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Hi! I was just wondering how you decide what fics to read? Are there certain tags you look for, or anything that makes you more/less likely to read a certain fic? I'm really interested, if you don't mind answering :)

Oh, anon, would that I knew!

Once upon a time I was new(ly returned) to fandom with all sorts of rules about what I’d read. There would be no mpreg - but then there was. There would be no veela - but then there were. There would be no “Dray,” but then there was. There would be no RPF, but then there was and so extensively I can’t even link to just a couple. There would have to be pro-level capitalization and punctuation, and I don’t want to point to anything by tagging it, but suffice it to say, a story eventually came round that was so absorping I stopped noticing.

As for choosing what to read, it’s all over the map. Sometimes I go down trope-y rabbit holes and only want to read a certain things. Sometimes I want a sure thing and go off trusted reccers and favorite authors. Sometimes I’ll browse the tags until something appeals. Sometimes I want to find a new author and will go through whatever’s new on AO3 until I find something exciting by someone new. And then I’ve got a couple hundred things marked for later on AO3, and fics I reread in certain moods, and fests that I try to follow…it’s really a mish-mash.

At the moment, I mostly want to read (larry and tomlinshaw, tbh, but if I’m going to read H/D it’s going to be) fics that really really get into post-war society and politics. I’ve obviously made exceptions, but generally try to steer clear of fics that have SPaG issues and nicknames, and I have very little tolerance for fluff or curtain!fic in H/D ever. And I’ve been taking a pretty lengthy H/D break but planning to read @dracotops-harry once it starts. Tbh, anon, there’s not much of a method to the madness.

Bad Habits and Adventures in Babysitting (Fic Prompt/Request)

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For the Friday fic requests: Sarada has to learn the chakra-enhanced strength from someone other than Sakura, since she seems surprised by it. Maybe she learned it from Tsunade? Or just Sarada and Tsunade hanging out.

Title: Bad Habits and Adventures in Babysitting

Rating: T (for language)

Pairing: None (hints SasuSaku)

Author’s Note: A big thank you to michellechaerae21 for beta-reading this for me.

Blanket Fic Disclaimer:

The backyard of the Uchiha house is littered with toys, books and blocks. In the middle of the mess, a tiny dark-haired girl clutches a handful of cards in her hands. She considers them, then the two rows of similar ones in front of her, a scowl of concentration that Tsunade has seen before.

She can’t decide if Sarada looks more like Sasuke or Sakura right now.

The tiny girl seems to decide something and picks one of her cards out, then shows it to Tsundate – who promptly groans, because it’s the requisite card to complete the final suit, and it’s the third straight game of hanafuda that Sarada has won.

Tsunade frowns at her. “Are you sure you aren’t cheating?”

Sarada’s cheeks puff out in annoyance, and Tsunade snorts.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend your delicate sensibilities?” she asks dryly, digging into her money-purse for the agreed-upon reward and handing over a few bills.

She’s not so heartless a gambler that she would take money from a toddler, but she’s wondering if she should reconsider that. Or at the very least, ask Sakura if she can bring Sarada with her on her next trip to Tanzaku Town.

Probably not a good idea. She’s going to have a fit already when she finds out I taught her daughter to gamble.

Granted, it’s barely gambling but that argument will be lost on her apprentice, who internalised far more of Shizune’s morals than Tsunade’s vices.

Sakura and Sasuke are out today, attending a private meeting with Naruto and the Kage from all the hidden villages. As the heroes of the Fourth Shinobi War, the former Team 7 are often asked to these summits as a matter of formality. It’s rare that any of them can attend, let alone all three together.

Tsunade was asked to attend as well, out of respect to her former office, but she’s more than happy to say no.

(She is so relieved to be finished with that job.)

Sarada gravely accepts Tsunade’s proffered bills, counts them with a business-like expression, and then carefully folds them into the tiny pocket of her red cardigan.

(Honestly, where does Sakura get off dressing Sarada like a doll? It’s entirely too adorable and does not make it easy to say ‘no’ to the child.)

“And what are you going to do with your newfound wealth?” Tsunade asks, amused.

“Present for Mama and Papa,” the tot tells her unabashedly.

Her devotion to her parents has been evident from the moment Tsunade first met her, a tiny pink infant that cried whenever anyone but her father or mother held her. It’s easy to understand that connection to Sakura, of course, but for Sasuke, Tsunade still has a hard time seeing him as a father.

Even Naruto gives off more of a father-vibe than the older Uchiha.

