‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Arrives in Paperback on Oct. 2

Jayme Karales’s sophomore effort Practice Makes Perfect will be released in paperback and eBook this October 2nd by That Lit Press

Wedding videographer Heath Maynard-Álvarez is looking for something new in his life and, in turn, finds elementary school teacher and stand up comedian Paul Brokovich. Fed up with routine and educating the susceptible youth of Parkins’ Elementary, Paul hires Álvarez to document his life in the 24 hours leading up to his most crucial gig to date. 

What Álvarez discovers about Paul and the lengths he’ll go to gain acceptance in the comedy community, however, will unhinge him.

Practice Makes Perfect captures the rootlessness of our own time as deftly as Hemingway did in The Sun Also Rises. This is not only a skilled novella, but an important one.”

- Charles Bane, Jr. , poet laureate nominee & author of The Chapbook, Love Poems, Three Seasons: Letters With Donald Hall, The Ends Of The Earth: Collected Poems, and creator of The Meaning Of Poetry for The Gutenberg Project.

“The most socially relevant book I’ve read in a while. [Practice Makes Perfect] is a necessary discourse on comedy in the age of political correctness.”

- Ken Dereste Dorcely, author of Life Tone Changed

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South Asian lit is so underrated. It almost pains me to know that. Despite going on and on about diversity in literature, we only read those diverse books that make the cut; to bestseller lists, shortlists etc. There are some really good books that people don’t even know exist. This one is one of those books. 

Questions for Writers
[1] Right- or left-handed? 
[2] Pencil or keyboard?
[3] Favorite genre to write in? 
[4] Least favorite genre to write in? 
[5] When did you start writing?
[6] What was your first story about? 
[7] How do you plan/outline your stories?
[8] Where do you get your inspiration from?
[9] Would you ever write fan fiction? 
[10] Have you ever gotten a story idea from a dream?
[11] Who is your favorite writer(s)? 
[12] What is your favorite book?
[13] Have you ever had fan-art drawn of your OCs?
[14] What time of day do you write best at?
[15] What are your writing strengths? 
[16] What are your writing weaknesses? 
[17] Have you ever submitted a manuscript to a publisher? 
[18] Have you finished a novel?
[19] What is your highest word-count? 
[20] What is your favorite word(s) to use when writing?
[21] Who is your favorite character that you've created? 
[22] What are some of the main themes in your writing? 
[23] Have you ever been critiqued by a professional?
[24] Have you taken writing courses? 
[25] How would you describe a good writer? 
[26] What are you planning to write in the future? 
[27] What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
[28] What is the last sentence you wrote?
[29] What is your favorite quote from a story you’ve written?
[30] What is the title of the last story you were writing?
[31] Have you/would you self-publish?
[32] What is the longest amount of time you’ve gone without writing?
[33] Have you ever written a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
[34] What made you want to start writing?
[35] Have you ever turned real life people into characters for your story?
[36] Describe your protagonist in three words.
[37] Describe your antagonist in three words.
[38] Do you know anyone else who writes?
[39] What’s your favorite writing snack/drink?
[40] Have you made a cover for your story (or had someone else make one)?
[41] Would you ever consider being a ghost writer?
[42] Has your writing won any competitions?
[43] Has your writing ever made anyone cry?
[44] Do you share your writing with your friends/family?
[45] What are some of the heavier topics you’ve written about?
[46] Do you prefer happy or sad endings?
[47] What is a line from your writing that sounds weird out-of-context?
[48] What is a first line from one of your stories that you really enjoy?
[49] How diverse/well-represented are your characters?
[50] Have you ever written about a country you've never been in?
[51] Have you ever written a LGBTQA+ character who wasn’t lesbian/gay?
[52] Has your work ever been compared to famous writers/works?
[53] What are three of the best character names you’ve come up with?
[54] Has a single event in your life ever sparked a story idea/character?
[55] Do you believe in writer’s block?
[56] How do you get rid of writer’s block?
[57] Do you prefer realistic or non-realistic (fantasy, paranormal) writing?
[58] Which of your characters would you (A) Hug? (B) Date? (C) Kill?
[59] Have you ever killed off a favorite character?
[60] How did you kill off a character in a previous story?
[61] What’s the most tragic backstory you’ve given a character?
[62] Do you enjoy writing happy or sad scenes more?
[63] What’s the best feedback you’ve ever gotten on a story?
[64] What is the weirdest Google search you’ve conducted for a story?
[65] Have you ever lost sleep over a character?
[66] Have you ever written a sex scene?
[67] What do you love and hate about your protagonist?
[68] Have you ever written a chapter that physically and mentally drained you?
[69] Do your parents/family approve of you being a writer?
[70] Write a story in six words or less.

