fiction by shannon

Unexpected - part 2

A few weeks have passed, and nothing had happened. I was expecting this, us, all of us thing to happen rather quickly but I figured maybe they got cold feet about it. 
Jared and I had managed to sneak away for a few quickies, but nothing like what we are used to. 
The bus is always active so it’s been hard to find the moments, but we have managed. Kind of. 

“Good morning.” Jared whispers into my hair. 

I groan, not wanting to get up from the warm blanket and his warm body pressed against mine. 

“I know, I know, but we will get to sleep in a hotel for the next three nights and we have two days off.” He rubs his hand against my side. 

I turn to face him and he greets me with a warm smile, “I can’t wait to sleep in a real bed.” I groan into his chest. 

He kisses the top of my head and gets off the bunk, he laughs as I try to curl up tighter into the warmth he left behind, but I don’t want to be left out of the plans so I wrap the blanket around me and walk toward the front of the bus.
Shannon hops down from his bunk in front of me, he looks at me with a smile. He places his thumb under my chin and tilts my head to look at him for a quick second before he turns and walks away.
His hands were warm against my skin, his eyes seemed a little more green in the morning, my body gave off  a chill once my tired mind woke up to the situation.
I clear my throat trying to push my thoughts out of my head and I take a seat next to Jared, he wraps his arm around me and the blanket pulling me close.

“So, you all three have an interview this afternoon and another one tomorrow afternoon, but that’s it, your mornings and nights are free. Enjoy them because once we get across seas it won’t be like that.” Their manager steps off the bus with a wave goodbye. 

I look up at Jared and he looks down at me, we both look at Shannon and Tomo sitting across from us and they shrug their shoulders. 

I laugh at the speechless men, “Ok, breakfast sounds good.” I look at each of them to see their response. 

“Sounds good to me.” Shannon gets up from the couch and slips his shirt over his head.  

I try not to make it obvious that my stare has moved from the entire surrounding area to being solely fixed on Shannon. His muscles defined on every corner of his body. He is bigger than Jared, his back is wider and the muscles in his back are much more defined.
Jared clears his throat and my eyes snap back up to his, he raises and eyebrow at me and I sink into the blanket to cover my flushed cheeks. I hear Shannon give a slight laugh as he changes his shirt in the aisle of bunks. I keep my eyes on Jared’s, his hand around my shoulder gives me a squeeze and I give him a shy smile from behind the blankets.
Tomo opens up the door to the tour bus and he is taken back when his wife jumps at him, her arms wrapped around his neck. The rest of us get up to greet her, all of us surprised as well. She had only given the manager notice of her trip, she knew there could be a chance of us giving away the surprise. She had already planned out their next two days and their first stop had to be met in an hour. We all go around and give her a quick hug and they jump off the bus, hand in hand. 

“Lets go eat!” Shannon breaks the silence. 

Jared and I get into our bags and change into something more fitting to be seen in public, Jared’s frame is more slender and has cooler tones compared to Shannon, his hair reaching past his collarbones and the contrast from his hair and eyes makes me melt as he slides his shirt on and then makes eye contact with me staring at him. 

“At least I know I get the same treatment.” He whispers to me, poking fun at me for staring at Shannon. 

I roll my eyes and go to walk back to the front of the bus but Jared pulls me in front of him again. 

“You can’t stop thinking about it, can you?” He presses himself against me holding me in place, “You want to be fucked by both of us, don’t you baby girl?“ 

His words turn to chills in my bones. I bite my lip in and keep still trying not to let my body language scream out. 

"I bet you’re already wet, huh?” He places his knee between my legs and moves it side to side telling me to widen my stance. 

I take a step out and close my eyes. I feel his cool hand against the lower part of my stomach as he slips his hand into my jeans. I feel two of his fingers rub against the lace of my underwear and I let out a needy sight. 

