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11 Electrifying Facts about Jellyfish

Some are longer than a blue whale. Others are barely larger than a grain of sand. One species unleashes one of the most deadly venoms on Earth. Another holds a secret that’s behind some of the greatest breakthroughs in biology. In every way, jellyfish are fascinating creatures and today we’re celebrating them with 11 wild facts!

1. Jellyfish have inhabited the ocean for at least half a billion years, and they’re still flourishing even as the sea changes around them.

2. Jellyfish are soft-bodied sea creatures that aren’t really fish. They’re part of a diverse team of gelatinous zooplankton, zooplankton being animals that drift in the ocean.

3. A noted feature of jellyfish is a translucent bell made of a soft delicate material called mesoglea. Sandwiched between two layers of skin, the mesoglea is more than 95% water held together by protein fibers. The jellyfish can contract and relax their bells to propel themselves. They don’t have a brain or a spinal cord, but a neural net around the bell’s inner margin forms a rudimentary nervous system that can sense the ocean’s currents and the touch of other animals.

4. Jellyfish don’t have typical digestive systems, either. These gelatinous carnivores consume plankton and other small sea creatures through a hole in the underside of their bells.

5. The nutrients that jellyfish consume are absorbed by an inner layer of cells with waste excreted back through their mouths.

6. One species of jellyfish glows green when it’s agitated, mostly thanks to a biofluorescent compound called green fluorescent protein, or GFP. Scientists isolated the gene for GFP and figured out how to insert it into the DNA of other cells. There, it acts like a biochemical beacon, marking genetic modifications, or revealing the path of critical molecules. Scientists have used the glow of GFP to watch cancer cells proliferate, track the development of Alzheimer’s, and illuminate countless other biological processes. Developing the tools and techniques from GFP has netted three scientists a Nobel Prize in 2008, and another three in 2014.

7. The jellyfish’s sting, which helps it capture prey and defend itself, is its most infamous calling card. In the jelly’s epidermis, cells called nematocysts lie coiled like poisonous harpoons. When they’re triggered by contact, they shoot with an explosive force. It exerts over 550 times the pressure of Mike Tyson’s strongest punch to inject venom into the victim. 

8. The venom of one box jellyfish can kill a human in under five minutes, making it one of the most potent venoms of any animal in the world.

9. Jellyfish who may be the most successful organisms on Earth. There are more than 1,000 species of jellyfish, and many others that are often mistaken for them.

10. Ancient fossils prove that jellyfish have inhabited the seas for at least 500 million years, and maybe go back over 700 million. That’s longer than any other multi-organ animal. And as other marine animals are struggling to survive in warmer and more acidic oceans, the jellyfish are thriving, and perhaps getting even more numerous.

11. Some jellyfish can lay as many as 45,000 eggs in a single night. And there’s some jellyfish whose survival strategy almost sounds like science fiction. When the immortal jellyfish is sick, aging, or under stress, its struggling cells can change their identity. The tiny bell and tentacles deteriorate and turn into an immature polyp that spawns brand new clones of the parent.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Jellyfish predate dinosaurs. How have they survived so long? - David Gruber

