seriously, never in my real life have I learned everything I ever knew about real history from one teacher or one wise adult.  Information comes from hundreds of sources, and everyone hears different things – and has different opinions about this varying information.  Some people hear lies and believe them, so your protagonist may get misinformed a time or two.  Some people just don’t know what caused a certain war or what happened to that mystical hero of lore after the battle of Giggledyboop.  And no way in hell does one wise person take the time to sit down with your protagonist and go over… everything that happened in the past few centuries.  It just doesn’t happen.

So reveal things at different times, from different people, from different perspectives.  Not everyone is raised to think the same things, or believe in the same gods, or take the same political stances.  Don’t bore us by using one of your characters as an infodumping machine.

So anyway, all in all: info is good, dumping is bad.  Develop all the lore you want; just be mindful in how you share it (and how much of it you share).  That’s all I’ve got.

If you have any further questions, be sure to hit me up.  Otherwise, good luck, and happy writing! :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Character Development Questions Masterpost #1

As promised, here’s a list of all 110 of the character questions so far!  This is a pretty massive post so it’s going in a read-more.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the individual posts: these may not be the best starting point for making a new character from scratch, but they might be helpful for more fully fleshing out an existing character you have! Each set consists of 10 (generally) serious questions followed by a more fun, silly one.

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OK, people of Tumblr. I understand. I ship some things that don’t make sense to some of you. Yes: I ship characters with OCs; I ship characters who had hardly any screen time together; I ship heroes with villains and villains with other villains. Sometimes, I’m the only person who ships something. And maybe I don’t ship what you ship, but that’s alright because I respect your opinions and won’t ship hate you. But apparently you have the right to ship hate me because, according to you, my ship is wrong or something. In other anti ship hate posts, this is where people say “I don’t care what you say, you can’t tell me what I can or can’t ship!”

But the truth is I do care. I’m sick and tired of being called stupid because my OTP will probably never be canon. Or people saying I support abuse because I ship the main character with the antagonist (excuse me, but there is a thing called a redemption arc). When anti-shippers put ship hate in the tags and pretty much yell at me through the screen, it’s upsetting. And it’s not upsetting just because people don’t ship my OTP; it upsets me because I’m being hated on solely because I like the concept of two characters being in a relationship.

Ship hate won’t stop me from shipping something. In fact, I’ll probably ship it even more. But it’s still disappointing to witness shippers and non-shippers alike being hated on for the opinions that they have every right to have. I mean come on, guys. We’re all human and, let’s face it, these are fictional characters we’re talking about. Can we all just be polite and let everyone ship what they want in peace?

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  1. last movie I watched: Uh. I’ve been wandering out of most of the movies the husband has put on to watch lately, so I am not sure the last one I really paid attention to … last TV show was Shadowhunters
  2. last song I listened to: I told you I was mean – Elle King
  3. last book I read: read(ing) not finished? Daughter of Mystery – Heather Rose James
  4. last thing I ate: cinnamon raisin bagel w/peanut butter
  5. where would you want to time travel to?: December 2018 just so I’d know? /ugh politics, sorry
  6. fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Molly Grue
  7. If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? Iceland
  8. Current fandom obsession? ME:A OBVIOUSLY :D (Or Shadowhunters if you catch me on hangouts rather than tumblr. I am excessively enamored edit: I mean, I’m not gonna say anyone else should watch it, and in fact I feel like I shouldn’t have, because CC is a thief and a bully, but it hit some notes I needed? idk. I won’t be reblogging stuff about it, but I will talk about it in private, iykwim)

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1. What is the most recent ‘adult’ thing you have done? What was it?

Cooked myself breakfast? Paid my insurance?

2. What’s something you wish people would ask you/talk to you about more often?

I like deep and meaningful conversations that extend beyond the ego

3. Ever heard any weird rumours about yourself?

Yes. I went to a small university and rumors tended to be “political.”

4. Do you identify with any fictional characters? Who and why?

Ooo. Haha yes. I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter with one of my friends and I never realized how much I identify with Hermione. SPEW is something I could get behind. I saw Beauty and the Beast recently and felt like I identified as Belle, the Beast, and Gaston

5. How would you describe yourself?

I would say that I am in a transitional phase. Trying to grow, re-identify myself, and find fulfillment within the limitations of my illness

6. Would you rather adopt thirty cats or one crocodile?

If I had the resources, I would adopt all of them, but in this hypothetical situation, I’ll adopt the 30 cats to potentially save more lives.

