fic: i belong with you you belong with me (you're my sweetheart)


Pairing: Dean x plus size!Reader  

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester 

Word Count:  954

Warnings: slight angst, fluff, jealousy, smut, light BDSM, cussing, dom!reader, sub!Dean, shit writing

Summary: After someone tries to flirt with Dean you decide to show him who he belongs to him.

Notes: This is a request by @queenfandom16 , I really like this request because it gave me an opportunity to do a plus size!reader fic, so thanks for that :)  

Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader smut where they are more curvy and chubby and as he and her are at a bar after a hunt, someone starts flirting with dean and the reader feels jealous and once they make it to the hotel she proves to him who he belongs to.

Sorry that this was short but I lost inspiration towards the end.


Dean Winchester is a good looking man, nobody will deny it. His lips were perfect and plump, his eyes were captivating and beautiful, his jaw was perfectly defined. The Winchester was just nice, really nice to look at. Every girl practically threw themselves at him, wanting to get a taste of everything underneath his clothes. Usually he’d take their bait and slip away with them for a night.

But now he had you, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately other women didn’t know that.

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wavesofjoyy  asked:

If you're still taking prompts ,can I ask for one more drabble? "What is fanfiction?" Klaus to Caroline. I must say, I looooove your drabbles keep them coming cause they are the best

Of course you can =D Sorry this took, like, forever, but I hope you still enjoy it =)


“Love, may I ask you a question?” Klaus asked, strolling into their bedroom from his adjoining studio with his iPad in hand and eyes glued to it. Humming in reply as she focused on applying her mascara, Caroline watching him absentmindedly through the mirror as he stopped a few feet behind her. “What is ‘fanfiction’?”

Freezing with the wand halfway through her left eyelashes, she cleared her throat and stared harder at her own reflection when she spotted him smirk in an effort to remain as nonchalance as she could about her guilty pleasure (though it was more of a pleasure and she barely ever felt guilty about it).

“What? Where did you even learn that word from?” she asked with a forced chuckle when she was done with her mascara. They were heading out to a supernatural party, and whereas he was dressed in his typical jeans and henley, Caroline had slipped into a black dress with a sparkly silver design and black ankle boots.

“My iPad. Perhaps next time you won’t leave the internet app open on the page you were last reading,” he informed her dryly, holding up the said tablet and shaking it lightly. “Although, perhaps next time you’ll just buy your own iPad.”

Furrowing her brow, she caught his eyes as she pulled out her lip-gloss wand. “I already have an iPad,” she reminded him slowly, causing him to smirk.

“Oh, good, so you do recall that. Whatever happened to it?” Klaus replied sarcastically, tossing his own onto the bed.

“It died and yours was closer than my charger,” she replied with a saccharine smile, pressing her lips together to spread the lip-gloss evenly. He rolled his eyes at her but kept quiet. It was his own fault for allowing her to know the passwords to his belongings and she knew he knew it too. Instead, he dutifully stepped up to her and zipped up her dress when she lifted her hair to show him her open back. “Thanks,” she said when he took her hair out of her hands and let it down again, turning to kiss him chastely before turning back to for a final onceover.

“Caroline?” Klaus said pointedly, brows raised with a teasing smirk when she looked at him questioningly. “Fanfiction?”

Shrugging, Caroline picked up her bag from the vanity table and faced him, finally ready to go. “They’re just stories based on other stories,” she explained vaguely, sighing when he simply replied with an expectant look and smirk still in place, prompting her to carry on with a wave of the hand. “Like TV shows, movies, books.”

His mouth dropped open in a soundless ‘ah’, holding up a finger as he added to her explanation, “I assume its the fans that write these, based on the terminology?”

“Nothing gets past you, does it, Sherlock?” she snarked with a tilt of the head and a teasing glint in her eye, hooking an arm through his when he held it out to her to make their way out. “Its why its so much fun to read, though it can get addictive.”

“Wait; is this what you’ve been reading endlessly for the past three weeks?” Klaus questioned suddenly as they walked down the corridor.

Smiling innocently, she nodded at his correct observation. Though she had always enjoyed reading books, recently, she had been reading almost non-stop if there was nothing else pressing at hand to do. Hell, she even had her laptop, tablet and phone all synced up so she could carry on reading no matter where she was for whenever she had the time.

“Yeah, I’m kinda obsessed with this one pairing from a TV show I watch and so are, like, thousands of others so there is so much to read and enjoy. You’d like them, actually. She’s a ‘hell-hath-no-fury kinda girl and he’s a ‘do-no-harm’ kinda guy, and they totally belong together and they’re obviously attracted to each other but the writers are just drawing it way out,“ Caroline gushed, clutching tighter onto his arm to pull herself closer to him and shaking her head when he laughed lightly at her. “No, seriously though, Klaus. It’s getting to the point where I’m more into the fics than the show, but I love it.”

“Right,” he replied steadily, squeezing her hand affectionately with his free one as they left the house and began their way down Bourbon Street.

“What?” she asked, eyeing him suspiciously before letting out a sigh of despair. “You think I’m insane.”

She felt him press his lips to her temple, closing her eyes momentarily at the gesture and inhaling his spicy yet fresh scent that was simply him. “I think you’re cute,” he murmured, smiling at her adoringly when he retreated and she glanced up at him. “I can’t say I’m surprised, though, sweetheart. You’re a naturally obsessive person. Be it the details, planning or this TV show of yours.”

Caroline came to an abrupt halt at his words, incredulity written all over her face as she brought him to a stop a half step in front of her. “I’m a naturally obsessive person? That’s rich coming from the guy who tried to ‘court’ me for two years and then sent me gifts every month without fail for half a decade, no matter where I was,” she retorted, allowing him to tug her along to get moving once again.

“It was merely an observation, not an accusation,” Klaus said placatingly.

“You’re not denying it,” she remarked, gazing at him from the corner of her eyes as the scent of fresh blood reached her nose. They were nearing the location of the party, and if her senses were correct, the vampire groupies (also known as human blood donors) were already enjoying their night. It wasn’t her favourite kind of party, but even Caroline had to admit that voluntary blood donors who did it for the thrill of it was much, much better than feeding, compelling or killing innocent humans.

“No, I’m not,” he simply agreed, grinning widely.

“Just a couple of obsessive people, huh?” she sighed dramatically, revelling in the cool summer breeze as they turned the corner into the small road where the club was located. “Considering I’m your obsession and I like to think I know all about myself, can I tell you more about mine?”

There was a beat of silence where all she could hear was the music pounding from the building they were heading to and the mix of various voices chatting away around them before Klaus exhaled deeply. “If you must,” he finally told her, a tone of amusement and slight apprehension underlying his words.

Practically bouncing on her toes, Caroline beamed and made a mental note to really get into it later on after the party (if only to irritate him to the fullest that she could). “Oh, I must!”