Seven ways to get over a fictional character

1. You won’t.
2. You don’t want to.
3. You can’t.
4. Don’t even try tbh
5. You really don’t want to!
6. There’s just no way to make it.
7. It’s simply impossible.

(This also includes any kind of ship)


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growing pains

when i

      was nine my best friend started

growing older than me, though

we were

      born beneath the same moon,

in rooms right next to each other,


      apart. her wrists grew bony and

her knees knocked against mine

every time

      she moved. she put her hand

in mine and whispered that the

boy in

      the next classroom over was

kinda, sorta, maybe just a little


      i thought she was daft since

boys at that age were filthy shits,

but we

      hit fourteen and she turned

bright pink everytime a boy

smiled at

      her. we turned sixteen and she

had her first date at the movies

with me

      sitting one row behind to ascertain no

funny business happened when the lights

went low.

      we turned seventeen and she

slipped her hand into the larger grip

of the

      boy she liked, and i held her hair

back after she puked when alcohol

disagreed with

      the lining of her stomach. i

tried to find what was so great

about all

      those boys she liked, with angled

jaws & shy smiles & sweaty palms

and i

      came up empty. i swam quietly

in the ocean, waiting every night

for her

      to come home safely to the flat

we shared. i thought about all

those boys

      i had ever known, even the one

who tried to press his lips awkwardly

to mine

      but all i could think of when i

thought of my future, was her.

I remember that night you fell asleep on me. I lay awake for hours and listened to your breathing while gently caressing your hair. As time passed it got a little hard to breathe, your head was getting heavier on my chest as you sank deeper into sleep.
But it was ok, and even though it was hard to breathe, you were there, and you were mine, all fucking mine.
Even though it was hard to breathe, I would cut off my hands to relive that moment, because your head resting on my chest could never feel as suffocating as the weight crushing my bones now that I know I will never hold you in my arms again.
—  Thoughts

Alex Summers x Reader

A/N: I really don’t have anything to say about this and its kinda short..sorry about that ..but I hope you enjoy it :)

Request: Anon: “Hiiiiii can I have a one shot of Alex summers from x men pleaseeee”

Word count: 420

Originally posted by allexsummers

It was currently the middle of the night, you and Alex were both soundly asleep, then out of the blue, Alex started thrashing around. You were awakened by his sudden movements and his little whimpers. You already know what was happening, he was having nightmares about the Vietnam war. You sat up and looked at him. He was covered in cold sweat as he still moved around, You felt a pang on your chest, how vulnerable he looked at this state. You grabbed both of his shoulders and gently shaked him. “Alex, baby? Wake up please.” You said to him, still he had his eyes shut tight and kept moving around. You tightened your grip on his shoulders then shaked him forcefully, “Alex please! Wake up.” You pleaded, a tear rolled down his cheek. “Please n-no.” He choked out. “Alex!” You screamed, begging for him to wake up, you were worried about him, “A-Alex.” You stuttered still shaking him awake. He suddenly sits up and you quickly got up and hugged him tightly, he gulped before letting out a choked sound, letting his tears fall down on your clothed shoulder, soon making a big wet spot. “It’s okay Alex, let it out, I’m here.” You cooed to him as you ran your fingers through his hair. He was still sobbing, “Do you…want to talk about it?” You carefully asked, you felt him shake his head no. You nodded “Alright, don’t worry, I’m here baby.” You hugged him more tightly as you felt his arms around you tighten for a bit. Soon enough, Alex pulled away, his eyes red and puffy, you cupped his cheeks with your hands, you stroked his cheek with your thumb, you felt him relax into your touch as he leaned in, “Are you alright? D-did I hurt you?” Alex asked, you frowned at the sight “You didn’t hurt me Alex.” You say, which calmed him down. Alex breathed deeply before looking at you, “I’m so lucky to have you.” Alex says sincerely. You smiled “I’m lucky to have you too, Alex.” You replied, Alex leaned in and so did you, sharing a sweet kiss before pulling away. “Let’s go back to sleep, okay?” You ask him and he nods. You both laid down and in a cuddling position “Love you, baby.” You said yawning and feeling tired all of a sudden. Alex moved closer and lets out a happy sigh, “Love you too.” Before sleep pulls you both in, and Alex didn’t have dreams about Vietnam again and you were happy.


I’m loving how MC-chan is finally breaking out of her shell, but also, Eisuke’s inability to resist her and her wishes~ 😘

+V.I.P Room 5th Event: One Sexy Night (Eisuke Ichinomiya)+

MCU Timeline

So everyone who’s flipping out how Spider-Man: Homecoming totally messed up the timeline of the MCU. You all assume the date of the event in each movie happened the date the movie was released which isn’t always the case.

The MCU main timeline(excluding caps ww2 days)
Iron man takes place some point in 2008

We then pick back up with iron man 2 which takes place 6 months later. The events of the final battle of iron man 2, The Hulk, Thor, finding Cap in the Ice all happen in a week known as “Fury’s Big week” so all still taking place in 2008.

