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Y’all acting like predicting an alien threat to MCU’s Earth is some wildly amazing thing that no one could do unless they were ‘paranoid’! 

Aliens have already attacked! They actually attacked out of a big giant hole in the sky! And they whooped our asses but for the grace of six people, some really brave police/firemen, and a re-directed nuke. We also have big shiny fuck-off energy stones all around our earth that are clearly not from around here that people keep fighting over, and we know that Loki wasn’t acting alone.

Tony was the only one who saw the full might of what one attack brought, Tony is the only one beside Thor (and Fury) that is appreciating just what kind of force could be brought to bear against Earth, but Tony has apparently informed these suckers multiple times about what they’re up against and nobody chose to listen. Also Tony, “The Futurist is here!”, Tony Stark, Actual Genius, has been established as hyper-vigilant about future threats, both homegrown and far-flung.

Tony already had a plan in place for preparing for extraterrestrial threats before Wanda fucked with his head and before the Mind Stone fucked with Ultron that wasn’t ready for implementation but was a big idea in his head. “But his PTSD just made him paranoid” yes his PTSD is a big part of his character, so thrilled you finally noticed, he still did it and no one else did and this has been established for multiple movies so take your L and piss off.

According to Hindu mythology, the universe was created with a sound: “Om.” It is a syllable that contains within it everything that ever was and everything that will be.

When the Arecibo telescope is pointed at the space between stars, it hears a faint hum. Astronomers call that the “cosmic microwave background.” It’s the residual radiation of the Big Bang, the explosion that created the universe fourteen billion years ago.

But you can also think of it as a barely audible reverberation of that original “Om.” That syllable was so resonant that the night sky will keep vibrating for as long as the universe exists.

When Arecibo is not listening to anything else, it hears the voice of creation.
—  The Great Silence, Ted Chiang

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A quick one shot about tonight?

Wordless Promises

Jughead wordlessly pulled his hat off as he entered Betty’s room, dropping it onto her bedside table.

They both climbed onto her bed, Jughead slipping one arm behind her as he did so.

Betty flipped her palms upward, so he could see - no new scars.

Jughead kissed each of her palms gently before she dropped them into her lap and leaned into him. Betty sighed contentedly. 

“Stay with me until I fall asleep?” She murmured.

“Of course,” Jughead promised, placing a kiss against Betty’s temple. “Anything for you.” 

ford, lardo, and camilla are all dating!!!!!
  • lardo met camilla through jack and they’ve been dating for about a year. 
    • when lardo hires ford, they try to spend as much time together as possible so she can learn the ropes asap, so ford finds herself spending a lot of times in the art studios with lardo while she stresses over graduating
    • and ford’s so nice and she brings coffee for them both some days and lardo finds that ford is super easy to talk to, and she’s always quick with a joke to make lardo smile even when lardo is feeling her worst
    • and ford practically dies to first time lardo sketches her and the shine in her eyes when she tells lardo she’s gonna hang it up in her dorm GOD
    • (this got a lot longer than I meant for it to omg) 

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As someone who wants to go into the mental health field as a mentally ill person themselves...

Split is gonna be an amazing movie.

Hell my Psychological Adaptations teacher BADLY wants to take a small group of kids to go see it with her. We watched the trailer in class and kids who knew nothing about mental illness asked questions on how DID affected someone.

We’ve watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, read the book it’s based on and even watched Bates Motel. We’ve gone into the nitty gritty of what kind of trauma it takes to get to this level. And let me tell you the kids in this class LOVE breaking down why the human brain deals with trauma like this. Kids who all(except for the few mentally ill in the room) had an ableist point of view when it came to mental illness

(I stated I was bipolar during a discussion and immediately got looks but they all did ask for me to explain it more and they realized they were misinformed)

They’ve managed to understand that this is purely fiction IN LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT OF 3 HOURS.



For fucks sake my final paper is even gonna be about if Anthony Perkins(Norman Bates in Psycho)is accurately portraying the body language of someone who has DID according to the DSM-5. Mind you THE MOVIE WAS MADE IN LIKE THE 60’S.

A lot of kids are doing a creative writing piece about Normal Bates seeing a psychologist and are going to be graded on if it is a normal sensible piece.

My teacher (who has a masters in Psychology a masters in English and is working on a PHD and is also mentally ill) is so excited about this movie she’s patiently waiting for the DVD so she can base a whole class around it like she did with Psycho(and is doing Lolita in three weeks I’m so mad I don’t need more English credit after this)


Instead of yelling why this is ableist, take a moment to ask the person if they know any facts about DID. If not kindly explain that this is a work of fiction instead of yelling at them.

I never rant about anything on tumblr but I can’t stand all this “boycott” bullshit.

Edit: A vague call out by someone who blocked me immediately afterward is now a thing. Funny. Edit 2: I have officially gotten my first “kill yourself” anon. Thank you for your compassion.
I’ve been thinking about this, and I feel it is VERY important.

As a smut writer, I feel it’s almost our responsibility to make a universal disclaimer that when we write our OC’s and Imagines, where the female reader comes 1,2,3 times from penetration alone, this is something that, to my knowledge, is uncommon.  It’s literally fiction. 

Not to knock anybody’s stroke game- but i’m 24 and I have not once, in my life, ever came from penetration, or by someone else’s hand, other than my own. 

If you are a youngster reading this- do not expect to orgasm your first time. Do not expect to orgasm period, really. This is a huge misconception that leaves girls and women feeling like something is wrong with them. 

I have faked more orgasms than I can count, because we are simply “supposed to orgasm” after a certain amount of time. I don’t know why women are pressured into faking. Personally, I wanted whoever it was I was with to feel like they were doing a good job, and asking for what I wanted was too embarrassing, and “not sexy”.

Now, if you can orgasm from penetration- that’s awesome! But as far as i’m aware, this is for the most part, uncommon. So this is a PSA to women / people with vaginas that nothing is wrong with you for the love of god.

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Maybe ya’ll can back me up on this.

-This has been a non-sexy (but important!) morning post-