“Soaked. Just like I thought you little slut.” An obvious shudder runs through my body from his words. He continues to rub his fingers up and down my slit, watching my every move and expression. 

“P-please.” I breathe out wanting him to continue and take it further.

“Please what?” He gently kisses my jawline and down my neck.I bite my lip and roll my head back with a moan that came out louder than expected. I look up and down the aisle where Shannon has a tight stare on us. Jared doesn’t stop his movements between my legs or against my neck. I grab onto Jared’s shoulder and he looks at me, I nod my head towards Shannon and Jared just gives me a quick smile.

He works his fingers against my clit and I let out another moan, “She’s dripping.” Jared looks at Shannon.

Jared removes his hand from my jeans and brings his middle finger to my lips, I slide my tongue out and take his finger in my mouth, I hollow my cheeks around it as he slides it back out. Jared bites in his bottom lip and shakes his head at me with approval, he leans back against the bunk behind him and Shannon takes his place in front of me.

“Hi.” I whisper to Shannon with a coy smile.

His hands are on the waist of my jeans ripping them down around my ankles with my underwear, I step out of them and my heart is pounding from his surprising rough motions. He gets to his knees and kisses my thighs, I move my legs apart hoping thats where he is going. 

“I’ve been wanting to taste you.” Shannons voice is deeper than usual.

He lifts my leg and puts it over his shoulder, I lean back against the bunks and rock my hips forward giving him a better view. He holds my leg on his shoulder in place by wrapping his arm around it, his other hand is on the thigh of my standing leg.

“Needy are we?” He looks up and me with his dark eyes and I can feel my body tremble.

I give him a slight nod and he smiles before letting his tongue gently trace my slit, I can’t help but rest my head back from the tease. He does it again and I push my hips forward again, he lets his tongue slide between my folds and he circles around my clit. I grip onto the bedding behind me and groan as he adds more pressure with his tongue. 

“You look so good baby girl.” Jared comments as he palms his member over his pants.

Looking at him sends another shockwave through my body, realizing what is going to happen make me moan on it’s own. Shannon flicks his tongue against me and I reach one hand into his hair, my leg curls around his back pulling his closer and he lets me. 

“Don’t stop, Shannon. Please.” My voice shakes out as I can feel myself coming unglued. 

His tongue works faster trying to bring me to an orgasm quicker, I scream out as his tongue hits my clit over and over again. Jared moved next to me and without him asking I reach down and begin rubbing the large bulge in his pants, he lets out his own sigh and I let out another sting of moans and curse words.

“Let him taste you, cum baby.” Jared whispers in my ear just enough for me to hear.

I loose my grip, my knee buckles and Shannon catches my with his hand on my ass, his tongue still working as my body reacts to my orgasm, my back arching and my nails digging into Jared’s thigh and the bedding. 

“Fuck.” I whisper to myself.

Shannon gets up from his knees and his mouth glistens from me, my head falls back as I try to catch my breath.

"How does she taste?” Jared moves his hips against my hand letting me feel his length.

“Like the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” Shannon leans back against the bunk across from me.

I feel my cheeks go red, Jared grabs my hand and walks me over to the couch and Shannon follows behind. It was like they had some secret conversation while I rested my head. 
Shannon slides his pants down first and I find my self gliding my tongue across my lips, he lets out a slight laugh as he takes a seat on the couch. Jared guides me to stand with my backside facing Shannon, I look over my shoulder at him and he is leaned back into the couch stroking himself. I look back at Jared who has now stripped himself, I bite my lip in as I look at him.
His hands reach to the hem of my shirt and he lifts it over my head, he tosses it behind him and his hands trail down the front of my chest and then back up to my neck. He wraps his hand around my throat and applies some pressure.

“You ready?” Jared whispers into my ear.

My eyes flutter closed as I nod my head.

“Answer me, slut.” His grip tightens for a second and I let out a moan.

“Yes, yes daddy.” I open my eyes to meet his, a smile comes across his lips and I return one.

