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dear true love: for the outlaw and the queen

i. light by sleeping at last / ii. a message by coldplay / iii. broken glass by jack savoretti / iv. smokestacks by layla / v. dear true love by sleeping at last / vi. gravity by vienna teng / vii. take what i can get by matthew mayfield / viii. distraction by jaymes young / ix. white blood by oh wonder / x. for you by passenger / xi. dust to dust by the civil wars / xii. about today by the national / xiii. touch by daughter / xiv. song for someone by u2

10. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

[minor character death]

Clint swallows around the lump in his throat before responding, his voice thick and rough with grief.

“Yeah,” Clint agrees, nodding his head. “It sucks. I mean, we weren’t as close as we used to be, but still. He’s my brother, you know?”

Clint’s voice, just a whisper, brakes towards the end of his sentence, and Natasha wordlessly wraps him in a hug. Words are callous, and Natasha’s always found it hard to express what she was feeling with just words, especially with the complicated emotions that come with Clint. She’s always found it easier to communicate in touch, small reassurances, and facial expressions, with eyes that tell a tale. Clint too, is often nonverbal. It comes with being 80% deaf, Natasha would guess. 

Now, however, Clint speaks. He tells Natasha about his circus days, and the days when Barney was always looking out for him. He talks and talks until his voice is hoarse, and until he’s satisfied that he won’t forget his stories, that he hasn’t forgotten the man his brother used to be.

100 Ways To Say “I Love You”

Clintasha 10/100

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prompt- mark kissing, licking, biting and sucking at a sweet spot behind jack's ear that leaves him a complete hot mess

This is only the third time they’ve kissed, and it’s the first time that it’s gone past heady, open-mouthed kisses. Mark has Jack on his lap and they’re kissing; it’s all tongues and teeth and nibbles on lips and gruff moans. When the need to breathe becomes too much, they part and Mark immediately kisses across Jack’s cheek to his jaw. He cups the other side of his face with his hand and rubs his thumb across the scruff that lines the Irishman’s jaw.

He nips at the spot where his jaw and ear meet, and Jack cries out quietly. Mark smirks against the skin underneath his lips and continues his assault on the spot, sucking on the tender flesh and teasing it with the tip of his tongue. Jack clutches at Mark’s shirt and shifts his hips in minute movements. Mark leaves a beautiful, purpling hickey just underneath Jack’s ear. Satisfied, he kisses Jack again and remembers to file away that certain sensitive spot for later use.

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Arin walked past the door to Mark’s little office. When he saw Mark wave, he peeked his head in. “Yes, hot stuff?”

Mark completely forgot what he was going to say, and instead he flushes pink. “I—uh, I was—um.” Smooth, Fischbach, smooth. Arin laughed and winked at Mark. 

“Let me know when you figure it out.” Mark huffed and chucked a sticky note pad at his friend, who dodged it with a loud laugh.


Mark propped his chin on top of Arin’s as he stood behind him, watching him work on animating. “What’cha drawin’, peach pit?” Arin paused and leaned back in his chair until he could look up at Mark.

“Peach pit?” He looked like he was trying to hold in a laugh.

“I could call you orange rind instead,” Mark offered, and Arin frowned.

“Peach pit it is.”


During lunch with Dan and Ross, Arin turned to Mark. “Could you pass me the parm cheese, sweetness?” Without a second thought, Mark grabbed the pizza topping and passed it to Arin. 

Danny and Ross share a look that says “what the actual fuck is going on”. 


Mark snuggled close to Arin on the Grump couch. They were recording some GrumpCade, and throughout the entire thing, Mark had been sprawled across Arin’s lap. He kissed Arin softly. 

“Love you, princess.” Arin smiled goofily. He loved when Mark called him princess.

“I love you too, sugar.”

