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do you know any fics where either harry or louis is a tattoo artist and the other one gets tattoos done him?

  • if it hurts just to breathe, open the window (In which Harry is a rock star, Louis is a tattoo artist, and one night stands are never really just one night.)
  • A Tale of Prince(ss) and a Punk Rocker (In which Harry’s a “good” boy (at least from people’s point of view) and he wants to get a tattoo and Louis is a punk tattoo artist that Harry really wants to be fucked by.)
  • Anchor (He’s already covered in tattoos, some well thought out and others that look purely like shit, Louis thinks. But he has that one blank spot on the top of his wrist and what does he tell Louis that he wants? An anchor. And Louis himself.)
  • Opposites Attract (the AU where Harry’s an innocent little preppy kid and Louis has lots of tattoos and piercings and Harry wants wants to know why he cant’ stop thinking about the boy who walked him home.)
  • I See Your Colours and I’m Dying Of Thirst ( a very dumb fic about Harry’s fucking whale (maybe) tattoo.)
  • In Dreams (AU. When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face.)
V E L V E T O S C A R (mizzwilde|tumblr)

Young & Beautiful [227k]

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

God & Monsters [201k]

The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.

Hello beautiful friends. If you know me then you know I read A LOT of fanfics. I’m pretty sure I’ve read just about every Olicity one out there so I decided to start a weekly or bi-weekly fic rec to give back and bring attention to all the talented writers out there. 

These will be fics that I:

  • Follow or are subscribed too
  • Ones I keep up with.
  • Fics I reblog
  • Fics that I am asked to read 

If all goes well this will become a normal event on my blog, so feel free to message me and tell me what i should read and I will (if I haven’t already.)

Week One

Multi-Chapter & AU’S:

The Right Kind Of Wrong: Felicity and Oliver become step siblings but their feelings toward each other are anything but family-like.//by: Longlivefelicitythequeen

A Sunless Garden: Felicity becomes Oliver’s tutor and platonic feelings soon grow into something by: AnneLilian

Cross Your Heart: Oliver is being tutored by a nerdy Felicity and he doesn’t realize that the day he set eyes on her his life changed forever.//by: jemmaniac

Accidentally in love: How Oliver fell in love with Felicity (or, how a series of accidents pushed Oliver and Felicity together.)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (and other true sayings): After beng escaping a kidnapper Felicity shares a relieved kiss with Oliver, she didn’t know just that one moment would lead to severe consequences.//by: so-caffeinated

Everything To Lose (Everything Gained):  Oliver is given a ultimatum by his parents, graduate college or be disowned.  He wouldn’t have ever guessed that his parent’s decision would be the best thing to ever happen to him.//by:Hann789

For Blue Skies: Felicity is foced to deal with an enemy she can’t fight with a computer.//by: SJKDarling

How You Get the Girl: Oliver is in love with his best friend…and she doesn’t even know it.// by weirdo_oh

Love Me Like You Do: Oliver now is considering taking Ras’ place on the League, before something change his mind, life and priorities…forever.// by: yasmimplech

Time Can Be Rewritten(once in a while): Oliver falls from a moutain after his fight with Ra’s, except when he wakes up it’s not to a snowy cliff but 2 years in the past. //by: ohmypreciousgirl

The Nightingale:  Oliver and Felicity have never met but they share a bond that allows them to see through each others eyes. by//caishakalianah

The Letters: Felicity writes letters to her past loves with no intention of ever sending them. One day all the letters are mysteriously sent and she has a big mess to clean  flipflops

I’ve never felt so at home (when you are right by my side: Set in S2 One night Felicity finds Oliver sleeping next to her. And it just escalates from there.//by: Ohmypreciousgirl


что-то плохое: Felicity is on the run from her husband with her daughter Mila and rescued by the worst possible source. Her husbands enemy. But who knew the blue eyed Bratva captain would steal her heart. // by drunvk 

The Phoenix Arranged marriage and a whole lot of sexual tension mixed in with a lot of action. //by Supersillyanddork06

One Shots:

Twenty Three:  When Oliver sent her back to Starling, he didn’t send her alone, she had a piece of him with her. by// missmudpie

Arrow’s and Glasses: One shots based off Tumblr prompts.//by: Nerdyaddict

Collection of Olicity Prompts: These are a collection of amazing Olicity prompts// by: Hcourageous

Opposites Do Attract by Liyyah

Hit me with your best (one) shot by// Cellardoors_and_patrichor  

I’ve been asked to do a Hartwin fic rec so here it is. So far it’s not very long but I think I’ll be adding to this from time to time. Except for the first one every fic on this is rated Explicit. Generally they all have a happy ending, there is occasionally some angst on the way and some canon typical violence.