Animation by Silvia Prietov

in which everyone is grossly in love with jack & bitty’s love
  • the guys put on a whole show of fining / sin bin / chirping because they know this is a Big Secret Deal & they want jack and bitty to feel like normal teammates (lol str8 people trying too hard, amiright)
  • but secretly everyone is just….kind of in love with jack and bits’ relationship
  • ransom once walks past them in the kitchen, where bitty is sitting on the counter, stirring something & humming along to the radio. jack is buzzing around the room grabbing things and measuring things and Literally Every Time he passes by bitty, he leans down to give him a lil kiss
  • ransom makes an embarrassing noise at how cute the entire thing is and has to pretend he saw roaches to cover
  • lardo sketches them when she’s feeling grumpy. they’re just so cute together, and soft and happy and just the process of visualizing their sappy lovestruck expressions is enough to pull her out of small funks
  • (she does eventually paint one of the sketches; it’s their wedding present)
  • shitty has actually cried about how happy he is for both jack and bitty on several different occasions. it usually ends with him flopped on top of one or both of them, mustache a little wet with beer and snot, cuddling the everloving shit out of his disgustingly adorable best friends. 
  • chowder is literally counting down the hours to when jack and bitty are ready for the world to know about their relationship so he can tell farmer. he’s already plotted out their first double date. he has an agenda. 
  • nursey is actually the most Chill out of everyone about jack and bitty, but he is not immune to their love. sometimes when he’s rereading shakespeare’s sonnets for class, he can’t help but think of them. 
  • sometimes he’ll send snippets of them to bitty, who he knows is gonna send them to jack, accompanied by twelve heart emojis.
  • (it makes his inner romantic grin to know he’s helping his bittiest bro romance a professional athlete.)
  • dex took the longest to wrap his head around the idea of Jack Zimmermann dating another guy, but the fact that it’s bitty isn’t really a surprise. he bought him a brand new oven when they were just friends. he’s clearly In Deep. 
  • dex is actually lowkey obsessed with this new, in love Jack Zimmermann. the dude was a cranky bastard the year before, he’s heard horror stories from before his time, and now he’s all relaxed and smiley and literally Always Touching Bitty and honestly dex is a little jealous. 
  • and holster-
  • oh holster.
  • holster has written friend fiction about them. 
  • he’s not proud.
  • and it’s a secret he will take to his grave.

I noticed that a lot of people call Sebastian/Ciel pedophilia. And people fo it to MANY ships that have one that is under the age of 18. People need to do their god damned reserch. This is an image i took that is hightlighted with age of consent from different years.
It shows that Ciel is of age to consent if he sees fit.
I read somewhere black butler was ment to be a yaoi romance between ciel and Sebastian.
Because of the era the manga is set in Ciel is of age and can consent to Sebastians advances.

It wasnt until the 20th century that you had to be 16 or over for sexual relations and 18 for intercourse with someone older.

Back over 100 years ago children as young as 10 were married as the primary goal of a human was to have children and once a girl got her first period she was not a child but now a woman.

Yes in our day and age it is wrong to prey on children. Yes i dont like people who sexualise and abuse children.

But for FICTIONAL characters in the appropriate ERA. It is perfectly fine. As it is FICTIONAL and is doing no harm but shipping characters people love together.

Some fans dont like sexualised ships. Relationships is not about sex. It is about love.

And once againm these are FICTIONAL characters. People made with pen, paper and words on a page. Not real life humans.

So dont call a sebaciel fan ‘sick’ or 'a pedophile’ and this goes for other ships from other anime like any attack on titan ship with Levi in it. ((Seriously people hating rivamika or ereri because one is younger then 18. Grow up.))

A relationSHIP is not based on sex, or the age of consent in MODERN day earth. But in a FICTIONAL reality.

If this is seen a lot i know i will get a huge about of hate. But some love from those who get hated for their ships.

Thank you AND GOOD DAY!

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For the Drabble thing can you do 20 27 or 84! Thanks love your writing

27. “Show me what’s behind your back.” AND 84. “No regrets.”

It wasn’t planned.

It definitely wasn’t planned.

But when you saw the very obvious plus sign on the pregnancy test, you immediately began to rewrite every plan you’d had seemingly set in stone for yourself. You looked at yourself in the mirror, imagining how you’d look in a handful of months, sliding a hand over your belly. You were ready for this, you were sure of it. You didn’t have a choice to be ready for it, really. Babies were like that.

Even if it wasn’t planned, you knew you would’ve approached the test with a certain amount of sadness had it been negative. Within the three minutes it took for the first test to show you your results, you had already envisioned a curly-haired, green-eyed, smaller version of Harry running around, calling you “Mumma” and asking for more Cheerios. And then, while you waited for the second test to come back positive, you’d decided that the nursery would be painted an off-white and you would have dark cherry furniture.

“What’re you doin’?” you hear Harry’s voice echo through the large master bathroom.

“Oi!” You immediately turn to face him, both tests clutched in a fist behind your back. “Scared me!”

“What’re you doin’?” he repeats, walking towards you with a smirk on his face.

