In Vogue

Chapters: 1/10 (12.5k)
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

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Fashion AU. Louis is the editor in chief of Vogue magazine, and Harry’s running British GQ. Featuring Zayn as the crazy creative director and Louis’ confidant, Liam as the sports writer that gets to sit first row at fashion week and DJ Neil as the only sane person in the whole story. (There are no skinny jeans in this fic)

‘Is that why David Beckham has been featured multiple times on the pages of your life’s work? Does your criteria seriously consist of one thing – a man’s ass?’
'Well the ass is a man’s best asset,’ Harry smirks, holding the Martini glass high up his face. 'And don’t call the magazine my life’s work. There are far more important things in life, Louis Tomlinson, than what’s printed on the pages of a magazine.’


Harry ends up in hell by mistake and Louis is the devil and Harry is like: “I dont belong here” Louis would be like “yeah that’s what they all say” so Harry decides he needs to charm his way out of there

so he starts telling Louis all his bad knock-knock jokes and bad puns and calls him Loucifer and Louis is losing it because let’s be honest, he doesn’t hear a lot of jokes down there

and somewhere along the way they fall in love and Louis wants to let Harry leave because he loves him and doesn’t belong in hell but Harry doesn’t want to leave anymore so in the end they rule over hell together and torment the people with bad jokes

Niall-Centric Fic Rec

After a riveting Twitter discussion outofcases asked for some good Niall fics, so here are some of my favorite Niall-centric fics or fics where I enjoyed Niall’s characterization! Hope you enjoy it :)

the noise of this place (Niall/Liam)

“They’re going to tear us apart,” Niall whispers, his voice hoarse. “They’re going to turn us against each other.”

“No,” Louis says viciously. “I won’t let them do that. You are my boys. You’re my family.”

“What good will that be? We’re about to go to war,” Niall says.

watch you on the red horizon (Niall/Harry)

It’s 2018, a year after One Direction has ended. Niall and Harry may or may not accidentally become soul mates.

my remedy for yesterday (Niall/Harry)

It’s been three years since One Direction finally parted ways. Three long years where Niall’s stayed away from home on a never ending holiday. Three years since he’s seen Harry in the flesh and not just splashed across the tabloids or overplayed on the radio. Niall’s just docked his boat in Ibiza, ready to soak up the sun, when an unexpected accident brings Harry into his life again. And while Niall recuperates on Harry’s patch of sandy white beach old feelings start to emerge, not all of them pleasant.

Naive Melody (Niall/Zayn)

Post-Zayn canon fic. Zayn steps in to help Niall deal with Theo. Niall isn’t sure how to deal with Zayn.

I’m so much older than I can take (Niall/Nick)

“Niall likes space, Nick likes to feel sorry for himself, and they both like each other.”

A thousand teeth and yours among them (Niall/Bressie)

“One of Niall’s best mates, Bressie, has secretly been a werewolf since long before Niall ever knew him. In the quiet restlessness post-On The Road Again, Niall returns home to Ireland to decompress, to write music, and to reconnect with his friends and family away from the busy crush of London and the band. A tumultuous situation ends with Bressie accidentally losing control and biting Niall, turning him into a werewolf and changing everything forever. Wracked with guilt and a weighty sense of duty, Bressie takes Niall under his wing to help ease the transition from boy to wolf as much as he’s able—it’s the least he can do after effectively stealing Niall’s entire life away from him at the pinnacle of his career. What he doesn’t count on is the inexorable urge not only to help Niall navigate the ins and outs of the wolf but also to mate him, to keep him as Bressie’s own. As Niall must deal with returning to life with One Direction and discovering who he is anew, he and Bressie must also deal with their growing feelings for each other, and the ever-present spectre of the wolf ruling their lives and love.”

down for the count (Niall/OMC)

“niall in melbourne with his bros doing bro stuff like gettin fucked”

steal my heart tonight(OT5)

“An OT5 international thieves AU that contains very little actual stealing because I have no idea how to break into vaults in real life and lots of friendship and feelings from five boys in love.”

helplessness blues

“Louis gets dumped and gives up on himself at the end of 2014. Niall steps in to help.

not just a phase (Niall/Sophia/Liam)

”“Great!” says Liam. “I’ll, um, I’ll set up a time.”

“Not now?” Niall deflates.

Liam shakes his head. “No, well. We thought, maybe, you and Soph should go first?”

Niall scrunches his face up. “Like…an icebreaker exercise?”

“Yeah,” says Liam, shaking his head fondly at Niall, which Niall thinks is a bit rich coming from the guy proposing get-to-know-you sex before a threesome. “Just like that.”“

No-Fly Zone (OT5)

Niall wants to try bottoming for all the wrong reasons. His boys help him work through it.”

i was made for sunny days (i was made for you) (Niall/Zayn)

“Don’t do dances,” Niall repeats with a smile. “Don’t do pool parties. What do you do, Zayn Malik?”

Zayn shrugs. “Play baseball. Date you.”

slow and steady (your hand fits in mine) (harry/niall)

“Their first Christmas since the accident, and Harry promises to take care of Niall.”

chest full of birds (Niall/Marvin & Rochelle Humes)

“Niall almost breaks a washing machine, and that’s just where it begins.”

long before we both thought the same thing (Niall/Louis)

“Louis and Niall discuss X Factor judging as a career path, and they both give it a try. But mostly Niall has a lot of unresolved feelings that need a resolution.”

we’ll touch the other side (Niall/Nick)

“a wedding that doesn’t happen, a bucket list that does, and just a bit of madness.”

