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Do you have a favorite sterek fic? like one that you come back to read frequently?

I don’t have just one favorite sterek fic, so I’m gonna give you a whole list of fics that I’ve loved and read more than once.

Cornerstone by Vendelin (83.7k, E)

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

Move A Mountain by ZainClaw (69k, E)

Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.

Wild Horses by thepsychicclam (78.9k, E)

Derek’s a drifter with no home, no destination, and no will to live. Stiles works on his family’s failing cattle and horse ranch while all his friends are going off to college. When Derek falls asleep in a random barn, exhausted and half-starved, he doesn’t expect to wake up on the other end of the sheriff’s shotgun. And Stiles sure as hell doesn’t expect his dad to invite the drifter in for breakfast.

The Guard and Red by andavs (74.2k, T)

Derek moves back to Beacon Hills after twelve years in New York and finds that the city has a superhero problem, his sister has a co-op problem, he has a neighbor problem, and he and Stiles spend a lot of time hanging from a fake rock and yelling at each other at seven in the morning.

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Klance Fic Rec 3

Please check the archive warnings and fic summaries before reading to make sure you’re gonna be okay with the fic contents!  Spoilers for Season 1 abound.  Plenty of other fics that don’t fit my personal reading preference are on AO3, so you should check them out if you have time! (I tend to avoid character death fics or really short ones.) 

Past fic recs found here.


  • tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love by jojotxt – beach resort au where keith gets a job at the rental shack and lance is a lifeguard / surfing instructor, and the whole thing is really cute
  • surfing lessons by shingekinogtfo – lance is bad at surfing and tries to show off for the cute lifeguard with a mullet, but he doesn’t seem to have the memo that almost-drowning isn’t a very good flirting tactic
  • baby love me cause i’m playing on the radio by dizzyondreams – cute college/uni au where keith is in charge of a radio show and lance keeps calling in to criticize his music taste and request songs
  • Faking Flight by prettyshiroic (AnalystProductions) – keith gets really angry after lance flies off in ep.6, and the other paladins help him sort out his feelings because he’s not very good at that
  • Doctor’s Orders by genericfanatic – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on the same planet, and they slowly learn to work together and tolerate each other before they’re rescued
  • Found in Translation by princevince – some cute fluff where lance takes keith on a stargazing date in the castle of lions
  • Royal(ly fucked) by Ididntsignupforthisshit (Oliver_Ravenwood) – i love this bc lance is dancing and signing to music that hunk, pidge, and allura are playing, and shiro brings his deaf cousin keith to watch (i’m just excited bc i rarely see fics talking about sign language, go read it)
  • Humidity by Metis_Ink – i am always a sucker for fics featuring lance’s family bc i just want him to be happy, so this was a pleasant fic to read where lance takes keith home to visit them
  • Call me now, it’s urgent. by morvish – in which lance has absolutely terrible timing with comm calls to keith and is bad at prioritizing
  • It’s still gay even if it’s in space and you cry a lot (it might actually make it gayer) by Universebound – keith has a crush on lance and is afraid of how people will react, but he slowly comes out to the team when he feels safe, and everything is okay
  • Babysit Your Heart Out by opalfire – lance and keith have to babysit some aliens, and it turns out lance is pretty good with kids
  • in spite of you by regicide – high school au where keith and lance are at the aquarium for a field trip
  • head over feet by safra – college/uni au where keith and lance start off casually banging each other but then they become friends and eventually date
  • Kiss It Better by agalaxywithinyou – cute fic where keith gets seriously injured during a mission and lance frets about it
  • I’ve already rec’d What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair (by Remember_Me) before bc mmm quality angst, but it recently finished so check it out if the fic summary and tags interest you!


  • Pulsar by southspinner – [warnings: descriptions of anxiety] – college/uni au where keith and lance meet at a frat party and slowly get to know each other; the worldbuilding is nice and the writing (especially characterization) pulled me in pretty quick! 
  • Backhand by Raylou – college/uni au where lance invites keith to join a martial arts club formed of the voltron crew, except lance is kinda an asshole and keith isn’t having any of it
  • Halcyon Days by bolbessa – prince au with a fairytale sort of vibe, in which lance is a longlost prince of a kingdom and keith is a knight sent to bring him back to the current king
  • Fill in the Space by Star_right – post season 1 where lance and keith end up stranded on an alien planet together; it’ll be interesting to see what happens next!
  • The Lion’s Den by Gigapoodle – coffeeshop aus where shiro owns the fic’s eponymous coffee shop in which a bunch of teenagers end up hanging out and becoming friends; it’s cute so far, check it out!

