fic: not enough for him

Not For Lovers

so I figured I should stop being a slacker and actually write another fic, so I wanted to write something cute for Valentine’s Day, and I love Jinyoung so enjoy :))) also this is in first person because all other pov’s seem nasty in my writing rip

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader (Y/N)

Words: 3.1k rip it’s a lot longer than I expected

Genre: Fluff/small semi-smut at the end

Prompt: Jinyoung tries to convince you, a skeptic, that Valentine’s day is worthwhile. 

Valentine’s Day has always been just a day to me, no importance, no meaning. I mean, to me, it feels like an excuse for people to not fully express their love and just “save it up” for holidays like Valentine’s Day and their anniversary, it’s not for real lovers. I’ve never celebrated the holiday, and I don’t intend to in the future. That is, unless Jinyoung has anything to say about it.

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I haven’t been very active in fandoms lately but my one true love will always be @metawohoo ‘s work, especially A Witch’s Familiar and especially That One Scene in A Witch’s Familiar where Gabriel takes off his shirt and Adrien is happy.

varlovian  asked:

Oo, if you're accepting prompts, I would kill for a short fic about Dirk being frighteningly competent in something. Be it a task or a hobby or a weapon or whatever. I have a mighty need for competent!Dirk.

I headcanon Dirk as being highly competent at one (non-sex) thing. Hope you like!

Tequila, Pre-Brotzly (background Faranda), G, 650 Words

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(please don’t mind the bg (or lack thereof) i was lazy) (but at least it’s transparent so here u have a transparent killua leaning on your blog)

open-minded-christian  asked:

I can't remember if you were the one that posted it, but it was a story about how Black Panther flew Peter back home after the airport fight and like? An AU about this king looking at this child who is so good and pure and trying to be a warrior and he's like 'This child needs training' and all of a sudden a scholarship opportunity opens in Wakanda and little Spiderman trains with the royal bodyguards and learns to work with Vibranium and just...opportunities man.

(yes, give the child opportunities that don’t require putting himself in danger!!) 

(and I think what you’re talking about is either this fic by @captainkirkk or this one by me. both of them end with t’challa whisking peter away after the airport fight in civil war and bringing him home so this occurs a few days after that)


Peter’s fingers drummed against the kitchen table. He glanced over his shoulder again at the oven clock: 2:57. T’Challa had said he would call at three.

He’d said three, right? Peter wasn’t making that up? Just to check, he opened his messages and reread the text the king had sent that morning: I have an opportunity I would like to extend to you that would perhaps be better discussed over the phone. If the time suits, I will call at 3:00PM EST.

His own response that three o’clock worked fine was the last message sent between them. So yeah, the time was right. Peter checked the clock again. 2:58.

Peter groaned and slumped in his chair. His sore ribs protested the movement, but it was a far less acute pain than he’d been experiencing just a few days ago. Enhanced healing for the win.

The whole day had dragged on, but somehow these few minutes felt like an eternity. He just needed to know! What kind of opportunity could T’Challa, king of Wakanda and one of the most wealthy, powerful, and intelligent people in the world, possibly want to offer Peter Parker?

Leaving his phone on the table, Peter stood and walked to the fridge. He tugged it open and looked inside, more out of the need to do something than a desire to eat. Normally he was always looking for food, but his stomach was a little too unsettled for anything to seem appetizing. 

His phone buzzed.

Peter lunged across the kitchen and picked up the device. Sure enough, the initials BP lit up the screen. Peer scrambled to tap the answer key.

“Hi!” he chirped as he held it to his ear. He winced at his own high-pitched voice and cleared his throat. “Um, good afternoon, Your Highness.” On the other end, T’Challa chuckled.

“It is well into night here,” he responded, “so I supposed I must wish you good evening.”

“Right! Yeah, timezones are a thing. Kinda forgot about that.” Peter pulled a face at his rambling and wandered back over to the fridge to close the door. “So, uh, you said there was something you wanted to discuss with me?”

“Yes.” T’Challa paused. “Though I understand this may be difficult because you must conceal your identity, I think it would be a great advantage for you if you trained in Wakanda.”

Peter opened his mouth to reply and then the offer sunk in. He gaped in silence.


“I-I’m here,” Peter said, leaning against the kitchen countertop. He took a deep breath. “I’m just…thinking. That’s– That is a huge offer, Your Highness.”

“And so you understand I do not make it lightly,” T’Challa said. “I offer this to you because I feel not only would it allow you to protect yourself against enemies, but also others. You have a good heart, Peter, but you need more than that if you wish to make a difference.”