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i think creepy frerard shippers are the worst. yes, i ship frerard, i read fics and shit. no, i don't think there was anything between them irl. i adore lynz so much (i don't really know jamia but she seems v nice). no, i'd never tweet them about it, shit, i never even mention it at all on twitter, just sometimes on tumblr. no, i don't want them to be together. but there are so many people in the fandom who just cross a line and i think they are the main reason g&f never talk on twitter anymore.

i wouldnt say its the main reason they dont talk as much anymore. if you have noticed, theres not much interaction between Ray and Frank or Mikey and Frank either, while Ray and Gerard tweet each other almost every time theyre both on twitter (and obviously Gerard and Mikey are brothers). but none of us knows about their interactions for sure since twitter isnt the only one (although the only public one) way theyre connected. anyway i dont think smth like Frerard would discourage them from talking on Twitter bc i think to them its just stupid and irrelevant. i think it bothers us levelheaded fans more to see other fans act like idiots to them than it bothers them.
but i agree and ive said this so many times, its totally fine to ship it but dont confuse fantasy/fiction with reality bc its very unhealthy

i love claura (clintxlaura) fics. i love that shit to bits and pieces. i get upset when authors tags laura cheating on clint as claura, cause that fucking sucks. i respect your opinion that you don’t like laura, but STOP tagging it as a cluara fix if she’s only there to cheat on him.

also, stop making laura the bad guy. for christ sakes, the woman’s on a first name basis with Nicholas Mother Fucking Fury. her husband works with a 95 yr old super soldier who looks like he’s in his mid 20′s that was last alive in the 40′s, a man in a metal suit and a mother fucking demi god. if you really think she’s going to have issues with mutants, ima need you to rethink your life choices.

and lastly, if we could let the “laura never leaves the farm for any reason ever and has to stay at home and watch and raise the kids while clint’s out living his life” trope die in a quick and painful death, i would be ever so appreciative.

mother fuckers please. you know that clint wants his kids to have all the shit he didn’t get to do growing up. he’s all up in boy scouts and ffa and 4h and all that good redneck shit. he’s in little league, but he’s thinking about playing soccer  cause that’s sooo coooool. lily is a girl scout die hard and likes to play basket ball with the boys at school. her and laura and cooper have started a knitting corner in the town library that ALL the kids wanna be a part of.

laura’s probably an illustrator that can do her shit online, and she’s part of the PTA, and is a total soccer mom (complete with a shiv under the drivers seat just in case). laura has a book club and has coffee with the girls once a week, and… too keep up appearances, she even goes to a single mother support group once a week. (they just don’t understand why she keeps on sleeping with that mangy half ass repair man that shows up, rips the house up, knocks her up, and then leaves for weeks at a time… girl, get it together.)

so, yeah, love laura being written into stories love it looove it. BUT STOP MAKING HER A HOUSE ARREST MOMMA.

*gets off soap box*

as much as i love angst-y fics, smutty fics, hurt/comfort fics, etc… Sometimes I really just want to read some nice basic ‘Harry and Eggsy doing shit together’ fics.

Like not even domestic shit, like badass hartwin shit. Like Harry and Eggsy go on a mission to paris to stop an evil plot to destroy the world while also being a cute couple at the same time. 

Basically what I am asking for is like… more suave super spy husband fics. 

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hey do you have a list of fic recs youd be willing to share? specifically involving wrightworth but honestly i like all of the ships you do i think so any ship would be very welcome :^)

omg so i’m actually the worst at remembering to save fics, especially because i tend to read fic on the meme more than anywhere else and it’s really hard to find something on the meme once you’ve lost it

i’ve glanced over what i do have saved and it turns out i don’t actually have much Wrightworth, surprisingly? but here’s some of what i did remember to hold onto

  • It Could Have Been Sweet - Edgeworth/Apollo, of all things, which contains discussions of past abuse and some onesided Wrightworth and eh don’t judge me i like it
  • Reprise - gen, Miles and Manfred get stuck in a court elevator and it’s very sad and dysfunctional 
  • Pebbles and Breadcrumbs - gen nine chapter von Karma sibling fic holy shit 
  • A Long Way To Fall - Wrightworth, Miles is being stalked, a lot of pining and very well written
  • Phoenix Wright Comes Of Age - Phoenix-centric fic about being bisexual, Wrightworth, ye
  • What You Cannot - sweet, sad gen fic about Phoenix and Maya’s friendship from Maya’s perspective. ACTUALLY explores Maya Fey’s inner emotional life which is one of the most criminally neglected parts of the fandom.

also, the whole world has been telling me that Legal partners on AO3 is the greatest Wrightworth fic Ever, so even though i haven’t read it, i pass this information onto you 

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so i've read every single fic you have posted on your AO3, all of your writing blows me away. my favorite by far though is, you can't dodge stiles stilinski. i've read it like 20 times, no joke. do you have any head cannons for the summer following the ending?



