fic: half light

AU where instead of going to Samwell, Jack starts a widely successful Publicly Broadcast show for children.

Jack learns that he is great with kids after coaching them for a little over two years. Moreover, kids are good with Jack. There is no pressure to be anything other than who he is.

It all starts with a local news program doing a fluff piece on Jack Zimmermann’s coaching ability. But then it turned into something completely different when Jack skated onto camera and started to introduce every single one of his kids and what was special about them. He was…really enchanting actually. He didn’t ever really talk down to them. Jack just treated them as a tiny friend. 

They ARE his tiny friends, but that’s not the point. 

The footage they got of “snack time” was really the best. Imagine a good 16 kids piled around this massive man teaching them the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

 It should have been obvious that a local channel would contact him. It still surprises Jack. They want him to host a show? Why? Everyone always teased him about how impersonable he was during interviews. Is it because he’s Jack Zimmermann’s son? Or Alicia’s? 

Jack asks all of these questions to his mother and she just laughs. “You made a PB&J interesting to 16 kids just by being you”

Jack figures it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. 

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Top 3 ereri fics?

i couldn’t choose three so i multiplied it by itself

half light - literally my favourite favourite ereri fic ever i re-read it aLL THE TIME, and ereri is soo fluffy and angsty (my fave genres) and just so so so good!!!

junkyard dogs - my favourite fanfic ever honestlyy, the ereri is really complex but it’s a side focus. JD is my fave bc of the beautiful, emotional tale of levi and it’s so well written i would honestly read it if it were ANY ship and it could be such a good movie / book asdfh;ajsdf
a must read if you need a feels trip and want to contemplate why you haven’t read it earlier, it’s reallyyyy gripping and the whole au is so real and brutal and honest i’m DEAD

caraphernelia - a two-shot that i read like every other day to get a feels trip

außer betrieb - so cute so cute so cute so cute i read this when it was a one-shot and my shock and love when author made it multichaptered omg

fireside - i died

wake up - one of the first multichaps i read and soooo good i could not believe my EYES

street brat - QUALITY fic, so well written and developed that you almost want to cry seeing your aus

if you close one eye - every chapter just leaves you wanting more

the monsters inside us - you need to read this. it’s an underrated gem and so beautiful and well developed and i cry every time i see an update

PLS FEEL FREE TO HIT ME UP IF YOU WANT MORE RECS (esp if you want angst i live for angst)

enjoyyyy <3

Fic: Breathing in the Half Light

Part 2 of my Heartlines AU series.

Part 1 Whiskey on a pink dress here

As always feedback is appreciated.


Jamie lay in bed staring up at the ceiling. His ears rang from the noise of the club earlier. God. it had been an awful place. But there in the midst of his own personal room 101, he had met her. Claire. He held up his arm and he could make out the numbers on his wrist in the dim light. As soon as he had gotten home he had added it to his phone, written it on a piece of paper and stuck it to his fridge, written it into his day diary and added it to the ‘Useful numbers’ list he kept by the landline. He couldn’t bring himself to wash it off of his wrist though.

He turned over in bed. He wanted to call her, to message her. Connect with her somehow.

He turned again letting out a sigh. He was usually so rational. So logical. He tried to apply that now. “You’re just smitten because you’re so long out of the game. When was the last time you thought about courting a woman?” And that was true. He thought about Geneva. He’d met her when he was 25 and her sister Isobel was dating his friend John. They were running with the same crowd and she was fun and attractive. What had started as a fling based on physical attraction and mutual convenience had turned into a relationship as their shared network expanded and their lives became increasingly intertwined. If he was being honest, things probably would have run their course had he not been sent to Chicago for work. John and Isobel split up not long after and John moved to England. Other members of their social circle got married, got mortgages, had kids. The network that had brought and kept them together slowly unravelled. From Chicago he was sent to Sydney, Dubai and then Bogota. He and Geneva stayed together but their relationship consisted of a few days here, a fortnight’s holiday there. She expressed no interest in joining him on his travels and it never even occurred to him to ask her. Six years later he resigned from his job in order to take over the running of the family business. He’d had big plans for Lallybroch, both as a working farm and as a commercial venture. He returned to Scotland and to Geneva. She hinted heavily that she was nearly 30, that he was 33 and maybe they should think of settling down. Jamie being the dutiful and loyal man he was had duly proposed. Given the ease in which Geneva has arranged the wedding with a date only six months away, it was clear she had been thinking on this for a while. They married with great ado in Inverness, their reception held in an impossibly plush marquee. For once the Scottish weather cooperated. Such was the force of Geneva’s will.

