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Upcoming Triple Treble story!!!!

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Pronounced: Lan-yaap
A creole phrase meaning ‘a little something extra’

New to the area Beca Mitchell goes on a tour through the New Orleans French Quarter on a whim where she meets two other women who become her unlikely friends. After a drunken night of Hurricanes and a blunder that they aren’t sure the others remember, they have to decide if they can move on as friends or if they can handle a relationship with a bit of lagniappe.

Rating: M
Pairing: Triple Treble
Chapters: 19

*****First chapter to post April 2nd*****

*****New chapter will post ever other week after*****(Guaranteed)

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And I Am Happy Now Chapter I, a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction
Chloe would just like to find out if Aubrey returns her feelings, but she has more than just that secret to hide. Beca has her own secret, but she just can't help being pulled towards both of them. And when Aubrey and Chloe meet Beca, everything just becomes aca-confusing. (Werewolf!Chloe, Vampire!Beca, Human!Aubrey. Triple Treble.)

By: queenofevilsmirks

This story is one of my favourites, I highly recomended it.
What Secrets We Hide - Chapter 4
Mitchsen Superpower AU
By Organization for Transformative Works

Here’s an update! I’m working on a couple more and lucky for you guys it’s a long weekend so chances are good. 

PS I finally saw Wonder Woman today and MAN am I having some *thoughts* on that. WOW. It was amazing. I wasn’t always convinced Gal Gadot was a good fit for Wonder Woman but man, I am so glad to be proven wrong. It was a trip of a movie and I’m probably gonna see it again.