You Didn’t Say You’re Sorry (You Don’t Care That You Hurt Me) (OT5)

“"I’m asexual,” he says, almost immediately, and four sets of eyes widen–he can feel the intensity of their gazes burn into his sides.

[Or the one where Niall comes out to his bandmates but doesn’t get quite the reaction he hopes for from one of them]“

the awful edges where you and i begin (Niall/Zayn)

"“I could’ve killed you a dozen times,” Zayn tells him, and he means for it to sound like an apology, maybe. Proof of a conscience, even after everything. Even after this. “A hundred.”

Niall mockingly clicks his tongue in disapproval. “And I’m supposed to thank you for saving it all for a melodramatic stairwell scene?””

Bated Breath (Niall/Bressie)

“It was funny how Bressie’s memories could play tricks on him.

Between the dreams and the drinks, he couldn’t remember who reached out first.”

Caught Red-Handed (With a Guitar at His Side) (Niall/Liam)

The one where Liam’s a Detective Inspector and Niall is the number one suspect in his murder investigation.

once in your life (Niall/Harry)

Niall and Harry make a marriage pact.

you break me, you numb me, you still seem to stun me (Niall/Louis)

Niall and Louis meet at a diner and Niall has to figure out how they’re meant to be

give you romance and hide your lost chances too (Niall/Louis)

Louis is feeling down during the break between tours, and Niall cheers him up. Louis is very grateful, and they discover a little something they’re both into.

let the dog decide (Niall/Louis)

““It’s- you know how- have you ever watched dogs fuck?” “I’m out,” Zayn mutters, popping up off the couch and heading for the door. -or- everything is the same, except Niall is a werewolf.”

les mysteres de l'horizon (Niall/Zayn)

“"Preferably heist!fic, but anything with ziall as partners in crime (con artists, hackers, assassins, etc.) in an ot5 team. I’d like for one of them to be new to the team and for Zayn and Niall to start off on the wrong foot.”“

I Think I See a Future (Niall/Zayn)

"Zayn can’t remember the last time he let Louis talk him into going out. Most Fridays are spent with a pizza picked up in a hurry from Pizza Express, Violet in her pajamas and the two of them camped out on the floor in front of a movie. Sometimes Harry joins them, sometimes it’s Louis and Liam arguing over whether to watch Brave or Tangled while Violet ignores them and chooses Lilo and Stitch. Mostly, Fridays involve falling asleep at eight with his daughter asleep on his chest.”

fool yourself (but we can’t pretend) (Niall/Bressie)

“He can’t stop staring at the picture. Niall should, by all rights, look ridiculous in it. He should look swamped by the hoodie, like a kid playing dress up in someone else’s clothes. But he doesn’t. Christ, he really doesn’t look ridiculous at all. He does look small though, Bressie realises, with the sleeves bunched around his thin wrists like before. He looks small and he looks gorgeous.

Or Bressie tries his hardest not to think about Niall while he jerks off and fails miserably. And feelings. And pining.”

Spies Like Us (Niall/Bressie)

Niall’s known Bressie for two and half years. He’d met him four years ago, but he’s known him for two and a half.

In which Bressie is Irish intelligence, Niall’s a hacker for MI6, everyone’s a spy, and it’s not that hard to say where loyalties lie.

take me in (and catch me when i fall) (Niall/Liam)

“He watches as Niall’s hand hovers over the tiara for a second, like he’s nervous, but Liam just lifts his hand and pushes it into Niall’s. "Go on,” he says almost pleadingly, stepping closer, his eyes bright with excitement. “Go on Nialler, it’ll be ace.”“

emotional knapsack (Niall/Harry)

"“We could do a,” Harry leans forward, “like a, small show? or shows? Like, not a full tour. Not that we’re like, going to record or anything or change anything about our hiatus. But, we’ve got the songs?”

“Just a small thing,” Niall could slap himself for how light his voice comes out, clearing his throat and meeting Harry’s big eyes with his own, “just a bit of fun.”

(Harry and Niall go solo, together.)”

If It Makes You Less Unhappy (Niall/Liam)

Listen. You can do whatever you’d like, but you told me that you were going to be taking a year of your life living here— in Italy, right?” He looks into Liam’s eyes for confirmation, squeezing gently into his shoulder. “Right?”

Liam nods. He shivers at the realization that he’s going to be here for a year. His pilgrimage has only just begun. He hadn’t really thought about how much a year could change a person—perhaps even a week. He can already tell by the end of this conversation with Niall, change may come more quickly.


Or: Liam travels to Italy and gets more than he ever anticipated.“

a challenge i can call my own (Niall/Zayn)

"The one thing that hasn’t changed, in all the different ways that other people have played with his cock, is how he plays with it.”

Point B (Niall/Bressie)

“The original question seems stupid and unnecessary — Niall’s into boys is nothing compared to Niall’s into Bressie, has been for ages, which in turn is a hell of a lot easier to swallow than the fact that he’s grown into the sort of bloke Bressie would cross a bar to hit on. …In which Niall has surgery, Bressie helps out, and everyone’s got a little catching up to do.”

baby you make my heart beat faster (Harry/Niall)

“Niall’s into Harry. Harry’s into taxidermy.”

leave my heart open (Niall/Louis)

“At the end of TMH tour, Niall falls in love with Louis and figures himself out.”