“I do want to make a difference,” Peter said quietly. He glanced around his apartment. Framed photos of a younger him, a smiling May, a laughing Ben, hung around the cozy living room. One of May’s half-read novels was left open on the coffee table. Laundry sat unfolded on the couch. Peter straightened his shoulders.

“Okay,” he said. “I have no idea how we’re going to make this work, but I’m ready to learn.”

A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Hug Straight Outta the Portal

Inspired by @saisai-chan’s post.

I’ve just accepted the hundreds of wips I have for Gravity Falls.

Stanford’s frustration builds in his chest the more he looks around. He was so close to defeating Bill and then he was sucked into a world he thought was lost to him forever.

It only grows hearing the voice of his brother-muffled as it might be at the moment. He takes off his the constricting cloth and giggles so he can see better in the dimly lit room. He barely has time to make out a shape moving towards him before arms wrap around him.

His immediate reaction is to jerk away and get free, but he stops when he feels the person holding him trembling.

“Finally… finally,” Stanley says in a tight voice- he’s choking up.

It’s when something warm and wet hits his shirt that he realizes something’s wrong, but he’s not sure what.

He looks down in confusion at his younger brother with his face buried in his shoulder and can feel the back of his shirt being bunched up between fists.

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AND ANOTHER THING: Obi-Wan constantly thinking about Qui-Gon, bcoz I like having my heart broken it’s my fave

I decided to colour Mermaid!Harry 

It’s a scenario we’ve all seen before: Haru is training for the Olympics when he suddenly gets into an accident and can’t swim anymore. Bound to a wheelchair, his hope is gone and his dreams are shattered. It hurts Makoto so much to see the one he loves most in such a state of despair, and he is desperate to make him feel better. He still takes Haru out to swim with him, and while Haru appreciates his time with the water, it just isn’t the same. Makoto desperately starts looking for something else, something that Haru can put his passion into and something they can share together. 

And so, Makoto introduces Haru to wheelchair dancing. Haru is really reluctant about the whole thing and refuses, but Makoto insists as there’s nothing to lose and if Haru doesn’t like it, then they can always quit. So they start taking classes together. After a while Haru starts to look forward to them, to the time he can spend together dancing with Makoto. Even though it’s different than swimming, through dancing they can connect in a different way that is special and deep and intimate. At first it was just a hobby, but then they start entering in competitions and really do it like a sport. They still go out to swim together, that would never change, but dancing with Makoto rekindled the fire inside of Haru, it gave him hope and sparked a new dream he can share together with Makoto. And he is eternally grateful to Makoto, who loved and supported him and stood by his side through everything they went through, who didn’t cast him aside when his mood was low and instead found him something he can enjoy and lose himself in to.

If anything the whole ordeal brought them even closer together.

Something is Wrong

Here on AO3

Rated: T ; approx. 2k

(Basically is just sick Coliver. Hope you enjoy!)

Something is wrong with Oliver.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the texts Connor sends him during class, Connor brushes it off with a confident shrug. Even though Oliver always texts him back. Even if it’s just a quick “Can’t text now.” He’s probably in the middle of a meeting or on a call or something.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the emails Connor sends him while walking across campus to grab a sandwich, Connor figures it isn’t anything to worry about. Even though Oliver always emails him back. Even if it’s as simple as “We’ll talk tonight.” He gets a ton of email everyday so what if one message (or six) got lost in the shuffle.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to the Facebook messages Connor sends him in the middle of his second class of the day, Connor rationalizes it’s no big deal. Even though Oliver always messages him back. Even it’s as meaningless as “Why do you send me messages here? You know I hate Facebook.” He’s just being a good employee. Not checking in while still at work. Being responsible.

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For FYDL POC Week - Elevator meeting prompt

Darcy Lewis & T’challa - Rated General/Teen (~1100 words)

“Hold the door please!” Darcy yelled as she hurried along the pristine hallway.

A strong masculine hand did just that, allowing her to step in the elevator before it could close. Darcy barely registered the presence of two women and a man here with her, as she  breathed a quick “thank you” to the polite one.

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He who raises (chapter 2)

THIS GOT WAY OUT OF HAND! this is actually the scene that inspired the entire fic and i enjoyed writing it so so so much! i hope you kids like it!

chapters: 1 2 3 4

summary: the story of how Bellamy finds out his partner has a child, and of how he ends up falling for said child (and also falling for the girl).

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