Shannon runs his hands up and down my legs as he pulls me back towards him, I step back between his legs, before I sit all the way down I hold myself up with my hands resting on his knees. He glides his member against my slit and I can hear a moan escape him, I press back further and he positions himself for me to slide down on. 

“Shit!” I moan out as Shannon grabs my hips and slams me down on him.

I start to roll my hips against him letting him feel every inch inside me, he groans and his fingers dig into my thighs, I press into him harder and he lets out a louder groan.

“Let me hear you while I still can, baby.” Jared pushes my hair out of my face.

I moan louder as I start to bounce on Shannon, his hands reaching around to my chest gripping onto me as I ride him harder.

“F-fuck!” I drop my head and scream out as Shannon meets my movement by thrusting up.

“Open up.” Shannon groans behind me.

I lift my head back up and Jared has himself ready at my lips, I look up at him as I swirl my tongue around his tip. His hand is tangled in my hair already but he lets me make my moves. I suck on the tip of him before I slide him into my mouth, I breath even heavier as I try to moan out from Shannon’s movements getting faster. 
Jared places both hands in my hair and holds my head steady, I lean a little more forward giving both guys a different angle. Jared slides himself into my mouth, he does it again slowly but finds his own rhythm as he speeds up. I move my tongue against him as he moves his hips against my mouth, I let out a moan as he hits the back of my throat and Jared moans back.

“Fuck! You’re such a good slut!” Jared moans again.

Shannon pulls me down onto him and Jared walks forward to not loose contact, I moan around Jared again and he grunts in return. Shannon brings his hand to my clit, he has two of his finger working is and my body lets out a few spasm against him and Shannon bites into the part of my back he could reach. 

“Fuck!” I moan out as my hips work against Shannon again, I had pushed Jared back a step needed to get my breath back.

Shannon gives the side of my ass a hard smack and I jump up and back down on him, “We run you right now, take Jared’s dick deep in your throat slut.” Shannon whispers in my ear.

I begin to ride on shannon again and moans escape me just from his words, I rest one hand on Shannon’s knee and the other reaches for Jared, I look up at him and I can see the fire burning behind his eyes. He holds onto the sides of my face with much more force, he doesn’t start out slow as I gag on him sliding himself completely in my mouth. 

“That’s it. Just like that.” Shannon groans behind me, his fingers still working my clit and my hips still grinding into him.

I let out moan after moan around Jared and I can feel his fingers tense on my hair. He begins to rock his hips against my mouth, faster with each thrust and I have to hold onto both of Shannon’s knees to keep steady. My eyes begin to water as Jared reaches the back of my throat each time and my moans intensify as the knot in my stomach grows. 

“I love fucking your slutty mouth baby girl.” Jared growls at me as I look up at him with a mouthful of him.

“Fuck!” Shannon groans out as I try to hold back my orgasm, “Don’t fucking cum yet” he digs his fingers into my skin.

“You better listen to him, baby.” Jared thrusts harder into my mouth, drool dripping down my chin and all over Jared. 

I start to ride Shannon harder, knowing I can’t hold back much longer. His hands move to my waist as he bounces me harder against him, I try to scream out but Jared receives every sound wave against him and he moans louder than before. 
Shannon slams me down against him again and I don’t even try to keep myself tied together. My body tries to move but Jared has my head locked in place, I feel myself tighten around Shannon and he lets himself go as well. His head falls against my back and his fingers dig into my waist so hard I know there will be a bruise. I moan again and Jared pushes himself to the back of my throat one more time as I feel him fill my mouth. I swallow with him still in my mouth, he slowly slides out and I gasp for a much needed breath. 
Shannon slowly picks me up off him and sets me down on the couch. 

“You alright baby?” Jared lifts my face to look at him.

I nod with a smile and he kisses my forehead. I look over at Shannon and he pulls me in under his arm, he also places a kiss against my forehead. 
I let out a sigh as my heart rate finally slows down. 