Enough to Hurt (Niall/Liam)

“Set during the summer on the US leg of the Take Me Home tour. Liam starts noticing little changes in Niall, the bruises on his hip, the scratch marks on his back, the way he seems to be more comfortable in his own skin.”

does it almost feel like nothing changed at all (Niall/Harry)

““You don’t have room to talk,” Louis says, pointing a finger at Harry and narrowing his eyes. “Seeing as how you were seventy five million years late to the meeting today.”

“Well I’m bloody well here now!” Harry shouts. Everyone goes quiet, Zayn even manages to pause whatever Robert Downey Jr. is doing on the telly, and it’s right then, in the middle of the first split second of quiet since Harry arrived that he hears it.

“Wait,” Harry says, cocking his head to the side and listening more closely. “Is that a baby crying?”

OR: Niall gets a baby left w him and Harry moves in to help him take care of her”

Forgotten how to stand (Niall/Louis)

“Niall is a Chelsea midfielder recovering from major knee surgery. With luck, he should be back and better than ever next season, but for the summer he’s basically housebound, and in the back of his mind he knows he might never play again. To liven up the monotony, he seeks out the services of Louis, a high-class hooker who’s happy to make house calls. And although Niall’s been with professionals in the past, he couldn’t have expected the feelings he has for Louis, how quickly being with Louis starts to feel like being with a friend. Or more than a friend.”

Don’t Break My Android Heart (Niall/Bressie)

“In the not-too-distant future, Bressie is a sculptor on a routine trip to gather materials for his new project. He finds a malfunctioning high-end bot and decides to take it home, but ends up getting much more than he bargained for. Together with his group of friends, Bressie navigates the ins and outs of his mysterious discovery, and finds himself falling for the droid despite everything he thought he knew.”

good enough to eat (Niall/Harry)

“Niall meets Harry on the set of Masterchef and is instantly attracted to him, even if he is a bit of a dick and far too smug for his own good. He finally cracks his determined exterior and a pretty mind blowing set of blowjobs later they start tentatively seeing each other, only Harry is far too invested in the competition and he just doesn’t have time for distractions like Niall

A MasterChef AU.”

Never On Your Own (OT5)

“Niall sells his place in London. It’s a Friday afternoon, and he signs the papers feeling a bit numb, a little stupid, and very, very glad. His agent looks worried, and asks if he needs a minute to think about it. Niall doesn’t, but he smiles at her anyway, is polite when he shakes his head, “Nah, thanks. ‘m good.” He isn’t, but he doesn’t think it’s much of a lie when everybody knows.

Or, Niall sells everything he owns in London and buys a posh old castle by the ocean in Ireland. Hidden away from the outside world, he’s sad and lonely until one day, he isn’t.”

we’re on fire now (Niall/Harry)

“In which Harry and Niall are two of the best spies in the world, except maybe not really, because they’re enemies and one is not supposed to fraternize with the enemy, but it keeps happening anyway. Liam is very exasperated.”

hear the wheels as they roll (Niall/Louis)

“Louis gives Niall a lift from New York City to Austin, Texas, and learns to stop thinking quite so much along the way. (Secondary Louis relationships are pre-fic.)”

One of These Nights (Niall/Bressie)

“"Right. Okay. Thing is, I can’t be casual—not with you,” Bressie says. “You’re too,” he exhales, and Niall stops breathing altogether, straining to hear everything. “You’re too important to me. The most important, really, and I don’t want to fuck this up.”“

the creation of ursa major (Niall/Zayn)

"Niall would pull him all the way if he could, wrap his sunlight infused hand around Zayn’s and pull them up until they couldn’t breathe. And Zayn would let him, only to return (loyal, dependable, periodic) and settle around his Sirius before he’d float off again.”

Building Castles in the Air (Niall/Liam)

“Liam is overwhelmed by his bootcamp roommate, who is loud and friendly and so totally up-front about what he wants out of this competition.”

when opportunity knocks (Niall/Louis)

“Half way through tour, Louis suddenly becomes single and Niall experiences a reappearance of the huge crush he thought he had gotten over.”

Happens All Too Fast (Niall/Harry)

“Louis slots into the seat next to Harry, and Liam sinks down in the seat next to Zayn, and Niall doesn’t know why, but all of a sudden he feels left out. Law school AU.”

my love, he’s overboard (Niall/Louis)

“in a world where mutants are an oppressed minority, and there’s a mutant resistance fighting for their rights and battling terrorism, a beautiful boy falls out of the sky and into niall’s waiting heart.”

this is no bridget jones (Niall/Zayn)

“Harry,” Zayn feels like he’s losing it, “Harry, you know my life isn’t a romantic comedy, right? No matter how much you try and make it one.”
“Please, I’ve seen Love, Actually like… thirty times,” Harry says, grinning. “This is going to be so much better.”

Mastering the Art of Friends Cooking (Niall/Harry)

“Niall has spent years of practice preparing for his appearance on the Next Food Network Star. He expected his life to change as a result of it - just not quite in this way.”