Ben looks admittedly gorgeous right now. But he’s also decidedly ginger, and I didn’t think they were finished filming yet. So either Ben is finished, or he’s going to color his hair dark again, OR WE HAVE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG THAT SHERLOCK IS REALLY GINGER AND HE IS GOING TO RETURN TO HIS NATURAL COLOR!!!! Also if you haven’t yet read Burnished Bright by @mydwynter you need to. Like now.

recommended readings;

Yassssss, I’m finally doing a fic rec and now this is decent (the last one didn’t count lololol), if you get to read them, please show some love for those writers 💖


taehyung | if you’re tae biased, this is the one for you, it’s just great and tae being a ceo it’s one of the best plots I’ve seen so far I’m trash for ceo au

match maid in heaven@seokline

jimin | I have really come to like this one, it’s Jimin centered and oh my god I’m so in love with Jimin rn lolol, it’s also involved with the exposure universe, you should really read it

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You post a lot about fic, which is totally cool. Can you rec some fics? Like, last ten things you read or something? Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeee?


Oh, this will be fun! I’ll check my AO3 history and see what I come up with. A warning - it will be eclectic.

your body’s an ocean (the waves are closing in on me - dinner’s gonna take a while to cook, so harry finds a way to pass the time. Excellent, read the tags. This fic has a special place in my heart because Harry loves Louis’ body - stretch marks (yes, I said stretch marks) and all.

To Give You a Hand to Hold -  Marine Louis Tomlinson is medically discharged when an IED explodes in Afghanistan. Months later, he’s reunited Stateside with his Navy medic Harry Styles. The two of them shelter each other even as they refuse to admit they’re in the throes of PTSD, until one night nearly destroys them. This is every kind of excellent. Well written, compelling, orginal story, angst and palpable chemistry between marine!Louis and navymedic!Harry. Part of the H/L Summer exchange.

Four Letters, Seven Points -  Louis was pretty sure that a nerd who plays Scrabble as a hobby could only be boredom personified. Harry proved him utterly wrong. Also part of the H/L Summer exchange. Written by a first time fic writer. Utterly astounded at the bravery of a first timer to write 20,000+ words for a prompt for dolce_piccante. Story is sweet, banter between characters is realistic, and features a less-than-confident Louis who is a goner for Scrabble club member Harry. Very good smut as well.

i wanna get dirty with you -  Harry is a kindergarten teacher. Louis is revolutionizing education–one child at a time. A conference may be an unlikely place to meet someone, but somehow Harry finds Louis and Louis helps Harry find himself. Another H/L Summer exchange fic. This one is well written, has great dialogue, and has a really sweet, great ending. Also a very NSFW illustration!

Paint the Sky with Stars - Louis Tomlinson has borrowed and saved, and finally has enough to purchase a Third Class ticket to America. With all of his belongings in a single ruck sack, he boards the Titanic filled with hope for a brighter future. Never one to sit still, he can’t resist exploring the massive ship, and soon goes sneaking into First Class in a stolen steward’s uniform.By a twist of fate, Louis finds himself in Harry’s stateroom, entranced by the most attractive man he’s ever laid eyes on. He keeps returning day after day, even if he doesn’t understand what it is about Harry that continues pulling him in. That’s all right; Louis has a week to figure it out, and Harry is plenty willing to help. In other words, THE TITANIC FIC.  Excellent writing, historically appropriate dialogue and smut, precise and suspenseful. One of my all time favorites.

All or None - They had all taken it too seriously. It wasn’t a big deal.Or, Liam has a bad night, and the lads take care of him as only they can. With a gangbang.  LISTEN. Yes. It’s an OT5, Liam-centric gangbang. And it will change your life.

