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So today i was at the bakery wtf as a french person this is the worst text post intro i could make and i was wearing my Dipper’s cap and this woman working there asked me what i wanted and then she looked at me and her eyes widened and she screamed “OH MY GOD ?? IS THIS THE CAP FROM GRAVITY FALLS ??” and she stopped what she was doing to call her co-worker who was in the kitchen like “HEY C’MERE SOMEONE HAS DIPPER’S CAP” and the guy saw me and was like “hey boy plus you kinda look like a real-life version of him” and this just brightened my day my week my month my life


Here are the claims: Oranges taste better in the shower. Eating oranges in the shower will make you happy. The shower orange experience could turn your entire life around.

Thousands of Reddit users have been finding out for themselves. And they have chronicled their adventures on the subreddit /r/ShowerOrange/.

To sort fact from fiction, White House Correspondent Scott Horsley, Science Editor Geoff Brumfiel and All-Around-Genius Sam Sanders stepped into shower stalls at NPR’s Washington, D.C., headquarters. (We wanted a diversity of expertise and opinions on the matter.) Then, they ate some oranges. Here’s what they learned.

Do Showers Make Oranges Taste Better? NPR Investigates

Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR

I noticed that a lot of people call Sebastian/Ciel pedophilia. And people fo it to MANY ships that have one that is under the age of 18. People need to do their god damned reserch. This is an image i took that is hightlighted with age of consent from different years.
It shows that Ciel is of age to consent if he sees fit.
I read somewhere black butler was ment to be a yaoi romance between ciel and Sebastian.
Because of the era the manga is set in Ciel is of age and can consent to Sebastians advances.

It wasnt until the 20th century that you had to be 16 or over for sexual relations and 18 for intercourse with someone older.

Back over 100 years ago children as young as 10 were married as the primary goal of a human was to have children and once a girl got her first period she was not a child but now a woman.

Yes in our day and age it is wrong to prey on children. Yes i dont like people who sexualise and abuse children.

But for FICTIONAL characters in the appropriate ERA. It is perfectly fine. As it is FICTIONAL and is doing no harm but shipping characters people love together.

Some fans dont like sexualised ships. Relationships is not about sex. It is about love.

And once againm these are FICTIONAL characters. People made with pen, paper and words on a page. Not real life humans.

So dont call a sebaciel fan ‘sick’ or 'a pedophile’ and this goes for other ships from other anime like any attack on titan ship with Levi in it. ((Seriously people hating rivamika or ereri because one is younger then 18. Grow up.))

A relationSHIP is not based on sex, or the age of consent in MODERN day earth. But in a FICTIONAL reality.

If this is seen a lot i know i will get a huge about of hate. But some love from those who get hated for their ships.

Thank you AND GOOD DAY!


Israeli Holocaust memorial asks Amazon to stop selling Holocaust-denying literature

  • A director at Israel’s official Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, has reached out to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to ask that the online retail giant stop selling materials that deny or spread lies about the Holocaust, the Associated Press reported Sunday.
  • Robert Rozett, a director of libraries at the memorial, said he sent a letter offering Amazon his help in curbing “the spread of hatred.”
  • According to a report earlier this month from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Amazon U.S. and U.K. carried such titles as Did Six Million Really Die?: The Truth at Last, The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? and The Myth of the Extermination of the Jews. Read more (2/27/17 6:47 PM)

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Thoughts From the River Styx

Today, a Lucky Us drabble… about Chloe.


She doesn’t hate him.


Things have never come easily for her. Not happiness—her spoiled upbringing saw to that; not trust—she’s a politician’s daughter, after all; and certainly not love—an experience that fundamentally involves happiness and trust.

So she was screwed, one way or another.

And then she got sick.

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I have a bunch of paragraphs that might one day become an absurdly long fic about Lance and the Blue Lion being BFF.

(The basic plot is ‘You can keep mental conversations with your lion and Blue really likes having someone to talk to after spending 10000 years stuck in a cave on Earth. Also, Lance is her Paladin and she goes full Mama Lion on him’.)

Anyway, I wrote the Mandatory Angsty Scene that doesn’t fit anywhere and that only exists because I’ve been lurking on the “Lance McClain” tag for a week and it’s full of langst (what did this kid do to us that we keep hurting him?), so of course I was influenced, but which I don’t think I’ll ever use for anything, so here it is, in all its glory.