Alas, it became apparent very quickly that their relationship had only survived the years through distance. Once thrown into each other’s company on a regular and continuous basis, the rot set in quickly. Jamie was a constant source of disappointment to her. After six months he’d moved out. Within 9 months he’d filed for divorce, when it became clear there was no relationship to attempt to salvage and quite likely never really had been.. Geneva had not taken it well and delayed at every opportunity. But with no shared assets there was only so long could stall things. Their final decree was made official two days after what would have been their second wedding anniversary.

He sat up in bed. For a long time he’d felt guilty about Geneva. Guilty he had let her down, guilty that he had, when he was honest with himself, never really loved her. He’d thought he was doing the right thing, but he’d probably made things worse. He’d accepted his lack of a relationship in the years since as his atonement for the mistakes he had made, for his personal failure to be able to give Geneva what she had wanted from him. Geneva had moved on. She was involved with a prominent property developer who drove a porsche and treated her like a queen. She still rang him though, usually when she was drunk. It always ended in her yelling at him about the years he’d stolen from her.

He picked up his phone. 2:34am. Should he text? Should he wait for morning? Was he being too keen? Truth be told he had forgotten what it truly meant to want a woman. He’d been with Geneva for years and yet he’d never truly wanted her. Fancied her, yes. Liked her even, but this feeling he had now, for this strange woman that he’d spoken to for only a handful of minutes stirred him more than he had ever known.

He opened iMessages.

“Hi. Jamie here. From the club”

He deleted it. Too sad and needy.

“Hi, hope you were able to make your escape. I was forced to go out of the window and shimmy down the drain pipe. Any chance I could replace that whiskey I spilt all over you sometime? I promise I’ll buy you the good stuff!”

He took a deep breath and pressed send. He was shocked when his phone lit up only minutes later.

“Was forced to change identity and enter witness protection but escape plan successful. Operative escaped with only moderate loss of dignity”

He laughed out loud. It sounded strange in his empty apa. His phone flashed again.

“Operation whiskey is a go. How about tomorrow? 7pm, Taps near the hospital?”

He wasted no time in replying.

“Is affirmative. Rendezvous is set”.

He placed his phone down on the side table and lay on his back. He started at the ceiling and thought about her face. Tomorrow he would find out what colour her eyes were.

Love Your Writer Day!

Day 5! Give it up for day five of the SnK no hate awareness week by @snkartists! Once again, I’m making a list for all the beautiful writers I know in this fandom, whether they make fics, drabbles, headcanons or meta, we all write and today is the day we are celebrated! THIS IS A LONG POST, PLEASE BARE WITH ME LMAO. Here I go:

@shulkie( @perksofbeingawaifu): Okay, I’ve always loved your fics and we just recently started talking but like you’re so great??? I love you??? You’re extremely nice and really funny, and your fics are Grade A+++, “Halocline” may be ending but your talent isn’t and honestly??? Honestly??? Shulkie you’re a blessing to us all, thank you for existing and putting up with me on discord pfft.

@erensjaegerbombs: Heidiiiiii, you’re so great??? I sob?????? You not only write, “The bartender is A+ by the way, but you beta, do awesome edits, make meta and headcanons and… you are so nice?? One of the best bloggers in our fandom, we truly don’t deserve her help me

@perfectfearsomebeauty: Okay… Amy.. Amy… Amy, my love I?? You’re wonderful and your headcanons are amazing. You’re nsfw headcanons always have me gasping for air but your sad headcanons fuck with me in the best way? Amazing person right here

@corporalmizuki: STELLA, girl. Okay, her fics are?? Beautiful, like.. she has the best characterizations and ideas, like.. beautiful beautiful ideas??? Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

@ereri( @aurieackerman): I’m crying, she’s a blessing to us all?????? She always has the best metas and answers all her asks with class and kindness. Like, she just walked into the fandom, threw some magic and rose petals around and had me fucking swoon, like??? A literal sweetheart and she just joined discord and is someone I would really like to talk to, beautiful person right here I sob, what did we do to deserve????? Nothing, that’s it, I cry thank you for existing.