7. Is there anything you’ve always wanted to try but have been to scared to? What is it?

Goodness – I have no idea. Nothing is really coming to my mind

8. Is there a song, movie, book, etc. that has changed the way you think about certain things?

Golly – I am terrible at answering these haha. Not as a whole, but more bits and pieces from each movie/book/song can impact my world view

9. Are you sure about the choice you made on question 6?

I’m almost never sure

10. If you had to rename yourself after either a city or type of plant, which would you choose and what would the name be?

Plant because I prefer nature to city – but no idea maybe Cyprus or Ash ?

11. Are you really sure about question 6?

Not anymore haha

You do not hold fictional characters to our own moral and socio-political standards.

Frankly, I’m assuming most people who haven’t heard of this are still in middle school, or are baffled by the fact they can never write an essay that scores higher than a C+. Seriously, you cannot hold fictional characters to our moral standards, because being a murderer, or ‘sexually liberated’, or yes even a sexist, is simply a character trait. Telling people that liking these characters supports whatever repugnant values they reflect is probably the most stupid, childish argument anyone could possibly think of. You can like Manfred Von Karma, and acknowledge that he’s a manipulative asshole who endangers the psychological welfare of children in a way that is absolutely horrifying, without saying that you would ever condone any form of child abuse. Are we also assuming that everyone who likes Dahlia Hawthorne thinks murder is justified because you think you’re entitled to some great inheritance? Or if you like Kristoph Gavin, of course it’s okay to murder several people over a game of poker and a client. 

Godot is a sexist, and a misogynist and any other of your politically loaded words you want to throw out. If he was the neighbour down the street that shouted at you to get back into the kitchen or protect your girlfriend better, then it would be totally acceptable to hate him. But he’s not. He’s a video game character who is not held to our moral standards. I like Godot as a character. He’s also a sexist asshole. I like to write about him realising he’s sexist and making a conscious effort to change him, but I know in the game he is still a sexist. He’s sexist, I know, it’s awful, but he is a god-damned video game character and liking him does not make me a sexist or against the feminist cause or whatever other things people who actually like Godot are accused of?
If you for whatever reason cannot get over the fact a character is sexist, then good for you. Have fun hating characters for infringing on your own moral standards. If you must hate Godot for being a sexist, or Von Karma for abusing children, or half the people in ace attorney for being murderers, just keep it to yourself. Leave the people who are able to differentiate a character in a video game from reality alone.

On Writing Political Characters

Seeing how, sadly, a great number of political enthusiasts from all across the political spectrum seem to view politeness and understanding of people who disagree with you politically as being some sort of moral weakness (as if being unwilling to insult, ridicule, and/or outrightly demonize those who disagree with you politically somehow means that you aren’t firm enough in your political convictions) - it shouldn’t be too surprising to see a lot of strawman political characters in fictions. People who disagree with the author’s political views are often portrayed as caricatures of the political view they’re supposed to represent, with the more “moderate” and “reasonable” ones largely disagreeing with the political group they’re supposed to represent except on the most trivial of matters.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the two current rhythm section players in Jimmy Reed’s band: the bassist who is a “Proud Democrat” and the drummer who is a “proud Republican”. Both are relatively minor characters, and they aren’t so much foils to each other - as such as they, collectively, are a foil to Jimmy Reed. Both Democratic Bassist (DB) and Republican Drummer (RD) are quite big on the whole partisan identity deal - whereas Jimmy Reed, on the other hand, really has no use for partisanship.

After all, Jimmy has been alive long enough to witness the changing of platforms in the two major USian political parties. During the prime of Jimmy’s original tenure as a blues artist, the then US President was the Republican Dwight Eisenhower - who Jimmy Reed supported and voted for both times, but still never being the type to vote along party lines. Decades since then, both parties have changed dramatically. During US Primaries 2016, for the very first time, Jimmy Reed had publicly opposed a political candidate - that being Donald Trump. It became clear to Jimmy that the Donald was like no other leader in recent years, so he felt that he could no longer keep mum on his views of the political proceeding. He maintained his stance on never endorsing a candidate - although, privately, Jimmy leaned in favour of Bernie Sanders.

Getting back to the rhythm section, DB had been strongly in favour of Hillary Clinton - contending that “we true Democrats vote for true Democrats”. DB had taken issue with what he felt was Bernie Sanders “hijacking” the Democratic Party simply to have a chance at presidency. DB fancies himself to be “liberal but realistic”, and also firmly believes that it’s wrong and dishonest for “third party” candidates to latch onto one on two major political parties. This is one issue he tends to be quite stubborn about - and, ultimately, he places more value on USians being specifically Democratic than being liberal/left in general.

