fic: carry your shame

Suddenly, he understood this school’s fascination with swimming. Kurt was the new president of the Swim Team Fan Club. He would have the T-shirts made up by tomorrow and their logo would be a picture of Blaine Anderson’s chest in that swimsuit. He was making a Tumblr page dedicated to Blaine’s abs and that ass tonight and he was positive it would have thousands of followers by the morning. He would forevermore ship Blaine with swimming.

Goodbye Taylor Lautner. Kurt had a new fantasy and it was starring Blaine Anderson.

—  Carry Your Shame

Just went back into the old “Carry Your Shame” tag and SO MANY FEELS. I still can’t believe that a silly little prompt fill became this huge long fic and that so many people read it. I still get comment and recs on that every now and then and it makes me so happy. 

I miss my old Klaine people! @andiheardeverything, @gottriplets @dontmockmyawkwardness, @emisfritish… I know I’m missing a million more people… 

Edited to add: @hazelandglasz & @trufflemores because OMG how could I not have included you the first time. I’m getting old. The memory is starting to go. 

“Is that what you wanted? For us to…”

“No, no,” Blaine answered, quickly, shaking his head. “I don’t want us to have sex just because I’m a little wound up. No. No, of course not. No.”

“Okay,” he said, cutting him off. “Trying not to be offended here because that was a lot of no’s.”

—  Carry Your Shame

Title:  Carry Your Shame
Author:  Adiwriting
Word Count:  193,226
Chapters:  25 + 6 interludes 
Pairing(s):  Kurt/Blaine, Kurt/OMC
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Kurt’s spent his entire life being pushed around and ignored.  He’s never had a single friend until he met Blaine Anderson, a swimmer for the National Team and McKinley’s Golden Boy.  When the boys fall for each other, Kurt has to learn the hard way that there are some things even love can’t fix–like the fact that his step-brother and boyfriend are mortal enemies.  Will Blaine be willing to give up everything to be with Kurt or will they crumble under the pressure to become what everyone else is trying to turn them into?