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That’s My Girl [Bucky Barnes Fic, Part One].

A/N: Here’s another Bucky story! I really am inspired at the moment.

This one is part one of two, which I’ll post soon! It’s following the same story line that I’ve been using for Bucky and my OC, Kiara. You don’t need to read them, but just so you know, this story follows on from Stay With Me‘Protective Urges’ You’ll Always Be My Sweetheart’

Part Two is here. 

This was supposed to be one post, but it got too long, so now it’s in two parts…and because I had such a nice response, the next part will have some…heated content, if you know what I mean ;)

Also, thanks for the amazing response to all my other stories, original and fanfiction, it means so much! :)

Pairing: Bucky x OC (Kiara).

Warnings: None really, for this part. Some swearing, a perverted male and kissing. The next part will be mature, so only read if you’re an adult please. 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. I only own my OC’s. Everyone else goes to the original creators!

P.S: This has been checked and edited, but if I have missed any mistakes, please forgive me. I think that’s all I have to say apart from, I hope you enjoy reading!

Kiara’s hazel-green eyes scanned the club, searching for the suspect she was tailing. Raising her cup to her lips, she took a gulp of the cocktail she’d ordered, hating but relishing in its burning taste. If anyone was to look her way, they would probably just think she was a woman at the bar, she was dressed as a civilian after all – a simple but nice black dress with heels, while her coppery-auburn hair was set in loose curls that cascaded around her shoulders.

“I don’t like this,” she muttered under her breath, raising her wrist to her lips, to speak into the fake watch, “why me of all people, had to be the distraction?”

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Leanne Egan (LeanneEgan) - Wattpad

PSSSSSSST, I just set up a wattpad account because I have countless stories sitting unpublished in my documents folder. As of right now, I’ve got a couple of short stories posted up on there, and, most importantly 

Chapter 1 of my novel!! Which I will be posting a new chapter of every week so pretty please give that a read because I’d really appreciate the feedback and I so enjoying writing it and I really am pretty proud of this one but that might be bc I’m totally in love with characters

anyway, in case you need persuading it has LESBIANS and BISEXUALS and GAL PALS


Pea and Prin (the life of a princess and a peasant) - Collab with krismeyeol [Part 2]

Just a few days to the changing of seasons. It was the arrival of spring, long expected by the folk of the realm. Flower buds couldn’t wait to bloom as birds to tweet and  butterflies to fill up the air with colors typical of spring; no blue ones though, blue butterflies were rarity - long ago, one or two could be spotted from time to time. It’s been some years though, people no longer witness not a single one flying around.


In the castle life style, servants had a normal dutiful routine.


There was a room, its ceiling painted in sky shades, and painting frames were all around.

- Your highness painted them all?

Lorie got mesmerized, specially by the hand-painted ceiling.
A bird cage hanging up from the balcony entrance, no birds inside. Blue butterflies instead, not really trapped since the cage structure wasn’t made to hold them in.

They stayed by their own will.


Lorie found a door hidden behind velvet curtains of navy blue. She opened it to find an entire galaxy staring back at her. Starry walls in dark shades made her feel overwhelmed for a brief moment, until Eileen’s hand violently slams the door back to locked.


Eileen was lying over bed sheets and annoyance. There were so many attempts to start a conversation, none succeeded. Lorie was confused.

-Ha… Have you designed those galaxies as well, princess?

- Parts of it - finally, the answer came out in melancholy.

The ginger got up to look at Lorie deep in the eyes and ask if purple was the color that pleased her the most. It was.

- From now on, you may wear this purple dress.

Instead of the princess’ favorite color, Lorie would now wear colors of her own desire. She was glad.


The adorable purple ribbons on top of her head happened to grab someone else’s attention: a long forgotten pageboy, a lonely unwanted soul.
Lorie stares back at him, eyes catching sight of his gold strings to soon run down his face and land gaze in thin pink lips which seemed to taste as smooth and sweet as cotton candy, melting fast to the caress of warmth.

- Stay away from Oh Sehun - Eileen sounded more demanding than usual.

Such order was to turn out to be Lorie’s lifetime dilemma.