(I’ll give you some variety here, instead of using up the rest of my ten to list all the other gangbang fics I read.I was kind of on a gangbang binge. MOVING ON!)

Under All Circumstances - When Liam decides to sign up for an online dating website, his main worry is how scary it is to finally have the chance to go out with a boy; he’s definitely not anticipating having to deal with the website glitch that sets him up on a blind date with not just one boy, but four at the same time.Somehow, the date goes well – so well that the other four convince Liam that they all need to do it again, and for some crazy reason Liam agrees. Maybe it’s because he really likes these loud, ridiculous, frankly gorgeous boys. This was recommended to me when I was just dipping my toe into AU’s, and I was forever spoiled by this one. It is laugh out loud funny at times, but also has a really soft, affectionate beating heart underneath. Excellent dialogue. I’ve come back to this one again and again.

with all these gifts they bring me -  A tiny glimpse at Zayn, Louis, and Harry’s love. This one is an amazingly balanced study of a polyamorous relationship, with excellent smut and a surprisingly deep dive into actual feelings. Excellent.

Kissing Practice -  When Zayn starts fretting about his kissing technique, Liam comes up with a plan. Niall, Louis, and Harry are happy to help. Set in the early days of the X-Factor Live Tour. I am just a sucker for kissing practice, spin the bottle, or similar tropes in fics. Really funny and heart-warmingly sexy.

Get those stakes up higher -  Short canon-compliant wedding night porn. Niall and Louis get married in Vegas after the end of the North American leg of the OTRA tour. I don’t even know how I stumbled on this one! Features an unusual pairing, and I was surprised it worked as well as it did, though I shouldn’t have been, as becka is one of my favorite fandom writers.

That was fun! Hope you enjoy these. I’d love for you to get back to me with what you thought.

Now I’m curious: @naxiai, @somos-larry and @quietasides, please tell what the last five fan fics you would recommend are? And then tag a few people?
fic recs!! (part 20)

Death Day DP 1-shot

Would you still care? DP 1-shot

Awkward Conversations DP fic

My son, Danny Phantom DP 2-shots

Uppercuts and Clueless DP 1-shot

A Second Chance DP 1-shot

Son of Hope and Destiny DP/Percy Jackson

The Ghost Down the Road DP fic

I Miss You DP 1-shot

Phantom on the Team DP/JL

Sibling DP/HP

Insanity DP/Batman

Space DP 1-shot

Self Aware DP fic

From The Beginning DP fic

Dark-Net DP/JL

Ghost Toast DP 1-shot

Talking With Mother DP 1-shot

Thermos Of Doom DP 1-shot

Friends DP 1-shot

Danny is a Spork DP 1-shot

just wanted to drop in and say that i have not fallen off the face of the planet. things have just been very…idk. i got the stuff done i needed to get done and work’s slowed down so things are less stressful but…i kinda feel like i’m wandering in limbo without a whole lot of motivation to do much of anything…but hopefully i’ll get tired of feeling like this soon and do something about it…minncon’s coming up in a few weeks, so that should put a bounce in my step again. :)

i have been reading some destiel fan fic lately than i usually do, though, and here are a few of my recent faves:

i’ve also made a pretty decent breakthrough for iatofp - got nearly 5k written for the next chapter, so plan is to get that done in the next few days. and then going back to working on @sh2destiel after that. :)

hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend~ <3
Meet the Boyfriend - Finale - DCEU [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

If like me you loved the new JL trailer but found it a little…  lacking in one crucial character, you will be pleased to know that Finale has fixed it. Now with new extra added Green Lantern!