Tsunade never had time to get to know Sasuke as a child, and so her faith in him never extended as far as his former genin squad’s did. After the shit he pulled as a teenager, not least of all the threat to kill her, she finds it hard to trust him.

No matter how many journeys of redemption he goes on.

It’s not just his personality—in her opinion, anyone taught by Orochimaru has to be a special kind of messed up. The only reason she never crushed the sullen-faced brat back then was because he meant too much to Sakura and Naruto.

These days, she refrains from that sort of behaviour because she’s besotted with his daughter.

Tsunade has vowed (to herself and to Sasuke’s face) to reduce the man to paste if he ever hurts either of his girls ever again.

(Sasuke has, in turn, vowed to let her, which has her grudgingly acknowledging that there might be some hope for him.)

It’s one reason she finds as many excuses as possible to babysit Sarada, a duty she’s almost come to blows with Mebuki Haruno over. (That woman takes her grandmother responsibilities scary seriously.) The other reason is, of course, that Tsunade will never have children or grandchildren of her own. Sarada, in many ways, represents one of the few legacies she’ll leave.

(There’s Naruto, of course, but that’s a different kind of legacy and it’s not belonging to her only. She still smiles whenever she sees him, seeing Nawaki and Dan in his spirit. She eagerly awaits the day he becomes Hokage.)

Today Mebuki and Kizashi are out of town on some sort of couples holiday, which left Tsunade to greedily volunteer to watch the littlest Uchiha. They spent the morning playing every game and reading every book Sarada owned, and somehow Tsunade found herself teaching the kid to play cards.

“Gramma Tsuna?” Sarada pipes up, startling her back to the present. She glances over to see the toddler holding up a fistful of cards again, hopeful. “Again?”

“All right,” she says, grinning. “But this time, you will be putting down a wager too, so I can make back some of the money.”

“No you won’t,” Sarada singsongs.

“Oh, yes, I will you little–” Tsunade reaches into her money-purse again, ready to extract some more money and freezes.

There is nothing there.

She stares desperately into the voluminous pouch, feeling into the corners for any sign she has something left.

Damn it! That was supposed to be spent on dinner! I didn’t know I was that broke! How did I already lose so much?

How does she get into these situations?

Tsunade’s eye twitches, and before she can stop herself she punches the ground in minor frustration. There’s hardly any real effort behind it, but after a loud crack a giant fissure suddenly splits through the yard, turning up dirt and rocks as it goes. The chasm stops only after it has destroyed a chunk of the tiny vegetable garden in the corner.

Forget the gambling. Sakura’s going to destroy me for ruining her yard and traumatising her child!

Tsunade glances back at Sarada, ready to comfort her and assure her that nothing’s wrong. Instead of crying, however, or looking in the least bit scared, Sarada stares at her with her mouth wide.

“You’re like Mama,” she says, her tone low and reverent, and Tsunade has a suspicion she’s been paid the greatest compliment a three-year-old girl can muster.

“Just a little,” Tsunade grins, not bothering to correct the tiny child.

Sarada continues to look amazed, then shakes it off, looks at her own tiny hands with a frown and nods to herself. Before Tsunade’s bemused face, she balls up her fist and hits the ground beside her as well.

To Tsunade’s shock, several tiny cracks radiate outwards—creating a spider web of fissures about the size of dinner plate.

“Well, fuck me,” she mutters, staring at the indentation in the earth.

If this kid can manage just that at the age of three, I can’t even imagine what she’ll be like as a genin. Sakura and Sasuke are in for it…

“That’s a bad word,” Sarada informs her dutifully, and looking a little put-out that her display didn’t earn some type of praise.

I guarantee you, kid, both your parents have said worse…but it still doesn’t mean I want them knowing about it!

“Tell you what. You don’t tell your Mama that you heard me say that, and I’ll show you how to make a bigger hole in the ground with your fist.”

Sarada’s eyes light up. “Promise?”

“Yeah,” Tsunade says. “But…there are rules. We only ever do this outside because we don’t want to break anything.”

Sarada nods thoughtfully, accepting this as logical.

“And…we will keep it a secret between you and me,” Tsunade adds. She isn’t completely sure Sakura and Sasuke intend to train their daughter as a ninja—if they do, Sasuke will likely focus on Uchiha techniques. And Sakura, as strong-minded as she is, tends to give way for things Sasuke wants.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But it looks like Sarada might have better chakra control than her mother and added to the possibility of developing a Sharingan—

This kid has a bright future ahead of her. Who knows? Maybe one day she’ll become Hokage?


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Hoseok hasn’t been inside Yoongi’s condo for almost a month, the same amount of time since Namjoon introduced his boyfriend to the group.

