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Book Recommendation: Dark Matter

by Blake Crouch

We just finished reading this amazing book and thought it would be a great fit for our next recommendation. It’s a science thriller and an absolute crazy ride.

Dark Matter is the story of Jason Dessen, a mild-mannered college physics professor who gets abducted one night by a masked man, conked over the head, injected with some “science” and wakes up in a world that is not his own. It tackles the multiverse theory and quantum physics (keep in mind its a work of fiction that requires you to bypass whether you agree with the science or not) and its truly a nail-biter. It’s a great book that makes you think about the relativity of your existence to reality.

If you guys have more books you think we should read and post about, feel free to shoot us a message. Enjoy!


Vera Rubin, the woman who discovered the first evidence of dark matter, has died at 88

  • Vera Rubin, the astrophysicist responsible for confirming the first existence of dark matter, died on Sunday night at the age of 88.
  • Carnegie Institution president Matthew Scott called Rubin “a national treasure as an accomplished astronomer and a wonderful role model for young scientist.”
  • Rubin and her colleagues observed galaxies in the 1970s, they learned the motion of stars is a result of a “material that does not emit light and extends beyond the optical galaxy” — also known as dark matter.
  • Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky proposed the idea of dark matter in 1933, but Rubin’s groundbreaking work subsequently led to the confirmation of the material.
  • This finding is what led to the discovery that 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter, a finding some colleagues felt was overlooked and deserving of a Nobel Prize. Read more

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A friend of mine talked about some interesting scifi stuff a while ago. Basically, the universe has been around for a while now [citation needed]. We’re here now - but there’s no reason to assume we are the very first intelligent species in the universe. What if another civilization was where we are right now, only a million years ago, and now whatever they’ve evolved into are still out there somewhere, doing strange and amazing stuff that we can’t even perceive with our technology that still needs a million years of catching up to do?

Now let’s talk about dark matter - the mysterious stuff that makes up 27% of our universe, and which we can’t really see, but just kind of guess should be there based on everything else.

Suppose this “dark matter” is actual stars - only we can’t see them, because the light from them is blocked from our view, because they’re all encased in Dyson Spheres to collect 100% of the energy output of each star, for whatever mysterious purpose(s) of theirs.

As we currently understand it, 5% of the observable universe is “normal” matter, and 27% of it is “dark” matter. Maybe it just means that those aliens haven’t gotten around to that remaining 5% yet, but they’re not in a rush.

None of this speculation is scientifically sound, but it does give that “oh, damn”-feeling that I appreciate in scifi.


Vera Rubin died on Sunday. She was one of our most important astronomers and was the first person to discover evidence of dark matter

The science community pushed for Rubin to get a Nobel Prize, hoping she’d break a more than 50-year streak without a female winner, according to The Washington Post. One supporter of this movement, University of Washington astronomer Emily Levesque, told that “the existence of dark matter has utterly revolutionized our concept of the universe and our entire field; the ongoing effort to understand the role of dark matter has basically spawned entire subfields within astrophysics and particle physics at this point.”


Without giving away the endings for the games, so far some of the most interesting aspects of Kirby lore has been:

A Mirror that can corrupt people into irredeemable bastards and give them great power, and seems to have a grudge on the protagonists

“The Ancients” who created the reality warping Novas

A being made of Apathy and Negativity that bleeds red blood (Yes, in a Kirby Game) and possesses immense powers

A post-apocalyptic Planet Earth that’s frozen over and ruled by an evil giant Robot and contains what looks to be a cloning factory…

A character who was Locked Out of Canon so that every time he’s summoned to fight the main characters it’s technically the first time they’ve fought him and he seems to remember ALL OF IT

A crown that corrupts all who wears it and gives them Universe Conquering powers guarded by a dragon (or four dragons?) who are struggling to contain its powers via wearing it for eternity

Two paintings brought to life by an unknown painter (the fans have theories on their identity) who were separated at birth and turned evil. One of them is seeking the other, but they both die before they can meet

A bat winged character whose character constantly shifts from extremist conqueror to badass ally, and not from bad writing but depending on the situation…

His identity adding questions about the identity and species of the main character…

A Maniacal corporate overlord who’s assimilated thousands of planets into his company and has a tragic backstory that requires patient research in order to read into…

The fact that Kirby seems, with a few Final Boss related exceptions, impervious to ALL HARM (cut him into four pieces, you make three more of him)

Also, Samus Aran exists in this Universe and just hangs out on Kirby’s planet. I think she’s on vacation (her cameo was too significant to discount. Spread the word #thetruthaboutsamus)

The entirety of the mysterious Mirror World that seems to contain Hell itself

Oh, and the voice acting seems oddly realistic for such a series… especially when the characters are crying in pain…

God I love this series!

First 'image' of a dark matter web that connects galaxies

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have been able to capture the first composite image of a dark matter bridge that connects galaxies together. The scientists publish their work in a new paper in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The composite image, which combines a number of individual images, confirms predictions that galaxies across the universe are tied together through a cosmic web connected by dark matter that has until now remained unobservable.

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Vera Rubin, the groundbreaking astrophysicist who discovered evidence of dark matter, died Sunday night at the age of 88, the Carnegie Institution confirms.

Rubin did much of her revelatory work at Carnegie. The organization’s president calls her a “national treasure.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, Rubin was working with astronomer Kent Ford, studying the behavior of spiral galaxies, when they discovered something entirely unexpected — the stars at the outside of the galaxy were moving as fast as the ones in the middle, which didn’t fit with Newtonian gravitational theory.

The explanation: Dark matter.

Adam Frank, an astrophysicist who writes for NPR’s 13.7 blog, described dark matter by comparing it to a ghost in a horror movie. You can’t see it, he writes — “but you know it’s with you because it messes with the things you can see.”

Adam continued:

“It was Vera Rubin’s famous work in the 1970s that showed pretty much all spiral galaxies were spinning way too fast to be accounted for by the gravitational pull of the their ‘luminous’ matter (the stuff we see in a telescope). Rubin and others reasoned there had to be a giant sphere of invisible stuff surrounding the stars in these galaxies, tugging on them and speeding up their orbits around the galaxy’s center.”

Vera Rubin, Who Confirmed Existence Of Dark Matter, Dies At 88