For Love & Money Pt.10


Words: 3430

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

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Jin slides out of his seat and in one motion, closes the door. Heels pressing to the tile, he walks through the lobby and all the patients and doctors stare in awe, charmed by his good looks.

He approaches the front desk. “Hello, I’m looking for Kim Y/N.”

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Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

“A vampire.”

Chuuya lifts his hands to his face, exhales deeply into his palms. Lowering them, he looks up and tries to speak again but has to cover his face one more time.

Dazai tilts his head, smiles and Chuuya wishes those fake teeth would slice his lips open.

“Yes, a vampire. And you’re a werewolf.”

“…What the fuck.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the–everything’s the–!!”

“Are you possibly jealous of my hat?”

Dazai tilts his head, index finger and thumb taking the brim lightly, and Chuuya has to admit, he really wants to kick that thing off.

Or just kick Dazai in the head. Either works.

Grin widening, Chuuya watches as Dazai hops off the crate gracefully in the reflection of the window, keeping his arms crossed. Nails digging into his arms, Chuuya can’t help the shiver as he feels Dazai’s fingers skim along the crook of his neck. His costume doesn’t cover that part, unfortunately, and Dazai’s known for a long time where he’s most sensitive.

(Unfortunately. Very unfortunately.)

Pressing his lips into a thin line for a brief moment, he clears his throat and tries to step away, but Dazai’s other arm comes around his waist. Eyes widening, Chuuya stumbles back, right into his chest, and hears a low laugh. “You know what vampires do, right…?”

“Die?” Chuuya hisses.

“Actually, no. That’s the entire point of being a vampire–”

“Shut up already!”

Squirming futilely for a few more seconds, Chuuya eventually acquiesces and falls limp, sighing and bringing one hand up to his face in defeat. “…Fine,” he mumbles as his hands slide down a bit, reveal his eye between the cracks in his fingers, “just do it, whatever. You’re so fucking kinky, I swear to–”

Dazai laughs again and the sound is so close to his ear, the breath is so hot against his skin that Chuuya hates the effect it has on his body. He hears some sort of a mumble that’s not worth acknowledging and closes his eyes.

He can’t see now, but he’s always known when Dazai’s close. His skin somehow knows to prickle; it takes him everything to keep his shoulder still, even when Dazai tugs the collar a bit further away to reveal more skin. Swallowing he braces himself for the sharp sting; Dazai’s left marks on him before, some deeper than others, but almost all of them noticeable. It’s annoying to cover up Chuuya figures with the darkness, he can get away with it.

“Wait, take your stupid fangs–”


Chuuya very nearly jabs his elbow into Dazai’s stomach, had it not been for Dazai managing to catch it.

Grumbling and already knowing he can expect blood to be drawn, his brow knits when he feels Dazai’s lips on him. He exhales shakily; he can’t help it, that’s his natural reaction. But the pain he’s waiting for never comes. All he feels are light, gentle kisses peppered along the crook of his neck, staring from the hollow behind his ear to past where his collarbone meets his shoulder. When Dazai pulls back, Chuuya’s eyes ficker open and he whirls around, about to snap at him for being a tease when the flicker in Dazai’s eyes is the last thing he sees before he’s thrown against a wall, Dazai’s mouth on his and those fake fangs proving themselves to be very, incredibly, delightfully sharp.

Blood’s dripping down his chin by the time he pulls back and yet Chuuya pulls him back anyway, intent on drawing just as much, if not more, blood from Dazai as he has from him. The collars of both their costumes are stained crimson, not that anyone can tell with the lack of light, and there’s no need for heaving chests to evidence their heavy breathing when the sound alone fills the warehouse. Chuuya loosens his now weak grip on Dazai’s suit and raises his hand to his face. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he swallows and doesn’t so much as flinch at the metallic tang as he glares at Dazai.

“Fuck you.”

Dazai grins, doesn’t seem at all bothered by the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth and Chuuya’s left to watch, as if mesmerized.

“Yeah, I figured that’s where this was going.”

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