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where would you recommend starting with classics/mythology?

From personal experience, I started with just text books, my mama started college when I was in elementary school and I had the habit of stealing her text books to read them and she was taking a class on mythology (so she had to get them from my room because I was actually reading them). So I recommend text books pretty much, the basics to get started with the classics.

One thing I read in the beginning was the Theogny that you can find right here. (Hugh G. Evelyn-White Translation)

You can check out Ovid’s Metamorphoses (A.S. Kline translation) here.

I would recommend Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, I haven’t found a pdf of it yet, but it is on sparknotes.

This is a great sight for learning about the Greek gods and heroes 

This site is good for some bigger stories and characters with some good humor and also some mini analyses in there, I like it. (And if someone reading this wants a place to begin for some modern mythology aus, this is the place for idea hunting)

George Chapman’s Translation of the Odyssey (John Keats really recommends and I’m still on the hunt for the Iliad).

Recent things of yay 2/2


This is a movie in which it makes sense for a guy to be beating another guy over the head with a DOUBLE-NECKED ELECTRIC GUITAR THAT SHOOTS FLAMES.  Yep.

I mean, I’m pretty sure if you’re on the internet, you’ve been made aware of the new Mad Max film, Fury Road, as a bunch of whiners have declared it a feminist attack upon all that is good and pure and masculine.

Which, if you subscribe to a very narrow view of appropriate masculinity, is…possible.  I guess.  If you also hate fun.

Explosions, lots of shooting things, very (understandably) angry women taking their fate into their own hands.

Spoilers follow:

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Do you have any fics about Jealous!harry

doesn’t have to be a real thing by loupiter

In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

as wicked as anything could be by whoknows

Louis decides he can only have sex if Harry is in the same room with him. Harry agrees and later decides it was a really stupid decision.

promise not to stop when i say when by becka, mediaville

(A bit of both are jealous in this, but it also features Gryles and Tomlinshaw. One of my all time favorites.) When Louis breaks up with Eleanor, Nick Grimshaw suggests that Louis join him and Harry in a threesome to distract him, and Louis is drawn back into a physical relationship with Harry that he’d written off as childish experimentation. The intensity of his feelings confuses him, as his boundaries bend and then break, and even Nick can see that Harry and Louis’s relationship is more than a typical friends-with-benefits arrangement. Eventually, and with Niall’s help, Louis realizes that what he really wants is Harry all to himself.

(written by Grace)

I know we all love a good read, whether it’s sitting outside in a park with a sweet John Green book or turning off the lights and reading a thrilling saga under the covers. Sometimes the only thing to put me to sleep or to calm myself is to grab a book and start reading and fall into a world of words. So I thought, for my fellow bookworms out there, I would list my top reads that made me cry, laugh and left my eyes wide open until 2 am flicking through page after page:

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The first time they had sex they were in Italy, and shells were falling and they thought they were going to die. He dragged Bucky down between the roots of a huge tree and pulled the shield up over them, not that he thought it would save them, because they were at the very limits of human sensory experience—ears ringing from the shells, fire coming down in flakes all around, and bits of burning metal, and the ground trembling beneath them, and Bucky on top of him, sooty and strong and terrified, kissing him. His hand found the fly of Bucky’s pants, unzipped it, and slid inside, and kissing never seemed to make anybody hard in the movies, but God, he was hard, and Bucky was too, pushing into his hand, and there was a spot just above Bucky’s left eyebrow where he liked being kissed; he made whimpering sounds when you kissed him there. And sometimes when things are hot like that, they fuse.

Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) by Speranza  

now with cover art by the amazing amazing counteragentfilms

(If you want her amazing art without the text, you can find it here

(written by Grainne)

“You’re not pretty and you’ll never be pretty, but it doesn’t matter. You have something much better. You have style.”
- Frieda Loehmann to Iris Apfel 

‘Iris’ (dir. Albert Maysles) is a documentary profile of fashion icon, Iris Apfel. Known for her trademark giant spectacles and flamboyant attire this 93 year old style maven has been in the New York fashion scene for decades.

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reasons to read the captive prince trilogy by c.s. pacat
  • princes! political intrigue! secret identities! secret pasts! sword fights! thwarted assassination attempts! ever-fluctuating power dynamics! hand-feeding! pining! oh, so much pining! oh, so much tension!
  • absolutely incredible slow build of the central relationship! they go from being actual mortal enemies to being completely in love over the course of the first two books, completely believably and at a beautiful pace :’) coming from someone who doesn’t really care either way about Plot but dies over relationship and character development, believe me: this story does not disappoint.
  • c.s. pacat has said that bl manga has been one of her big influences! if you are a fan of bl and also a reader of novels then this is honestly a perfect story for you.
  • book three has been completed and submitted and will be out soon! read it now and you’ll get all the fun of Anticipating the release without all the pain of having the anticipation last literal years.
  • so! what is it even about, you ask? in short: prince damianos of akielos is betrayed, stripped of his identity, and sent to the enemy country of vere as a pleasure slave–specifically gifted to the crown prince laurent, who just so happens to hate damen more than anyone else in the world probably, as damen killed his older brother six years prior on the battlefield at marlas. how will damen make it back to akielos? why do people want laurent dead? what really happened at marlas? pick up the books for answers to these questions, and more!
  • book 1 (captive prince) is available now as an ebook and in print. book 2 (prince’s gambit) is available now as an ebook and in july in print. book 3 (king’s rising) will be out soon, hopefully later this year! it is carried at major chain bookstores and at independent booksellers and it is being released in several countries, so you will hopefully be able to obtain it in your chosen format and from your chosen retailer!
  • NOTE: there is some upsetting and difficult material in this novel. c.s. pacat has had a detailed list of content warnings on her livejournal since the story first started, so there’s no need to go in unprepared. if you have specific triggers feel free to send me an ask; i’m happy to go into more detail. 