@eren–gayger: I’m crying, BERRY, my beautiful strawberry, beautiful person, you’re so sweet and all you’re fics are????? That mechanic Levi I wanted to cry was so so good like… yes. You’re precious thank you

@erenbaegerr: Nada, Noddie, hun, you bless me like??? Beautiful person you are like how. Great fics, great fic ideas, beautiful contributions like??? What did we do to deserve this angel, A+ Bagel right here, thank you for being among us.

@synstruck: I sob?? Syn is really cool, he was on my list yesterday too! Because his art is amazing that’s why. He writes, under the same url on ao3, also I recently found out he wrote one of my fave ereri fics, called “ten kisses” and like?????? Omg?? Amazing, he’s amazing, his talents are amazing, he does amazing and I think I just broke, what are words.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Kayuuu, you’re so great, they are so great tbh?? They write and draw as well, another extremely talented bean. Sweet like honey and they are just wonderful, as well as their fics I sob. Go check them out please, just please, go, shoo, they are so great I cry.

@icecat45: WHAT ARE WORDS????? They go by the same url on ao3, they wrote this fic called “To trust an alpha”, it’s an a/b/o fic BUT LIKE????? It’s amazing??? Is2g it breaks all usual tropes that you see in abo and the fic is 100% cute, fluffy and best part all consensual, and they have the best fic ideas and when we talk I just feel so blessed like? They like talking to me? Me? Oh hunny, blessed.

@sciencefictioness: I???? They go by the same url on ao3, they write “Lunacy” and rip me to pieces it’s so good???? Like what.. how.. they also wrote “Red Heat” and like ever? Best person ever tbh, they are extremely talented and tbh we don’t deserve them, ahhh

@agent-2-6: CHEZZA, my guaco.. my chezire.. amazing???? She writes so many good fics and she also cosplays because she’s talented like that. When I see her on the chat, I always smile because?? So cute and sweet?? Yet also full of smut I can’t with her, she’s the best. She’s A26 on ao3 go check her out, also she started “ The Great EreRi Melon Discourse of 2k17” lmao, Chezza 🍈 it’s a honeydew

@dont–you–heichou–me: Chris, Christian, boy, he’s great tbh??? He has also the best headcanons and he’s really fun to talk to, like omg help, his ao3 is Christian_Rose_99384 and he makes the best ideas??? He’s amazing please check him out

@pinkheichou: LIN, SWEETHEART, ?????? Best person ever??? YOU RARE PAIR FIEND, I’m kidding more like friend, you’re so lovely???? Best fic ideas tbh, got a rare pair? P sure they ship it, like… the best, just best, you’re the best Lin

@gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars: I cry they write so good???? Best writing?? I weep, they have amazing headcanons and the ereris.. the soft, tender, beautiful ereris, I cry thank you for writing such beauty

@raindrop-rouge: addwjcdhdeiedbddwksn what are words??? I don’t know her?? Is it a food?? I’m kidding but BOY, beautiful writer over here blessing the fandom more and more each day??? I don’t know how they do it but they do??? Like exsqueeze me?? Same url on ao3 and I’m sorry I CAN’T pick a fav all the fics are so lovely??? Thank you for existing, wtf are words, thank you ahhhh

@sugarplum-senpai: best canon verse fics ever I weep??? I love canonverse and they fill all my needs for Canon fics??? Beautiful canon ereris???? It’s so great?? I wanna cry, also they are a sweetheart like.. best person tbh???? We need more people like them in the fandom ahhhh

@raefill: RAE, Rae is so great, great person, great writing, great to talk to, the epitome of greatness like slay my life already will you? I don’t deserve such goodness