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Do you have any hobi fic recs?

ugh we don’t have enough hobi fics on here goddamn ;;; but I do have a couple of favorites :”))

house of memories by @hobieful ofc <3

bonnie & clyde by the amazing @btswriter

fitting room adventures and wicked games by @taehxyung

slow motion and anything by @cyphertrip (legit all her hobi fics. go read them. her entire masterlist is art)

triplicity (ft. yoongi) by @kainks 

coffee by @dailydoseofdia

yes, oppa by @monstaccato

fic recs!! (part 32)

Monster Island DP/Godzilla

The Half Avenger DP/Avengers

One Shots DP 1-shot series

And it begins with a bang DP 1-shot

Sick of It DP fic

Tsuki no shita de yakusoku DP 1-shot

One-That-Lived-And-One-That-Died DP/HP

Of Two Worlds DP fic

The Art of Regulating Humanity DP/YJ

What If DP fic

Love Me, Love Me Not DP fic

Take Pride in Your Humanity DP 1-shot

Rise of the Crow DP/Teen Titans

Snape’s Scare DP/HP

Scars DP/HP

Phantom Ninja DP/Naruto

Reteaching DP 1-shot

A Grasp at a Distant Memory DP fic

Trapped: A Danny Phantom Story DP 1-shot

Time Masters Apprentice DP fic

Unbidden Consquences DP fic

Hello everyone!

Doing another fic rec! I know it is been a while (And a lot of you don’t really care) But I like to do this, so I will :)

The fic I will recommend is kind of an old one, but I still remember it after al this time as it is just so brilliantly written.

It’s ‘What it takes’ from @hayfieldmc. It is such a beauty of a story. The story follows Robron as they go into therapy because Aaron struggles with PDA. It is written in a very realistic way. It is very honest, very open and genuinely sweet and powerful when it needs to be. So if you haven’t read t yet, go on and read it! And if you have, you can just reread it, can’t you? :)

Here is the link:

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Besides the amazing fic "Swallows on the Beam" what other LingFan fics would you suggest?


While ‘Swallows on the Beam’ holds the imperial position as ‘best ling/fan fic I’ve ever put my own two eyeballs upon, there are some REALLY good fics out there. 

others by shu, the reigning champion of my lingfan heart:

  • Wishing Further- a collection of one-shots, most of which are great AU’s.

    Chapter 2 of WF: ‘Drift’ is actually a Ling/Fan Pacific Rim AU that later inspired me to write my own RoyAi PR-AU ‘Infernia’, and an Ed-centric EdWin one called ‘nothing left to say’ If you’re gonna read anything from Wishing Further, that should be it. 
  • Meetcute- Ling calls a wrong number, Lan Fan is really tired, and they’re both terrible at texting properly. Modern au. (Lan Fan owns a flip-phone and I love her.)

As for assorted other authors: 

  • (Ao3) Mismatched Gold by altissimo- Graceling AU, but I knew jack shit about Graceling and I still loved every word of this fic. 
  • (Ao3) Perfect’s Boring, Anyways by hellyeahtrafalgarlaw- Short, but so cute. I love this one because Ling is an excitable photography major and Lan Fan is really to-the-point. 
  • (Ao3) leaves from the vine by turtleducklings- short and simple, yet everything i could have wanted. Lan Fan deserves happiness!!!!!
  • (FF) Those Who Live Forever by Miss Mungoe- Greed POV, Ling sacrifices his pride to get Lan Fan to smile. 
  • (FF) i only shoot up with your perfume by vapanalley- Angst. The ending to their story that we don’t want but we read anyway, just so we can taste the bitterness. 

That’s all I found on my end, but if y’all find more, feel free to toss ‘em my way, or just add them to the post! I also plan on writing some Ling/Fan in the future, so you can expect some from me too B)

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Have you read this one yet? I'd love to know your opinion about bc I'd love to read it but idk if it'll be too angsty and your reviews in pics are the best // archiveofourown*org/works/7307077/chapters/16595890

Holy shit I haven’t yet but I’m totally gonna read it today! Come back in a few hours and I’ll tell you!!! (Army AU)

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I was wondering if you have any good klance fanfics. Because I've started to hardcore ship them??? ? And I can't stop and need the fics.

OK SO LIKE HE RES SOME SHIT…..this isnt gonna b like a Good Official Fic Rec bc im on mobile and im a human disaster

Dirty Laundry ( - this is the fic. this is like The Klance Fic its literally everything? fake relationship au, its so good, its soo good. im dying squirtle. its not complete but author says “more than 10 but less than 25” chapters so U Kno Its Good

Cheeky ( - cute lil oneshot where lance complains abt how theres no kissing in space u can Imagine where that goes

thunderstruck ( - this is The Good Shit its space prom but like bickering and cuteness??? its good. its good. listen

head to head, neck and neck, side by side ( - Alright so like its cute and they fight but also talk about avatar?? keith is Gay but lance is oblivious its the good shit

Stormchasing ( - like space pirates action adventure, rly cute, slow burn but over the course of a few hours. good shit.

