fiction does not exist in a vacuum

like the whole difference here is that trans women can, say, have he/him pronouns and not “pass” but a cis person writing a trans woman as non-passing, casting a male actor, and trying to pass that off as trans representation is pretty shitty. fiction does not exist In a vacuum

can The Discourse stop making people digest fiction in the worst fucking way possible already

i dont mean “being critical of the fiction youre enjoying and analyzing it and being open about things in it that don’t sit well with you and that you think were handled poorly” i mean “ignore the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY in good storytelling for characters to be FLAWED and as soon as a character shows any of their flaws start rallying against this character and their ‘problematic’ behavior as if they’re a real fucking person in the real world”

fiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum and it CAN and DOES have impact on the real world and it impacts the thoughts of its viewers and it is very possible for the presentation of a character and their flaws to be HANDLED badly in a way that shows them doing terrible things without making any kind of gesture through any of the many devices available to writers to mark that yes, this is terrible and they shouldn’t do it and no one in real life should do it, but that said a character having flaws at all is not going to have negative impacts in the real world it is necessary for good storytelling