You step back so he can’t see your reflection in the mirror - you haven’t even thought of how you were going to break the news to him - images of his miniature occupying your brain for the time being - but you knew you didn’t want to shove two pee-sticks in his face and pretend like you had meant for it to happen that way.

“Just freshening up!” you squeak, pasting an over-zealous smile on your face. “Were you waiting on me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, glancing in the mirror as he adjusts his hair. “Jus’ wondered what was takin’ y’ so long. Was wonderin’ where you’d gone off to.”

“Oh,” you shrug, your hands sweaty behind your back. “Just needed to fix m’ hair.”

“What’re ya hidin’ behind your back?” he asks, trying to peek over your shoulder.

“Nothing,” you back up to the tall cabinet next to the countertop.

“So if there’s nothin’,” he walks closer to you, and for some reason, your heart begins to pound. “Why ye backin’ up?”

…would it be so horrible if he knew? You don’t think he’d be upset - quite the opposite, actually. But you wish you could tell him in some dramatic way, something that’s elaborate and worthy of an excited reaction. Maybe buy him a “World’s Best Dad” mug or have a scavenger hunt with all of the clues being baby-related. He deserved that, didn’t he? You wanted it to be more than a confession in the bathroom, even if you knew Harry wouldn’t care, either way.

“I’m not,” you try on an easy smile, and the click of the plastic tests against the cupboard indicate you’re lying.

Show me what’s behind your back,” he presses you up against the cabinetry, and for a moment, your mind rushes to a different conclusion altogether. But no, you can’t get hot and heavy now - not with your future hidden in your palms.

You slowly move your hands to the front of you, still clutching the tests in your right fist. You sigh, opening your right hand to reveal the very positive readings on the white and blue sticks. You focus on his face while a slew of emotions run across his features. First, he’s smug, knowing that he’s made you reveal your secret. Then, he’s confused, his brow wrinkled and lips pursed. And finally, when he realizes what it means, his eyes catch yours with a brightness you’ve never seen from them before.

“Is…with…” he grins, clutching your shoulders. “Jus’ now? Twice?” he switches his eyes from your hand to your face, his smile getting bigger and bigger each second you don’t deny what the tests mean.

“Yeah,” you nod, and suddenly, you can’t stop your eyes from filling with tears. There’s a certain amount of relief that comes from his reaction. The two of you weren’t even engaged yet, but you’d been living together for a year and he was comfortable enough to pee in front of you with the door open. The natural next step in your relationship would be to get married, but, babies don’t care about the natural order of things.

“‘m gonna be a dad?” he questions with a breathy whisper. “‘ve made me a dad?”

You nod, chuckling when the first tear falls from your eyes. “‘m sorry I didn’t get the chance to tell you all special-like. You kinda ruined it by barging in on me,” you shrug, looking up at the ceiling, willing the extra tears to stay put. “Know it’s not under the best circumstances - know we didn’t plan it - but ‘m kind’ve…” You trail off when Harry looks at you, concern ghosting over his glittering eyes. “Jus’ don’t want you to be mad at me for forgetting antibiotics cancel out birth control, is all. Don’t want this to scare you,” you sniffle, trying to avoid his burning gaze.

“Don’ say tha’,” he squeezes your shoulders so he can catch your eyes once more. “I would never be mad at ya for somethin’ like this, love,” he kisses your forehead in reassurance. “I love ya more than anythin’, ‘n ‘m so ‘appy you get to be the mum of my baby,” he smiles, his dimples pressed deep into his cheeks.

“Y’might regret saying that when I’m nine months pregnant ‘n won’t stop bitching about how fat I’ve become and how all I want is to eat my body weight in crisps,” you chuckle, accepting his lips for a kiss.

No. Regrets.” he places his forehead against yours, kissing the bridge of your nose. “Not now, not ever.”

skam characters tag game

tag these names and let tumblr fill in from tags you have written in the past. either pick the first one or you favourite one. skip the name if you have none:

“Sana…” “Elias…” “Yousef…” Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris, Isak, Even, Mahdi, Jonas, Magnus, Sara, Ingrid, Laila, Jamilla, Mari, Eskild, Linn, William (any version of his name)