“Lets get you cleaned up first.” Jared takes me from Shannon and walks me into the bathroom, he locks the door behind him. “Don’t forget who you belong to baby. Don’t make me regret this.” Jared whispers in a demanding voice. 

I turn to face him and place a kiss on his cheek and then rest my head against his chest, “I’m only yours. Always yours. Promise babe.” I whisper against his skin. 

He lifts my head and kisses my lips lightly, he has me sit down on the closed toilet seat as he turns on the shower and lets it warm up. I curl up against myself to keep warm for the few moments. 

Before he helps me into the shower he grabs onto my face gently, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I lean in and kiss his soft lips.

The Chase Part 4

Guys- they use some bad language. Thats my warning. 

Her bedroom door opened with a bang.

“Get the fuck up!! We’re outta here!!” Nic was just a tad excited about getting out of town. He hadn’t spent this long at home in years! Unfortunately he was meant to be stationary until his new album was ready for release. Aurora helped him get it to production stage so his manager didn’t see the harm in him leaving for his inaugural migration to Florida with Aurora for Fort Rock one of their favourite festivals.

“You fucking cock juggling thunder cunt!! Why do you hate sleep so much!?” Aurora rolled onto her stomach with her pillow over her head. Nic quickly reefed her blanket off, watching her legs flail around while she groaned into the bed. He kneeled next to her and promptly delivered a deafening smack to her ass just where her bare skin met the line of her underwear. All that could be heard after that was a muffled scream as Nic held the pillow over her face to stop the neighbours thinking he was trying to murder her. Once she calmed down he took the pillow off her face. “I fucking hate you.” Her eyes narrowed in on his triumphant grin across his face.

“Come on get up, coffee’s waiting.” Her eyes lit up as she quickly jumped out of bed, tying her hair into a knot on top of her head and grabbing some shorts and doc martins on. The rest could wait until they were in the car.

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Just Friends - part 6

Huge, I mean bigger than huge thank you to my girl @letojokerownsme for her gift to me of this fight!                                                                                                          

Three days ago Shannon had stormed out of Jared’s hotel room after finding out the truth. He refused to say goodbye to her when she left. He refused to answer her calls or texts, and Jared knew she was calling and texting him because he got quiet and angry every time his phone pinged. But they still had two weeks worth of shows to get through together and the tension between the brothers was becoming a real issue.

At the show the night after she left, Shannon hadn’t said a single word to Jared onstage or off. Everyone noticed but no one said anything out of fear of making it worse. Jared was noticeably distracted. The next night was even worse, with Jared completely avoiding Shan’s side of the stage at all, and Shan storming off stage the second the set had finished.

Tomo was the one who grabbed Jared literally by the collar and dragged him down the hall to Shannon’s dressing room after the performance, pushing him through the door and shutting it behind them. “You two are going to sit in this room and work whatever this is out tonight!” Tomo insisted. “I’m stepping out and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let either of you leave until you can at least talk to each other again because the way things are now is unacceptable.” Tomo turned and left, hitting the lock on the door before he shut it so they would be assured privacy.

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Here was my warmup from this morning.  Barbara from “Stranger Things”. From the moment she appeared with that frilly collar blouse and her purple Trapperkeeper, I knew I was going to like her.  She surprisingly has developed quite the cult following from the show. I was sad to find out what happened to her in the final episode, but I hope that the creators and writers keep in mind how popular shes become and find a way to bring her back.  Barb you’ll be missed.

As you heard the purr of his motorcycle pull up your heart began to race. You looked at yourself in the mirror and tousled your hair a bit and fixed your lipstick. He had let you know he was picking you up on his bike so you wore tattered jeans that showed just enough skin and a fitting black shirt.
The sudden silenced made you realize he was walking up to your front door, you stood behind the door and waited for him to knock and then waited a few more seconds before you answered to make it seem like you weren’t standing there holding the handle.
You took a deep breath before you opened up the door, once you do you are greeted with Shannon smiling and you can’t help but smile back. His sunglasses tucked in the front of his shirt, even though it was dusk. Had on a pair of tight, dark wash jeans and a white t-shirt. His smile was warm and inviting and you were already wanting to invite him upstairs. 