Just Smile (Niall/Harry)

Harry and Niall decide to go to the prom just as friends. It doesn’t work out quite as planned

anonymous asked:

Hii so on your master rec list (pile of gold, lemme tell you) there's summer lovin tag. I was wondering if you could rec some monsoon-rainy sterek fics?

aw, i’m glad you’re enjoying the lists! here are some sterek fics that have storms, kisses in the rain, stories you could enjoy with the sound of rain

  • In From The Cold by frek, sova (T, 1k)  He’s soaked to the bone and there are things he wants to say.
  • que tu m’aimais encore by magneticwave (T, 20k) Wolves mate for life, don’t they?
  • Der Yingl fun Erd un Blitz (The Boy of Earth and Lightning) by sofonisba_found (T, 19k) Miriam and John Stilinski had always wanted to have children. But when her illness prevented her from giving birth, and every conventional alternative option to raise a child was denied to them, they had to look for an…unconventional method. One that would give them a child that was himself far from ordinary in so many ways. And soon after, in the town of Beacon Hills, a young werewolf named Derek begins to notice the scent of something different from anything he had ever known before in the air…
  • Our Memories are Numbered by rufflefeathered (E, 23k) Stiles’ Jeep grinds to a halt, he sees someone running through the rain, he’s not expecting it to be Derek. He’s not expecting a Derek without any memories either, or an Alpha pack that’s coming for all of them. He probably should’ve, because lately nothing goes the way he expects.
  • No Oceans Left by zoemathamata (T, 14k) Stiles has always been a merman. He just never knew how to tell anyone. He hasn’t shifted since his mom died.

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Somewhere behind the grey mist outside, the sun continues to rise as Regina and Robin lie in bed, sinking into each other’s warmth, their steady breathing the morning’s soundtrack.

Robin shifts a bit, gently stretches and shakes his fingers as a tingly numbness courses through them. So much has changed in the last few weeks, and he finds himself trying to pinpoint the moment he became more than a friendly headrest during faculty meetings or a confidant with whom Regina could rely on to share a bran muffin and a cup of coffee in the lounge before their classes.

He spends a few more minutes beneath the covers, bare skin kissing bare skin, half dozing, half absorbing, the glory of being next to Regina, naked in ways that aren’t external, and then his eyes drift closed and his breathing slows to a rhythmic rise and fall.

Regina cracks open her eyes and angles her head back to look at Robin. He’s smiling, this easy, lovely little thing that puckers dimples on his cheeks, and it warms her heart, makes butterflies flutter in her stomach. Grinning, she snuggles closer into his side before letting sleep pull her back to slumberland where lovers love eternal and the days’ sorrows go to die.

Soon morning will really come, and then Robin and Regina’s true test of strength and courage will begin. 

- Illuminate the Hollows | Sneak Peek by the brilliant outlawqueenluvr

July Fic Rec

OVER 100K:

Unbelievers (136k - 10/10) / It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.

Escapade (146k - 5/5) / In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.


electing strange perfections (84k - 10/10) / Back for the summer from university, 19-year-old Louis is faced with a massive problem: their new gardener is quite possibly the most gorgeous man he’s ever met. Over the course of the summer, Louis and a 25-year-old Harry will learn that love can be found where you least expect it.

You’re An Asshole (But I Love You) (85k - 17/17) / Louis is a frat boy with a drinking problem who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and Harry is a psychology student who always takes care of him and might just be exactly what Louis doesn’t want, but really needs.

You Drive Me Round The Bend (77k - 12/12) / In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.

The Light to Guide Me Home (56k - 6/6) / Harry and his friends hit Vegas for post Uni blow out, he meets a bar owner called Louis who rocks his world. Pure lust overtakes them both but it’s more, it’s just so much more than that.

all of our important nothings (19k - ¾) / Or the one where Harry and Louis are in love, Haylor happens, and Louis battles quite a few demons along the way.

The Butterflies in my Stomach, They could bring me to my Knees (49k - 10/13) / When Louis moves in with his new foster family, he meets a beautiful boy who lives down the street.

all the lights are full of color (26k) / Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.

Be My Little Good Luck Charm (34k - 4/4) / In which Harry is a promising amateur golfer making his debut at the PGA Championship, and Louis is a Sky Sports anchor who would really rather be commentating on footie.The other boys are around too: caddy!Niall provides victory pints, Liam is Louis’s Very Serious co-anchor, and poor Zayn just gets his face drawn on.

don’t make this easy (i want you to mean it) (24k) / Harry’s a frat boy who is head over heels for Louis and Louis wants nothing to do with him.

bring out feelings in me i never show (24k - 2/2) / Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving. Or, the fake boyfriends au no one asked for, inspired by this

Time and Ten (21k) / Harry and Louis are babysitters who meet in line for Santa.


Bambi (18k) / The au where Harry becomes an assassin and has a mission at louis’ house to steal the million dollar zirconia fro Zayn. 

we’re afire love (11k) / Harry and Louis are best friends. Harry has the whole “crush” thing under control, honestly. Until, of course, he moves in with Louis and his baby.

our love is bitter (but i really like the taste) (10k) / The one where Gemma is Louis’ tutor and Louis might be slightly infatuated with her younger brother who works in a bakery. It doesn’t help that said brother seems to have an awful lot of love for ice-lollies, nail polish and knock-knock jokes.

A Long Way From the Playground (10k) / Louis is a single dad who is having a lonely life crisis and Harry is a doctor that carries around princess band-aids in his pocket.

Even As Young As You Are (12k) / Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital.

