fic: something wicked

Ray Bradbury: The reason why my books are popular is because they know I am a lover. My works are poetic… I didn’t know I was writing poetry– but I am! And at the center of my books is the gift of life. That day, when I was twelve, and discovered I was alive… So that’s the gift I give to them, and I want them to carry them back and forth to the library. {x}

1x18 "Something Wicked"

Sam: "When's Dad gonna get back?"
Dean: "Tomorrow."
Sam: "When?"
Dean: "I dunno. He usually comes in late though.
Now eat your dinner."
Sam: "I'm sick of scabetti-ohs."
Dean: "Well... You're the one who wanted them!"
Sam: "I want lucky charms!"
Dean: "There's no more lucky charms."
Sam: "I saw the box!"
Dean: "Okay, maybe there is, but there's only enough
for one bowl and I haven't had any yet."

To commemorate the second to last chapter of Something Wicked This Way Comes finally being released, here is the official fanmix I’ve pulled together!  Listen here!

1 - (Intro) Iron (Acoustic) - Woodkid

2 - (Koz’s theme) Lost Cause - Imagine Dragon (no pun intended >w>)

3 - (Jack’s theme) Over the Love - Florence + the Machine

4 - (Jamie’s theme) Surprise Ending - Armchair Cynics

5 - (Sophie’s theme) Miss Murder - AFI

6 - Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey

7 - Human - Ellie Goulding

8 - The Devil Within - Digital Daggers

9 - Prelude 12/21 - AFI

10 - Wolf Suite 1 - Danny Elfman

11 - The Demon God II; The Lost Mountain - Joe Hisaishi

12 - The Fire Rises - Hans Zimmer

13 - Decapitation Variations - Christopher Lennertz

14 - Let Her Go - Hans Zimmer & the Magnificent Six

15 - (Finale) The Show Must Go On - Jim Broadbent, Nicole Kidman & Cast

tfw you’ve realized you’re literally writing a fanfic as a love-letter to one of your fans

You wake up all happy and excited thinking ‘maybe they saw the update and read and reviewed?’

and then get sad when they haven’t responded or ‘liked’ it yet.

Did I do something wrong? was it not good enough? did you forget about me?

and then they review and everything is all happy and sunshine and kittens and you’re like ‘yes. good. this is why I write for you.’

Everyone needs one of those fans