“You, you look perfect.” His voice is soft, almost a whisper. 

You smile grows and you feel yourself blush, “Thanks, you do too.” 

He smiles and nods his head for you to follow him, you walk out and close the door behind you and follow him to his bike parked on the street. He hands you a hemet and you put on, he turns to you and reaches for the straps under your chin and you feels his fingers lightly glide against your skin and you hold your breath for the moment.

“Safety first.” He winks at you before putting his own helmet on, which his covers his entire face.

You let out your breath and you try and pull yourself together because this date has just started. 
He gets on the bike and stands and motions for you to get on behind him, you do as your told and sit down on the leather seat. 

“Have you ever been on one before?” He looks back at you with the lifted visor of his helmet.

You shake your head and you can see his cheek through his helmet and you can tell he is smiling. 

He takes a seat and grabs your hands and pulls you close to him, “You’re going to hold onto me here,” He places your arms to wrap around his waist, “If you get scared or I’m going to fast just give me a tight squeeze, ok?” He runs his hands down your arms as you nod ok. 

He turn the bike on and it’s much louder than you were expecting, you bring yourself closer to him as he settles himself and takes off. You hold your head against his back, blocking the wind from your face but you still enjoy the side view and the warmth of him and the slight breeze you’re still getting. 
He takes a few turns and he speeds up a little bit, you squeeze him but not out of fear, just to be closer but he slows down.

“Are you ok?” He screams back at you as the bike slows down.

“Yeah, yes I’m fine. Sorry.” You smile but he can’t see you. 

You feel him laugh as you press yourself up against his back again. He picks up the speed again and you close your eyes, enjoying the cool breeze hitting you and the smell of his cologne. 
He comes to a stop and you quickly let go of his waist and straighten yourself out. 
He hops off the bike and takes his helmet off and fixes his hair back into a messy style. He grabs your hand and helps you off and unbuckles your helmet, again his fingers graze your skin and you feel like its hard to swallow for a moment. 

“This is one of my secret spots, don’t go running off about this place ok?” He smiles at you before he takes you hand and leads you inside. 

His fingers lock between yours and his hands are warm but his fingers are a little cold from driving. You walk quickly to keep up with him, as you get to the front door it looks like and extremely small place, the outside is dingy and old but as Shannon holds the door open for you, you let go of his hand and walk in. 
He places his hand on the small of your back as you walk past him and you can feel your heart rate increase from his simple gesture. 
You walk in and the place opens up to a huge dining area, there is a small stage and a huge dance floor across from the tables and the colors are warm reds and browns and the place is practically empty other than the employees and one table with a small group at it. 

“Ah, Shannon! And beautiful guest! Lovely surprise!” The man at the front counter greets us. 

Shannon gives him a hug and a smile, the man has us follow him to a table closest to the dance floor and you feel the knot in your stomach from thinking of dancing with him. 
Shannon reaches over and takes your menus and hands it to the man, he whispers to him and they both smile and the man walks off. 

“Don’t worry, I ordered everything. This place is so good that you have to try it all and then next time we come back you can order whatever you like.” He smiles and takes a sip of water. 

“One of everything! Wow!” You laugh a little bit. 