@milleandra-nebula: I’m cryinf, okay, best fics.. I’ve followed them for so long I forgot what made me follow but I’m constantly blessed??? Best decision ever, their fics are soo good. Whenever I see something written by them on my dash I wanna keyboard smash in the tags, I’m a mess and all those beautiful people keep enabling me to be so ah

@im-eren-jaeger-sexual: I saw a fic by them on my dash and????? Omg?????? Yes, I had to follow, and so should you. CUTE PERSON ALERT, this is not a drill, cute person plus great fics equal one hell of a time!?? Thank you for existing ah

@mongoose-bite: crunchy is… he’s a blessing??? I’ve followed him for so long and he’s so chill, his works are amazing??? Seriously he when he writes

@monsoondownpour: Three words. Beautiful. Amazing. Ethereal???? Her ao3 is just monsoon and she??? Wrote “street brat” I die??? That fic watered my crops and fed my five children??? It saved my marriage and brought my country out of a drought???? Bless her I cry, I cry so hard, where are my tissues

@bfketh: How long have we been blessed with them???? The world may never know, they are beautiful, with beautiful fics and ideas. Like.. how?? Yeah idk either but I’m crying lord help

@fuzzyporcupine: I’m dead, I’m ghost typing this, but I’m blessed, they are thespazzbot on ao3 and wrote “what’s eating you” and “be good for me” two beautiful fics??? Great writer I just don’t understand, great person too, help

@cinnamonskull: DILF EREN, good shit????? Beautiful writer, things just.. flow??? Like I don’t know how to form my thanks but they seem amazing, with amazing fics and prose, beautiful just beautiful

@wishingsebastianstanwasmyman: BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL, their fics are????? Amazing?????????? Can I just keep adding question marks??? Because I don’t know how they do it??? Omg their ao3 is the same and all their fics are amazing???? I’m dying go read them all, do a binge read, put them on read later, bookmark all the fics I don’t care just read their fics plz

@dallyingdivergent: Gaby is so amazing like?? I recently read one of her fics and I had to read it again, I felt so blessed, help me, plus she’s a total sweetheart I just.. I cry, that’s what I do, I cry, ty Gaby

@kahleniel: Kahl is great like?,??? Same url on ao3, her fics will end you, and you will cry and be happy they did. They are so sweet tbh like it’s not fair just.. such a well rounded person with amazing writes, I cry

@glassesgirl0401: Frau! Ahhh, I cry, her ao3 is Arlene0401 and you need of go look at it right now, no excuses, it’s all great, she great too, what more could you want ahhh

@captain-cleanliness: guy… GUY, he is???? Himself??? I can say that much, he is guy and guy is unique. All he does is write smut pfft, now I’m just kidding but he’s so great???? His headcanons are amazing like omg, he’s the best ahh

@mastia: cutest ereri fics I weep, like why and how and what???? I can’t form phrases like a person, but this person is beautiful I weep

@mikannnie: Cas is great, beautiful headcanons and loves yumikuri and the Warriors alike. Like.. really good headcanons, go check out their blog, beautiful I tell you!!

@foreverautumnblog: CAN I CRY???? IS IT ALLOWED? I love her fics sooo????? Much????? I cry, she’s Foreverautumn on ao3 and she’s written the EreRi fic “half light”??? Amazing, I loved that fic but, /but/ she wrote “words are trivial” and??????? Do you know how much that fic blessed me??????? Do any of you??? No???? Well it blessed the living fuck outta me like dear sweet baby Jesus, I???? It’s amazing beautiful fic??? I’m cryinf help me, also she’s so sweet and funny and we don’t deserve her, thank you for existing as well, you are a blessing to all your fandoms

@julystorms: what are words. Great meta!!! Like is2g all their meta has me weak, like… they interpret everything so beautifully, I agree with them so much???? Great person, awesome meta, you can’t go wrong, I screm

@dirtylevi: Beauuuutifffffulllll person. Like Grade A plus plus meta and answers, their blog reminds me of target, I go ifor one thing and come out blessed af. Like bless them, just donit, and go follow, I cry

