And the Reason is You

Zayn and Harry are the socialite sons of two high-end record producers and the heirs to the future of Myles Records. The two are reckless, loud and out of control. They have no regard for reputation or responsibility. Liam and Louis work for Horan’s catering, their friend Niall’s catering business, and are at almost every event that Myles Records throws. After one disastrous night, Zayn and Harry are dragged home upon request by Paul, Liam and Louis. Hijinks, drama and love ensue.

I Talk Loud Like You’re Still Around

louis sighs into empty air and takes pictures for indie labels and promises himself he’ll be better this time. harry still has pink lips but they used to smile so much more and he does his best work when he’s in a war with the camera. it’s hard to be found when you don’t think you’re lost. (photographer!Louis, model!Harry)

the hunger in my heart by likecharity

Harry and Louis fall for each other during The X Factor and have difficulty doing anything about it.

It feels like it’s written on Harry’s forehead, if he’s honest, and sometimes it’s hard to care—sometimes, when Louis’s lips travel from his mouth to his cheek to his ear, Harry’s knees go weak, and he wants to tell the whole fucking world how that feels, how amazing and scary and fantastic it is for someone to have that hold over you. It doesn’t feel like the kind of thing that should have to be kept secret.”