A Fish And A Bird ( - lance doesnt realize he has a boyfriend. its a mess. its good

the electric synthesized pop ballad of why keith can’t have nice things ( - lowkey a/b/o dynamics but its not like in a gross way? keith just. Rly wants to give lance his pillow its cute and funny and has the other paladins in it which is!! fun

twelve feet deep ( - its slow burn, its slice of life, its well written, what more can u ask for

Color Me Intrigued ( - lance is an artist but hes rly gay abt it. read it its good

A Quarter Past Midnight ( - keith character study, trans keith, Long Its So Good Oh My God Im Dying Squirtle

there was one that was like “you have received entirely, entirely” that was SO GOOD but the author deleted it and im suffering if anyone has like a copy of it saved somewhere pls help

anyways thats what i could find/think of after 20 mins of digging if anyone wants to add on,,join the hell train

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Hi can i have a jungkook drabble of 12&5? Thank you☺ hwaiting!💪

Jungkook and you had been dating for a while, two years to be exact, and it was the happiest two years of your life. Of course, like every relationship, your’s had it’s ups and downs, but in the end, everything would always be okay, and you trusted Jungkook with your entire being. The brown eyed boy currently pointed to the different flavors of ice cream before you, happily bouncing a bit on his toes. You smiled widely at his enthusiasm before meeting up with it and excitedly pointing at your favorite flavor. 

“May i get gummy bears on mine, please?” He asked the employee who nodded softly and covered his ice cream in the gummy sweetness. Jungkook had decided a date out to ice cream and the park was very much needed due to his busy schedule. He felt that you needed as much attention as his work did. After the employee had satisfied Jungkook’s ice cream needs, you both had them in hand and walked out together.

“How does it taste?” He questioned, referring himself to your treat. Before you could answer him, his mouth was already on it, a loud whine slipping past your lips as you tried to push him off. He only laughed and continued to eat it, your lips frowning and your brows furrowing.

“Jungkook!” You scolded him loudly, not caring for anyone watching as you pushed his shoulders back. “Give it back!” You whined and stomped your feet a bit. He laughed loudly and pulled back, his lips covered with your dessert. You frowned and shot glares at him to which he only grinned at and pulled you close.

Kiss me.” He spoke jokingly as he puckered his ice cream covered lips. You narrowed your eyes before grinning a bit smugly and moving closer, bringing your tongue to lick against his bottom lip then brush up against his upper lip. As he choked out a surprised hum, you took the time to take his ice cream  into your hand, laughing mischievously as you darted away, eating as much as it as you possibly could. You could hear him calling out your name and his fast footsteps behind you. You would’ve felt bad for him, give the ice cream back even, but, this was only fair, wasn’t it?

thank you so much for your request, soshibaby98! it means a whole lot! i hope you enjoyed ♥

- breathlessmin.

DRamione Book Club fic announcement!

I’m super late on this and away from my computer so there’s no link but everyone needs to go read clean and marked by @olivieblake as it’s truly fantastic and I REALLY really want to discuss it with you all.

Ok it’s two stories and they’re both long so we’ll discuss in 3 weeks!!

Title: Epic Misunderstanding 
Author: rivkat 
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Warning/Rating: None
Word Count: 4668
Status: Complete
Summary: For jackycomelately: something on the aftermath of Doomsday killing Clark; Lex having to step in and help the Justice League when Wonder Woman asks.
Comment: I’m pretty sure my only comment on this was lol

Jeaneren Fic Rec Part 5

My updated fic rec list has arrived!! The first 4 parts are in this tag

#-super faves

*-I never finished it

Oh don’t you put me on the backburner by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Jean’s had a crush on his roommate Eren for the longest time. The fact that Eren walks around without a shirt on doesn’t help. Modern AU