Derek totally takes Stiles for dinner. and then they definitely spend an entire weekend uh, getting to know each other better. 

then he shows up at the Stilinski house in running shoes and ERRYTHING on Monday and the Sheriff’s all “great, Derek, glad to see someone in this house is disciplined” and Stiles rolls down the stairs all sleepy and Derek can see a hickey on his neck he left there, and he’s just standing between the Sheriff and his GUN and Stiles on the stairs looking stupidly hot and DYING, and trying not to blush. and the Sheriff leaves and Stiles is like, awesome! let’s go back to bed, and Derek’s like, uh, no, we’re going running. and Stiles thinks he’s joking and then it dawns on him Derek is SERIOUS, and so goes and gets changed, and grumbles all the way to the preserve, but then shuts up because Derek and RUNNING, and Derek tries and fails not to take advantage of strong, sturdy trees to lean Stiles up against a few times. 

so BASICALLY, when they go running they LEGIT go running, and Derek starts hanging out after, Stiles calls them their cool down dates, which are mostly filled with making out until the Sheriff comes home and then they have dinner and towards the end of the summer, Derek’s doing the dishes, and Stiles is doing something stupidly endearing next to him on the counter and Derek leans forward, forgetting himself, and kisses him, and Stiles is all “oooh yes,” and then the Sheriff clears his throat from the table, and turns the page of the newspaper like “i’m still in the room and i’m not stupid, get out of here if you’re gonna do that.”

and Derek tries to melt into the floor, and legit spends a whole week CONVINCED the Sheriff’s just biding his time before he MURDERS Derek, and Laura and Cora take the piss the whole time, leaping round corners at the gym and scaring the shit out of him. so, he totally mans up and goes down to the Sheriff’s office and has an AWFULLY EMBARRASSING conversation with the Sheriff, who, though likes Derek very much, wants to know just exactly what ARE Derek’s intentions, and how long has this been going on and Derek’s like i PROMISE i would never take advantage, yadiyada, and the Sheriff’s all, “you know he wouldn’t shut up about you all semester, i was worried it’d end in heartbreak tbh,” and Derek’s all earnestly like “no i would NEVER hurt him, i’m legit in love with him, i tried not to be, i really did, but he just got under my skin and yeah” BIG SINCERE EYES and the Sheriff nods and dismisses him like “ok, your mom mentioned you were super in love with my son weeks ago, you two aren’t subtle at ALL, if Stiles didn’t actually WASH his running clothes on a regular basis i would be convinced you weren’t even going running.” and Derek dies of mortification.

and Stiles comes over to Derek’s later, and Erica meets him at the door and winds him up until Derek drags her away, and Stiles leaps at Derek because apparently the Sheriff quite likes Derek, and he heard Derek doesn’t have plans to hurt him and that Derek might maybe LOVE HIM? and Derek blushes a lot. then they probs have a lot of meaningful, YAY we totes enjoy each other’s company sex.

and Derek probably drives Stiles to college and ensures everyone in his entire dorm knows Derek is Stiles’ boyfriend. but, he’s cool, he promises. 

Is That a Fire in Your Kitchen? (Or Are You Happy to See Me?)

I wrote this for Halffizzbin, who prompted: “Had to knock on Hot Sweetheart Neighbor’s door to come help me disable the smoke detector. Hot Sweetheart Neighbor bore witness to my gross post-work bandana hair, my too-depressed-to-clean trash piles, and the big lime-green vibrator on the nightstand. QUICK SOMEBODY FIC IT SO I DON’T FEEL SO SAD ANYMORE”

Hope this cheers you up!