As for RD, two major things have been a lifelong constant for him: being a lifelong fan of harmonica blues music, and being an ardent Republican. During the years of George W Bush’s presidency (he wasn’t yet in Jimmy Reed’s band), RD was a very firm supporter of Bush - and, in fact, criticizing Bush and many decisions that he made was a bit of a berserk button for RD. Trump, on the other hand, RD had a strong revulsion towards from the get-go. He candidate of choice was John Kasich, with Marco Rubio as his second choice. As Trump had, ultimately, ended up as the US President - RD is currently a bit more low-key with regard to his Republican pride. That being said, RD maintains his view that the Republican Party is his party of choice, and is holding out hope that it can be revived from Trump’s faction of the party. On Election Day 2016, RD ended up casting his vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson - and voted Republican elsewhere. During the 2012 election (at that point, he was in Jimmy Reed’s band for a little over a year), he was quite firm in his support for Mitt Romney.

Prior to auditioning for and being accepted in Jimmy Reed’s band, he had auditioned for Kim Wilson’s band. Initially, after RD’s performance, Kim had accepted him. However, after having established himself to be a firm Republican, Kim then told RD that he didn’t think the arrangement would work out, after all. Having been a lifelong fan of Kim Wilson, RD couldn’t help but feel a bit stung by Kim’s ultimate rejection - but, at the same, he also wasn’t terribly surprised. From having spent years in various blues communities, RD has met and bonded with a fair few other Republican blues fans - yet, at the same time, RD was quite keenly away that Republicans were quite a minority in the blues community. So, as such, RD had been prepared for such potential rejection.

Shortly thereafter, RD learned that Jimmy Reed was also taking drummer audition - and RD decided to take his chances there. Ultimately, the results there were far more favourable. RD had even asked Jimmy if his being a strong Republican would be a problem - and Jimmy responded by assuring RD that it doesn’t really matter to him what RD’s political views are, as long as RD was cooperative and reliable as a band member.

At some point, Jimmy Reed’s band had played a few double-booked shows with Kim Wilson’s band as the co-headliners. At the point, Kim Wilson had acknowledged that he might’ve been a little too rash in his rejection of RD - and he goes on to compliment RD’s skills as the drummer. At the point, it becomes firmly established that there are no hard feelings between them.

Quite recently, Jimmy Reed’s entire band (including DB and RD) had written a collaborative effect with the song Partisan Blues - a song that is basically a plead for people to put their political biases aside and to show more empathy and consideration for those who might disagree politically. Partisan Blues has been lauded by quite a few critics (even by some who aren’t typically blues fans) as being a rare politically-balanced treat in this day and age of aggressively polemic tunes - and, as such, the song is “quite a gem”.

So, what are your thoughts? Do my characters seemed to be quite balanced? It should be noted that I myself have firm anarcho-communist views.

Obligatory question mark?

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🔥. 'v'

[ a really old salt meme ]

• I really hate the concept that a roleplay blog is “too political” or “bringing politics into fiction” or whatever just because it includes trans/nb muses. For example, I once had someone go “I really don’t like talking about political issues on tumblr” and then tell me all about their stance on the bathroom issue when we were plotting and I was talking about Connie, and I used their correct pronouns while talking about them. Like - I’m sorry, but I’m not the one bringing up politics unprovoked in this situation. I don’t understand people who can’t even listen to someone using gender-neutral pronouns in a regular conversation about a totally non-political subject without getting all “but I don’t think politics belong in fiction.” Because like - trans and nb characters aren’t “politics”???? They’re just characters. Excuse me for writing my fictional OCs in a way that makes them relatable to me, jfc.

The “self-identifying” argument (and why it does NOT apply to fictional characters)

So there are a variety of different reasons some people seem to balk at queer readings of Dean, one of which is that he repeatedly verbally rejects the idea of being same-sex inclined. 

Although he never calls himself “straight” or “heterosexual” – to my memory – he does repeatedly say he doesn't “swing that way” or play for that team (”Croatoan”; “Jus in Bello”; “It’s a Terrible Life”; “Live Free or Twi-Hard”)

People often use these statements to argue that bi!Dean is therefore invalid. This evidence – Dean’s word – seems to be utilized on the basis of two sub-premises:

1) Everything Dean says should be automatically taken at face value (because he apparently is a super reliable narrator when it comes to his own emotions and lying is a thing he never does. lol) 

2) That fictional characters self-identifying is politically/morally/socially equivalent to real people self-identifying, and we, the audience, are therefore politically/morally/socially obligated to treat both declarations as equivalent. 

