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so i drew this and then started typing and. here u go

Screw it.

He had never took him for a crier, much less anything but a jovial fool. Yet the cowboy stood in front of him, trembling. Sobbing.

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Umm... can we pleeeeease discuss dans tweet of Phil eating his cereal? Please?

i mean if im BEING FORCED to i will …. 

im joking i screamed a LOT at that pic. i literally had to go outside into my garden for 5 minutes just to breathe some fresh air and calm down (of course, because i AM the world most dramatic human) 

but GOD, ok i talk a bit talk about personas and not becoming to infatuated and invested in an idolatrous view of someone you look up to, yada yada. but we’re all guilty of that, i am definitely. it is human nature to categorise people into easily manageable categories and in doing so u can oversimplify someone and create and image that is All Perfect or All Bad. i mean, get the cuffs out cause ur boy atara is terrible for idolising dnp. i do often treat them, or more accurately think of them, as perfect and polished versions of who they are. it’s hard to think of people who you look up to and dedicate a lot of time to being a fan of as people who are Real Life Humans just like urself

where things like those pictures come into that is, it shatters the illusion, and in a good way. dnp are dumb ass nerds who steal each others cereal and weird candid pics of each other and do odd, asinine shit just like we all do. the point is, in that moment u get an honest, stupid glimpse into someone’s life that they have given you permission to see. those pics were something u coulda seen on one of your friends snapchat stories. it wasnt incredible or innovative or GROUND BREAKING CONTENT. it was something that, for me at least, reminded me firmly that the people im invested in are people, and that’s amazing. and i love that. and i love that they share things like that even under no obligation to. it feels like you’re being invited into their lives, even just for a few moments, and that you’re welcome there. it’s nice. very nice. it’s always comforting to know that people who u may look up to and often think are pretty perfect and always polished and edited etc etc are actually just … people. like me, like you, like any of us. and there’s simultaneously nothing and so much that is special about that 

also cute as all hell and i felt like crying WHO ARE THESE BOYS 

A typical day in the life of a Harrie:

- Wake up

- Look at new pictures of Harry

- Cry

- Die over the pictures of Harry

- Fail all my classes because of that motherfucker

- Cry

- Come home and spend the rest of my day thinking about Harry 

- Not say a word at the dinner table, bc all I can think about is that little piece of shit

- Go to bed at 2 am after having been on tumblr, then not being able to sleep because of that little cupcake, which then leads to making up an extremely detailed vision of my life with him that has no chance of happening

- cry

Ugh someone has just told me my last fic is super similar to someone else’s and that I should credit them. I’m not going to credit a fic I haven’t read and have taken no inspiration from.

I’ve just had a brief glance through it and the similarities are barely there.

Seriously, ugh.

Another (Failed) Wedding Later

“We are gathered together today, to celebrate the unity between Mikaela Tepes and Ichinose Yuuichirou in marriage.” He solemnly says. “It is the joining of love between two—“ he pauses. Kids? Toddlers? “Persons and best friends of each other. Now, Yuu may say his vow.”


My eldest nephew has started to attend kindergarten and I’m so proud (because he’s taller than anyone in his class. That kid escaped the short genes in my family) and also sad because I remembered when he was just a lil’ baby who squealed everytime I heartedly sang him Creep by Radiohead.

“Today is a special day of the joining of marriage between Ichinose Yuuichirou and Mikaela Tepes.” Shinya stops to think for a moment. Honestly, he doesn’t remember what the officiant should say. Since even in his own wedding, Shinya was too busy blowing kisses to Guren’s reddening face. “Yuu, please say your marriage vow for Mika.”

Yuu puffs his chest. “Mika.” His jaw tight, looking at Mika’s adoring eyes with such determination. “I promise to be always with you, even when you’re sick—like last week when you vomited. I’ll share my desert with you because I love you, and we will play together forever. I promise.”

Shinya refrains the urge to squeal. It’s honestly the cutest thing, seeing his son—whose serious face in contrast with his high-pitched voice—standing there before his best friend—or groom—saying that he will share his desert. Shinya knows it’s true love, Yuu never lets anyone touches his desert ever.

“Your turn, Mika—“ He stops lamely. They told Shinya shouldn’t put -chan in their names because they’re grown-ups and going to be married, or so they said.

