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Mapping out Galaxies

Inspired by this. Naturally, I let this fic get away from me and it turned into this. Also, this is for Vivian, Mina, Teal and Willow, for being endlessly patient and kind to me whenever I lost my mind to ConnorTim. You guys, as always, are the best ♥ :)

Summary: They’re a mess of tangled limbs, white sheets and warm skin, and Tim feels it’s as close to perfect as it’s ever going to be. Fluff and smut. Enjoy~

The first thing Tim notices as soon as he’s conscious enough to form cognitive thought is his surroundings: he’s lying on a bed in a room that isn’t his, that much is clear, but it’s a room that’s also in no way unfamiliar either. The place feels warm, comfortingly so, like the feeling Tim feels bubbling in his chest, making him want nothing more than to just sink back and let it encase him. 

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Maybe This Time - lazarus - Free! [Archive of Our Own]

Fandom: Free!
Rating: T (for non-sexual intimacy and a disgusting amount of fluff) 
Pairings/Characters: Matsuoka Rin/Yamazaki Sousuke, appearances by everyone, including Rin and Gou’s mother and Sousuke’s parents (and just a hint of Nanase Haruka/Tachibana Makoto on the side)
Word Count: 14,495
Summary: It was too late for a swimming career, but maybe it still wasn’t too late for him and Rin.

A/N: I’ll just write a short fic, I said. Why is this fic getting longer??, I said. HA HAHA HAHA NOO, I said. 

Touch My Neck and I'll Touch Yours

Oh look, I accidentally wrote SnK. Eren/Rivaille for Mina, although I’m still a little embarrassed about posting this. Anyway, think of this as an added birthday present~

Warning: Frottage, slight BDSM undertones (all completely consensual), bruises and angst. Also there are spoilers if you’re not caught up to the manga and wish to remain unspoiled. Title is from “Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood. 

It was like routine work. Training, training, more training–recon mission, debriefing and, on more than several occasion, medical examination, which usually resulted in Hanji poking and prodding Eren with a stick with far too much glee than was strictly necessary. And then Eren was escorted back to his cell, where he was expected to remain for the rest of the evening until someone–usually Mikasa and Armin–came in, demanding to see him. 

Eren was under no false impression that he still wasn’t trusted, that he was still under strict observation. It didn’t matter that Eren was there to help, given his newly obtained transformation, even the slightest movement on his part had the other members twitchy for their 3D gear. He didn’t blame them. Eren still didn’t understand his own abilities either or if trusted himself to control them just yet. So for now, he went along with it. 

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