Another bang and shuffle combo racked through Stiles’ apartment and he put his book down with a huff. He never really had any problems with his neighbor before - excluding having to physically restrain himself from climbing him like a tree - so the noises, despite being annoying, worried Stiles a little.

Derek was never a party-goer or party-haver; he kept to himself, unfortunately enough. He didn’t even bother Stiles even when he knew he was being unnecessarily loud - which was why Stiles was trying to be content with the occasional thumps and scratching of chairs.

There was a moment of blessed silence and Stiles returned to his book, only to be interrupted by three heavy thumps against his door. Stiles put the book down, admitting to himself that the chapter was just not going to be read tonight, and went to the door.

When he looked through the peephole, a shock went through Stiles’ chest when he saw Derek on the other side, disgruntled scowl on that damn handsome face and gloriously tight tee that left little to the imagination.

Stiles pulled the door open, greeting Derek with a simple, “What’s up?”

Derek’s mouth pulled into thin line, clearly uncomfortable standing before Stiles, which thanks very much for that self esteem boost. Stiles took the silence as an opportunity to check Derek out (he wished he could be more sorry about it); as his eyes roved up Derek’s (incredible, bulky, mouth-watering) form, he saw - no, that couldn’t be -

“Is that a Tasmanian Devil watch?” Stiles blurted. It looked like he had interrupted Derek mid-speech, the way Derek snapped his mouth shut and glared at Stiles. But this was /important/ and besides, Stiles’ fear of glares had decreased dramatically since meeting Derek (and his libido in response to them peaked, funnily enough) (no, there was no connection between the two, and Stiles would deny that with his dying breath).

“That - yes, but it was just a gag joke.” Derek looked too distressed to permit Stiles poking more fun at the watch, but in the future, Stiles knew he had to get the story out of him. In any way he could.

“What can I do you for?” Stiles asked. Derek’s face contorted and Stiles realized just how awful that sounded.

“I’m sorry, that always worked in TV shows, it sounds so cocky and cool when other people said it. I literally never thought that it could sound so rude, like dude, obviously you’re not a prostitute.” At Derek’s eyebrows furrowing deeper, Stiles continued, “Not that you couldn’t, you do you, and I’m sure you’d do well, just totally fine in that job.” Stiles was very close to slamming the door on his head repeatedly.

“Fire,” Derek blurted. Stiles blinked.

“I … I don’t … ?” Stiles said when Derek said nothing.

“I - my dinner caught on fire and I’m not … .” A noise died in the back of Derek’s throat before he said, “I just need help. With my fire alarm? It just won’t cut out.”

“Oh, dude, was that all that noise I heard?” Derek’s baleful expression revealed to Stiles that yes, that noise did play a part in Derek’s plight. “Okay, gotcha. Is the fire out?” Derek nodded. “Awesome, cool. Let’s roll.”

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Summer Kentwood, a successful and determined 24 year old freelance photographer living in London, has it all figured out. Out having fun, no worries, no cares, just living her life. Then she gets introduced to Niall, a 21 year old super famous, extremely charming boyband member who has unfortunately just gotten out of a very public, very rough relationship and completely takes her world for a spin.

This is the story of how they meet, become rebound lovers and get thrown some tough obstacles and bumps along the way that not only test their growing relationship, but ultimately themselves. Will he, will he not, does he, does he not. Summer really isn’t sure, but it’s gonna be a hell of a ride finding out!  

snippet of unknown chapter

“I was thinking,” he paused, nestling his legs a bit deeper under the covers, “we don’t really know that much about each other.”

Raising up on my elbows, I flipped my hair over in my hand and rested my head against my palm. “Speak for yourself.”

He shot his clear blue eyes to me. “Huh?”

“I know…” I took in a deep breath, “I know that you play with your hair when you get nervous, I know that you pick all the little marshmallows out of your Lucky Charms and eat them before you actually eat the fucking cereal, I know you hum the same exact song every time you brush your teeth,” I got a slight smile on my face as his eyes widened at me, “and I know that you like to fuck with your socks off but always make sure you put them back on before you fall asleep.” Raising my brows to him, I smugly rolled my lips into my mouth.