This post will discuss the second problem exclusively; the first shall be left for another day/post. 

So, first lets discuss why overriding/rejecting real people’s declared sexual identities is a problem to begin with. First, because you are assuming you know how someone else feels better than they do. This is problematic and presumptuous because real people are the only ones who have access to their own inner thoughts and emotions. We, as outsiders to others psyches, don’t have the necessary information to make validated judgments about their internal emotions and mental states. Second, in addition to not having a valid basis on which to make such judgments, undermining people’s sexual identities can simply be hurtful to them, irrespective of whether or not the claim is ‘true,’ and that alone is sufficient reason not to do it.  

Fictional characters, on the other hand, don’t HAVE real thoughts and feelings because newsflash, they aren’t real. Readers can’t ‘usurp’ a character’s “right” to self-identify, because fictional characters don’t have the necessary ontological status TO self-identify (relative to the audience at least). Everything they do and say and think and feel is NOT the result of some kind of a priori existential state, as it is with real people. It is a decision dictated by author(s). Authors make deliberated choices about what a character thinks and feels, in relation to everything from their own artistic vision, to the editing advice/mandates of their publisher/network/studio, to audience sentiment, to pure narrative convenience. 

Real people’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and sexualities just ARE. Fictional character’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and sexualities are manufactured constructs and therefore they can’t be genuinely ‘undermined’ in the same way. You can’t actually undermine the sexuality of a person who doesn't exist and whose stated sexual preferences are the result of authorial choices that don’t have to be treated with the same default deference as the stated sexual preferences of real people.  

Real people can actually be hurt when you undermine their sexual identities. Fictional characters cannot be, BECAUSE THEY DON’T ACTUALLY EXIST. You can’t hurt a person who isn’t real. (Can’t believe this is a thing I’m obligated to explain to grown adults, but here we are) Acting like bisexual interpretations of Dean constitutes some kind of political mistreatment of the character is an extremely facile claim that relies on the conceit that he is actually somehow real. Which he just is not. 

Characters “self-identifying” don’t inherently produce ethical obligations of any kind, because characters can’t be hurt by the audience undermining their ‘canonical’ sexual identity.

***One final addendum, this argument applies solely to how audience interpretations impact fictional characters qua the character. (The answer being not at all, because fictional characters don’t have real feelings that have the capacity to be invalidated) The question of how audience reinterpretations of character’s sexualities can effect real people and the real world is a different question, and one I will also address in a separate post. 

LIKE my main issue is the disgusting sj culture on here, I don’t mind social justice in general but like you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this stupid site, like it’s everything from liking a fictional character to having a political opinion, you just CANT go against what the “”“majority”“” think, otherwise you’ll get bullied and doxed. I’ve been on this site for 6 years and nothing phases me anymore idc @ me if you want a fight

Since you enjoy talking shit about me and blocking me so I can’t reblog and defend myself, you’ve forced me to do this. Why can you @mention someone you’ve set as blocked so they can’t reply?

I already settled this with you long ago. Chara is whatever gender you choose at the start of the game. Toby Fox himself stated we are supposed to give the fallen human OUR name. As such, they have our gender and pronouns, unless you want to misgender yourself. My “Chara"was a he/him, because that’s the pronouns I use for myself, because I gave the fallen human my name on my first file.

So the very first time I was exposed to the story, I was playing under the assumption the child I was controlling had my name and my gender, and then when I learned the truth, I was under the assumption the first fallen human was supposed to be me, so of course I kept using my gender and pronouns. Your first "Chara” had a different name and whatever gender you associated with it.

“Chara” is just the “true name” because that’s the name that is used as an official name in the game files (sprites) and what is set as the name if the player name is removed from the save files. Thus when you enter “Chara” it says that’s the “true name” as it says for the name Easter egg. It would be impossible for people to communicate if they insisted on calling the fallen child the name they gave and the pronouns they gave in their first playthrough. Chara is thus any gender you wish, they have no default gender, the only reason the game refers to them as “they” is because you don’t tell the game your pronouns or the fallen child’s pronouns, and that would require changing a lot of dialogue since He/him and She/her are not always grammatically interchangeable with They/them so it couldn’t simply switch the pronouns like with the player name.

