fic: kyhu


What happened is far from ok. AND THAT’S WHY WE ARE HERE!

This is a message to Kyhu-Krew! So listen up everybody!

We all know that K-Y-H-U is an amazing artist and a big part of the fandom! Well for me personally - she was the reason I got this tumblr. So, I am not gonna sit back and wait. Ya know. 

The Legend of Korra fandom wouldn’t feel the same without her amazing talent and art and hard work she has put into this. So, it’s time we show her how much we appreciate her. Now more than ever. 

Alright everybody, here is how this works:

We are gonna make this post a list of all the people who appreciate KYHU and her art. So, what I ask of you is this:

Reblog the lates reblog of this post and then ad your own name to it! Come on! Let KYHU see what she means to all of us!

I’ll start with myself :P (Also take the opportunity to say something guys!)

ballisticartistic - Kyhu you are one of a kind! And I appreciate all you do for us and for making this fandom what it is. Your streams always lift my spirits and make my day! SO, I hope you are doing good and that you’ll be back again soon!