Progression of Things by j_gabrielle

People seem to get the wrong idea about Harry and Eggsy, but you won’t find much protest from Harry in that corner either.

Pig Latin by aerospaces

In Kenya, Eggsy falls off a flight of stairs. Or: lessons in cohabitation.
Eggsy discovers the joys of a home-cooked meal among many other things.

Little House by aerospaces

Harry’s life is changed. It’s not dramatic but it’s noticeable enough that Harry wakes one day, blinking at the weight of a leg slung across his waist.

A Ring of Gold by thingsishouldntbedoing

“Have we met?” Harry murmured. He could feel that Eggsy knew him, that there was an easy familiarity in the stranger’s mannerisms, but the answers escaped him. “How do you know my name?”
It’s 1984 and the world Harry Hart lives in is about to change.

mock the meat it feeds on by covetsubjugation

He wants Eggsy to be the last thing he sees at night and the first thing he sees in the morning. He wants to be the one Eggsy comes home to every day.He wants to be the one on the receiving end of Eggsy’s flirting, not just during a mission but every day. He wants to know everything about Eggsy. He wants Eggsy to know everything about him.
Fuckity fuckity fuck.
He’s in love.

the parting glass by kirkaut (WIP)

The words shrivel and die between them.
Harry’s chest hitches on an indrawn breath. The contours of his face are cast dramatically in the fiery hues of the street at night, highlighting the wrinkle in his forehead and the soft slope of his chin and the silvery pink of his scar.
He’s beautiful, and Eggsy loves him.
“I miss you.” The confession falls. It lands heavily onto the pavement, cracking into the asphalt. “You’re alive, you’re right in fucking front of me, and I still miss you.”

Considerably Less Cannibalism by LizaPod

It is a real, physical struggle to not stare like a dogger while Harry shrugs off his jacket and undoes his collar, sets his signet ring aside. He has detailed, minutely detailed, fantasies about unbuttoning that fucking collar. At least he’s not wearing the holster right now, or Eggsy’d be sprung already. “It’s time you learned the fine art of the straight razor shave.”
Eggsy gives him his best you havin’ a fucking giggle, mate eyebrows. “Like Sweeney Todd?”
Harry’s sigh is just bordering on melodramatic, but he’s also got that odd— Roxy calls it enigmatic—smile he gets when Eggsy trots out some unexpected bit of culture. “Yes, Eggsy, like Sweeney Todd.”

Your Highness by Galahard

Modern Royal AU.
“The international community is in chaos this morning in the wake of the deaths of many world leaders. The death of the president of the United States has been confirmed, along with the majority of his cabinet. Great Britain can count itself lucky that the Queen has been found and finally returned to her throne, but her heirs are another story. It appears that both princes and their own heirs are among the casualties of what is being referred to as the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Sources close to–”
It just so happens that there is another direct heir to the British throne out there, but he’s probably going to need a bit of polish.

Russian Amber Imperial by fideliant

“Are you gonna,” Eggsy continues, not very sure at all himself. “Like. Stay?”
“I don’t see how else I’m going to bathe you,” Harry says with a look that clearly means he thinks Eggsy is being daft.

Levamentum by DistractionReaction

He swallows hard and gives his head a hard shake. He’s hallucinating. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s come back post mission with his mind playing ticks. Getting smacked around some tends to do that to a bloke. But this is…different. He blinks and blinks again, but the more he stares the more the image sticks.
Then Arthur opens his mouth.
Or: there’s a familiar face in Arthur’s seat, and Eggsy’s not at all ready to deal with this whole phoenix-rising-from-the-grave schtick.

Where Roxy is a good friend, Merlin feels bad for lying, Harry Hart is frustratingly good with children, and Eggsy has a very long, very emotional day.

Exsatio by DistractionReaction (sequel to Levamentum, WIP)

Harry’s made a promise, and Eggsy’s damn well going to hold him to it.
Now if only the rest of the world wasn’t intent on getting in the way.
Or: Five times Harry tries to wine and dine Eggsy, and one time that things actually work out as planned.

The Spy who Loved Me (Or so they say) by ToriCeratops (WIP)

It’s not so much that Harry doesn’t want to go on this mission with Eggsy. That’s not it at all. He just doesn’t want to go on THIS mission. Period. Full stop. Please don’t ask him any more questions or else he may have to face his own heart and that always ends terribly.
You’d think that being Arthur would give him the prerogative to turn these things down. But no. Merlin always seems to have the last word.
Smug bastard.

