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Secret Mutant Cherik Fic Recs

There were so many awesome fics this year that I nearly tore my hair out trying to narrow it down, but here are 10 fics I adored! (Since art is also being posted on tumblr and is rebloggable, I won’t be including art on this list.)

The Spaces Between by mainecoon76 (M, 15k)
Almost a year after Washington, Erik is working on his own to find out what became of the Sentinel research. He keeps to himself and likes it that way. But when a mutant assassin tries to murder Charles, he finds himself reluctantly drawn into an adventure that involves a dangerous plot, Charles’ own agenda, a complicated relationship, and holiday celebrations at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.
Ending’s Comment: Do yourself a favor and READ THIS FIC! This is the post-DOFP fix-it of my dreams. Perfectly in character, bittersweet, action-packed, and just really well done. Featuring one of my favorite things in the world – stubborn Erik and stubborn Charles finding that there might just be common ground between them.

Mi Casa, Su Casa by ZairaA (E, 17k) 
“What do you mean he was evicted? He’s right here, smoking in the bathtub.”
Charles rents an apartment. Erik refuses to move out. No, honestly, he’s not going anywhere, Charles better deal with it.

Ending’s comment: Hilarious fic with a delightfully cocky Erik and an equally as headstrong Charles. A great balance of fun rom-com and real world politics. I loooved it all!

SELECTED DOCUMENTS - CIA FILE MM34519865-2D bylisterinezero (G, 4k)
Enclosed are selected documents from file # MM34519865-2D, related to Magneto’s correspondence with Charles Xavier in the months prior to the Sentinel War.
Ending’s Comment: Cleverly done fic that fills in the gaps leading to the dark future. The sense of foreboding and sheer emotion managed through documents is amazing.

Mutant House at Dead Kings College by mabyn (T, 7k)
When it comes to romance, Charles has terrible timing. 
Ending’s Comment: THE EX TROPE!!!! YASSSS!!! Tune in for pining, misunderstandings, hilarity, and pie! I adored every second of this fun college fic.

Beneath the Jacaranda by Geertrui (M, 49k)
It’s only a rumour that Emma Frost’s girls are among the Gifted, but true or not, her geisha are as illustrious as they are beautiful, and a handsome piece for any man to have on his arm. Raven is one of the most prized and prestigious geisha in the district, renowned for the grace with which she dances and her whip-quick tongue. Men fall in love with her with only a look, but they soon find that their pockets are only so deep, even if their hearts run deeper. Only Raven - the real Raven - has been missing for ten years and lives on through her brother Charles, who uses her name as a geisha in Frost’s okiya. Charles has never had trouble maintaining the fallacy for his clients, but when a foreign German businessman becomes a regular, Charles in turn becomes further encroached in his lies, and entangled in his heart.
Ending’s comment: Beautifully written AU in which Charles is a geisha. Misunderstandings, angst, and love abound with plenty of beautiful imagery and a nicely done take on Japanese culture. I cried a bit because I am weak, but it ended with a happy sigh :’)

a fish hook; an open eye by fabeld (M, 7k)
Charles Xavier’s wealth protects him from mandatory service in the British Armed Forces, but he refuses to sit idly by when his telepathy can be used to assist the Allied Powers. As a British spy, Charles gains the Nazi Party’s trust and is sent to Paris to complete one last mission. His plan is disrupted when he runs into someone he never thought he would see again
Ending’s comment: Lovely writing and a unique mix of Atonement and XMFC. The tension in this fic is so thick you can cut it with a knife and every Charles and Erik interaction is downright explosive. 

It’s Not Stalking by Unforgotten (T, 3k) 
After D.C., Charles keeps an eye on Erik via Cerebro, with no intention of ever actually speaking to him.Of course, this resolution doesn’t exactly last.
Ending’s comment: Lovely fic where Charles can’t help himself from peeping in on Erik’s whereabouts. 

it’s no secret by dedkake (T, 2k) 
Erik sees Charles at the gym and he can’t get the image out of his head, even after he learns that Charles is The Worst Ever. He might be a little bit in love.
Ending’s Comment: Adorable college AU in which Erik is a smitten stalker and Charles is a dancing hottie. Laugh out loud funny XD

Love, in fire and blood by Black_Betty (E, 4k) 
Erik used his body as a tool in all ways, but it had always been as a means for destruction. He did not know how to be soft or tender, and had never had use for gentleness before.Until Charles.
Ending’s Comment: Amazing XMFC fic with a look into Erik’s head not to be missed. Spot-on characterization and serious feelings with a dose of porn.

Hitting If Off by niniblack (T, 3k)
Erik meets the perfect guy at the bar. Too bad Mr. Perfect is on a date with someone else…
Ending’s comment: Erik is a lovable, impulsive idiot in this meet-cute. Totally made me smile.

That was so hard to choose…. I might be back with another list later! 

fic rec friday

Topic of the Day: World War II. Strictly speaking, when people ask me what my favorite genre of literature to read is, my answer is World War I/II novels. I will definitely be making a WWI reclist in the future.  Find anything I missed over at AO3. There are some that I left off intentionally to go on future rec lists.

Warnings: these fic are all about war and include references to violence, injuries, PTSD, homophobia, and the Holocaust. Make sure you read all tags and authors’ notes.

snow like silence, everywhere falling, even in the trenches - T - 3k - ninemoons42

Erik Lehnsherr is in a foxhole at the Siege of Bastogne. He doesn’t know what he’ll do without Charles Xavier.

Notes: Amazing crossover with Band of Brothers. It has the feel of a war novel or movie that really adds a unique lens on the Charles/Erik dynamic.

Photographs and Memories - M - 4.5k - tirsynni

When war-battered Erik Lehnsherr met Charles Xavier, the man kneeling in the dirt and whispering to a lost refugee child, Erik feared his days of running from his deviance was done.

Notes: I absolutely adore this story. Fantastic relationship building and absolutely beautiful.

a fish hook; an open eye - 7.5k - M - fabeld

Charles Xavier’s wealth protects him from mandatory service in the British Armed Forces, but he refuses to sit idly by when his telepathy can be used to assist the Allied Powers. As a British spy, Charles gains the Nazi Party’s trust and is sent to Paris to complete one last mission. His plan is disrupted when he runs into someone he never thought he would see again. WWII AU with nods to Atonement.

Notes: omg this fic. This fic is amazing. And heartwrenching. I’m not going to say anything more about it but you should read it.  Now.

Stirb nicht vor Mir - M - 3k - ravenoftheninerealms

A squad of Allied Forces, led by Charles Xavier, liberates the Nazi concentration camp where Erik was being held prisoner.

Notes: Charles leading a bunch of mutants on a mission to free Erik is just an amazing concept and it’s done so well here!

Hier steh ich an den Marken meiner Tage - NR - 19k - MonstrousRegiment

Erik Lehnsherr is a spy in the SS, and his British liaison is strategist Charles Xavier. Their relationship from the moment they meet to a year after the end of the war. - “You’re the only person in the world who knows what I am.”

Notes: This fic is just bursting with feelings! Their relationship is so dynamic, especially in the setting of the war.

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