Faith and Trust and Pixie Dust (10k) / Harry Styles and his son, Lucas, are spending four days at Disneyland for Lucas’ sixth birthday. Louis Tomlinson is Peter Pan there, and takes a shine to both the boys. He gives them tickets to a Peter Pan show that night, and spends the evening with the two before spending the night with Harry. Lucas and Harry both find themselves getting attachd to Louis, and Louis finds the same himself.

hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean and spits me out again (17k) / "Stay,“ Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis’ temple like he can somehow ease the pain that’s blooming there, but he can’t make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can’t make Louis stay.

Every time that you get undressed (I hear symphonies in my head) (12k) / AU in which Harry is the typical frat boy who doesn’t believe in love but falls for the insecure mess that is Louis.

Pi Time (16k) / Hot, hipster Harry from Tinder is nothing like Louis expected.

I’m Caught on Your Coat Again (13k) / Louis owns a café next to Harry’s bakery. Harry bakes Louis cake and Louis names tea after Harry and eventually they fall in love.

This is unnecessarily long for just a month but apparently I was on the bus more so I had more time to read! Faves of the month are italicized, and yes I finally finished Escapade, and I’m still in shock over it. YAY. Well ENJOY!

Fic Rec of the week (July 30th 2015)

- Hiding Out in the Kitchen, by LittleMousling : Harry’s in an internationally famous boyband with his three best mates, he gets laid on a pretty regular basis, and he’s headed to Australia in a week. He doesn’t need anything else, and he certainly doesn’t need a boyfriend. If this nice guy he met in a coffeeshop wants to date him, great—but that’s all it is. Right?

Larry OS (28k) with a famous!Harry, non-famous!Louis, some smut, a bit angsty.

- Always come back to you,  by anonymous : “I’ll do it,” Harry offers brightly. No one even blinks. “I’ll do it?”Louis sighs irritably. “Shut up,” he orders, tossing a pillow in the general direction of Harry’s face. This is a terrible time for jokes, especially Harry’s lame, old people ones.Not that it was an old people joke. Just that most of the time Harry’s jokes consist of knock-knocks or terrible puns. The type of jokes old people like, Louis’ pretty sure. His nan always finds them hilarious when Harry tells her one.Harry bats the pillow out of the air without even blinking. “Be reasonable, Lou,” he says in his most reasonable voice.Louis is perfectly reasonable, thank you very much, and he’s also frustrated and upset and tired and he really wants to punch something. Maybe he should have held on to that pillow a little longer.“You’re not gonna fucking do it,” he snaps. “That’s the last thing I need.”

Yay ! fake/ pretend relationship Larry AU (28k) ! and it’s future Canon AU! (1D break up after a long time) ! And smut IS FUCKING GREAT? YEAH!

- Everything On You Intoxicates, by zainspank : Where Zayn maybe stalks that fit guy from his Intro to Lit class on Instagram.

Ziam Uni AU (3 chapters, 38k) : cute, very cute. Lot of stalking and pinning, a side Larry, great smut, a bit angsty but nothing too hard.

- Spark a new flame, by dylobrien : Louis is nineteen, Harry is twenty-one, and it’s not all that hard to figure out what happens when they both go clubbing.

Hmm, basically, it’s 6k of Larry smut.

- Fate’s A Bitch Really (Yes), by bumstagram : Louis is twenty-three now, and painfully aware that “Yes.” Is quite a common response when first meeting someone.—- or that soulmate au where everyone has the first words their soulmate is supposed to say to them tattooed on their body.

Larry soulmate OS (3k), so cute and fluffy and funny. No smut at all. I have to say it makes me love soulmae AU …

- The New Posh and Becks, by mistresscurvy : 2016 is a big year for solo artist Liam Payne. After his amazing experience on X Factor, releasing his own album and touring with Little Mix seems like the height of success. Then he meets Arsenal midfielder Louis Tomlinson at a charity event, and suddenly everything else fades into the background.Also featuring Zayn as Liam’s stylist, Niall as an Arsenal trainer, and Harry as himself if he’d gone on X Factor in 2013 and won the whole damn thing.

Lilo OS (28k)  with a singer!Liam and footballer!Louis. Well this one was veryyyyy goooood. Great rhythm, good smut, I liked Liam character so much,  and weeeeelll, I love it, obviously.

- All full up with your love    , by orphan_account : Basically, Liam is sad after he and Danielle break up and Louis decides to fix it with sex. “Is no one going to say it? I feel like someone should say it,” says Harry thoughtfully, and then adds, “we’re gonna gangbang you, Liam.”

Ahem. So. Well well well. (sorry, just finished this one, I have to recover). Let’s say this in few words : 17k of Lilo then OT5 gangbang Liam focused.  That’s all. Good luck.

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A larry fic rec for paddy, my sister!!

Okay parentinglarenting here are some fics I liked a lot.  This is NOT a comprehensive list. ahah obviously.  but anyway, to start out I’m just going to try to give you an overview of some fics of various lengths that I thought were good.  I’ll probably get overly enthusiastic about things, sorry.  Let me know if you have questions!! 

Butterfly Gun by Eravain (100k)

summary:  Harry has never been much of a fighter, but—as always—where Louis Tomlinson is concerned, a lot of things stop being true. 1940’s AU. Even after six years apart, they can’t forget their shared wartime childhood.