You get nervous that you might ask the wrong question or that because you both come from completely different worlds and there might not be anything to talk about but it turns out to be the complete opposite.
He opens up rather quickly, we talk for what felt like 20 minutes but had up being well over an hour. He talked about traveling and even though he has been all over the world he would love to take his time in each place, get to know the places he’s been and try coffee from everywhere in the world. He talked about his music and how he got started and why Jared and him are so close. You talked about your future dreams and your plans to get there. You mentioned the first time you ever heard their music and your first concert. You talked about your own family and how it wasn’t always perfect either. The conversations lasted all through the meal and well after it.
The music from the small stage broke the current conversation but you weren’t upset about it. Shannon didn’t waste a second standing up and holding his hand out to you.
Shyly, you took it. A soft song was playing and you both stepped on the dance floor. He hand placed on your lower back and his other hand is holding yours. You place your free hand on his shoulders and you both sway to the music, the conversations continue and he has you laughing, burring your face in his shoulder to keep yourself quiet.
Song after song plays and you continue dancing, Shannon spins you at times and each time you laugh which in return causes him to laugh. With each passing song your conversations grow lighter, more flirty and you feel the change in pressure as he hold you closer to him. His hands running up and down your sides slowly as your arms are now draped over his shoulders. 

“Wanna get out of here?” His voice is deep. 

You bite your lower lip and thats enough of an answer for him.
He grabs your hand and you have to practically run to keep up with him and you are both laughing on the way out, he nods to the man and you flash him a smile as we run out of the door.
Shannon quickly puts your helmet on and straps it before he does his own, he jumps up on the bike and you take your seat behind him again, as soon as he sits your arms wrap around his waist. He starts up the bike quickly and takes off, he’s going much faster and you hold on much tighter, your holding onto his shirt as you hold yourself against his back.
The ride was quick and he pulls up to his place. Your heart is beating so fast you’re sure he can hear it.
He takes his helmet off and helps unstrap yours, you take it off and hand it to him. His actions catch you off guard as he grabs you tightly by the waist and kisses you. Your hands stay at your side for a second as you realize what’s happening but then you rest your hands on his biceps. His lips are soft as he presses them against yours, his tongue slips between your lips and begins exploring your mouth.
You moan into his mouth, he pulls back with a smirk and he grabs onto your hand, that was all the confirmation he needed. He pulls you into his house with him quickly, a few flashes from the street let you know why he was moving so quickly.
He shuts the door behind him and pushes you up against it, his forearms and either side of you, his breathing has picked up.

“I’m sorry about the..” He tried to apologize for the flags photography.

You break his apology with another kiss because the first one wasn’t enough. He takes into it with a smile, his hands roam your waist and your hands wrap around his neck pulling him closer. He presses himself against you and you let out a sigh feeling how hard he is already.
You move your hands down over his chest and down to his belt, you fumble for a moment as his tongue fighting with yours has you distracted. You finally get it and unbutton his jeans, you pull them down and break the kiss as you get down to your knees.
He looks down at you with his bottom lip pulled between his teeth and you feel your core shake. You pull his dick out and it’s a lot thicker than you thought, you begin stroking it as you stare up at him and he closes his eyes.
You begin to lick the tip and he lets out a shaken sigh, you slide his tip in your mouth and you can taste his pre-cum already, you moan around him and he presses his palms against the door. You slowly slide him in your mouth and he reaches the back of your throats before you slide him out of your mouth only to repeat the movement over and over.
His groans have you motivated and you hollow your cheeks around his dick, your hands pressed against his hips. Your head bobs over him again and again, your jaw beginning to ache from how wide your mouth has to be to fit him in. His hands are now in fists against the door as he wants to watch you swallow him but he his body forces him to throw his head back and as much as he would like you to finish he has other plans.
He pulls himself away from you and you give him a confused look.

“Come on baby.” He lifts your chin with his finger and you get up to your feet.

He fixes his pants as he grabs your hand and leads you into his bedroom, the room is clean, comfortable and minimalist. It’s not exactly what you pictured but it’s not far off.
He has you stand facing the bed and he stands behind you, his hands placed on your waist and the travel down your hips and then back up. His lips near your ear and you rest your head back against him.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” He whispers and an obvious chill gets sent through your body, “Do you know that? That you could make any man weak in the knees.” He places a kiss under your ear.

