This was requested here (I’m so late, I’m sorry). This list is meant mainly to inform, I don’t mean to offend anybody. I’m not translating racial slurs. Some words would be considered slut shaming but these words are very common and I’m simply translating them so you know what they mean if someone calls you that. Obviously, this whole post is heavy in profanity. Please don’t blurt these out on the streets, none of them are family friendly. I’ll make a post on family friendly insults soon.

  • der Fluch - curse
  • fluchen - to curse
  • das Schimpfwort - curse word
  • die Obszönität - profanity

Curse words:

  • Scheiße! - Shit!
  • scheiß - shitty (adj.)
  • Dreck - dirt (used like shit, less common)
  • Drecks-(noun) - fucking (noun) (lit. dirt-(noun), often used if something doesn’t work the way it should or when speaking about a group of people, e.g. Dreckskinder, Drecksauto)
  • Scheißdreck! - Shit/Fuck! (often refers to an object that doesn’t work the way it should, but can be used generally as well)
  • ficken - to fuck
  • Fick dich! - Fuck you!
  • verfickt - fucking (adj.)
  • (gott-)verdammt - (god) damn
  • Verpiss dich! - Fuck/Piss off!

We also like to borrow the English ‘fuck’, though most Germans butcher the pronunciation and pronounce it more like ‘fack’. Like we do with other loanwords from English, we also germanify it into ‘abgefuckt’ which just means ‘fucked up’.


  • der Arsch - ass
  • das Arschloch - asshole
  • der Wichser - wanker
  • der Ficker - fucker
  • der Hurensohn - son of a whore
  • die Schlampe - slut
  • die Hure - whore
  • die Zicke - bitch
  • der Schweinehund - bastard (lit.: swine-dog)
  • der Bastard - bastard
  • der Dreckskerl - scumbag (male)
  • Wenn ich bei anderen aufs Profil gehe: Ah du warst online, okay du hast einen neuen Status und schon wieder so ein komisches Bild wo du gefaket lächelst. Boah zum Glück schreibst du mich nie an
  • Wenn ich bei dir aufs Profil gehe: Omg dein Status so cool und passend. Scheiße was für ein heißes Bild. WAS DU FICKER BIST ONLINE UND SCHREIBST MIR NICHT?????

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do you recommend any bsd blogs? trying to follow more

This is just a few blogs i can easily think of. feedback is more than welcome. honestly, with the fandom growing quieter, i think a masterpost of bsd blogs might not be the worst idea? so i’d be grateful for recs either on this post or in the inbox.

This being said!

Just for the record – the classics

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this list desperately needs more fickers, the same with edit makers. i hope it’s helpful as it is tho~ and, guys, guys, lmk whom i should add here.