fic: hybrid verse

Long Dream [4/7]

Series: Joker Game

Characters: Hatano/Jitsui

Rating: G

Summary: Hatano wasn’t one to read shoujo manga, but there was something familiar about this mangaka named Kunio.

Words: 4438

Notes: Modern AU/Reincarnation AU; Spin off to Déjà Vu (KamiMiyo); Hey hey hey, guess who’s here with an update~ Ah, I know before I said it wasn’t necessary to read Déjà Vu to understand this fic, but I didn’t realize at the time how much I’d be integrating that plot into this orz nonetheless, it’s still not necessary to read it, but perhaps giving it a read would give a better understanding! Just know that Miyoshi and Kaminaga are also going through some struggles at the same time as Jitsui and Hatano

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | You can read this on AO3~ Thank you thank you guys so much for reading~ Hope y’all enjoy!  (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

Ch. 4 - Jitsui II: Patience is a Virtue

Just as Jitsui had thought, Hatano proved to be a capable ally. Not only was Hatano physically adept, but he was cunning and quite intelligent too. Together, they made up for each other’s weaknesses and used each other’s strengths to their advantage. Due to their skills, they’ve managed to garner some respect since the first day of training, though a few of the other trainees still looked down on them. But that was no matter since it was, for the most part, as planned.

What Jitsui didn’t plan on, however, was becoming too attached to Hatano.

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Best In Show I Sage I Hybrid Verse I Open

Sage sat on her legs as she watched the people walk by. Her master, the one who’d kidnapped her, had dressed her in lilac purple, leather lingerie. A strapless one piece held together with pink ribbon to be precise. Her kitty ears twitched about as someone would get close but was looking to the hybrid beside her.
She played with the chain that went from her black, leather collar to the pole beside her. She knew that if she wasn’t sold by the end of the weekend her master would surely beat her, only to bring her back here to try and sell the next weekend.
Sage sighed, no one wanted a Dreamwalker as a pet. Most people here wanted a sex doll-ed pet. Not wanting to deal with the curiousness and unfeelingness that came with her. She was hopeless, right?

I need a hero || closed || nadjagref

Danny wandered through the bar, sipping on his drink. He knew his heat would arrive soon, and he needed to find someone willing to take care of him during it, maybe even breed him too. His tail twitched at the very thought. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t notice someone approach him from behind.


Hybrid Verse: v; Call Me Bambi One More Time…

There’s a universe, a world where they are your regular humans, and hybrids coexist.  In Barry’s family there are a number of different bloodlines, to have a child hybrid at least one of the parents needed to have the gene– whether it was dominate or not, and it wasn’t every generation. In Barry’s case it was from his mother’s side; a deer hybrid. The Allens found out when Barry was born, every baby would get screened to see if they were human or a hybrid. He started to develop his hybrid characteristics around the age of six. 

It should be noted that hybrids are much like shape shifters, able to change form at will, or under stressful situations. Some of the characteristics that developed as he grew up most noticeably were the antlers that started coming in. Worse than teething, and Joe had his work cut out for him– having taken Barry in after the younger’s mother was murdered, and father jailed. Since Joe, and Iris were humans not hybrids. It had taken some getting use to. As Barry grew up, he did get teased, and harassed. It had more to do with his father’s supposed crime than anything else. At least when he had been able to return to school, he missed a few months. Why?

On the night his mother was murdered, out of fear, and stress– he had shifted into his deer form at the time he was a fawn. It was the first time it had ever happened, he ran, and ran, and ran. It took Joe, and the rest of CCPD a few days to locate him. Barry was skittish, and wasn’t comfortable around anyone. Even Joe. It took young Iris to help coax him out of his deer form. 

After that accident, Barry decided he didn’t want to ever feel that weak, or scared again. He insisted on taking on a slightly experimental therapy, that helped hybrids not be overcome by their instincts. It had a rather high success rate. And in the end, Barry felt like it helped him.

As a full adult, Barry’s ‘markings’ had finally grown in completely. He had antlers, not overly big, they will grow more as he ages like most deer. The tip of his nose is a little black, his forehead, and the arch of his cheeks a slightly darker than the rest of his skin with little white dots. His ears look more like a deer’s rather a human’s. No he does not have hooves, but he does have a deer tail at the small of his back. 

Due to being a hybrid, there are some traits, and behaviors that he exhibits. A superior sense of smell, sight and sound, when running his tail stands up, making the bright, white side very visible. Before he went to therapy, he was very skittish, and rather antisocial. He can’t make noises like while deer can, only in his full animal form, where Barry can snort, and grunt at a pitch that gets lower as he gets older. He’s an amazing runner, matching the speed of a deer, and able to leap rather high. Not as high as he could in his animal form of course.

After the therapy, he was more sociable, not skittish, and wasn’t hesitant to be aggressive if he needed to be to protect himself. Although he didn’t feel the need to compete for someone’s affection in a manner that could be dangerous to him, health wise. He’s able to eat meat, and not just rely on a vegetarian diet. Something he was very happy about, he loved food too much to let deer hybrid stereotypes stop him. Hmph.

Note: This is just a rough description of Barry, we can go into more details when we rp. And beneath the read more is what Barry looks like.

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Verse: Hybrid

In a world divided into humans and humiod animal hybrids, Courf is a member of a discriminated against group that is fighting back. With his friends  Courf tries to fight against injustices facing the hybrids. For him, the fight is personal. His mother was a hybrid, and he takes on after her. He has soft corgi ears, a tail and sharper canines. 

Energetic, “It is quite difficult to ask a corgi to perform work in which he does not want to do. To please an energetic corgi by confining him in a small space may be unpleasant to him, similar to a calm, laid back dog finds it hard to pick a thrown Frisbee.” To wit: the corgi likes to work at home in his pajamas.