You let out a heavy breath as his lips trail down your neck and over your shoulder, his hands slide under your shirt and he lifts it, you willingly lift your hands as he slides the shirt over your head and tosses it to the side.
His fingers trace over your bra straps and over the exposed parts of your breasts. As his hands come back up to your straps he gently slides them off your shoulder, where he plants more kisses. Your breathing is heavier and your finding it hard to stay still as he works over every inch of your body.
He unhooks your bra and you let it fall to the floor, his hands reach for your chest and you let out a soft moan as his hands begin to work your breast and his lips still leaving trails of kisses on your neck and shoulder. He lowers his hands and reaches for your jeans where he successfully unbuttons them and begins sliding them down, as his hands lower so does he. He lets you know where he’s at by kissing down your spine and you step out of your jeans once he gets to the floor. He presses on your lower back for your to bend over the bed and you do so.
He slips his finger in your slit and presses against your clit, you moan louder than you would of liked but you’ve been dying for his touch. He keeps on hand pressed on your lower back and the other one grips your thigh, you bite your lip trying not to groan from the loss of touch so soon but he replaces his fingers with his mouth and you grip onto the sheets as his tongue presses against your clit and his fingers press into your thigh.

“You taste so sweet baby.” He groans and quickly goes back to tasting you.

He licks up and down your slit and you feel your legs give a slight shake. He does it again and you let your head fall forward with a moan, his hand leaves your thigh and he presses two fingers in you while his tongue doesn’t let up, your back arches and it only gives him better access.
“Sha..!” You moan out but you’re cut off by your orgasm coming over you, taking your breath away.

He slides his fingers out of you but his tongue doesn’t stop tasting you, your body gives off tremors as his tongue glides over your clit again and again.

“Don’t move.” His voice is low and his hands grip your hips as he comes to a stand.

You don’t move, you stay bent over the bed, your breathing still heavy and your body still coming down from its high.
As he you feel his stand behind you he presses his tip against your entrance, your back arches in reaction and you let out an involuntary moan.
He reaches forward and wraps your hair around his hand and gives you a slight tug, you come up to rest on your hands and let him pull you by the hair. He slowly slides himself in you, you bite your lip as you feel every inch of him fill you.

“Shannon! Fuck!” You whisper under your breath.

He takes it as a go ahead and he begins thrusting into you, he pulls back harder on your hair and you moan in response, his thick dick stretching you out and making you want to scream his name already.
As you get used to his movements he goes harder, you want to let your head fall forward but he continues to hold your hair. Every time he thrusts harder he gives your hair a harder tug. His one hand is holding onto your hip as he slams into you, you’re both moaning and let out a few screams in his name.

“You feel so fucking good baby!” He groans as he holds himself in you for a moment.
You tighten around him and he pulls your hair back harder, “Not yet, baby girl, not yet.”

As he pulls your hair harder you get to your knees on the bed and have your back against his chest, he lets go of your hair and holds your hips down as he begins slamming into you again.
You reach your hands back and grab onto his forearm that are completely flexed holding your hips in place. Your moans grow louder and his thrusts get harder and you can feel the sweat forming in your body and on his chest behind you.

“Fuck!” He moans and the way he says it sends a wave through your body.

“I can’t wait, please!” You moan out wanting to come.

He reaches one hand to your clit and begins rubbing circles on it, “Yeah, baby girl, go ahead.” He moans in your ear.

He picks up his pace to match his fingers and your body writhes against his movements as you lose control and your breathing stops for a split second as your orgasm waves through your body.
As you tightened around him he dug his fingertips into your hip and his fingers kept working your clit. You could feel yourself dropping and he bit into your shoulder gently to quiet himself as he came to his edge.
As the seconds pass his demeanor softens. His grip on your hip loosens and his hands starts caressing your sides as you both slow your breathing.
He moves to the side of you and you crawl up the bed and lay there, he gets in bed next to you and pulls you closer to him. You let out a faint laugh as he squeezes your sides but you take a deep breath and rest with his arms around you and a comforter over you both. He kisses the back of your shoulder and you can feel your senses come on end.

