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can you please write something cute to keep us sane..:)

Ha I can link you to my previously cute ones??

Ian has a hickey caused by Mickey and makes fun of it

Mickey kinda sorta asks Ian to be his boyfriend

Ian, Mickey, the rest of the Gallaghers, Kev and V all sit down to watch Supernatural. Mickey wonders about Ian’s preference.

Mickey visits Ian at the club and pays for a dance

Mickey’s many introductions to Ian in different scenarios. Actively trying to avoid the word “boyfriend” until he no longer can.

Mickey watches Ian reading

Kevin and Veronica are curious about Mickey and Ian’s sexual relationship

Ian distracts Mickey from gun practice

Mickey accidentally slips something out when him and Ian play a card game.

Ian and Mickey get ready for bed

Mickey starts giving Ian a blowjob under the table and one of he Gallaghers walk in. Ian tries to act like nothing is happening.

Mickey is trying to nap but Ian won’t shut up.

The heat goes out in the Gallagher house and mickey and Ian try to keep warm

Mickey expresses some insecurity about himself but Ian convinces him he’s fine the way he is

Mickey never had a good birthday. So now that it’s his 21st he doesn’t expect much from it. Matter of fact as the day is quickly approaching he counts his blessings that something bad hasn’t happened…yet.

Mickey sees Fiona and Lip arguing about food expenses so Mickey decides to do something about it the next night

Iggy and Colin approach Mickey about something Terry said when they visit him in jail.

Mandy and Lip bet on how long Ian and Mickey will last. And lose miserably

Mickey is jealous of a “tall, dark, and handsome” type that seems to have Ian’s attention.

Ian, Mickey, Mandy, and Lip play a game of Never Have I Ever

Ian and Mickey are getting married and lets just say…they’re both getting cold feet.

AU where Ian is deaf and Mickey accidentally makes an ass of himself.

Mickey asks Ian a very important question Christmas morning.

Taken from two prompts-1. Mickey and Ian grinding in the club and people notice. 2. Mickey is noticed at the club.

Based on 2 anon propmts-1. mickey gets ian’s name tattooed on him and ian finds out. 2. mickey and ian get matching tattoos.

- Ian, Mickey, and their daughter, Emma, series:

(can be read as separate stories)

(all are pretty fluffy except “Daddy Doesn’t Feel Well”)

Mickey makes Ian go to their daughter’s Parent/Teacher conference since Ian will be deployed soon.and wont be able to attend any for awhile

Ian and Mickey go to a school function with their daughter and one of the mothers starts flirting with Mickey.

Ian picks Emma up from her first grade class one afternoon. Emma starts asking Ian about love and boyfriends.

Emma makes Ian a card to get better.

Ian and Mickey attend their daughter’s softball game

February Fics

I saw another blogger do something like this and I figured I should too, if only to keep track of the short fics I post. I have the long ones pretty well organized just because they’re more permanently open in my docs, but the short ones I sometimes lose track of. At least on tumblr. I post most on AO3 too, I think…

Anyway! Here’s the short fics I’ve posted since I joined tumblr, so it’s actually January and February, but I’ll be on better track next month. 

One Night

Looks like it was the most recently posted in March, but I wrote this before any of the others, so I’m putting it here. 

Dean and Cas check into a motel following the confrontation with the Rit Zien, the angel murdering people after zeroing in on their pain. What happens between them that night is more than either had anticipated, but perhaps not wholly unexpected. Takes place during S09 EP06, “Heaven Can’t Wait” in the “fanfiction gap.”

Rated M for sexual content.

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Another one I should have posted earlier and apparently didn’t?

In which Dean accidentally gives away his feelings to Cas and has to be pursued through the bunker and brought back from his self-hating insecurities.

Rated K for general audiences.

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Love Notes

Dean is a retired vet just trying to get through his day to day struggles. But when a secret admirer starts slipping notes under his door, he finds himself caught up in a chase that, in end, may be exactly what he needs.

Rated K for general audiences.

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Be Direct

The-captain-destiel requested a fic based on this post [x] in which Dean is trying to get Cas laid in a bar and things end in way Dean hadn’t quite expected.

Rated T for language and adult themes.

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Speak and I’ll Listen *most popular fic of the month(s)*

Cas and Dean have been neighbors since they were six years old, the fact that Cas is deaf meaning little to Dean until an accident makes it all too clear. 

Rated K for general audiences.

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Perfectly Okay

Rumors about Dean Winchester’s attempted suicide flood the hallways, but it isn’t until Castiel finds a note from him in his locker that he considers doing something about it. Beginning a friendship that would lead them both home.

Rated T for adult themes.

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Coming Home

Dean finally gets up the courage to ask out the cute boy who works the reference desk in the library. When he’s rejected however, he assumes it’s because Castiel simply isn’t interested. Until they find each other in the middle of a blizzard, Dean learning that maybe Castiel’s rejection stems from something entirely different than disinterest.

Rated T for adult themes.

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The Crack in Our World 

When two young boys from different parts of the world happen upon one another, they start along a road neither anticipated. Dean’s a warrior, Cas is a prince, and the world is determined to keep them apart. Yet through all the heartbreak and regret, they keep finding their way back to one another – back into the arms of the one that needs them.

Rated M. Omegaverse. Part 1 of 3.

