fiction (movies etc.)

I think my biggest fake science pet peeve is when tv/movies/fiction etc. uses the speed with which one got a PhD and the number of PhDs one holds as a signifier of genius, because like, science takes time, and even the smartest people take four to five years to do a (STEM) PhD, because your experiments aren’t gonna go any faster just because you have a high IQ.

And like, no one does multiple PhDs because the whole point is to train you in how to think, and how to independently become proficient in a field, so like, you could completely switch fields as a postdoc but no one’s gonna give you another degree. and doing a second phd is a waste of literally everyone’s time and money. 

So like sorry every tv show ever, no one has three PhDs by the time their 23. because no one does that. we all have one by the time we’re 27 if we’re lucky and damn productive. Please stop.