He’s about to get killed and his first thought is that he didn’t fold his clothes before leaving his room.

It pops into his head, that his clothes are strewn across the room and someone will have to go in there to put everything in order at some point. Thank goodness it won’t have to be his mom.

He’s never seeing his mom again.

He’s never going home again.

He’s never taking Blue to Cuba.

Blue might be destroyed here.

“I’m so sorry, Bonita,” Lance whispers, not caring that the others might hear him through the comms.

Blue’s warm in his head, as sorrowful as he is. She’s mourning him, because she might survive, but he most definitely won’t.

“You could at least try to comfort me,” he tells her, sounding far more amused, far more cheerful than he feels.

He can distantly hear the others calling him through the comms, giving instructions to try to help him, or just repeating something (his name, the word 'no’, pleads), but he can’t pretend he has any chance of surviving.

“I’ll remember you,” Blue says.

And, okay, that is actually a comfort.

Multiple far-right news outlets are under FBI investigation for possible links to Russia

  • The FBI has launched an investigation into several right-wing news outlets, such as Breitbart, Infowars and the Russian state-sponsored RT and Sputnik, that were potentially linked to Russian efforts to sway the 2016 presidential election.
  • According to McClatchy, FBI investigators are specifically looking into evidence that suggests Russia “strategically timed” bots to post pro-Trump stories on Facebook and Twitter, which included links to the far-right news sites.
  • Unsurprisingly, a source told McClatchy that many of the bots’ posts were “false or mixed fact and fiction.” Read more (3/21/17 6:30 AM)

What is a magic system?

When writing speculative fiction, one of the writer’s most important jobs is to establish the new rules for their world. In many branches of speculative fiction, especially fantasy and even horror, this is magic, though it can also be technology and alternate scientific rules for science fiction. Whatever alternate fact(s) or reality you utilize to make your fictional world possible, that qualifies as a “magic system.” Your magic system is most often defined by what it can’t do rather than by what it can.

Why do I need a magic system?

When writing speculative fiction, it’s usually assumed that something about your world is different than ours. That can be a small tweak or it can be a complete dismantle-and-reassembly of physics as we understand it. Whatever system you choose to implement, it needs to have internally consistent rules. If, throughout the course of your book, magics begin to contradict each other, then it will disturb your readers suspension of disbelief. You don’t want your awesome magic to yank your readers from the believability of the story. But…most important of all…you have to establish some sort of rules and limits in order to prevent yourself from pulling a deus ex machina. No one likes a poorly executed deus ex machina. Few people like a well executed one (is there such a thing?). If you have rules, limits, cost, built into the magic or technology of your world, then you establish something that is not only nuanced and interesting, but believable.

But…but…it’s magic!!!

Why write speculative fiction if I have to create and follow all of these tedious rules?! The real world has rules enough.

It’s true. But following your own rules and following real worlds aren’t the same thing. Lots of you have probably heard the little saying, “Give your world a Flux Capacitor.” If you think about it, Back to the Future’s Flux Capacitor doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s not explained. But we accept it because it’s magic. And when Doc says, “Here’s this thing. It makes time travel possible.” We accept it because it’s a simple alteration. He doesn’t try to use it to do more than what is initially established. It never breaks that rule. It’s not used to get Marty out of an impossible situation, defying any previous understanding of the technology. That’s why it works.

So where you do start?

First, you need to probably choose what type of magic you will use. Will be elements based? Or energy based? Spirit? Physical? Time and Space? What things is your magic summoning/manipulating/drawing from?

Now you’ll want to focus on the parts that make your magic yours. Sure, elemental magic has been used half a zillion times, but it can still be interesting if you do something new with it. The best way to do something new is to alter its limits, change the cost, give it a new spin that makes your regular ol’ fire magic something intriguing.

You can do a little bit of research into ancient forms of magic, into other literary uses of magic. See what those before you have done and use it as an inspiration.

If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, I’m here to provide you some thoughts concerning the skeletal-assembly of your magic system! Use these prompts as you see fit!

What does magic use/alter/manipulate?