@l-e-v-i-ackerman: HE IS GREAT. He is loveatfirstsight one ao3 and he wrote “3am” like?????? That fic was the shit??? He’s grest,funny and really grey, amazing headcanons, treasured blogger, what did we do to deserve

@crying-abt-fictional-people: WORDS, writer, this person?????? Great tbh?? Hey are elliewritesthings on ao3 and ???? Omg they wrote “show me how much you love me” and i?? I have no words?? Plz go read it it’s A+ ereri goodness I weep, an Angel I tell you

@baegerbombtastic: Best BEST, like??? They are driedupwishes on ao3 and like???? They have the best fics, omg they wrote “summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation” and… it’s so cute??? Like I read I once and I had to go to the dentist because it gave me a shit ton of cavities??? Like what.. what.. thank you for existing I’m deceased

@appleapplepeach: I cry, OKAY okay… they are appleapple on ao3 and they make the best fics???? Like I love. They wrote the EreRi fic “Grounded” I loveeee that fic???? It’s so amazing like shit, shit shit, some good shit, it’s beau, please check out their works, I’m crying as I type, beautiful

@assistent-official: BLESS YOU?????? I’m constantly graced with long thought out headcanons on my dash and I love them all??? Bless don’t ever stop being amazing with your amazing headcanons

@nutella-and-ereri: Best blogger right here, like all her headcanons bless me?? Like how can you agree with someone so much.. just omg, plus a really see the person, we are unworthy. You are great yo

@margri3t: They are a cute, a living cute, same url on ao3 and they have cute fics?? Please go check them out, I’m swooning

End of my long ass list and like… all those people are just *shakes fist* so lovely??? Our writers are just so talented, we don’t deserve them I cry so hard, thank you for being you and this blogger love yall and hopes you get all the respect you deserve!!!! 💕❤😇


Off with the masks

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I loved the hug prompt. Gorgeous and so true to character. Can I send you 'leaves' (as in, plural of leaf!) please.

November, 2002

There is a sparse pile of leaves in front of the hotel. William is a little young to be jumping in the leaves on his own, so Scully sits on the lawn with him so he can play with them. He giggles, crumping the multi-colored foliage and throwing handfuls of it in the air. Scully laughs with her son, reveling in this unusual moment of happiness for them. 

“Da?” William asks, pulling on her hair. She doesn’t know what to tell him.

They wait for him hidden in a corner of the train station, passengers rushing by like the tide. She sways back and forth gently, her hair that is now the same color as her son’s brushing his cheek. William giggles, holding on.

Mulder’s been gone for three weeks now, and with everything that’s happened, she can’t help but be more than a little apprehensive.

“Da,” William says, tightening his grip on her hair. “Da-da-da.”

“Daddy’s gonna be back soon,” she says to him quietly. I hope. I hope. “He might have found a new place for us to stay.”


“Exactly.” Scully scans the crowd from the arriving train nervously. “So we won’t have to stay in those gross hotels anymore.”

William giggles again, banging a toy gently against her shoulder. She kisses the top of his No More Tears scented head. She wouldn’t trade having Mulder back for anything, but she’s hated raising her baby in hotels, teaching him to walk and talk in cigarette-scented rooms and on stained carpets. She and Mulder had both agreed that they needed something more permanent, but she’s hated staying in New York while he’s gone. It’s easy enough to disappear, but impossible not to worry.

“Da!” William says suddenly, thrusting his arm out to point. Scully shifts her line of sight to follow his hand, and comes to rest on Mulder, making his way through the sea of people. She waves him over around the pang in her chest, wanting to run to him but not wanting to call too much attention to herself.

He meets them in the corner, smiling just as widely. “Hey,” he says, lifting a hand to cup his son’s head and leaning down to kiss her.

William squeals and holds his arms out. Scully shifts him into Mulder’s arms and lifts a hand to cup his cheek. “Are you okay? Did anything happen?” she asks in a low voice.

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Sc- I got the place,” he says excitedly. She misses hearing him say her name, but they try to avoid calling each other anything in public to avoid attention. Still, the news is incredible. “It’s a little house in rural West Virginia. Incredibly unremarkable. You and Will will love it.”