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Do you know the fic where h&l, as their senior prank, pretend get engaged but they both have had crushes on each other for a while and end up actually dating? Thanks Ronnie :)

  • we’re looking for something dumb to do (harry and louis decide that they need to come up with the best senior prank possible. if it means pretending that they’re married, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make.)

2. Do you know the fic where Harry meets Louis in Tesco’s? Louis has a son Nate? Harry’s in One Direction but Louis not.

  • All Too Human (Louis has a 3 year old son and works at a daycare while getting his education degree.Harry’s a fresh face Popstar with the world in his hands.They meet over applesauce and hide n’ go seek.)

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Could you recommend me some bagginshield fics? I mean not after the bofta but before the journey or entirely different AU. I just love love/hate and I especially love when Thorin and Bilbo will meet and this first meeting is just horrible for both of them (every one thinks the worst of the other). And then after some time they will fall in love. Do you know something? thanks

hmm lemme see


A Smith and his Forge by acervate. blacksmith!thorin au. WIP

My Fair Hobbit by Erinye. au in the style of My Fair Lady. WIP and i’m in love with it.

See the Stars by FeathersInTheBasement. au but still middle earth. the one where they meet in a dungeon. WIP.

How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us by stickman. grad school au. i have mixed feelings about this fic but i did enjoy it. mind the tags.

Keep Your Feet by diemarysues. pirate and merpeople au. i love this universe!

Clarity of Vision by mithen. well of course i have to rec CoV. erebor-never-fell au.

The Naming of Hobbits by Margo_Kim. i’m maaaaybe stretching a little to categorize this fic as having a “bad” first meeting, but it’s amazing so who cares.

Flowers and Flaws by Erinye. the tattoo artist and florist au we all wanted. WIP.

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Do you ever cry when you read those stucky fics where bucky ignores steve in the post serum phase because he's not himself anymore if you have do have some links to them sorry for bothering you love

It’s funny, it takes the most random moments to make me cry; mostly it’s fics that involve major character deaths. If Steve or Bucky die, I’m probably crying. I don’t usually cry over things like what you mentioned - although it absolutely does make me heart hurt! I hate seeing Steve hurting in any way, he’s my precious unicorn. Off the top of my head (and also because it’s 1:30am and I currently have a wicked headache), I’m sure there are probably several fics in my bookmarks/fics I’ve read that have this sort of theme to them, but only one really, truly comes to mind:

Like a Cruel Mistress Woos - Salvia_G

Rated: Explicit

Warnings: N/A (***But please heed the tags***)

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff (only in the beginning), background Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton, Steve Rogers x OMC (a couple random ones, and one predominant one that takes up a fair chunk of the story), Steve Rogers x Thor (this one hasn’t happened yet but it’s listed as it happening in the future), and Steve x Bucky as endgame 

Length: 162,095 words

Complete?: No (52/65 chapters)


Steve has struggled with the modern world since he woke up, and mostly he and it have called it a draw. When the Winter Soldier comes in from the cold, asking for help in recovering his identity as James Buchanan Barnes, Steve is thrilled. Finally, he’s going to have a friend and ally who understands what it’s like. He’s getting Bucky back, and he couldn’t be happier.

But six months later, James is well enough to be living in Avenger Tower, making moves on Natasha Romanov, occasionally fighting the forces of evil alongside the Avengers, and adapting to modern life like he was born in 1987 instead of 1917.

And he wants nothing to do with Steve.

Maybe it’s time to figure out what Steve wants if he doesn’t have Bucky. What he can live with. What’s not worth living without.

Time for a road trip…

Featuring a confused and questioning Steve Rogers, a Tony Stark with a daddy complex, a Bucky Barnes whose mouth needs to be washed out with soap, a Natasha Romanov who likes her cars fast and her boys bad, and a handful of OMCs with designs on Steve. But I promise you’ll come to love them just as much as Steve does. Most of them.

Updates Thursdays.

Tags: Post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Suicidal Thoughts, Internalized Homophobia, also just plain homophobia, Road Trips, Roman Catholicism, I’m serious about that folks, Steve Rogers is canonically a practicing Catholic, Virgin Steve Rogers, mostly movie verse, some comic canon (pretty much whenever I wanted), Suicide Attempt, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. References, Open Relationships


If you haven’t read “Green Silk and Gold Lace” by muchymozzarella yet, do it now. It features trans woman Bilbo being the Queen of Erebor and the entire mountain being pretty much in love with her and the seamstress and weaver guilds trying to compete in making the best dresses for her. It also has a scene in which Bilbo meets Nori on the market, and finds out that Nori’s not always a man. it’s lovely and well written and you go read it now

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i would love to know your favorite wincest fics :o

anon: what are your top 3 wincest fics?
anon: what fic did you find??
anon: soooo…. what’s your 3rd fav wincest fic??

top 5 IN ORDER!!!!

