fic: a multitude of drops

A Multitude Of Drops...

You can’t save me can you? This one drop in an ocean cannot be repaired by you? Although I am small and one of many am I not meaningful enough to you? Am I not essential? Will the ocean not become less without me? Will my presence or lack of change the world?

Or am I simply just a drop. A small piece to the infinite puzzle. Am I only a sliver of who you are? Will I not be missed or mourned if I was gone?

A multitude of drops. An ocean is a multitude of drops. I am one drop in this multitude. What happens to the ocean when I am no longer here? Are there traces of me in the other drops. Do they cry in my absence? Or do they not notice that one small drop has gone because there are so many.

Am I so insignificant to the ocean that she would not wither without me. I know there is an abundance of drops but is  it not so that there is only one me. Only one drop that contains my soul, my name, my heart. Only one drop that reflects my light and joy and love. Only one drop that reminds the world that I was here. That with me the ocean you so enjoy only becomes more and never less.

Is it too much for me to ask that even though I am only a small drop in the ocean of the living that you would remember me. Remember my shape. Remember the sound of me. Remember how it felt when you held me in your palm. As I slid from hand to hand. Remember the warmth beneath the coolness of my touch.

Do I matter? Without me would the ocean collapse? Would you? I want to know and believe that even me, even this one drop in an ocean full of drops makes a difference.

Do I? Do I make a difference? Does my life make the world a better place? Do I make you more and never less?

I wonder with such desperation if I being only one drop mean anything at all.


Holy crap you guys, A Multitude of Drops just hit 1000 kudos! I never imagined when I was writing that it could ever be so popular, and yet here we are! I just wanted to thank you all for the lovely messages and comments I have received pertaining to this fic. Thank you to the person who put the time and effort into translating it into Russian. Thank you to the creators of the gorgeous fanart. And, most importantly, thank you to the person who posted the original prompt on the SNK Kink Meme (wherever you are).

anonymous asked:

I have read all of your fics and I absolutely love them, you are an amazing writer!! But at the moment, I'm out of stuff to read so I was wondering if you have some attack on titan fanfic recommendations for me? Preferably with some steamy smut scenes :3 I love you

Ahhh thank you!!!  And of course!!!  I have recs for ereri and eruriren fics mostly!


Too Close to Me by Bexara

Berlin by Yuu_chi


Catching a Ride by ereriismybitch

jaegersaurus/shotgunsinlace  has a TON of amazing ereri and eruriren fics, both oneshots and multichapters.  Literally everything she writes is flawless and I can say I recommend it all

Also check out River’s End by feriket as it’s amazing so far and Fuck: My Life by mongoose_bite as it’s a wild ride (it’s eruriren)

A Multitude of Drops is the only jeanmarco fic I’ve really read and it’s a oneshot but it’ll destroy you and put you back together again :’)

And then of course Little Titan Cafe by pocketziedtitan is amazing.  I haven’t finished it because I  just don’t want it to be over yet but I know the ending is spectacular!

Hope this helps!!!