This fic is so emotional and well-written.  I got all sort of deep pains in my heart from it and almost cried a few times.  In general I recommend all the stuff eravain has written.  

leave it to the breeze by Hattalove (81k)

 Louis couldn’t be prouder of his bake, but there’s something—there’s something. Something about Harry Styles and the earnest way he measures, pours, mixes, scrapes. Something about the tip of his tongue poking out of his mouth as he knocks the air out of his batter.

or a great british bake off au in which louis cares about winning and winning only, harry is made of sunshine and rainbow sprinkles, and niall sticks his nose into other people’s business. also featuring liam as louis’s best friend-slash-concerned mother, and zayn as a macaron connoisseur.

Harry and Louis are both great in this and the sexual tension is like A++++++++++++.  I felt like I was dying.  Also it was funny.  Same thing as with eravain, I recommend anything by hattalove.  I particularly like amaryllis (the werewolf fic) and ever ever after (an enchanted AU) also.

  little wings on my shoes by juliusschmidt (39k)

You have C Lunch?”  Louis asks, peering over at Harry’s work. The problem Harry’s just finished is printed neatly, the correct answer circled. Harry’s finger marks the next problem in his book as he copies it onto the page. It doesn’t look like he’s stealing the answers out of the back. Nice.

 He’s dimpled and smart.

 And probably gay.

[The American High School AU in which no one is cool (except Niall) and Harry wears a rainbow bracelet.]

This fic is so great because it really feels like they are real high school students.  Also they are nerdish in a real life kind of way.  Like we were in high school.  (okay, ahahah I know you are like, easing into this fic thing a little bit, but if you wanted to branch out – first, alert me – and then I will explain ABO fic to you and then you can read the harry you little shit series that juliusschmidt is doing, because it’s amazing.)

One For Luck by leavingonatrain (58k so far)

The first time they talk isn’t the first time they’ve met.

No, the very first time Louis remembers hearing Harry Styles’ deep, deep voice, he’s just won gold at the World Equestrian Games and he’s officially back on Great Britain’s Olympic team. He’s also three sheets to the wind, drunk on victory and champagne, and there’s a gorgeous boy whispering in his ear. Life’s grand.

or: Louis and Harry are professional riders on the same Olympic team.

Okay this is a WIP, just FYI.  I love it because the subject reminds me of Jilly Cooper, and also the tone is just like that, too.  I’m not sure how to describe it.  Witty and unsentimental, but not cynical?  I don’t know.  Anyway, it super works for me and I get really happy whenever it updates. 

Roadblock by LoadedGunn (19k)

 No one can say Louis isn’t motivated to win The Amazing Race. He wants to be the best partner Liam can have, and his mum could definitely use the million quid. But. He noticed Harry two seconds after reading their first clue and then sort of hasn’t stopped. How could he, Harry’s a two-metre, tattooed, good-humoured charmer who probably has an arsenal of bad jokes and fifty pets with unimaginative names. So he kept an eye on him, like he would all their competitors. Just to measure him up.

Or, an Amazing Race AU where Louis and Liam are the driven, athletic guys who are in it to win it, Harry and Niall are the useless best friends that get by due to luck and possibly magic, and somewhere between Italy and Japan Louis falls inconveniently in love. (Also Zayn is the supermodel host.)

You probably wouldn’t go wrong reading all the LoadedGunn that is available.  There is great dialogue and it’s always genuinely funny.  I also like it how the tone is always warm. This Amazing Race one is super re-readable. I also really love the Formula One AU.

Curtains, Cataclysms, and Constellations by aclosetlarryshipper (30k)

Harry doesn’t understand the boy next door.

People don’t normally send surreptitious messages through the form of symbolic emotion and quick glances if they want to be left alone. Right?

No. His new neighbour is trying to say something to him.

(And if Harry decides to devote his entire summer to figuring him out, it will be a summer well spent.)

I love this fic it made me laugh out loud really hard on the hammock last year while we were in long island. 

Gotta Make You Understand by shipsdrifting (5k)

“Hey!” Niall exclaims, nudging Harry in the side. “Hey, isn’t that - Wait. Why are you so red?” His eyes narrow for a moment, and then he hits Harry on the shoulder again, harder. “No fucking way,” he breathes, his face growing impossibly wide with glee. “Are you actually fucking telling me you’ve been coming – no, sneaking - around here every week in secret because you still have a mad crush on Louis Tomlinson?”

Or, Uni AU in which Gemma, Liam and Louis are One Direction, and Harry is the World’s Most Supportive Brother - really.

Just super cute and like a little tiny bit of mini angst.  hahaha i love mini angst where you know it’s not going to hurt for that long so it’s the best. 

I’ve been stuck inside (your heart-shaped box) by colourexplosion (6k)

AU. Harry and Louis meet for the first time when they have to kiss on camera for Zayn’s art project.

Just really cute flirting and then sex. ahaha what more could you want??  Also, I am finally going to read colourexplosion’s iceskating fic now but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be great!!!! 

my heart is breathing for this moment in time by usedtothebeach (160k) 

When Louis first saw Harry at the 2010 X Factor Auditions, he thought he was watching a peculiarly special stranger. But Harry has known Louis ever since he was five years old.

Because Louis has a rare genetic disorder that causes him to Time Travel to important moments in his past and in his future - and to Harry, always to Harry. When they’re put into a band together, it seems like everything Harry has been waiting and wishing for has finally come true. Except for the small fact that Louis doesn’t know that Harry is in love with him- that Harry’s always been in love with him. Fate, it would seem, is just getting started.

