Seven ways to get over a fictional character

1. You won’t.
2. You don’t want to.
3. You can’t.
4. Don’t even try tbh
5. You really don’t want to!
6. There’s just no way to make it.
7. It’s simply impossible.

(This also includes any kind of ship)

I remember that night you fell asleep on me. I lay awake for hours and listened to your breathing while gently caressing your hair. As time passed it got a little hard to breathe, your head was getting heavier on my chest as you sank deeper into sleep.
But it was ok, and even though it was hard to breathe, you were there, and you were mine, all fucking mine.
Even though it was hard to breathe, I would cut off my hands to relive that moment, because your head resting on my chest could never feel as suffocating as the weight crushing my bones now that I know I will never hold you in my arms again.
—  Thoughts

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The thing about fictional worlds is, that once you begin to know them, you don’t just seal them into your heart. You leave a piece of your heart with them. One piece of your heart becomes them. And after one by one, you are rather living in those worlds, than  in reality. This is the reason why they mean so much to you - not just a place to escape, but family and a home that gives you a reason to live. And that’s why only the idea of saying goodbye to them, breaks your heart. Because you can’t just rip out your heart, can you?

*points out flaw that a character has/mistake character has made* Someone: but I thought they were your favorite? Me:

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