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kyungbi  asked:

REALLY? Oh my gosh I've always wanted to ask but never got the chance to! You guys are seriously amazing in all that you do. Okay so um, can you tell me your all time favorite fics? Any genre is fine. I feel like I've read all of them, but I really haven't.

Thank you baby! Here we go:

Admin L: HAVE I TOLD YOU GUYS ABOUT In The Territory of the Dragon King ?? (I can’t shut up about it lmfao) (btw there are more let me just collect them ^^) 

Admin J’s holy trinity (pls quote the fave parts @ my funeral then bury me with the printed out copies):

Admin Y: there are many fics that i love so so so much but i will only put down two and then sit on my hands so i can’t list more

  • Kaisoo: And The Rose Said To Me - drama, mystery // this is a masterpiece i literally never shut up about this fic
  • Other (Xiuhan): Supernova - celebrity!au, slice of life // i laughed and i cried and then i DIED but i was resurrected so everything is okay ;___;

Admin S: urgh. how to choose how how how howwoeoww. well, there are a couple of fics that i always find myself reading over and over.. 

  • Iris - all time fav. i’ve read this about 20 times. i’m not even kidding.
  • The Guardian - hold me. 
  • Alpha Male - alpha!soo, dominant!soo, wolf!au, mate!jongin? YAAASS.

Admin K: my list is longer than chanyeol’s legs but we gon make some sacrifices fam

Admin H: rip my list is endless but i’ll try, some of the fics listed above are my favs as well hoho, i love angst btw

  • Gicleur (ultimate fave, the ending left me empty for days like a post depression u have after reading an amazing book)
  • Once Upon A Withered Rose (ex playboy jongin and a slightly weird ksoo, this did not end the way we all wanted to)
  • And We’ll Sail for Ithaca (just read it and you’ll be blown away)

Classic Admin Q being late: most of mine have already been listed otl damn you australian timezone !! )-;

  • Our Way Home - this one makes me so happy yet so sad bc poor jongin at the beginning qqqq 
  • Sweetheart, It’s Our Secret! - typical dorky!jognog + cold city man!soo but the plot and the writing style is jusT MMMHMMMmmM 
  • In Bloom - i LIVE for precious smol bean jognog omhhhhhh <3
Fiction Master Post - Updated

Tom Hiddleston RPF:

Manual Labour Tom

Along Came a Spider Part 1 Part 2

SDCC2015 - The Aftermath

Of Love and other indiscretions

Tall harmless with extra cinnamon

Birthday Boy

Lion’s Head

Late night games

Tom Hiddleston Character Fics:

Jaguar!Tom drabble

Sharpe Chapters 1 2 3 4 5

Lost (I’m linking to Chapter One, which contains links to all the chapters)

The University (Linking to latest chapter, link to first chapter on there)

Praeludium - A Modern Henry fic

Other (non-Tom) Fics:

On My Way Home (Avi Kaplan, Pentatonix)

Covet (Chris Hemsworth)

Lipstick Stain (Michael Fassbender)

Hotshot (Michael Fassbender)

The Page (Character-less drabble)

just-some-wayward-daughter  asked:

So I just finished rereading Let This Remain for what's probably the hundredth time, and I was wondering if you knew of any fics where Dean is actively trying to seek help. Specifically where he's in therapy or rehab or AA. This blog is absolutely fantastic, and I really appreciate y'all for rubbing it so well! Thanks so much!

This is kinda difficult to answer because Let This Remain is really special with it’s depiction of Dean working hard on his emotional issues. Sure there are fics where Dean or Cas see a therapist or participate in some kind of group therapy, but fics that integrate the healing process into the story like Let This Remain are quite rare. Since there’s so few choices, we’ve also added fics with Cas. Some of these are YMMV type of recs. 

  • 12 Steps  (recovering alcoholic Dean, closely follows AA 12 steps program)
  • The Breath Of All Things  (handicapped Dean’s physical rehab and dealing with depression)
  • Carry On Up This Broken Tide (Cas is in rehab due to a devastating break up)
  • Mask and Cover (Dean is in drama therapy for anger issues)
  • Pick It All Up  (detailed descriptions of exposure therapy as treatment for Cas’ PTSD following his tour of duty - note Cas is an amputee.)

And here’s some new recs:

Good Call series [4 parts, T and NC-17, 11,800 word count, WIP] (Cas visits therapist after a suicide attempt, depressed Dean)

(summary of the first installment) The phone buzzes, this time with a text message. Dean glares at it. Chews. Swallows. Considers taking another bite before picking up, just out of sheer contrary spite, but doesn’t, on the offchance that it’s Sam.
He taps the new message open, reads it twice, and freezes.
‘You’ve always been a good brother. This isn’t your fault. I’m so sorry.’

Oasis [NC-17, 40,400 word count] (Both are actively involved in therapy. Dean is specifically there post-rape)

Dean Winchester never wanted to be an Omega. Castiel Novak never wanted to be an Alpha. Sam Winchester needs money to go to college—Dean discovers an unconventional way to earn this money. Gabriel wants Castiel to find a mate—Castiel wants to start his own arboretum and never harm an Omega in any way—even if that means never taking a mate. When Dean and Castiel are brought together by repeating circumstances, they learn each other’s secrets and neuroses, and learn more about themselves and their pasts than they could have ever imagined.
A DCBB 15 fic

Other resources - ask about living with an illness, specifically section II, therapy tag on ao3.

And this is little bit out of the box, but in these fics Dean and Cas also actively try to change their life for better.