“Yuu-chan…” Shinya rolls his eyes, and here Mika still calls Yuu-chan. “Me too. I’ll play with you forever and ever! And share my toys with you, and—and—everything!” Mika sniffs, looking every bit like an overwhelmed grown-up groom in their wedding.

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In case anyone missed it:

I have started *slowly* publishing my fics on AO3. You can find my profile RIGHT HERE if you prefer it to, though I’ve only got two fics up at the moment (The Common Ground and Match Found).

I must say, even the limited amount of looking around I did on that site was enough to immediately prefer it to My favourite thing is that I can disable comments from unregistered users - and that’s leading me to thinking about transferring that Bechloe fic (y’all know the one I mean) over to that site instead. Because it was always the anons…

I’m going to try and do a bit each day, and see how it goes. At the moment, I don’t plan on shutting down my ff account, but it is a future possibility. And if anyone has any great tips/communities I should check out/recommendations, please leave them for me!!!!


Requested : yes // ERIK LEHNSHERR AND “If you loved me, why’d you leave me?” becaUSE IM FEELING EMO

Pairing : Erik Lehnsherr x reader

Warnings : angst very shitty angst, cursin

Word : 589

A/n : please go easy on me this is my first Erik/Marvel/X-Men fic and I just hope that you like it bc I really did try my hardest ;( so if it sucks please tell me bc feedback is always welcomed

p.s : the ending was pure crap bc i never know how to end anything                                                        

                                          {not my gif}

Originally posted by ayemcavoy

‘If you loved me, why’d you leave me’?

Erik had been dating a lovely person named Y/N, he even went as far as saying this was the love of his life. Erik had decided on a whim to go to a bar with Charles, Hank and Raven one evening. Nothing was meant to happen, he was just going to go out with some people and get a drink then head home to y/n. He was not meant to have so much alcohol that he drunk texts his ex. He was not meant to do the things he did with that ex. He was not meant to cheat.

But shit happens. In other words, Erik has been cheating on y/n for a little over two months. At first it was just supposed to be a one-time thing with his ex, he regretted sleeping with them right after but the amount of pleasure he got over weighed the guilt he had felt.

Y/N was no fool; they knew something was going on. He was being distant; he would come home later than usual. At first y/n assumed it was just work. He had been talking about this big presentation that his boss gave him and how it was a make or break for him. But then y/n had a feeling that he might have been unfaithful. Although you had hoped it was the former and not the latter.

You know when you get that feeling like something bad is going to happen? That’s what you felt when you woke up next to Erik. His phone started buzzing signaling that he just got a text. You had never been one to look through someone’s phone, however you didn’t think twice about just checking who was texting him at such an early hour. You had expected it to be Charles or maybe even Peter, (who you had learned was Erik’s son). What you had not expect was it to be Erik’s ex telling him how ‘they felt like they needed another round again because they just couldn’t get enough of his dick’. After reading that very gut wrenching text, you decided that laying in a bed with someone that could so easily cheat on you was not for you. Nor was staying in a house you no longer felt comfortable in.

Packing up your bags as quietly as possible so you would not have to deal with the inevitable break up that was fast approaching. In the midst of your thoughts and packing you hadn’t noticed that Erik had a woken. He however did notice how you were packing in a very angry motion.Packing angrily??? That’s a thing, right?

What are you doing, love?” he yawns out stretching across the bed.

Packing,” you fire back in a very calm, almost chilling tone.

Why are you packing did we have a vacation planned?” he asked.


Confused, he gets off the bed and walks towards you and asks, “Then why are you packing, y/n?”  

Because I’m leaving.” You rely in a dry tone. Not giving him time to respond you grab your bags and head towards the front door.

He doesn’t say anything as he watches you grab the doorknob. His only response was, “If you love me, why would you leave me?

Stopping dead in your tracks you responded with a simple, “If you loved me, why’d you cheat.

With that you walked out of the door and out of Erik Lehnsherr’s life

Chapter 3: him (sneak peek)

Robert sat down on the nearest bar stool and ordered a whisky from the barmaid. Her C-cups strained against the thin translucent fabric of her low cut top. She gave him an inviting look in return. She was definitely offering him a better look later on. Robert smiled at her. No, thanks. She was gorgeous but not what he needed. He rotated on the stool to get a better view of the room. He did not belong there, that was obvious. This was not the type of place he usually came to. Some strange music, probably a hit at the moment, was playing in the background. There was a small drug deal going down outside the back exit. It would’ve been enough any other time but he needed a warm, rough body pressed against his today, making him boneless. He needed something unexpected and different from what he usually went for.

