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the ask you got about Celestino being a Long Suffering Coach too makes me long for interactions between Yakov and Celestino. Yakov lowkey resenting That Katsuki but being too professional to come out with and Celestino being perceptive enough to realize there is something unusual there... Yakov and Celestino drinking at the bar after a competition and being all These Kids I Swear... five times Celestino and Yakov interacted in the rival au!

and on the topic of protective!Mari i just want to note that at no point in canon do we have any proof that Mari was NOT the leader of a girl gang during her Rebellious School Years. Now I am not saying she has Contacts and knows People and is unironically called Oneesan by the current members of the local girl gang. But I totally think she is.

Christophe comes across as a very compassionate character in this ficm I think, bc like you said, he is concerned for Viktor and on his side, but it doesnt make him hate Yuuri. It just makes him concerned for his friend. I can imagine how Viktor getting in deeper with Yuuri would concern him… Dammit Viktor this is not what casual, no pressure, no feelings involved sex looks like! I am still very interested in knowing if Viktor sent apoplectic messages to Chris after his ch12 revelations…

Unpopular opinion: re: social media/outsider pov fic, I have actually negative interest in knowing who went looking for Viktuuri fic, because I find it unspeakably creepy to look up porn of people you know when they didn’t consent to it (even if it’s made up porn), and I really hope it was Viktor and he didn’t click on any of them and ended up closing the browser and cleaning his history and feeling very bad about even thinking about it. Also not so at ease w/ the Viktuuri shippers in the fic.

I am genuinely considering writing a oneshot about Celestino and Yakov because that would be hilarious! And also omg I love the idea of girl gang leader Mari! In regards to Chris I see him as a very compassionate character underneath his exterior and in the companion fic you will see some very important conversations between him and Viktor that happened offscreen in chapter 12 of umfb. As for the social media stuff, you will actually see another glimpse into how it is affecting Yuuri in the next chapter 

Napoleon: ok Gaby so here’s the deal: your cover is that you’re gonna be Illya’s fiance. his fake fiance. his partner in a relationship that is not real. it’s a fake relationship. you’re going to be in a fake relationship ok?
Me: omg it’s a fake dating fic
Me: …


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