“And how are we…” 

“Paid for in cash the Gunmen managed to withdraw from my bank account for me. We should be fine for a few years, but the Gunmen think you and Will can have normal live again someday.”

“And what about you?” she asks softly. 

He kisses the top of her head. “They’re working on it. For now, we’ll be fine.”

She sighs with relief. He’s here, they’ll be okay. 

They pack their few things in the two suitcases they have, and leave the Super 8 behind in the early hours of the morning, when it’s still dark outside and the interstate is virtually deserted and city traffic isn’t as bad. “Bye-bye,” William says sadly as they pull away.

Scully bumps his knee with one finger. “Don’t be sad, baby. We’re going somewhere much better.”

“And you’ll have a huge yard to play in,” Mulder adds from the driver’s seat.

The drive takes all day, punctuated by the frequent breaks that come with having a young child in the car for hours. It’s funny, Scully thinks, that she’d once wanted so badly to get out of the car. Now, she loves to be in it, with both of her boys within arm’s reach and the doors locked so no one else can get in. But they’re both on edge even more than usual every time they travel. She tenses every time a police car passes, hand going for the glove compartment where they keep their guns. She hates to think what will happen if they are ever caught, to Mulder, to William.

They arrive in the early hours of dusk, chilly with a breeze blowing strong enough that Scully retrieves William’s sweater from the trunk and pulls it over his head. Mulder jogs ahead to beat them to the house, leaves crunching under his feet. “Ta-da,” he says as he opens the door, making William laugh with delight. He gives a nickel tour of the sparsely furnished house. William’s bedroom is the best room in the house, with toys stacked in the corner and books spread out on a trunk. 

Scully can feel the tension that’s been stacking up for months fall away, and she turns to kiss Mulder in the doorway of his bedroom. “You did all this?” she says in wonder.

“Well, Skinner and the Gunmen chipped in - I didn’t know they had it in them - but I wanted to make it nice for him. I’ve missed out on enough of his life.” Mulder grins sheepishly and she kisses him again. 

They sleep better that night than they have in months.

The next day is Thanksgiving, and Scully is a little more than relieved that they have a house to celebrate in. Last year was a sadder affair without Mulder, the first in a string of painful holidays they spent without him.

They don’t have the means to cook, so she drives to town to pick up a pizza. Mulder and William are outside when she gets back, in the midst of an impressive pile of leaves. William is laughing and sprinkling bits onto Mulder’s head. Scully leaves the pizza on the porch and goes to join them. “Happy Thanksgiving,” she says, kissing William’s cheek.

Mulder’s eyes are immediately wide and guilty. “I forgot,” he says softly. 

“No problem.” She tickles William. “I got a pizza. We don’t have to go all out.”

He hugs her with William in between them. “I’m sorry you can’t be with your family, Scully,” he says with those sad eyes he has that makes her want to give him the moon. 

“It’s okay,” she says, fingers caught in his hair, arm wrapped around their son.  “This is my family. This is enough.”

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dark tea show me the forbidden new ml fics

i haven’t had time to write anything ‘new’, but here’s something i wrote on one day when it was 0 degree f outside and i couldn’t feel my existence. it’s not finished like i planned, but it works like this!

on ao3 | on ffnet


Marinette is never going to be warm ever again.

She rubs her arms and huddles closer to Alya, her visible breath making her want to cry. She probably would if she didn’t know that her tears would freeze to her face. Her hands feel like icicles and Tikki shivers violently under her jacket. She wishes that she’d listened to her mom and wore warmer clothes, but least she can argue that no one ever expects akuma attacks. Especially snow akumas. In April.

Why can’t she catch a break? One day, that’s all she asks.

“Ugh, w-why is Ladybug taking so long?” Chloé complains. Once she had realized her and Sabrina sitting away from the group didn’t keep them warm enough, they’d joined their circled classmates, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it.

Marinette’s stomach twists into knots. Chat, please hurry, she thinks desperately.

Time no longer feels real, her entire existence is just cold. When Alya had last updated them, it had been half an hour. If Marinette is remembering correctly, the cold starts getting really dangerous around an hour.

Marinette curled up into a ball and shut down about forty minutes ago.

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