A noise in the background piqued his interest. There was a group of men across the room drinking pints. They were laughing at something while one of them was talking. His voice was husky and it sent a shiver down Robert’s spine, making him shift to ease the tightening of his jeans. The guy was dressed all black from his sneakers, to his jeans, to his hoodie. He had dark short hair and beard. But his eyes made him hold his breath. Even from this distance Robert could see how blue and intense they were. They were piercing.

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Beneath the Shade of a Georgia Pine

rating: t+
word count: 4,992

Well I was raised up beneath the shade of a Georgia pine
And that’s home you know
With sweet tea, pecan pie and homemade wine
Where the peaches grow
And my house it’s not much to talk about
But it’s filled with love that’s grown in southern ground 

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

read on ao3

In university, Shiro and Keith were sweethearts, practically the campus couple. They were a package deal – where one went, so did the other. So when Shiro graduated, he knew Keith was a little concerned for their future and what would come next now that Shiro was supposed to be entering the Real World and Keith had another year of school.

Naturally, Shiro promised him nothing would change, but he also knew that Keith wasn’t going to be easily convinced. So Shiro hatched a plan to prove it.

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  • me:*rereads my own fics* what on earth was i thinking, the plot is all over the place, there are spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere, why did this even get any likes/kudos, should i delete this
  • also me:*rereads my own fics*👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌plot right there👌👌👌 right✔there 💯 A+ for characterization if do say so my self 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
you and me babe, how bout it? (Pearlet) - Vixen

So I wrote this about a year ago, it was a prompt “Pearlet after finding out they were in the top 3″ so I decided to post it while I work on Paradise Lost. I love and hate reading old fics because I feel like I was a better writer back then, but I love seeing my progression? Idk. Enjoy and follow me at artificialvixen where I post old fics and chat shit about ideas I have - Vixen

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that lost-in-wonderland person put "fuck off" in their tags but shes the one who started an argument with U.. smdh.. anyway im glad u called out the fics author on their shit

RIGHT LIKE they seem to be literally just obsessively defending the fic, searching it and responding to every reblog, im dying how can you make that much plainly-visible effort then try to go “um fuck off”

Lisitsa, the fox miraculous wielder from @wintermoth‘s fic, Guardians! she asked me a while back if i was interested in doodling this chara and sent me her mockups and i was like hell yessssss and so this happened and I think I took a lot of liberties lmaooo… i wanna draw her more, she was fun ;0;

anyway she makes an appearence in the new chapter finally, so y’all should check it out 8D!!

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so i've read every single fic you have posted on your AO3, all of your writing blows me away. my favorite by far though is, you can't dodge stiles stilinski. i've read it like 20 times, no joke. do you have any head cannons for the summer following the ending?



Derek totally takes Stiles for dinner. and then they definitely spend an entire weekend uh, getting to know each other better. 

then he shows up at the Stilinski house in running shoes and ERRYTHING on Monday and the Sheriff’s all “great, Derek, glad to see someone in this house is disciplined” and Stiles rolls down the stairs all sleepy and Derek can see a hickey on his neck he left there, and he’s just standing between the Sheriff and his GUN and Stiles on the stairs looking stupidly hot and DYING, and trying not to blush. and the Sheriff leaves and Stiles is like, awesome! let’s go back to bed, and Derek’s like, uh, no, we’re going running. and Stiles thinks he’s joking and then it dawns on him Derek is SERIOUS, and so goes and gets changed, and grumbles all the way to the preserve, but then shuts up because Derek and RUNNING, and Derek tries and fails not to take advantage of strong, sturdy trees to lean Stiles up against a few times. 

so BASICALLY, when they go running they LEGIT go running, and Derek starts hanging out after, Stiles calls them their cool down dates, which are mostly filled with making out until the Sheriff comes home and then they have dinner and towards the end of the summer, Derek’s doing the dishes, and Stiles is doing something stupidly endearing next to him on the counter and Derek leans forward, forgetting himself, and kisses him, and Stiles is all “oooh yes,” and then the Sheriff clears his throat from the table, and turns the page of the newspaper like “i’m still in the room and i’m not stupid, get out of here if you’re gonna do that.”