A story about growing up and growing together, and the impossible love that makes it all worthwhile.

It’s based off the time traveler’s wife, I don’t know if you read that book.  Anyway, it’s VERY well written.  Again, I don’t know how adventurous you are willing to get, but this author also wrote a SUPER good mpregish type fic.  It’s really melancholy but like, I don’t know, so well written.  

these sweet thoughts by Adelagia (40k)

When Louis has the worst day of his life, it’s only because Harry hasn’t accidentally walked into it yet.

Featuring Louis as Ariel in a production of The Tempest, Harry as a happily overworked pastry chef, Niall their cheerleader, Zayn their less vocal but equally enthusiastic cheerleader, Kinder Surprises, stiff peaks, and someone getting punched by mistake.

I just felt happy the whole time while I was reading it.  ahah that’s pretty much what I remember from it. Also this author wrote a fairy AU that made me cry, so you could read that too. 

Okay, that seems like enough for now.  There is so much GREAT FIC.  So like, whenever you want more, just tell me and I’ll make another rec. In fact here is a link to a marcel fic rec I did in advance. 

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Any wolfstar soulbonding fic recs?

Is soulbonding the same as soulmate AUs? If it’s not, feel free to send me another request explaining what you’re looking for, but for now: 

Soulmate AUs!

Note: some of my favorites on this list are marked with a star (*), but they’re all good fics :)

  • *The Electric Fizzing Prick Pistols, or Whatever by whitmans_kiss– 4k, T, MWPP era. “Everyone is born with Words on their arm that connect them to their Soulmate. James finds his, Sirius had everything figured out back in First Year, Peter doesn’t talk to girls anyway, and Remus thinks he’d very much just like to put his earmuffs back on and disappear.” Lovely fic, so much fluff but also creativity and characterization.
  • *I just didn’t know it yet. by genderisasocialconstruct– 1k, G, MWPP era & post-Hogwarts. “Sirius comes to realise that the time waiting for his soulmate was well worth the wait.” AU in which then name of one’s soulmate is written on their wrist from birth. Trans!Remus. Super super cute. 
  • Our countdown by asongofshipsandfeels– 2k, G, MWPP era. AU in which everyone has a countdown on their wrist showing the time until they first meet their soulmate. Very sweet.
  • Bandages by FreakishWhale– 1k, G, MWPP era. “A world where everyone is born with the First Words their soulmate will ever speak to them inked onto their skin, to be kept hidden until they are spoken and burn black.” Aww, little Sirius is such a cutie.
  • *the voice in his head by Sonata Appasionata– 2k, G, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Sirius had always had that voice in his head. Sometimes, it comforted him after those long, endless sessions of his father’s remonstrations…Other times, it berated him for doing something stupid…Whatever he did, it was always, dependably there.” Little Sirius is too cute to handle omg.
    • Companion fic from Remus’s POV: the voice, louder– 3k, PG, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Of course I’ll be your friend, Padfoot said, inside his head, and six-year-old Remus found it easier to breathe again.” Read them both for double the cute!
  • Written in the Stars by Rose Garden Fairytale– 1k, PG, MWPP era. “Sirius Black wakes up on the morning of his seventeenth birthday and discovers the name of his soulmate. Nervous with who it is and how they will react he tries to hide it for as long as possible.” AU in which your soulmate’s signature appears on your wrist at age 17.
  • I Guess Luchino’s Wasn’t Open by tiltheendoftheoneliner– 3k, G, non-magic AU. “In which Lily decides to spice up her life and go to a different café, James tests out pick up lines on suspecting victims and Sirius has a great idea for an app while Remus strongly disagrees (for now anyway).” [Jily with background wolfstar] AU in which soulmates have matching marks on their wrists.
  • Hourglass Soulmates by mani, StairsWarning– 6k, G, pre-MWPP & MWPP era. “Sirius doubts in the system of hourglasses ticking down until you meet your soulmate. Maybe he doesn’t want to know when he’ll meet that special person.
  • Sirius’ Soulmate by NeonDomino– 4k, T, MWPP era (mostly). “Remus is determined to prove that Soulmates and past lives don’t exist, but he finds himself proven wrong when a spell lets him and Sirius see that both are very real.” Interesting idea. 
  • Wilting Roses by ExquisiteRose– WIP~ so far 11k, M, MWPP era & student-teacher AU. “The flowing cursive letters that had appeared to him exactly on his sixteenth birthday told Remus many things. He’d have to get a wrist cuff, for one.. but it signified something much more important: a soul mate. A Dom.” Looks abandoned. 
  • Cosmic Intervention by hato-ryou-chan– 4k, M, non-magic university AU. “Remus never believed in fate or destiny or any other divine plan. Then he met Sirius…Now, Remus will find his belief system in doubt…Perhaps there are such things as fate and destiny and maybe even soul mates.” **Not a true soulmate AU but talks about fate, etc.
  • Coffee Marks by The Krystal Cat– 1k, T, non-magic AU. “Remus never believed his parents’ stories about soulmarks. He’d always thought it was a made up story. Boy was he wrong.” People have marks on their arms that burn at a soulmate’s touch.

Also– a couple of tumblr posts: (1)(2)


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Hey! Since you're a huge fan of Rizzle's "Love In A Time Of The Zombie Apocalypse," have you read her much earlier Dramione multichapter fic "The Dragon's Bride?" It is THE quintessential Dramione fic for me, and I've re-read it once a year since at LEAST 2009. :')

I may have read it. 