  • visible energies
  • gravity
  • laws of physics
  • light
  • thought
  • water, only, in all of its forms
  • fabric of space
  • elementary particles
  • items of specific color or texture
  • perception
  • plant life
  • the dead
  • blood
  • magnetic forces
  • demons
  • vibrations
  • earth
  • emotions

Who possesses magic?

  • scholars
  • children
  • random lucky people
  • anyone
  • everyone
  • the elderly
  • anyone who’s ever petted a dog
  • specific animals
  • deities

How is it acquired?

  • at birth
  • intense study and training
  • gifted
  • through random action
  • through a ritual
  • as one ages
  • stolen

From where is power drawn?

  • internal mana
  • heat energy
  • alignment of the stars
  • physical contact with _____ (the earth, another life force, a drawing or rune)
  • kinetic or potential energy
  • the moon(s)
  • other realms
  • movement of tectonic plates
  • spiritual energy of those nearby
  • consumption of specific foods/drinks/elements

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In this brief note, we propose a Proto-Unitedstatesian lexeme, *fækt, based on linguistic evidence, and discuss some of the implications of this term to reconstructions of Proto-US society and culture.


Words in a variety of ancient and modern Unitedstatesian languages from across the American continent, including Californian vaxdo, “matter, thing,” Ohioan βak, “experience,” and Old New England fɛqt, “real,” all point to a common origin.  All these and others point to a Proto-US *fækt, the meaning of which might have been “proposition,” “premise,” “law,” or “evidence.”

The wide variety of possible meanings points to significant ambiguity in what *fækt was used for in the everyday lives of the Proto-Unitedstatesians.  It appears to have had some pertinence to the speaker-hearer relationship, a mutual exchange of information highly important to ancient US-ian society. An information exchange was a bond of trust between two people that was accompanied by a ritualized assertion and argument exchange and created an obligation of mutual truth-telling that, once established, could continue in perpetuity and be renewed years later by the same parties or their descendants.


Californian /v/, Ohio-Midwestern /β/ and New England /f/ all regularly derive from Proto-US /f/.  Calif. /x/, Midwest /k/ and Old NE /q/ reflect Proto-US /k/, which is continued intact in most descendants of the American protolanguage in the central zone. Old NE languages continue Proto-US /t/, which was dropped from final consonant clusters in Midwestern languages, and voiced prevocalically in Californian languages, where it became dental, perhaps under influence from Proto-Mexican.

The vowel is difficult to reconstruct, and may have had any value in the range /a~e/ but on the basis of the open-mid unrounded front vowel in the conservative Old NE reflex, we posit a value of /æ/, resulting in the countable noun *fækt.


A curious system of thought seems to be reflected in this word.  Very likely, to call something a *fækt seems to have been to assert that thing as true, independent of the evidence provided.  This is consistent with an interpretation that a *fækt was a matter of opinion to the speaker or the hearer.  On the basis of this, we might reconstruct a possible stock phrase, “*altərnətɪv fækts.”

*fækt may have had one initial meaning that frayed over time, perhaps in response to competing sets of opinions that arose between rival USian tribes or factions in the early period, leading to kind of pandemonium of clashing assertions.  Whatever the reason, an actual word corresponding the *fækt concept appears to be absent from the historical record, and the concept is evident only through the comparative method.


The semantic shift and degradation of *fækt might be related to proposed turbulent events that took place across the continent in what was the early twenty-first century under the calendar in use at that time.  The exact nature of these events is a matter of debate among archeologists, but soil samples and the many gaps in our knowledge of the period point to some highly disruptive, chaotic event or series of events.

In the Washingtonian language, spoken by only a few itinerant tribes in the swamps of the eastern American seaboard, *fækt has no surviving descendants.  The closest equivalent is probably trump, meaning an “assertion” or “official proclamation.”  While it certainly denoted an important cultural concept, the exact significance of the *fækt remains uncertain.

Any comparison to Early Germanish gefuckt, abgefuckt is regarded as purely coincidental.

a conversation i had with my mom when i was about six

me: mom i have a crush

mom: on who, sweetie?

me: mulan

mom: you can’t have a crush on mulan?

me: why not? :(

mom: mulan is a girl

me: so?

mom: you’re a girl

me: ….okay?

mom: you can’t have a crush on a girl

me: why?

mom: because you’re a girl and she’s a girl

me: so?

mom: *sigh* you’ll understand someday

i still don’t understand