Sage Advice on Love and Rock and Roll

I’m late for @marichatweek​ Day 6! Oops. The theme is: “Don’t touch him!”

CREDITS: The foundation of this is @fryingpanss​‘ UA idea where Jagged Stone adopts Marinette as his new niece. Visit the thread and the additions in the reblogs because it is GOLD. 

Also, this is practically co-written by @lastroseofspring​, because a big part of the key dialogue was from her. Also crediting those who built on the idea, including, but not limited to: the glorious @fb-anon​, the genius @panda013​, the beautiful @shonashee​, the wonderful @marichat-traaash​, and the delightful @winterdenim​. (And everyone else who reblogged that thread with their own ideas.)

Sage Advice on Love and Rock and Roll

With the way that Marinette had turned crimson, Jagged Stone immediately thought that she was talking about Adrien Agreste. Jagged has seen her sigh over her classmate for far too many times, after all.

He’s so kind, Uncle Jagged! she’d gushed.

He borrowed a pencil from me today, Uncle Jagged! she’d celebrated.

He exists, Uncle Jagged! she’d giggled.

She’s always so bashful and excited, her hands flailing before slapping on her pink cheeks when she talks about the sunshine prince.

But, looking at her now, as she stumbled over vehement denials and made a valiant effort to return to talking about her design ideas for his next concert, Jagged thinks that maybe he had thought wrong.

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