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If I wrote Season 11 of Supernatural…

An outline of how I’d write Season 11 if they let me /cry

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Thank you everyone for your support! I haven’t been on tumblr long, but you’ve all made me feel so loved and welcome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! *hugs everyone*

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John and Mary taking baby!Dean and baby!Cas to some event for children. The event isn't that important. What is, though, is the trip itself! Imagine Dean and Cas buckled safely in their baby seats, trying to sing songs together, and babble about whatever they know words for. They try to play with each other at some point, but the seatbelts are not fun and the boys can't properly reach one another. It ends with one of them crying and the other throwing a soft toy at the other boy to comfort him.

BASIA! This is too cute ;u;

During that last scene in the diner, when Emma was listing her reasons to be optimistic, I was so ready for her to go—

"I have Henry, my parents…" She’d look down at the table, her fingers curling around the stem of the wineglass before she’d look back up at him shyly and say softly, "…you."

And he’d lean over to kiss her, hard, and Henry would turn around with the book in hand to point out some shape in the corner of the stained glass window only to see them with her hand in his hair and Killian still smiling, and he’d roll his eyes and scoff before turning back around. 

And when he’d turn to the page of the book with his mother in another world, dancing, gazing at Killian like she was more at home than she’d ever been— he’d finger the edge of the page a little more carefully, and he’d read the story for the fifteenth time and still feel breathless.

The Difference Between Then and Now

Title: The Difference Between Then and Now
Pairing: Enatsu 
Summary: He puts a little effort in, researches sexuality and differences between them. He comes back with the world demisexual.
Notes: Bc a few days ago I made a post about how demi!En is at least 100% canon and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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Anon prompted: You were my rival in first grade and damn you’ve gotten really hot since then au

Beacon Hills High School reunions were always ridiculous affairs accordingto Stiles; the school put far too much effort decorating the gym to appear friendly to the kids that had suffered enough humiliation from Coach Finstock to think twice about even opening the invitation. No amount of maroon streamers or ‘throw back song’ playlists could cover up the life-lasting embarrassment faced while playing dodge ball every Friday. Nothing could erase that. Especially not when it was only a five year high school reunion. The humiliation was still fresh in your mind- you were yet to achieve anything in your life to prove Coach wrong and confidently show up and face your classmates.

As Stiles pulled up a chair to the check in table in front of the gymnasium doors, he thanked god it wasn’t his reunion. As much as he hated Scott for roping him into their senior Student Council and getting him to waste his Saturday evening handing out name tags, he was just glad that he didn’t have to act fake and impress anyone that night; he could just sit back and check out the twenty-somethings.

“Molly Tra… Trebow- No. Tribew..” Stiles and Scott had been sitting at the front of the gym for twenty minutes waiting for the rush of alumnus to show up, and Stiles’ inability to just sit and do nothing had started him on the task of pronouncing ever last name in front of him. “Fucking Christ- I know my last name is kinda hard to say, but this is ridiculous- Scott, how would you say this?” Stiles asked, shoving it into his friend’s hands.

“Umm, Trzebiatowski?” Scott guessed, scrunching up his nose as he stared at the mess of consonants.

“I am ten percent confident in your answer.” Stiles laughed, watching Scott still struggle to make sure he included every syllable. “But then again I have no better guess.”

“Let’s hope she spells her name when she checks in.” Scott sighed looking down at the clipboard in front of him and noticing the future tongue twisters they would encounter. “I don’t know any of these names. Why did they put us in charge of this?”

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HI, I'm not sure you would be able to answer but Google was no help so... I'm trying to find a fic, Danny is a professor who uncovered a crime and Steve and 5-0 are assigned to guard him until trial. Except Danny does yoga, naked in the evenings and Steve falls hard. Do you know it? Thanks

eeep, im so sorry i don’t. im not a big fic reader myself but maybe someone reading this can help ? COME ON lets help her find this fic it sounds so good and now i want to read it too ! send one of us a message if you find it guys xoxo

Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Larry Stylinson - Fandom, Larry - Fandom, lourry - Fandom
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne
Additional Tags: sinister - Freeform, Dark, Smut, larry stylinson - Freeform, Mystery, Murder, homocide, Rape, Schizophrenia, Psychological Drama, Psychology, Therapy, harry - Freeform, Harry Styles - Freeform, louis - Freeform, Louis Tomlinson - Freeform, modestlyhomo, Tumblr

Louis Tomlinson, head psychiatrist of Violet Quarters Mental Rehabilitation Center is faced with the most difficult case of mental instability his career has ever given him. In a mirage of rape, and seven gruesome murders, Harry Styles’; with his dangerously wicked smile, can still manipulate even his strongest contenders. Yet the accused killer has a past that not even Harry himself can remember correctly.

The Last Time

Hidden away deep inside Rosalie’s closet, a record player laid under a pile of raggedy clothes. She had thrown away most of her records and she had outgrown all of the ones she kept. But there were still some nights where she brought out that dusty old record player; only to soothe herself with the songs that once turned her bitter within seconds.

The story of how Rosalie realized there’s more to life than being in love.

A short story for bex’s photo challenge

Coming soon to 5sosff and tumblr

I recently became friends with this girl in my school who ships percico, so i thought, “Hey maybe she can actually take slashfics seriously.” But the other day when she saw me writing a Pipeyna fic, she called me creepy and disgusting. And that really hurt my feelings.


I’m sorry that girl did that to you. What she did was wrong. Fetishizing male slash ships and thinking femslash is disgusting is heterosexist and misogynistic. I don’t know what her story is but I want you to know that i’m here for you. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, Nick Grimshaw
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University

Harry has only had his room for thirty-two minutes when it stops being his.

Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted.

Want You More Than A by TheCellarDoor

Summary: Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

Word count: 80k, COMPLETED

Pairing: H/L

Rating: Mature