1. Sub Rosa + AU + 21k

2. The Little Artist That Could + NONAU + 6k

3. Riot Gear + NONAU + 21k

4. I’d Gladly Lose Me To Find You + AU + 35k

5.  Basorexia + NONAU + 5k

honorable mentions:  Fumbling in the Dark: Love Advice For the Romantically ImpairedErgonomicThe Little SpoonRoll, Action

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Hi Amalia, I know you have a fic rec page which is great but could you maybe recommend things that you are reading at the moment?

Sure, of course. Some of these may already be on my fic rec, I can’t remember but these are fics I’m currently reading. Be warned they’re all obviously works in progress so you’ll be waiting patiently for updates just like me! 

In no particular order (or more accurately, in the order they were last updated)

There are a lot more than I thought (and I excluded a few too), no wonder I never have any free time!

There are others, but they’re ones that haven’t updated in quite a long time and I don’t want to recommend them in case they never get finished.

Zutara fic recs yayyy

(by beanaroony )

So I have decided for my own benefit and also for the benefit of anyone looking for some rad zutara fics, to create a fic rec list of some of my personal favourite.

(It also has pictures to go with said fics cuz why the hell not?)

Enjoy ^-^

((fics and such under the cut))

Keep reading

Chapters: 1/1

Fandom: One Direction (Band)

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Underage

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School, Summer Romance, Bottom Louis, Top Harry, it starts out real cute and fluffy, and then it kinda gets sad, but there is a happy ending hell ya

Summary: Harry’s voice lowered as he looked Louis up and down, his eyebrow raised. “Have you ever been for a ride?”

Louis choked on his inhale, the innuendo of Harry’s words causing the air between them to grow thick. Louis looked anywhere, but into Harry’s eyes, taking a shaky breath as he regained his composure. “What do you think? I live in Freehold, New Jersey. You won’t find another motorcycle within a 50 mile radius. Everyone here drives minivans.”


Louis isn’t allowed to date until he’s 18, but then he meets Harry.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder
Additional Tags: Fluff, Smut, One Shot, wedding au, Blow Jobs, Flirting, Gay Sex, Rimming, AU, a ridiculous amount of fluff in this, hope u like it, fingering, hickeys

Harry’s a wedding dress consultant whose job it is to get brides to “say yes to the dress” but when he meets Louis one day at work, he wants Louis to “say yes” to him. But how?
Inspired by this AU prompt: x

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1. I was wondering if you could help me find a fic?? It's a soul mate/bond Wincest fic. What I can remember is that Sam is close to death so Dean (like always) does something to save him. He basically binds their souls together, and once Sam wakes up, they find out that they physically can't go too far from each other bc the bond won't let them. They'd go to sleep in the same bed, on opposite ends but then wake up right next to each other.

hi there nonnie, I remember this fic,is the one? 

Consequentiality by kerfuffling

Summary: When the wall crumbles for good, Sam loses all touch on reality, and Dean soon follows suit. Without any other options, Dean consults Castiel, who proposes an extreme solution: soul bondage. And although this is probably the worst plan in a line of really terrible ideas, Dean doesn’t even hesitate, and the consequences of his actions spin out of control. Even as Sam and Dean begin to deal with their forced proximity and the even more disastrous emotional effect of their bond, a group of demons begin to promote anarchy in a little town in Nevada

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You mentioned amazing top!Jared fics in your response to that anon. Can I ask you (please please please) for some links/recommendations? Bottom!Jensen is my jam and I can never find enough of them. Thanks in advance! <3

Of course!  Fair warning, there are probably a million more out there (I’m really horrible at tracking what fics I read) but here are some that I remember!!


Paid in Full (this one does have them switch)

In the Company of Wolves

Jensen Ackles Doesn’t Exist

Awaiting On You

If You’re Into It

Walk of Shame

The Sea Will Rise

Black Jared and the Proper Molly

The Play Nice Proviso


Pretty, Pretty, Mine (this one is so hot omg)

I hope this helped some!


Unlikely Friends

ongoing, last updated 3 days ago, i’ve recced this author twice already

YES another one of my favorite setup, uni students get together humour and romance and pining :’)

edit: WARNING for stalking

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hey, just want to say that I love the blog and you're absolutely perfect. I have two questions though. A) Jensen's friend died? I didn't hear. Who was it? B) do you have any jealous!Jensen fics to recommend? Thanks Jess!

youre so sweet bb :))))

1. Jensen’s friend did pass away, he’s his post about it. His name was Mike (on facebook) (on tumblr)


2. here r some jealous!jensen fics