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The boy’s head snaps upward. His eyes, those are different colors, too, Izuku notices, widen like a deer in headlights. He scrambles to get up, holding his arm out in front of himself protectively, but then something clicks and Izuku sees the shoji door behind the boy inch open just slightly. Gray and blue eyes flicker and spark desperately in the dim lighting of that room before, wrenching his stare away from Izuku, the boy turns, favoring one arm, angling the other one into a fist ready to sail.

The door opens. Izuku sees a man, engulfed in fury and hellfire, and the image fades away until all he sees is his own petrified stare gawking back at him in the mirror.

from legit the best written fic ive read ever by @todorokishouts (read it read it read it fiC RE C REA D IT BEST DECISION YOU’LL EVER MAKE)


Clexa social media based on chapters 14/15 of Accidents Happen 

Summery: Clexa have a one night stand, which forces them to admit the feelings they’ve had for each other for awhile. Read this angst free story full of nothing but fluff and smut, just what you need before bed, or to start the day. Watch as they grow as a couple, and a family.

Just Jack

Title: Just Jack
Author: ronanlynchisneversleepingagain
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5186
Summary: Jack Zimmermann, NHL Superstar of the Providence Falconers, is on the verge of coming out as gay. His team’s PR Team insists he establishes a social media presence before he does so that he can better control the narrative after. The only problem? He totally has a crush on the consultant they hire to help him.

Most memorable line: “Jack Zimmermann, they told me you weren’t funny,”

Can we talk about the Precusors?

Or Kaiju masters or whatever they’re called? Because those little bastards are kind of incredible.

Not only do they have instantaneous hive mind capabilities, this continues across a transdinensional gate that is closed. No species would evolve such a capability, so they probably engineered themselves as a species when they developed breach technology in order to keep contact. Why is that so important? THEY ARE A HIVE MIND. If they can maintain contact with members in other universes, they don’t need to retrieve those units.

Speaking of which, they don’t. They do not reflect any units sent across the breach to return, which is why they self-degrade. Any information kept by the opposition is an advantage. So they create disposable units that create as much damage as possible before decomposing. And these units are likely not designed to survive long, even with no opposition. Kaiju cannot eat terran nutrition; it is unrealistic to suspect that they even have the same basic compounds. Would an alien hivemind from another universe that bioengineers itself have DNA? Amino acids? No! They don’t care about matching the life on the planet because it needs to be scrubbed clean anyway. The kaiju and any other units sent across the breach have an expiration date.

When i say units, i mean non-kaiju engineered units. They clearly have sensory and data collection mechanisms that humanity completely failed to recognize. You do not invade a planet that does not not your specifications. They engineered something to test atmosphere composition, gravitational acceleration, temperature, and a variety of other environmental factors. They chose not to invade early Earth because it was not perfect and they are smart. They choose to invade modern earth because now it works, but that means that their data collection mechanism is subtle enough that it is undetectable by a planet’s host species because you do not give away the element of surprise.

Beyond that, the Kaiju are spectacularly designed killing machines. Something in the kaiju design allows them to exist on a scale that the cube-square law should prevent. This is intentional. They are on a scale large enough that, regardless of the planet, life is not likely to match. And remember that most kaiju are mass produced. There were hundreds of copies of Tresspasser, hundreds of other early kaiju as well. Earth was not special, just another planet to allow the expansion of the race.

And remember, the Precursors are a massive race. They have been colonizing for tens of millions of years, and it probably takes about twenty years to conquer a planet. That’s millions of planets. Even if it takes a long time to find the perfect planet and they conquer one at a time, they have done this hundreds of thousands of times, and with planet population limits probably in the billions, there are potentially a million billion members of the hivemind. Probably more. And remember, hiveminds grow more intelligent with more members. They are a massively intelligent finely tuned conquering mechanism that is not used to opposition because they destroy opposition before it is possible.

And then humanity happens. Later kaiju are clearly not designed for pure destruction. Knifehead’s skull is clearly a weapon to be used against a jaeger; how would it help destroy anything on earth besides a jaeger? The opposition met is unexpected, so design changes are made to accommodate when necessary. And then Newt comes into the hivemind, this odd little individual (and wouldn’t that be an odd concept for the Precursors? Individuality is impossible in a hive) shows up and now they know more. Otachi’s acid, Leatherback’s EMP, Raiju’s speed: these are all weapons based on their new knowledge of their enemy.

