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-Maldición….-susurró, estando bajando su auto con el vestido blanco que Morgana le había dicho que llevara. Odiaba que fuese tan corto, y que fuese blanco. Estaba bastante tentada a convertirlo en negro. Bufó, saliendo del coche, poniendo sus tacones rojos sobre el asfalto, tomando su bolso rojo y caminando con tranquilidad y elegancia hacia la puerta de la mansión de Morgana Lacombe. No podía creer que estaba accediendo a hacer aquello. Entrar a la casa de la mujer que la tenía acosada…. jamás pensó que ese día llegaría. Suspiró, recordándose que lo hacía por la seguridad de Delia y se sintió un poco más reconfortada. Tocó la puerta de la gran mansión y esperó en silencio. No se veía nadie a los alrededores, y las hojas muertas revoloteaban en el viento, dando vueltas en el aire y pasando cerca de ella, mientras en silencio e inmóvil esperaba frente a la puerta.

Whispers in the Dark||Blanny

One day ago, John Donovan was seconds away from getting his best friend back. Until Sheila went on and ruined every chance he had. Well at least that’s what he thought. The boy knew of the spell she put on him and how he could no longer summon demons. But just because he couldn’t summon one, it didn’t mean someone else couldn’t either.

Johnny approached a girl who was sitting alone at the bar of a restaurant, a fake smile appeared on his lips. “Mind if I sit?” He asked politely. He went on to sweet talk her – he found out she was twenty four with a degree in art. Not that he cared about any of that. He lied and made up a story, always sticking to his new identity. 

Once the two finished their meals, the girl headed to her car and Johnny used that opportunity to wrap his arms around her, covering her mouth. “Listen to me because I’m only going to tell you once. I’m not going to hurt you if you do exactly what I say. We are going to play a little game…” He said, dragging her in the alley between two restaurants. 

Bernardo Lopes, mais conhecido como irmão do Lipe. Ele fica puto com a pessoa que vai falar com ele pra saber do Lipe, ele diz que vive muito na sombra do irmão dele, sei lá. O bom é que não da raiva do Felipe em si, então é tranquilo entre os dois. Eles tem uma amizade muito comédia até. O Bernardo gosta muito de tirar risada das pessoas, eu poderia até dizer que ele é uma versão masculina mais calma e menos drogada da Becky.

Whispers in the Dark Chapter 2

An OQ Co-Stars AU. Regina and Robin are actors. Regina’s past means she doesn’t trust people anymore. Robin isn’t ready for love. Both need this job to work. What happens then when their characters develop a friendship which turns into love. Awkward kisses, and avoiding gazes. How long can they convince themselves that they are just portraying the characters? Rated T for now- will probably change to M later.

Thank you to @flyingbluebirds for the amazing cover work, idea and reading through the chapter for me.

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So this is the actual first day on set. She hated the first day on a new set. It was like the first day of school, no one knew where to go or what to say. Everybody just shuffled around, trying to appear a little less, and a little more confident than they actually were. You felt sick because of nerves but knew you had to eat something otherwise your stomach would make those weird rumbling noises. She had at least found the cafeteria, which was in reality another warehouse, and had a cup of watery coffee with a distinct taste of styrofoam. Somebody would organise a starbucks trip later, it was one of the necessities of a working days for an actor. A dangerous amount of coffee.

She found a quiet and secluded corner and recalled the conversations she’d had with her son, he was after all the main reason that she was doing this. She wanted him to be proud of her, she wanted to be able to provide for him. At the same time she knew that this job could change his life, his mum would be more recognised. She didn’t want him to hear false rumours about her at school.

He had come down that morning and enveloped her in a big hug “Mom I know you’re nervous, especially after that everything that happened with Leopold and Dad, but I believe in you. You have gone through so much and here you are putting your own fears and insecurities aside so you can give me my best chance. You haven’t failed me, mom, You can never do that, so go and just try and maybe enjoy it a little bit. Please.”

Regina couldn’t help the tears from falling, Henry always had so much faith in her, he must have the heart of the truest believer. “Thank you Henry, I will try and at least make one friend. I just can’t get hurt again.”

“That’s all I ask mom, and I know you are terrified of opening your heart but not everyone is going to hurt you”

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I made a photo album for my final project in Tolkien Lit class. I mapped out the course the characters took on Middle Earth and then my course in the US. The album wasn’t complete without a piece of Levi and the journey I feel like we all took figuring out what the fuck to do without him. <3 Missing him everyday.

Whispers in the dark || St. Berry

Rachel’s head was spinning as she quickly forced her way through the crowds at the party and scanned the room for her boyfriend. She missed her daddies terribly and seeing her dad now, seemingly happy, still with her daddy, and content in the fact Rachel was still headed towards her future, although heartbreaking was cathartic. He was okay. She knew he was okay. And the mystery of her survival in a seemingly impossible situation had finally been solved. The only mystery now hanging over her head was why it had taken her this long to find out considering she had been dating her savior for the past two months. Rachel wasn’t mad at Jesse, she couldn’t possibly be when he had indeed saved her, but she wanted answers, to understand what had happened and why. She hated being in the dark. As Rachel’s search proved fruitless in yet another room of the manor she took comfort in one thing, her daddy had effectively given their relationship his blessing with his final words to her, albeit in a dig to poor Finn. Even her daddies approved of Jesse and if she’d needed any more proof that he was perfect then this was it.

Well, perfect in every regard minus his ability to disappear without a trace, and giving one last desperate scan of the room Rachel gave up and retreated to retrace her previous path up the shadowy staircases to Jesse’s room. He’d appear eventually and she could have some quiet time to try to catalog within her mind what had just happened. Once again though upon entering the room she discovered she wasn’t alone, her boyfriend this time was lying on his bed with a look Rachel would almost call sad. Wordlessly she pulled the feathers out her hair, slipped the silky tights down her legs and unclipped the tutu part of her costume, climbing onto the bed in only her panties and bonewhite corset. She had lied to her aunt and told her she was staying with Mercedes tonight so she could stay with Jesse after the party was over. Now was fine too though. ‘Hi.’ she murmured, snuggling against Jesse’s welcoming side. 'I’ve been looking for you.’