If you are great with scripting and grammar programming, and can get a team of beta testers, then you can ask Toby if you can make an official mod for Undertale allowing you to select the pronouns of the fallen child, if it’s really that important to you.

Also, if your going to play the “twist everything till its offensive” game, then it’s pretty presumptuous of you to say not using they/them is"transphobic" because you are then assuming that everyone that uses “they/them” pronouns is Trans, and that’s not true. The correct term is “alternativepronounphobic”. See how insane that is?

I hope this settles whatever grudge you have against me, I even went back and retyped that entire theory on mobile and edited it so Chara and Frisk were They/them, even when it made the two souls sharing one vessel bits extremely difficult for readers to understand, especially readers that don’t have English as their first language. I sacrificed the ease to read and understand to be politically correct in a post about fictional characters, one of whom doesn’t have an default gender, and another one who had much bigger problems than being misgendered, such as the fact they fell into an underground world filled with monsters that wish to kill them. Lots of players accidentally mistake Frisk for a he or she. Even Toby mistake ing called Frisk “he”, It’s just because of how the whole naming the fallen human thing made the games dialogue never be able to mention gender so we don’t have to play as a preset gendered character with our name.

Frisk is they/them, Asriel is he/him, Chara is whatever you want, they have no canon gender besides your own and they/them is just the grammatical grey area of the English Language lacking unknown gender singular pronouns or a form of agender singular pronouns.

If you would like to file a complaint against this, please travel back in time to the late 15th century and complain to the west Germanic, the Anglo Saxon, the French, the Scandinavians, and then travel back to the western Roman Empire and discuss the Latin languages faults. You should be happy to know that modern English no longer uses the masculine singular dative and genitive cases for the neuter singular dative and genitive cases like it did in old English and Middle English. If I had the power to change all of the English language to give a human gender neutral singular and relegated it/it’s to use for inanimate objects and other animals, I would.

Sadly I can’t, so leave me alone. I gave you another “50 page essay” for you to skim, since apparently 5th grade reading level is too much hard work.

Character Development Questions #6
  1. How does your character handle finances? Are they a big spender or a careful saver?
  2. Has your character ever gotten in trouble with the law? If so, what for? Does this ever come back to affect them?
  3. Is your character particularly interested in a certain historical period? If so, what about it appeals to them?
  4. What are your character’s political beliefs? If your character is from a fictional world, are there political parties or groups that share these beliefs?
  5. If your character is from a world where magic is real/common, what would they do if they suddenly ended up in a non-magical world? Or if they just lost their powers?
  6. How many past sexual partners has your character had, if any? How do they feel about one night stands/hookups/other “promiscuous” sex? Is that something they ever have/would engage in?
  7. How “self-aware” is your character within the story (i.e. a fantasy story where they find out they’re the chosen one and call it cliche, or a sci-fi story where they compare their life to Star Wars)?
  8. If your character is the narrator of the story, are they a reliable narrator? Or do they often omit/embellish things to swing the reader’s opinion a certain way?
  9. Has your character ever traveled outside the country if their birth? If so, what for? And if not, do they ever want to?
  10. Would your character ever put themselves in danger to help a complete stranger? If so, how bad would a situation have to be for your character not to help someone?
  11. Just for Fun: Your character hits the jackpot lottery and is suddenly a millionaire. What’s their first purchase?

strawberrykittencum  asked:

just so that it's clear to everyone, would you mind explaining why shipping real people together is wrong?

People aren’t objects and don’t exist to take part in voyeuristic fantasies without their involvement or explicit consent. People aren’t characters who can be manipulated or interpreted for the satisfaction of the reader or the author. Any argument that it “doesn’t harm anyone” is deliberately obtuse and self-serving. If you ship a real person with another, you’re saying “okay, I’m choosing not to see you as your own individual with your own free will and manipulating how I see you to suit my desires, because that’s how I like you.”

It’s creepy, it’s gross, it’s dehumanizing, and it should be obvious why you shouldn’t do it. I don’t care if you’re 14 and writing fic for your favorite ship is your main hobby or 32 and something you only do casually. If it only involves fictional characters, go for it. I could not care less! Fandom politics aren’t my jam. But if it involves real people, get over it, grow up, and cut that noise out

Also I’m posting this in good faith that whoever reading this won’t take this message as an excuse to harass this person. They asked a question out of curiosity and I answered to the best of my ability. There’s no need for anything else. If you feel the need to make any extra points, be polite and respectful. Don’t make me regret being informative!