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Horror Story #9

Her eyes slowly cracked open at the ring of the telephone on her nightstand. She couldn’t imagine who would call in the middle of the night, but whoever it was, her mother would surely answer. After all, there was a phone in her bedroom, too. It rang, and rang, and rang. It rang until her grogginess faded, and she sat up in bed, wondering why her mother hadn’t answered yet. Rubbing her eyes, she leaned forward and lifted the receiver.

“Hello…?” she rasped.

On the other end, she heard gasping and panting.


Although the caller’s voice was strangled, Julie knew that voice all too well.

“M… Mom…?”

“Julie! Open the window!”



Her heart thumped against her ribs as she glanced around the dark room, and her senses heightened, certain something dangerous was approaching. The digital clock on her desk read 2:41AM.

“Why…? What’s going on?”


Never in her life had she heard her mother scream in such a way that her voice cracked and her shrieks pierced the air. She sounded more and more like a wild animal than a human being.


Her hands trembled, and her voice quivered when she spoke.

“O-okay… I’m opening it now…!”

Setting the receiver down, she crawled out of bed and opened the window.

“It’s open!” she shouted back, before she tore out of the room and down the hall to warn her sister. However, when she passed her mother’s room, she saw something peculiar.

There, in the soft light of her night lamp, her mother slept soundly in her bed.

Julie’s racing heart rammed to a stop, her eyes wide as a chill crept down her spine. She looked over her shoulder, into her own room across the hall, and watched as two gangling arms reached through the open window, sticking to the walls like spider legs. A head of long, clumpy, black hair poked inside, and looked up.

In the dead of night, all Julie could see was its gleaming white teeth, turned up in a crooked smile.

That’s My Girl [Bucky Barnes Fic, Part Two].

A/N: Here’s another Bucky story! I really am inspired at the moment.

This is part two of two. Part One is here.

It’s following the same story line that I’ve been using for Bucky and my OC, Kiara. You don’t need to read them, but just so you know, this story follows on from Stay With Me, ‘Protective Urges’ & You’ll Always Be My Sweetheart’.

This was supposed to be one post, but it got too long, so now it’s in two parts…and because I had such a nice response, this part has some…heated content, if you know what I mean ;) 

It’s my first crack at this kinda smuty story, please go easy on me!  Also, thanks for the amazing response to all my other stories, original and fanfiction, it means so much! :)

Pairing: Bucky x OC (Kiara).

Warnings: NSFWMature. Very explicit content. Please only read if you’re an adult.

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. I only own my OC’s. Everyone else goes to the original creators!

P.S: This has been checked and edited, but if I have missed any mistakes, please forgive me. I think that’s all I have to say apart from, I hope you enjoy reading!

After taking a much needed bath, Kiara returned to Bucky’s bedroom, in a fresh pair of underwear and one of his plain shirts that he wore to bed sometimes. Bucky, who’d already showered, was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling. The light was off, but Kiara could see him perfectly fine. His chest was bare, his toned, muscled form on show, making Kiara blush as her eyes wandered down his body, to his shorts hanging loosely on his hips, his hipbones showing.

“Likin’ what you see doll?” Bucky chuckled, sitting up, meeting Kiara’s wide eyes. She rolled her eyes, scoffing, shrugging nonchalantly.

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avenging-hobbits asked:

In my opinion, a show should not strive to be 'representation' as it's main goal. it should strive to make good CHARACTERS and STORIES first, and then work on if the cast fits some impossibly vague standard for 'representation'. People go on and on about Alien being so 'progressive' in having Ripley be the hero, but the funny thing is that the screenwriters themselves admitted that they had no genders in mind when writing the script, just hoping to get a good cast together. That's why it works.

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Plain Vanilla

Hey guys, so..I’m trying to get into the mood of things and drawing everything out, but it’s hard when I get queasy and my back starts hurting again. I want to continue this story though, but I just have one question;
Do you mind reading it through text until I can figure out a time to draw out the next few bits?

I can’t promise there won’t be typos or my skills are the best. I would have a beta go through it to check, but I’m really excited to get this going. Is that ok with you? I don’t want to ask anyone else to draw for me again until a while since I can draw and I know you all have other things to do than draw for me. I hope you don’t feel disappointed or upset I can’t draw everything, but I’m only human. I’m still recovering and I mean heck, even in the hospital bed I was uploading something wasn’t I? I want you to get the best experience there is on this blog, but that can only happen if you open up and don’t be that person who only wants one thing. Besides, I like typing a good ol story when I can sometimes. It’s a nice break and it forces you to read haha. People now a days need more reading that has vast vocabulary in their lives anyways. That’s all for now. Byeee!