and Derek tries to melt into the floor, and legit spends a whole week CONVINCED the Sheriff’s just biding his time before he MURDERS Derek, and Laura and Cora take the piss the whole time, leaping round corners at the gym and scaring the shit out of him. so, he totally mans up and goes down to the Sheriff’s office and has an AWFULLY EMBARRASSING conversation with the Sheriff, who, though likes Derek very much, wants to know just exactly what ARE Derek’s intentions, and how long has this been going on and Derek’s like i PROMISE i would never take advantage, yadiyada, and the Sheriff’s all, “you know he wouldn’t shut up about you all semester, i was worried it’d end in heartbreak tbh,” and Derek’s all earnestly like “no i would NEVER hurt him, i’m legit in love with him, i tried not to be, i really did, but he just got under my skin and yeah” BIG SINCERE EYES and the Sheriff nods and dismisses him like “ok, your mom mentioned you were super in love with my son weeks ago, you two aren’t subtle at ALL, if Stiles didn’t actually WASH his running clothes on a regular basis i would be convinced you weren’t even going running.” and Derek dies of mortification.

and Stiles comes over to Derek’s later, and Erica meets him at the door and winds him up until Derek drags her away, and Stiles leaps at Derek because apparently the Sheriff quite likes Derek, and he heard Derek doesn’t have plans to hurt him and that Derek might maybe LOVE HIM? and Derek blushes a lot. then they probs have a lot of meaningful, YAY we totes enjoy each other’s company sex.

and Derek probably drives Stiles to college and ensures everyone in his entire dorm knows Derek is Stiles’ boyfriend. but, he’s cool, he promises. 

Is That a Fire in Your Kitchen? (Or Are You Happy to See Me?)

I wrote this for Halffizzbin, who prompted: “Had to knock on Hot Sweetheart Neighbor’s door to come help me disable the smoke detector. Hot Sweetheart Neighbor bore witness to my gross post-work bandana hair, my too-depressed-to-clean trash piles, and the big lime-green vibrator on the nightstand. QUICK SOMEBODY FIC IT SO I DON’T FEEL SO SAD ANYMORE”

Hope this cheers you up!

Another bang and shuffle combo racked through Stiles’ apartment and he put his book down with a huff. He never really had any problems with his neighbor before - excluding having to physically restrain himself from climbing him like a tree - so the noises, despite being annoying, worried Stiles a little.

Derek was never a party-goer or party-haver; he kept to himself, unfortunately enough. He didn’t even bother Stiles even when he knew he was being unnecessarily loud - which was why Stiles was trying to be content with the occasional thumps and scratching of chairs.

There was a moment of blessed silence and Stiles returned to his book, only to be interrupted by three heavy thumps against his door. Stiles put the book down, admitting to himself that the chapter was just not going to be read tonight, and went to the door.

When he looked through the peephole, a shock went through Stiles’ chest when he saw Derek on the other side, disgruntled scowl on that damn handsome face and gloriously tight tee that left little to the imagination.

Stiles pulled the door open, greeting Derek with a simple, “What’s up?”

Derek’s mouth pulled into thin line, clearly uncomfortable standing before Stiles, which thanks very much for that self esteem boost. Stiles took the silence as an opportunity to check Derek out (he wished he could be more sorry about it); as his eyes roved up Derek’s (incredible, bulky, mouth-watering) form, he saw - no, that couldn’t be -

“Is that a Tasmanian Devil watch?” Stiles blurted. It looked like he had interrupted Derek mid-speech, the way Derek snapped his mouth shut and glared at Stiles. But this was /important/ and besides, Stiles’ fear of glares had decreased dramatically since meeting Derek (and his libido in response to them peaked, funnily enough) (no, there was no connection between the two, and Stiles would deny that with his dying breath).

“That - yes, but it was just a gag joke.” Derek looked too distressed to permit Stiles poking more fun at the watch, but in the future, Stiles knew he had to get the story out of him. In any way he could.

“What can I do you for?” Stiles asked. Derek’s face contorted and Stiles realized just how awful that sounded.

“I’m sorry, that always worked in TV shows, it sounds so cocky and cool when other people said it. I literally never thought that it could sound so rude, like dude, obviously you’re not a prostitute.” At Derek’s eyebrows furrowing deeper, Stiles continued, “Not that you couldn’t, you do you, and I’m sure you’d do well, just totally fine in that job.” Stiles was very close to slamming the door on his head repeatedly.

“Fire,” Derek blurted. Stiles blinked.

“I … I don’t … ?” Stiles said when Derek said nothing.