But the fact that the accommodations are made means that they have been made before. Humanity is not the first to oppose in 65 million years, they are merely members of a minority so small that it is surprising. Humanity probably is not the first to enter the hivemind, either, as the Precursors immediately provbed Newt for information. Humanity might not even be the first to close the breach, because in a sample size numbering in the millions at least and probably exponentially larger, anything is likely to have happened.

tl;dr The precursors are old, smart, and numerous. They created amazing weapons and while they changed to fight the humans, they’ve probably done it before.

And I’ll bet my hat that they don’t like that kind of resistance.

They will come back.

It will be war.

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Liam said that Bear singing! SO in 5 months he can walking, singing and even has teeth. My God, it's like baby of Superman.

LOL - I know Liam fancies himself Superman but come on! I heard that little slip up in that interview and couldn’t help but snicker, nonnie.

Conchobear can walk, talk, is nearly as tall as his granny, slept soundly through the night instantly, and now loves to sing….I mean, wow! That baby is a virtuoso! 

What’s also quite telling about how fake this is how Liam sticks to the same talking points over & over. The bath time story, the white noise apps, etc.

To the untrained ear it sounds fine and dandy but the fact that he never expands on his experience as a father on a more profound level says a lot.

He gives the same generic platitudes we’ve all heard everywhere about parenting: how life-changing it is, how you see things differently and how amazing it is.

No shit. Anyone can come up with non-answers like that. Nothing about how scary it is being in charge of another person’s well-being and how they turn out, the extremes you experience emotionally from the highest highs to the lowest lows. Know what I mean? Something with a little more substance would go a long way.

It’s all rainbows and sunshine and superhuman babies in the Payne household apparently.

I mean, I feel bad for my boy having to lie through his teeth like this while trying not to mess up. And he honestly does really try.  Like I’ve said before, his team should’ve had an actual parent dispense the info or at least read a book or two on the subject matter.

what if one day tendo was super hungry and a kaiju appeared and he just named it “bagel” and it kinda stuck so the next one arrived and he called it “cheeseburger” and pentecost ignored it for a little while but once it reached “tuna tartare marinated with olive oil with a side of caviar” pentecost knew it had to be stopped

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If ANY aspect of a relationship is sketchy, EVERY aspect is immediately sketchy too - you can't 'a bit' of sketchiness in a relationship, lol. Truth is, there SHOULDN'T be ANY and the fact that there IS some should be a warning itself...

It doesn’t necessarily make everything sketchy, but it does immediately warrant a review of the rest of the relationship to determine how far the sketchiness goes (in the same way that if there was a noticeable discrepancy on someone’s taxes, you’d want to believe they’d be getting audited to see how many lies they were trying to get away with).

The first thing, the biggest thing that should be raising red flags, is that they look physically uncomfortable together. That is, to me at least, of far greater importance than the fact that they didn’t know what their anniversary was for the first year or more, or that she’s actively been involved in twitter promo deals.

Anyone who starts with the little sketchy details, no matter how absurd or benign they are (‘she missed out on an important week long study break right before exams to fly to the other side of the world when she was going to see Louis two weeks later, hmm, maybe that is suspicious?’) and works their way backwards is completely missing the point, because easily 90% of that crap could be excused if they just genuinely looked and acted like a pair of people who are in a loving, committed relationship.

They are sold to us as a loved up couple, but have the physicality of two people who are not used to and are not comfortable with touching each other intimately or romantically; something that is particularly noticeable because of the intimate, familiar, sexual and romantic nature of Louis’ interactions with Harry from the beginning. It is a huge deal that Louis can’t muster the same intimacy for his 'girlfriend’ as he does his 'best friend’; you start at this biggest red flag and then begin looking for supportive evidence in all the other crap that doesn’t add up.

And that’s the thing, if someone can’t see Louis and Eleanor’s total lack of chemistry (or Harry and Louis’ abundance of it), then they’re never going to be convinced by how odd it is to take a one day ski trip to France, so there’s almost no point in wasting our breath.