fictional character

  • Friend:ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me:why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend:ugh...*backs away*
  • Me:that's right hoe

A young, pre-Hogwart Ginny Weasley for this weeks Harry Potter Character Design Challenge.  Since we’ve been focusing on characters from “Sorcerer’s Stone”, I kept Ginny at the appropriate age.

Here was my warmup from this morning.  Barbara from “Stranger Things”. From the moment she appeared with that frilly collar blouse and her purple Trapperkeeper, I knew I was going to like her.  She surprisingly has developed quite the cult following from the show. I was sad to find out what happened to her in the final episode, but I hope that the creators and writers keep in mind how popular shes become and find a way to bring her back.  Barb you’ll be missed.