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Prompt: Sam finds out Dean and Cass have been married for years in secret. Dean having the ring on a necklace chain that he hides under his shirt and Cass having the ring in his coat pocket.

Dean is leaning over the Impala’s engine, hands covered in grease and methodically replacing a spark plug, when Sam sees it. It’s just a glint of something silver, but it catches his eye because it seems out of place. 

Dean doesn’t wear necklaces, at least not anymore. Even the amulet that he’d once worn religiously now hangs from the Impala’s rear view mirror, Dean claiming that it flies up and hits him in the teeth when he runs. So to see a delicate silver chain hanging on his neck now seems out of place.

Dean leans over further and the chain slips farther out of his collar, tipping out and revealing a gold ring dangling from it.

“What’s that?” Sam finally asks, gesturing toward his own neck. Dean blinks rapidly and  glances down at the ring.

“Uh… A ring,” he says, quickly tucking it back and leaving grease stains on the collar of his t-shirt. “One of dad’s old rings.” he adds quickly. 

“Why are you wearing that?” Dean can be sentimental at times, but Sam is surprised it’s a ring and not their father’s dog tags. 

“Just wanted to wear it.” Dean twists the ratchet with a grunt and straightens up, wiping his hand on the rag flung over the front grill. “Dad’s wedding ring. Figured it would be… nice to wear it.”

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Do you only like Destiel or are there other ships you enjoy?

Eh, I like other ships just fine. I mean, I feel like other ships are a bit of fun, you know? I don’t mind reading about them in fic or whatever. But to me destiel hits me at an entirely different level.

I’ve read (and written) all sorts of side pairings in destiel fic, and have enjoyed them to one level or another. Sam and Eileen, Charlie and Gilda, Charlie and Dorothy, Jody and Sam (that’s adorable just for the ship name of “Jam” i mean COME ON!), Sam and Donna (heck I’ve even read some delightfully refreshing and adorable Dean/Donna). Jody and Donna, too. I mean, almost anything works for me on some level as a side pairing in fic.

But what knocks my interest in Destiel into the stratosphere is the fact that I can see all of this subtext, this slow build, happening in canon. It’s not just “hey these two guys look good together and have some chemistry.” It’s not just “wouldn’t that be fun” or some sort of dreamy what-if scenario that’s based on just smooshing two random good looking people together.

It’s the same reason that Sam/Eileen made me sit up and blink, open-mouthed, at the tv. The exact same tropes were used to pair Sam and Eileen in canon that were used between Dean and Cas. Even though we only had two full episodes with Eileen and Sam interacting, all the cues were built in to their interactions that had been given about 10 tons of narrative weight between Dean and Cas over the years. The parallels were enough to apply the same sort of romantic tension to Sam and Eileen’s interactions that I’ve been mentally applying to Dean and Cas’s interactions for NINE SEASONS.

That’s why I ship Destiel like nothing else.

No other ship, ever, has prompted me to seek out this sort of fandom involvement. I’m no spring chicken. Even when I first started watching SPN (I was an ancient and creaky 37), I was probably considered “old” for fandom. In all that time, I have never sought out the fandom for a show like this; not only looking for fanfic about a particular ship, but all the meta and the analysis of pretty much the entirety of canon. Really, SPN fascinates me on just about every level, even if a lot of that fascination comes back to my personal investment and interest in the relationship between Dean and Cas.

It’s not JUST that relationship that keeps me interested in the show and the fandom. The mythology of the show, the relationships between Sam, Dean, Cas, and ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS, hunting and monsters, heaven and hell and purgatory and everything… it’s all fascinating to me.

It just so happens that the bit I’m most fascinated by is the part where the self-loathing human monster hunter who wears his heart on his sleeve has spent nine years growing to accept and believe in himself while a slightly broken angel with too much heart has spent the same nine years growing to reject the plans of Heaven to subjugate all of creation and to understand and completely love humanity… and that human monster hunter who wears his heart on his sleeve. 

*oh gosh I’m getting all choked up thinking about it while I’m sitting here watching 3.16 and knowing 4.01 is up next*

So no, I don’t really ship anything else the way I ship destiel. Other ships might be cute, or mildly interesting, but nothing else has ever engaged me the way these two idjits do. It’s a truly epic love story.

(final note: honestly for anyone who doesn’t understand why my destiel tag is “the scheherazade of supernatural,” read this.)


“We need more days like this,”

Dean flapped his hand in acknowledgment, too deeply content to even speak. They were laying in a clearing in the woods, ankle-high grasses speckled with purple and gold wildflowers. Dean’s head rested on Cas’s chest, the oh-so-human heartbeat echoing his own. When Cas began to trace patterns on the bare skin just showing beneath his t-shirt, Dean rumbled happily. Cas chuckled.

Dean instantly regretted the reaction. “I know what you’re thinking, angel. That was NOT a purr.”

“Whatever you say…kitten.” Cas tried, but he couldn’t hold back the tumble of laughter.

Dean groaned. “Why did I ever tell you that story? I was THREE. All little kids pretend to be cats at one time or another. It’s not my fault Mom thought it was cute and started calling me kitten.”

“Dean, you insisted on eating your food out of a bowl on the floor. You wore a collar. You meowed everything. For a month.” Cas’s eyes were streaming with tears of mirth and he was gasping for breath.

Dean tried to sit up but Cas pulled him back down into the grass, their arms and legs a tangle. “Don’t be mad, love,” Cas murmured into Dean’s hair. “I think it’s sweet. I wish I’d known you back then. I’ve seen pictures, you were adorable.”

Dean relaxed into his angel, forgiving him. He hadn’t really been mad anyway.

After a few minutes of silence, Dean suddenly said, “But..please don’t call me kitten in front of Sam? I don’t think he’d ever let me live that one down.”

Dean felt Cas freeze below him. “Oh no,” he moaned. “You didn’t.”

“We were talking about Mary. It’s a good story…” Cas’s voice trailed off, nearly broke.

“Hey, hey, it’s alright. Sam’s heard worse about me. I just try not to hand him ammunition.” Dean felt Cas relax. He smiled at the cloudless sky. Slowly Cas began to stroke Dean’s hair, both of them drifting off into the lazy afternoon.

And Dean, falling asleep, made a sound that was almost–but not quite–a purr.


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