“I - my dinner caught on fire and I’m not … .” A noise died in the back of Derek’s throat before he said, “I just need help. With my fire alarm? It just won’t cut out.”

“Oh, dude, was that all that noise I heard?” Derek’s baleful expression revealed to Stiles that yes, that noise did play a part in Derek’s plight. “Okay, gotcha. Is the fire out?” Derek nodded. “Awesome, cool. Let’s roll.”

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Summer Kentwood, a successful and determined 24 year old freelance photographer living in London, has it all figured out. Out having fun, no worries, no cares, just living her life. Then she gets introduced to Niall, a 21 year old super famous, extremely charming boyband member who has unfortunately just gotten out of a very public, very rough relationship and completely takes her world for a spin.

This is the story of how they meet, become rebound lovers and get thrown some tough obstacles and bumps along the way that not only test their growing relationship, but ultimately themselves. Will he, will he not, does he, does he not. Summer really isn’t sure, but it’s gonna be a hell of a ride finding out!  

snippet of unknown chapter

“I was thinking,” he paused, nestling his legs a bit deeper under the covers, “we don’t really know that much about each other.”

Raising up on my elbows, I flipped my hair over in my hand and rested my head against my palm. “Speak for yourself.”

He shot his clear blue eyes to me. “Huh?”

“I know…” I took in a deep breath, “I know that you play with your hair when you get nervous, I know that you pick all the little marshmallows out of your Lucky Charms and eat them before you actually eat the fucking cereal, I know you hum the same exact song every time you brush your teeth,” I got a slight smile on my face as his eyes widened at me, “and I know that you like to fuck with your socks off but always make sure you put them back on before you fall asleep.” Raising my brows to him, I smugly rolled my lips into my mouth.

He ran a hand up through his hair, my eyes following as he stared up through his lashes and caught himself half way, quickly bringing his hand back down to rest on his chest and looked over at me, purposely bumping his socked foot against my leg. I let out a giggle as he shook his head at me.

“Literally all I ever need to know about you, Niall.”

“Well, I wanna know somethin’ about you.”

Letting out a sigh, I slumped down onto his bed, flipping my body around to my back and throwing my bare legs to rest across the top of his. “What do you wanna know?” I turned my face up to look at him, my fingers mindlessly tracing down the warm skin of my stomach. My eyes fluttered a bit as he reached his hand out, the pads of his fingertips ghosting across my forehead and down my temple as he lightly brushed my dark brown hair from my face. “How’d ya get here? In London?”

“Moved.” I spit out, chuckling under my breath at my answer and shrugging my shoulders. “I just came over here a couple years ago on a whim and…basically never left. I love it here. It’s been great for my photography.”

He gave me a smile. “Yeah, you’re good at it.”

“I’m good at a lot of things.” I retorted, flicking my eyes to his.

“This is true.” He nodded his head, his fingers carding down through my hair as he let out a breathy laugh.

“I don’t know. It’s just…I like what I do, ya know. I can express myself and show people the world through my eyes. Plus, I make my own hours, work when I want to and don’t when I don’t want to. It’s nice.”

His hand stalled at the top of my head, gently cradling around as he tipped his head back against his headboard. “I wish I could do that.”

“You can’t? Don’t you guys basically like run everything?”

“Ha! I wish.” His voice raised as he peered down at me through the lower corners of his eyes. “We control a lot, but not that much. It gets hectic as fuck and like…privacy an’ shit, but I wouldn’t change it. Mostly…I guess.” I watched his stare settle on his ceiling, his eyes whirling as he attempted to follow the circular movement of the white fan that rested above his bed. I could tell his mind was racing, thinking of her and felt his fingers tighten a bit in my hair, his bitten fingernails scraping gingerly at my scalp. Licking at my lips, I slowly rolled over, curling up against the heat of him, my arm draping heavily across his slim chest. We didn’t really talk much more, the last bit of our conversation proving to be enough for us right now.


okay, guys. so i really have NO idea when im going to fully start this story or even how long its going to actually be. i have the ending all planned out already and the epilogue (yes there will be one) but other than that, i have no outline. i feel like this story could go on for as long as i want it to, so im just gonna try and let it flow and go from there.

i really hope you guys are excited and will get as interested in it as you all were for NTOO (which im still so happy about!) and i hope you will all continue to read!

for anyone wondering the face claim for Summer is Phoebe Tonkin :)