Pictured out of context: my favorite scene in the story. 


When half the population has nothing and slips further over the edge towards oblivion with every passing day and the other half has guns strapped to their hips, there’s an insurmountable imbalance between the two. Jon held all the power. He was a soldier, Sansa a civilian. He gave her food and protection. Giving freely with no strings attached didn’t erase the power difference. That imbalance kept his hands locked at her waist, when she pressed her lips to his, never shifting above or below where she was narrowest.

Part 4 of the often imitated yet never duplicated justadram‘s UNREAL Jon/Sansa post-apocalytpic au “The United States of Irreversible Oblivion”. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

This is the first Jon POV of the series (woohoo!) and I really hope I got his perspective down. He’s an enigma, that Officer Snow.

Habemus updated fic rec page!

After an afternoon spent battling the css code, I managed to upgrade a bit my fic rec page with a better navigation. Now you should be able to find what you need more easily :) Let me know if you find problems!
I also added some new fics:

Foundations!verse - explicit; 364,381

Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Tea and No Sympathy - explicit; 70,045

It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always.

The Incredible Race- mature; 50,963

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Aurors, are forced to join a televised global race in order to provide some free positive publicity for the Ministry, despite the fact that Aurors Potter and Malfoy don’t exactly get along.

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Fic Author Rec: LayALioness

So there’s a pretty great author who started posting stories in The 100 fandom in June, and I haven’t been seeing a lot of other people talk about her yet! WELL HAVE I GOT A TREAT FOR YOU!

AO3 user LayALioness (tierannasaurusrex on tumblr) has written 21 stories for The 100 as of 27 June 2015. They’re primarily Bellarke, but you can also look forward to some Monty Green/Nathan Miller and Clarke Griffin/Raven Reyes. All of her stories are AUs, and below are some of my personal faves!

Are you a fan of modern AUs?

College AUs are more to your modern liking?

What about supernatural AUs?

  • When the Sunset Shifts: a series of five oneshots; werewolves and wendigos and more, oh my!
  • I’m A Peasant In Your Princess Arms: a HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE AU OH MY GOD!! (Note: I have seen people reblogging this one, but rest assured! All of her fics are as lovely.)
Give Em’ Hell - Chapter One

Description: Daniel James Howell was a bitter Slytherin with repressed anger issues. That was just the way things were; and yeah, maybe he came from a family of Gryffindors who looked on that house with such disgust that they barely talked to him. He learned to live with it. But for his last year, he decided he wanted to make a change. He wanted to get back to being just Dan. Unfortunately, Dan isn’t quite sure he even knows who he is anymore.

Chapter: One

Word Count: 2,080

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of depression and anger issues.

A/N: I’ve changed the plot a bit (as you can see by the change in the description lol). But the prologue will still apply, becuase it doesn’t need to be changed! Okay, happy reading.

Feedback and reblogs give me life


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what are your favorite big bang fics ?

i have a lot so im going to pick one or two favs from each year kk


Off the Script


The Learning Curve at Wakefield High

2009 (the BEST year for fanfic omg. i could list so many more but u said FAV so…….)

Apocalypse: Cancelled

The Last Smile I Fake

The Protocols of Friendship



The Lake House

The Play Nice Proviso

2011 (such a bad year for fic omg. these 2 are the only gr8 ones)

You’re the world to me

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star (my FAV j2 fic)


I’m Showing You How Epic We Would Be 

The Extra Light Switch

2013 (a REALLY shit year omg. here’ to hoping no other year was as sucky as this one)

The Colors of My Life 


There’s Beauty in the Broken

Giving Up the Ghost



i havent read anything special yet so

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So, one of my favourite things about your writing is that the characters are so spot on but different. Like Gavin, my sweetheart, as a timid hacker with a backbone in the end, resident screw-up that everyone actually needs, actually quite efficient with the gta life and ready to cut a bitch, etc, etc, etc. SO ALLOW ME TO FANGIRL OVER THIS PARTICULAR GAVIN WHO I HAVEN'T FOUND ANY FANFIC FOR. (pt 1.)

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The Rin and Makoto Show: Entertainment on a Cosmic Level Brought to you by Divine Intervention - isuilde, teletou - Free! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

In which Makoto and Rin are tied through time, and Haruka sleeps with everyone. Also, Rin’s flower field might as well be a National Treasure and one of the World’s Wonder or some sort.

(The gods think it’d be funny to tie Makoto and Rin through lifetimes. They open bets. Notify Susano-o if you’d like to place your bet. Intervening with Fate is prohibited.)

Hi all, I’m just here to tell you all to read this AMAZING FIC. I read it in its entirety back in the winter time and I can’t believe I’ve never promoted this one. It’s mainly makorin that promotes one of the most beautiful friendships I’ve ever seen portrayed amongst Makoto, Haru, and Rin. So if you’re a fan of reincarnation, beautiful, beautiful prose, and flower language (which I’m huge fan of), please give this one a try. (Warning, it’s a huge tear jerker though, but I promise it’s worth it!)
Always for a Military Man - bbcjohnlock - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

so a few days ago samantha @sherlocksbelstaff told me that it was going to be her birthday and so i decided to give her gay porn by including all of her favorite fanfic tropes and kinks (which obviously includes a military kink). i hope you enjoy it, and have a happy birthday!!