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I am here waiting for the day Dean Winchester approaches a woman in a bar and tries to flirt with her and she just laughs a little before saying something like:

“I would have let you buy me a drink if I haven’t seen how you stared at your friend in the trenchcoat without blinking for more than half and hour.”

Title: Cabin Fever
Author: DangerousNotBroken
Artist: delicious-irony
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: writer!Castiel, mechanic!Dean, anxious!Castiel, accidental roommates, vacation fic, romantic comedy

Due to a romantic-comedy level  booking blunder, grumpy stress-case Dean and reclusive writer Castiel end up shuttled off to the same remote cabin for two weeks, and nobody seems to care that neither of them wants to be there. But since they’re stuck in the same cabin for the duration of their vacation, they might as well play nice and make the best of it right?


Dean’s so stressed out he can’t sit still, Cas can’t boil water without setting the place on fire, and they’re so on each other’s nerves it’ll be a miracle if either of them survives until their rides home arrive.

At least the tension is just social, and not sexual, right? Right?

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My boyfriend has converted to the destiel side. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THO.... he has been giving me shit my entire time watching it with him about shipping destiel and saying they won’t make dean bi canon or go there. THIS IS SEASON COMES AROUND and he’s screaming at the tv as much as me saying that’s so gay!!! Are they trying to make him look like a love sick puppy?! DID THEY JUST MAKE IT CANON CAS KNOWS DEANS A BEAR IN THE MORNING?! and now he’s embarrassed AND TAKES IT BACK I LOVE THIS SM


I feel like this now :

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Seriously though, it’s not even semi-casual GA who are noticing now but people who actively rejected it previously (of course then there’s the antis who still reject it for *reasons* but idgaf about them and neither do TPTB as their reasons are invalid).

It’s people like this ^ that reemphasise that we are not delusional and it’s in the script and core to the show now and that normal people are seeing it because it’s there and it’s there for a purpose. 

I’m living!

a new installment of what i am now calling the bambinos ‘verse has been uploaded to ao3

liked Tears for Fears? this is more of that same AU!

Castiel shuts the door as quietly as he can behind him before he slumps against it. A delirious smile spreads across his face and he doesn’t bother trying to stop it.

Jody Mills steps into the front hallway, eyebrows raised in concern before her expression melts into something calmer, much friendlier.

“Hey! Thought that might be you. How was dinner?”

Castiel straightens up and sighs, undoing another button on his shirt. “Good,” he tells her.

Jody stops a few feet in front of him, one eyebrow still incredulously quirked. “Really? Just ‘good?’”

Castiel nods. “He’s… charming.”

Jody eyes Castiel’s messy hair, his unbuttoned shirt, his flushed cheeks, and his crooked smile all in quick succession before nodding. “Uh huh. Are you going to see him again?”


Jody beams. “That’s great, Cas,” she says, and Castiel knows that she means it because she reaches forward to squeeze his arm.

She pulls back and adds, “Well, I got the kids in bed for you about an hour ago, and I haven’t heard a peep from them since.”

Castiel smiles and puts his hand in the back pocket of his jeans, feeling for his wallet. “Thank you for watching them, Jody. I hope they didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

“What, you kidding me?” Jody says, grin firmly in place despite the obvious new stain on the front of her plaid shirt. “They’re a joy, Cas. Any time.”

She puts her hand firmly on top of Castiel’s, keeping his wallet closed, and makes a face. “I hope you know that.”

Castiel huffs a quiet laugh and hangs his head. “Thank you.”

Jody pats his hand and darts forward to kiss him on the cheek. Castiel leans into it and lets her before she reaches past him for the front door. “Let me know how Date #2 goes!” she pleads.

“I will.”

With a considerate little wave, Jody steps out onto the porch and shuts the door behind her, grinning all the while.

Castiel waves a beat too long after she’s gone, and then goes back to smiling to himself.

Dean Winchester, he thinks to himself. Date Number Two.

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Five Ways To Wake Dean Winchester (Without Getting Shot)


Sometimes, Dean’s dreams are violent. They make him thrash in his sleep, tangling the bed sheets around his limbs and pushing the comforter to the floor. His fingers twitch towards the gun hidden under his pillow.

Castiel can only guess he’s dreaming of a hunt—though he never knows if it’s a fabrication or a memory. He can almost picture it: a nondescript graveyard with drooping willows and time-faded etchings on the stones; a damp back-alley of an urban metropolis, painted a variety of colors by the neon lights, and the silvery sphere of the low-hanging moon above. A spirit with its hands around Dean’s neck as he fumbles with his Zippo to throw onto the bones; a werewolf sniffing the air for his scent.

Dean moves like he’s hunting. He gasps as if he’s taken a blow to the gut. He kicks out like he’s running, and more often than not it causes black and blues to bloom on Castiel’s skin. He’s all jutting elbows and right hooks. A long time ago, Castiel gave up on flailing to hold down his legs and capture his arms accompanied by growls of Dean, Dean, wake up, it’s me!

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Reading some of my recent posts and thinking I would love to talk about our perspective and character POV in various Destiel scenes to examine what they each individually know about what’s going on and how our perspective differs too. Just reading myself talking about that being an obvious metaphor in 11x04 in the “werepire” scene but aside from a bit of commentary on the mixtape scene I haven’t really done much with it… What scenes should I talk about? I mean, would you want an analysis like that/think it might be interesting?