Hurricane Season Intro [Demo]
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this is pretty much what I worked on all day all the parts are done I just don’t know how to include some and the arrangement isn’t really coming together and I’m still thinking about finding a vocalist

  • Vegan:This Mac n cheese is so good!
  • Carnist:You can't have cheese you're vegan? Vegans are such hypocrites smh
  • Vegan:... This vegan Mac n cheese is so good.
  • Carnist:HOLY SHIT we get it you're vegan why do you even need to point out that it's vegan. How do you know someone is vegan don't worry they'll fucking tell you lmao found the vegan

A soulmate AU where a small gem breaks through the skin of your ring finger when you meet your soulmate. And the gems match the soulmate’s gem.

- two best friends suddenly have the same gem, but are alone… Just the two of them.

- a young child has a crush on their friend and just knows that when they grow up, they will both have their gems break through, but the crush comes by one day to introduce their new soulmate

- two people with a larger age gap meet and suddenly have their gems break through

- when the soulmate dies, the gem goes black for both people.

- person A being with friends when suddenly their gem is black