highfunctioningfangirl  asked:

Can you do one for INTJ ravenclaws please?

Thanks for the ask! Hope this is accurate <3

- Tons of house pride because they love being nerdy as hell

- Total smart aleck to talks back to professors (but only when they need to be corrected!!)

- Reads tons of books to be as knowledgeable as possible (and to sound smart)

- Amazing strategist who always thinks on their feet

- Wins wizarding chess every. single. time.

- Constantly questions social norms that make no logical sense to them:

- “Why do we still use quills in this school?? It’s the 21st century?? Buy some pens??” “But it’s tradition!” “Well the tradition is stupid”

- Butts heads with ambitious Slytherins for titles like Head Boy/Girl (but being Ravenclaw makes them way more creative and capable shhh)

- Can be a little arrogant and elitist when it comes to intelligence

- “I would definitely be the captain of the Quidditch team if I had any interest in sports.”

- Hates abused authority and rules that make no sense because why????

- If you’re friends with/dating them they will be analyzing your every move, 24/7. Watch ya back

- Somehow simultaneously rejects the idea of exams but really wants to ace them

- They claim to be above it all, but when exam season rolls around, they study and work harder than anyone 

- Cynic about eveRYTHING

- Darkest sense of humor and amazing wit, does not hold back

- Thinks parties are stupid and stays in their dorm practicing chess while everyone dances in the Ravenclaw common room

- But when they’re with a few friends, they’re not afraid to get DOWN

- Will tell you what they think no matter what, so go to them if you need honesty

- Probably runs an opinion blog about the goings-on of Hogwarts because their opinions must be correct 

- Don’t talk down to them, because they will come back at ya with FORCE

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hey guys! a lot of people seemed to like my last post: steps to a better life, so i decided to make a similar one about little things you can keep track of in your journal 📖 i’ve personally found that i’m much more productive when i keep track of my habits on paper (there’s just something so satisfying about ticking off those boxes), so i suggest you to try it for a few weeks and then check if it’s made any changes in your life!

i’d love to hear about your progress, so come say hi when you feel like it! oh and if any of you guys have any suggestions about what sort of masterpost you’d like me to do next, please let me know, i really value your input! 💡