“Do you, in, want me to go?” Your voice shakes a bit but you don’t want him to think you’re in too deep already.

He waits a second to answer and you can feel you’re heart sinking, “I want you right here. I know we haven’t been on many dates and don’t think I expect anything from you, this just, well sort of happened and I’m not mad about it and I want to wake up to you in the morning, if that’s alright?” His voice is almost a whisper and you’re sure if you were to turn around his eyes would be closed.

You just give a slight nod and scoot closer to him. Moments of silence go by and his breathing is deep and you know he’s asleep. You run your fingers over his hands under the covers and you slowly drift off into a bliss.

Nanowrimo FUCK yeah I just hit 10 K


I am really enjoying it.

Here is your tidbit of the day now I’m goin to bed.


“Don’t be afraid, I will help you.”

I am not sure how to explain how his voice felt. I felt a wash of power, real serious power as if it wasn’t his hand on my forehead but one of the Orishas. I came back and lay still while he prayed in Spanish over me. Thankfully Jorge put on very impressive show, he sweated and chanted. He lit candles and occasionally peeled my eyelids back to peer into my eyes.

At one point Mama started to yell and he spoke to her firmly.

“Mrs. Mason. I will help your daughter but you must let the prayers work. Please why don’t you wait in the kitchen with my wife. Have some tea.”

Mama knelt next to me, she was crying and she kissed my forehead.

“Come on baby, don’t let them talk to you.”

Then she was gone. I laid as still as I could until I felt Jorge encouraging me to sit up. When I met his eyes they were full of kindness and worry.

“You don’t have demons do you?”

I started to cry again and shook my head, whispering so Mama wouldn’t hear.

“No sir.”

He kissed my cheek and got me to my feet and then settled me in a chair with a box of tissues and a glass of ice cold sweet tea with bits of hibiscus flowers in it.

“I’m afraid your mother is quite mistaken. You are not one the demons could take. Did you know that?”

At that moment Jorge’s oldest son poked his head into the room and spoke softly.

“Dad, Mickey is here can he come in here?”

King and Queen. Tumblr fiction.

I wrote this in about ten minutes after seeing a random pretty picture on the googles.

Read. Enjoy. Share if you like. Don’t fucking steal it or I will think you’re a shitbird.

King and Queen copyright 2011 by Shannon Barber

She looks like what he always imagined in his head when he heard the term Nubian Queen. In profile she’s regal with a high round forehead, her nose a graceful slope to it’s own roundness and then the promontory of her deeply bowed round lips, with her hair corn rowed the way she usually wears it she could be a queen. He watches her, she moves like a predator and it thrills him.

When she looks at him she sees a long record of pain. The scars dotting his cheeks, the angry set of his jaw.  To her he looks like a warrior, with her eyes open she could picture him running across the veldt in southern Africa, his voice bolstered by the ancestors screaming for the blood of his enemies. In his gaze is the sight of the predator. He could be a king.

When they stand together and people see them in profile their insides quake with deep fears, things that poke at their atavistic DNA.

Set against the burning deep orange of sunset they are the first vision of the coast of the motherland.

Tumblr only horror fiction.

This is a kind of humorous (if you have kind of a macabre sense of humor) story I wrote maybe 3 years ago or so as a little writing exercise to get me going. This story was written from the following prompt- You have awoken in a strange house after a hardcore party- 

How you read this story is essentially how it came out of my brain. It is unedited and untouched. As in raw like sushi.

Under the cut find a 574 word story about two demons waking up after a serious party. TWs alluding to sexual assault, flesh eating, vomiting and demons.

If you reblog please do not remove the attribution or pretend you wrote it. So you know, don’t be a douchebag.


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