No More Wrongs to Write by In_agony_and_ecstacy (Complete)*

Eren doesn’t know what to think when Jean Kirschtein enters his life, full of problems and a shitty attitude. But he wants to to know more about the strange boy. High School AU

Fire and Ice by MickieJae (Ongoing)

When Eren gets back from Germany, Jean expects them to be just the same as they ever were. Eren wants something new. Modern AU

Do me like one of your gay porn guys by dollyboy (Complete)

Honestly such PWP but the writing is p funny lmao. College AU

Talk Smart by Freekish (Complete)

Jean and Eren both have an intelligence kink and hook up at a party. College AU

Satisfaction by Freekish (Complete)

Eren’s just salty because he can’t get Jean off his mind. Modern AU

Traffic Colors by Freekish (Ongoing)#

Jean and Eren embark on a BDSM relationship that turns into so much more. (I rly like this one)

hopeless daze by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Jean walks into the wrong lecture hall on accident and meets the guy of his dreams. Kinda. College AU

we are capsules of energy by Greenflares (Complete)

Jean never thought sleeping next to Eren would help him sleep better. Canon

on repeat by seabear (Complete)#

Jean and Eren are two pizza delivery boys who live very different lives. But it’s that difference that attracts them to each other. College AU

Love is Confusing and Life is Hard by kiwisaurus121 (Complete)

Eren sneaks into Jean’s and surprisingly he doesn’t call the police on him. Modern AU

Fisheye by kinpika (Ongoing) 

Jean first meets Eren through the lens of a camera. Modern AU

cobwebs and storagerooms by Sexycanofsoup (Complete)

Jean and Eren thought they always hated each other until  they finally get to talk out after getting locked in a storageroom. Canon

Slammin’ shots and Marry a Man by pocketsizedtitan (Complete)#

When Jean wakes up with a hangover to Eren Jaeger sleeping beside him, it takes him a while to piece together what happened the night before. Modern AU

there are sunflowers at the bottom of the ocean by Elysabeth (Complete)

Jean and Eren find each other in another universe but are still meant to be together. Reincarnation AU

45104 by shiningdragonair (Complete) #

Eren Jaeger keeps all the nurses in the oncology wing on their toes with his antics. When Jean shows up as a resident, he doesn’t take any of his shit. Modern AU (I FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE)

you there, hiraeth by crunchrapsupreme (Complete)

Jean and Eren are in a long-distance relationship, but Eren comes to visit to make up for lost time. Modern AU

#-super faves

*-I never finished it

anonymous asked:

5,14,19 got7 jinyoung. thankyou!♡

You and Jinyoung had been lounging around the house, being lazy and just enjoying each other’s company. He sat on one end of the couch and you sat on the other, wanting to get closer.

“Jinyoung.” You called out for him, he lazily glanced up from his phone with a small, questioning hum coming from his frame. “I want cuddles.” You scrunched up your face as he blinked at you for a bit before shrugging and standing up slowly. You cheered happily and stood up, wrapping your arms around his neck and puckering your lips. You moved closer only for him to avoid your lips, a mischievous chuckle slipping past his lips.

“I do not recall giving you my consent.” He teased, an amused glint in his eyes and eyebrows raised. You groaned and brought a hand to playfully and gently smack the back of his head, a pout forming against your lips.

Kiss me.” You demanded in a somewhat annoyed tone. He snorted at your expression and pressed a soft kiss to your lips, you humming and smiling in content. He reached for your hand, tugging you towards one of the dorm rooms. Your smile was wide and genuine as you swung your hands gently with his, intertwining your fingers. As Jinyoung opened the door though, you felt a pang at your nose which caused your smile to fall flat into an expression of disgust.

“Holy shit!” You exclaimed in surprise as you held a hand to your mouth and nose. You looked up to see Jinyoung, the same expression on his face. “It smells like feet in here.” You complained to which he just nodded in agreement. He looked down at you and a small grin found it’s way onto his lips as he spoke.

“Mark’s room?” He questioned to which you just smiled back and nodded.

“Mark’s room.” You confirmed his idea and together, you went into one of the cleanest rooms of the dorm for some well earned cuddles.

thank you for requesting, anon! i hope you enjoyed it! ♥

- breathlessmin.