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Hi! Pls link me the hottest Narry fics you have ever read. /u\

Here are a few, hope you enjoy! 

there's nothing brief about boxers

Author: darkalley

Genre: boxer au, smut, fluff

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Kyungsoo’s brother Seungsoo is a local champion boxer. Being head of the boxing club, Seungsoo often brings Kyungsoo to practice sessions, and it seems all the boys have adopted him as their little mascot. Kyungsoo has had a crush on Seungsoo’s training partner Kim Jongin for almost a year now.

Admin N’s notes: HOLY SHISUS - THERE IS BOXER!JONGIN ;A; and sexual tension and have i mentioned boxer!jongin lol yes  there’s only one chapter posted but IT’S SOOOO HOT o-<-<


(written by Grace)

I love feel good movies, because thats exactly what they do, right? By the end of the movie you have felt probably every emotion and you are left questioning every choice with an open and lighter outlook. Give these movies a chance, some you may know and some you may have never heard of, which just makes it more exciting! So grab some snacks and find a comfy spot on the sofa and get watching!

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can you rec some smut. I'm in such a slutty smutty smut mood ;D

YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, MY FRIEND. Here are some of my favorites: 

Check this Hand ‘Cause I’m Marvelous by lumosed_quill

Harry’s had a crush on Malfoy for months now. But it will take a bar full of his friends, some Firewhisky, wagers made on his behalf, and Malfoy himself to get him to act on it.

In the Toilet of the Leaky by marguerite_26

Um… filthy toilet sex?

Tease by Viridescence

Harry teaches Draco a lesson. Whether it serves as punishment is another matter entirely.

Who Shagged Harry Potter? by faithwood

One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins wake up after a raunchy night only to discover a very naked Harry Potter sleeping in their dormitory. Naturally, they ask themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

Compliments to the Chef by dracogotgame

Harry’s latest assignment is a toughie. He’s been sent in to interview the newest face on the magical food and wine circuit. Chef Malfoy is not going to make this easy.

Remote by Sara Holmes

How to win back your television remote and get your obnoxious flatmate to shut his trap for more than a minute and a half.

Dirt by Cheryl Dyson 

Harry and Draco get dirty. And then clean. And then dirtier. (Bonus: Dirt Revisited and Dirt Revamped)

The Small Print by faithwood

Draco Malfoy’s first mistake was buying the thing. However, his second mistake was even worse. Sixth year AU. Draco’s reasons for acting suspicious are a little different.

Zipper by Cheryl Dyson

(My summary) Draco starts wearing muggle clothes and Harry develops a hoodie fetish.

WildSide by enchanted_jae

Harry has developed an affinity for the club scene, but it’s not nearly as powerful as his attraction to Draco Malfoy’s mysterious tattoo.

Toys for Big Boys by mayfly

Harry accidentally takes their “naughty” presents to be opened at the Christmas dinner at the Weasleys. It’s fortunate he knows exactly how to make it up to Draco.

Detention with Professor Malfoy by jennavere

Draco’s got a rather adventurous fantasy, but when Harry scoffs at his ability to pull it off, our favorite Slytherin concocts a very cunning plan to make it happen.

Hung Like a Horntail by lumosed_quill

Draco’s become a bit obsessed with Harry’s sizable package. It’s a little distracting. Even more so when it’s up your arse.

Unbuttoned by eidheann_writes

Harry asks for Draco’s help in finding a birthday gift for Narcissa. Draco doesn’t suspect ulterior motives. Until he does.

If you want more recs, feel free to message me! I hope you enjoy these.

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Hi I was just wondering.. What are your fav angsty narry fics? :)

Oh man, I have so many… Here are some of my fav fav ones

-triall and error i cried with this one at some point:( 31k

-Once an Addict it’s beautiful and has angst and it’s literally perfect 20k

-Home is Where the Heart is (And My Heart is With You) this one broke my heart 13k

- Like Drifting this makes me cry every time 9k

-Baby, he’s a shooting star omg! this is the wooorst (but the best)  

-High & Low this is heavy angst read on your own risk 4k



- IT’S NOT GETTING BETTER, (BUT I’M STILL HOLDING ON) if you wanna cry go and read this




- See to my soul Perfection by my favourite author 

- TO THE SKY, A JOYFUL SMILE this right here killed me 18k

-Denial: the serie perfection and so much angst— especially on the first 2 os

- THREE IN A BED 30k of smut and angst



And I have so much more but I have school thing to do but these are the bestest one, Hope you enjoy them (and try not to cry so much)

Long Distance Nerdship

Author: Kaspian

Genre: online au, internet!famous jongin, fluff, crack

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kyungsoo lowkey stalks Kim_Kai’s instagram account, and the unthinkable happens.

Admin N’s notes: kyungsoo such a cute derp in this it makes me want to vomit rainbows all over this fic ; A ; also i like how terribly head over heels kyungsoo is for internet famous jongin oppar /wink wonky/


(written by Lamija)

I love the French language and that makes me enamoured with French cinema. I’m a movie junkie in general, so when I got Netflix five years ago I discovered so many French films. Films that I didn’t know existed. Well I wanted to share some of my favorite French films in hoping that you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Discovering something new is one of the best feelings.

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