fic: the fatal plunge

No but, seriously, does /anyone/ know how The Fatal Plunge fic three was going to progress/end?
Emma pushes down, hard, and then she’s there; cupping a heart that’s so clean and so pure, just coated with the slightest dusting of gray speckles, that her breath catches in her throat. The light seeps into her; molds a cast around her own heart, covers it whole and brightens it and makes her feel young again, like a girl who just wanted to ride, wanted a mother who loved her, wanted so many things without knowing they were always out of reach.
—  a million filaments by maleficently
The Fatal Plunge: a time to be small

I don’t suppose any of you fine folks happened to copy/download all 10 chapters of the previous iteration of the third part of the series?

I’ve been blasting through it, and while I’m totally down with a rewrite (though I’m.. totally confused by this first chapter), I’d love to keep reading what I had started last night.


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