We learn from black widow in The Avengers that is been a little more than a year since Bruce last was the Hulk so now were in 2009, the events of The Avengers takes place some point in 2009 not in 2012.

By the time Civil War comes around Vision says its been 8 years since Tony announced himself as iron man and we Can tell from the events between the Avengers and Age of Ultron time has gone by enough for the team to grow stronger bond, tony to create tech for each of them, and the new tower. So 2016 makes sense since its 8 years from he annouced himself as iron man.

By the time Spider-Man: Homecoming roles around it picks up following the events of Civil War so Civil war must have taken place late 2016 by the time Peter is back in school a bit its 2017 so 8 years later makes complete sense.

This also works since they now said in Iron Man 2 that little Boy iron man had saved from the Hammer drones was peter if peter is 15 in 2017 he would of have been 6 in Iron Man 2 which that kid definitely could have been 6.

These are fictional movies in a fictional version of our world how time flows can be completely different than ours open your minds and see the bigger picture.

In Sickness... (Rodrick Heffley x Reader)

To say Rodrick was very needy when sick would be an understatement - it was almost as if he was the first and only person to ever experience a cold, and in turn expected to be waited on hand and foot. Greg had been forced into the role many times over the years, and occasionally roped Rowley into it too. If Greg was going to suffer, he wasn’t doing it alone. 

The sound of rock music was prominent throughout the house, and the source was Rodrick’s room. Rodrick was currently in bed, blankets pulled up to his chin and a distressed frown plastered on his face as he clutched his stomach and moaned in agony. Greg had been tasked with taking care of Rodrick while their parents and Manny were out of the house and it seemed as if his older brother was doing everything in his power to make this as painful and difficult for the young Heffley as he could. His list of requests was endless; “Greg, bring me something to eat!” “Greg, can you clean my room a little? The dirt is making me nauseous!” “Greg, can you open my window? It’s hot in here! Actually, can you close it again? It’s too cold now!”

Greg had decided enough was enough. Grabbing the house phone, he typed in the number of Rodrick’s girlfriend (Y/N). Rodrick had been adamant he didn’t want her over while sick. It was nothing to do with not wanting her to catch his cold, Rodrick claimed, but it was because he didn’t want her to see him helpless. He believed he had a hardcore rock’n’roll image to uphold. Everyone except Rodrick could see that A) he wasn’t “rock’n’roll” in the slightest, and B) his girlfriend didn’t care about his image at all. Greg knew with her over, Rodrick’s demanding attitude would cease to exist - he was always on his best behaviour around her. It was clear Rodrick cherished (Y/N) a lot more than he’d ever admit.

The phone rang for a few seconds before she answered. “Hello!” her cheery voice rang down the phone. “What’s up?” “(Y/N)! It’s Rodrick, he’s really sick today. I was hoping you could come over and help take care of him? He’s been asking for you but was too embarrassed to call you himself.” Greg smirked. Having her over would mean no demanding Rodrick and the chance to spend the rest of the day playing computer games. It was a win/win as far as he was concerned. “Yeah, of course. I’ll be over in 10.” She hung up after that, and Greg went to inform Rodrick of the expected visitor.

“What?! She’s coming here now? I’m going to kill you, Greg. Literally kill you. Not now, though. I think I’ll wait until you least expect it.” Rodrick muttered. It was almost as if the dark-haired boy had never been ill to begin with. He was out of bed within seconds, getting dressed and cleaning up the mess around his bed. He had a few seconds to fix his hair and shut off the music before climbing into bed as there was a knock at the door. “That should be her, go fetch it, Greggy.” Rodrick instructed as he fluffed up his pillow and pulled the covers back over himself.

With a roll of his eyes, Greg did as he was told and within seconds Rodrick’s (h/c) girlfriend was at his bedroom door. “Hey Rod, heard you weren’t feeling the best. I brought some treats and my laptop so we could watch films together.” She grinned as she joined the lanky boy in bed. Rodrick’s stomach had a prominent sensation of butterflies and he had to subtly wipe his sweaty palms off on his pants. She knew the way to his heart with simple things, and it was something that pleasantly surprised Rodrick; he was certain he was dating an angel. An outsider’s perspective on Rodrick’s emotional state would’ve brushed off his thoughts and feelings as simple teenage puppy love - but he knew that was not the case. The oldest Heffley had a strong gut feeling that what he was feeling was a once in a lifetime sensation meant only for a special person, (Y/N).

The teenagers spent the afternoon watching films together and enjoying each other’s company until they both participated in an unplanned nap. When Rodrick awoke to the sound of his parents returning home that evening, it was almost as if no trace of his cold remained. (Y/N) was definitely the best antidote to any of his issues, it seemed. He turned to greet the (e/c) girl, only to find she was still fast asleep. Rodrick didn’t have the heart to wake her, and left her to sleep as long as she needed. 

(A/N: Thanks for reading! I wasn’t too sure how to finish this one, so please forgive me for it’s mediocrity lol)