The list of Nick/Harry fics I want, having already read apparently all the Nick/Harry fic that exists:

1. The bohemian/Brideshead Revisited-style one that expands on the whole “Harry constantly at Nick’s place” trope and features Nick coming home to find Harry just taking a bath, or sprawled mostly or totally naked in front of the TV half asleep, or insisting that they go upstairs to sunbathe on the roof. Also making elaborate and terrible cocktails at 4am, and then insisting that Nick at least attempt to piggyback him down to the bottle shop (off license? liquor store? whatever British folks call it) to get more vodka when he’s exhausted the supplies. I would like the variation where Nick is intensely frustrated and always turned on, but also the more Brideshead Revisited one where they just swan around being aesthetically pleasing together and also go on picnics and feed each other strawberries and rowboat dates and lots and lots of UST.

2. The one that’s like a canon/AU fusion based on Common People, where Harry Styles is still a superstar and Nick is still a handsome fuck of a hipster, but he probably doesn’t have a radio show and his friends aren’t hugely famous beyond that scene sense, and they meet and Nick hauls him around supermarkets and is even less prepared to deal with paparazzi and both of them try to pretend like Harry isn’t just slumming it or something.

3. The sleepy one from the other day.

4. Something about all that time Harry apparently spent in the studio hiding out of sight, with lots of pigtail pulling and just kind of trying to annoy Nick Grimshaw with no real reason or understanding why he wants Nick to pay attention to him all the time except he does,so bad, and he’s not really bothered about questioning why he wants anything, he just goes after it with friendly but single-minded determination. Also it would end with him sucking Nick off under the table on air.