Hi there! :)

My name is Bri and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been interested in finding a pen pal for awhile now, so when I saw this I was like “why not?” I’m pretty mature however I would like someone closer to my age (like 16 or under.)
I like making friends and spreading positivity and all that jazz and to be honest I might be slightly annoying 😂 I enjoy future base music and Disney songs. I also enjoy crafting and laying around my house eating all the food and watching magical girl anime.
I tend not to lack in conversation because I could ramble for hours about the randomest things so I’d like to think I could hold up well during social interactions online or on paper. :)
I accept all races, sexualities and genders! 💗🍬💗
So yeah, hmu if you’re interested!
Tumblr: ficti0n-princ3ss