He ran a hand up through his hair, my eyes following as he stared up through his lashes and caught himself half way, quickly bringing his hand back down to rest on his chest and looked over at me, purposely bumping his socked foot against my leg. I let out a giggle as he shook his head at me.

“Literally all I ever need to know about you, Niall.”

“Well, I wanna know somethin’ about you.”

Letting out a sigh, I slumped down onto his bed, flipping my body around to my back and throwing my bare legs to rest across the top of his. “What do you wanna know?” I turned my face up to look at him, my fingers mindlessly tracing down the warm skin of my stomach. My eyes fluttered a bit as he reached his hand out, the pads of his fingertips ghosting across my forehead and down my temple as he lightly brushed my dark brown hair from my face. “How’d ya get here? In London?”

“Moved.” I spit out, chuckling under my breath at my answer and shrugging my shoulders. “I just came over here a couple years ago on a whim and…basically never left. I love it here. It’s been great for my photography.”

He gave me a smile. “Yeah, you’re good at it.”

“I’m good at a lot of things.” I retorted, flicking my eyes to his.

“This is true.” He nodded his head, his fingers carding down through my hair as he let out a breathy laugh.

“I don’t know. It’s just…I like what I do, ya know. I can express myself and show people the world through my eyes. Plus, I make my own hours, work when I want to and don’t when I don’t want to. It’s nice.”

His hand stalled at the top of my head, gently cradling around as he tipped his head back against his headboard. “I wish I could do that.”

“You can’t? Don’t you guys basically like run everything?”

“Ha! I wish.” His voice raised as he peered down at me through the lower corners of his eyes. “We control a lot, but not that much. It gets hectic as fuck and like…privacy an’ shit, but I wouldn’t change it. Mostly…I guess.” I watched his stare settle on his ceiling, his eyes whirling as he attempted to follow the circular movement of the white fan that rested above his bed. I could tell his mind was racing, thinking of her and felt his fingers tighten a bit in my hair, his bitten fingernails scraping gingerly at my scalp. Licking at my lips, I slowly rolled over, curling up against the heat of him, my arm draping heavily across his slim chest. We didn’t really talk much more, the last bit of our conversation proving to be enough for us right now.


okay, guys. so i really have NO idea when im going to fully start this story or even how long its going to actually be. i have the ending all planned out already and the epilogue (yes there will be one) but other than that, i have no outline. i feel like this story could go on for as long as i want it to, so im just gonna try and let it flow and go from there.

i really hope you guys are excited and will get as interested in it as you all were for NTOO (which im still so happy about!) and i hope you will all continue to read!

for anyone wondering the face claim for Summer is Phoebe Tonkin :)

I don’t know if I’m not ready to love yet or if I never have been, or if I’m just incapable of feeling it, or if I keep waiting for something to tell me “this is real, there’s no more waiting on a sign, this is the feeling, this is that feeling you’ve been waiting for, it doesn’t get more obvious.” I really wish I could hear that, even if I know I probably won’t believe it when I hear it. The part about being incapable of feeling it, that scares me the most. What if this isn’t it? I don’t want to be a liar. So I’m scared to say I love you out loud, even if I’m thinking it. I’m scared to think it, because by putting I love you on it, that’s a beginning, right? And beginnings always end. You’d think I’d be so happy at 25 to feel love for the first time, but maybe I’m still not sure if that’s what this is. I’ll joke about it, but when it comes down to it I hate risks. I hate chances. Love is an expectation and what if I’m not good enough for what’s expected?
—  Levi from 1994

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Addams Family au? Did you say ADDAMS FAMILY AU?!

O soave fancìulla strikes up downstairs, his father calls for his mother to dance. There’s the sound of an explosion and Laura shrieks. The grandfather clock in the hall chimes, Scott pops the inside of his mouth with his finger, one leg trailing against the dusty floorboards as Derek picks out another axe.

“Here,” Derek waves Scott over, “Stand tall.”

Scott ambles across the floor, winces when Derek mimes slicing his head off.

“Do you have to do that?”

“No,” Derek grins at him, “But, you’re a perfect target to practice with.”

Scott jumps to the side when Derek swings the axe again, “Derek! That one was really close!”

“It won’t hurt,” Derek scoffs, “I’m just testing it out.”

“I like this one,” Scott grabs a small dagger, brandishes it at Derek. Derek laughs, startled and jerks away. “Yeah,” Scott sticks his tongue between his teeth, jabbing the dagger into thin air. “This would be fun.”

“Careful,” Derek warns, “You might develop a blood lust.”

Scott rolls his eyes, tosses the dagger back at the wall and it slips easily into place. “You’re such a killjoy.”

“That might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” Derek throws an arm around Scott’s neck, wrestles him into the floor and Scott yells, punches his side.

“Boys!” Talia calls up the stairs. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” They call out simultaneously.


“I can’t believe I’m going to have to work with you.”

“Channel all that loathing into your work,” Emma says. She’s flippant mostly because it really pisses Regina off; and in fact, Regina is already steaming when she hurries on. “Rose and Victoria have a war to fight, huh?”

Send Up a Signal (that everything’s fine) by coalitiongirl is….it’s….well, it’s a fucking gem. Do yourself a favor, and go read it. It’s a WIP, yes, but it’s one you’re probably going to want to get on board with now. ^^

Also? I am trash for anything this lady writes, Jesus. <3

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You should write a random sterek ficlet of whatever you please. Maybe nap time. Maybe pack night. I dunno.

i wanna write like 90, though. i wanna write an au loosely based on can you keep a secret, which is a book by one of my fave authors and basically they’re strangers on a plane and there’s turbulance and Stiles blurts out ALL OF HIS SECRETS EVER, and Derek is entranced and thinks the best way to woo Stiles is to like take him on the best date ever, exactly like the one Stiles described, and ALWAYS have his favourite drink available and ALWAYS MAKING SURE EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY THE WAY STILES WANTS, and Stiles is all wow i really like you but also… you’re too perfect? and i still feel embarrassed every time i see you because you know all my secret kinks and that time i slept on the floor of the bathroom in Denny’s because my friend Erica worked there and i got super drunk and she couldn’t make me move, and so there’s this ~angst and they have to start over, but basically Derek is an A+ boyfriend, but kind of robotic about it and then they learn they get on better when they’re NOT perfect. idk, it’s a good book. 

but i also wanna write the princes au. and the artist au and the highschool au. and an au where Scott’s the president and Stiles is his chief of staff and Derek is his speech writer and mmmm West Wing stuff. AND AN AU WHERE THEY’RE STREET DANCERS, AND A NEVER BEEN KISSED AU, and this au where Derek works abroad and every year since Stiles was a teenager, he and his bros have been to the same beach and he and Derek ALWAYS FALL FOR EACH OTHER, but it’s always a summer thing and they never think to ask for more because they worry about the LIFE OF THE OTHER and you know, sex on the beach should be a THING IN MORE FICS? even though it’s not really advisable in real life. and the one where they’re both nerds at camp and keep in touch via emails and fall in love accidentally and then go to college and agree to live together as FRIENDS and boom they both turn up hot. and the one where they’re in a band and the one, and the one— JA FEEL?

and a canon fic where they bond via mopping. also one where Stiles starts working at the bowling alley. one where Derek gets a job in the sheriff’s department and it’s simultaneously HILARIOUS to Stiles but also a NIGHTMARE when he sees Derek in a uniform like WHAT. WHEN WAS THIS ALLOWED TO BE A THING. DEREK’S NTO HOT HE’S GROSS. nope. just hot. and look at him rescuing a kitten and chasing a mugger and wielding handcuffs and laughing with the sheriff and IN STILES’ HOUSE TALKING TO THE SHERIFF LATE INTO THE NIGHT and stealing Stiles’ pop tarts and driving Stiles to school when the Jeep breaks down and Stiles making jokes about role reversal and how he always figured if he was in a cop car with Derek again it’d be for kinkier reasons and Derek almost running over a squirrel in shock. 

like, maaaaaan, i have so many fics i wanna write, i just, need time to do them?

AND THE AMERICAN PIE AU. but i’m still working that one out because i want Boyd and Erica to be Heather and Oz so, i gotta work out who else is who.