So the moment Hoseok opens the door to Yoongi’s place, his heart sinks at the sight of the flowers that breath life into the room.

Pure white gardenias and light pink roses delicately and meticulously nurtured, carefully placed in clear glass vases, and the overwhelmingly familiar scent hits Hoseok with pain and sympathy. He stares and notices how some petals’ edges have turned brown from age, while the others are in the process of blooming.

There’s enough flower for each day of the month. Enough gardenias to express an unspoken secret love. Enough light pink roses towards someone gentle and worthy of immense affection. Flowers that will never reach the hands of whom they were meant to be given.

The entire room smells just like “him”, and Hoseok is caught in between wanting to drown in the scent in “his” memory and the reflex to hold his breath for the fear of losing himself.

He hears a pair of feet shuffling lazily in his direction and looks up to see Yoongi with a blank expression. Hoseok’s mouth feels dry, but he knows something must be said. “Hyung-”

“Don’t,” Yoongi sharply cuts him, his eyes a curious mixture of exhaustion and endurance. “Don’t.”

“I know we all strangely gravitate towards him, but this,” Hoseok gestures to the flowers with sad eyes. “How did it turn into this?” He pleads.

“That’s enough.” Yoongi drops a folder on top of a table. “I got what you came in for, so just lock the door behind you when you leave. I’m going to sleep.”

Yoongi lands on his bed face first, accepting the full impact without struggle, lost in thought. Maybe in a different world, Yoongi wouldn’t hesitate to keep Seokjin for himself even though someone else got there before him. Maybe in a different world, the two of them could be together.

But unfortunately, this world has a different scenario. In this world, Namjoon isn’t foolish enough to let Seokjin go. In this world, no amount of hard work can make Yoongi win Seokjin over.

But despite all this, Yoongi still chooses to be the fool who falls irrevocably in love because the life that Seokjin brings beats the pain of losing him.

What qualifies as long fic?

So, prompted by my own recent musings and this recent ”drabbles are 100 words” reblog by @k-vichan, I toss the following questions out to the Tumblr hivemind:

What, in your mind, constitutes a “longfic?” 

  • Based on how awards systems define a novel - 40,000-50,000 words?
  • Longer? 100,000 words or more? 70,000 words or more?
  • Other?

Also, tangential questions:

  • Is there a special name for fics of 200,000 or 300,000 words (or more)?
  • And does a series of five parts each 20,000 words constitute a longfic - really?

FYI, for me, here’s how I approach story lengths as I am searching (or reviewing my marked for later list on Ao3):

<1000 words - “Eh, I’ll stop and read that right now, as I’m scrolling Tumblr. Won’t take a moment.”

1000-2999 words - “That’s quick, I’ll read that, won’t take more than 10-15 mins.”

3000-5999 words - Either “I’ve got time for that, I gotta eat lunch” or “Mark for later when I have a bit of down’/wait time.”

6000-9999 - Either “Mark for later” or “I can read that before bed, won’t keep me up too late.”

10,000 - 30,000 words - “Mark for later when I have time to sink my teeth in.” or “Ok, I’ve got nothing on my agenda this eve/morn, let’s read a couple of these.”

30,001 - 69,999 words - medium fic “I’m going to need to read this in more than one sitting, plan accordingly.” or “Geeze, that killed the morning/evening, gotta stop now.”

70,000 - 100,000+/- words - long fic. “DO NOT START THIS THING AT 11PM OR MIDNIGHT. I SAID…dangit, it’s 4 in the morning…AGAIN.”

130,000-300,000 words - OMG fic “This sounds really good, but OMG, not right now, I have sh*t to get done, maybe later.” [They are ALL still on my marked for later list.]

He looks at you... like you’re something to eat.

Inspired by @hotsauce418​‘s (alledgedly) accidental use of Edward and Jacob as Hannigram aliases, and cheered on by the lovely @tcbook​ and @desperatelyseekingcannibals​, I can only apologise for this nonsense (of which there may be more…):

“I think we should break up.”

Logically, Hannibal knew there was nothing genuine in Will’s suggestion. There was no scent of distress or anger emanating from his beloved, and though his tone was grim, Hannibal could easily detect the twist of amusement running beneath it. Besides, even in his most thrillingly manipulative moments, Will would never go so far as to play with Hannibal’s fear of being separated once again. They had long passed beyond those kind of cruelties.

Logic did nothing to stop the tight constriction of Hannibal’s heart on hearing the words, though, even as he raised an eyebrow in Will’s direction, schooling his features into an expression of mild curiosity.

“If you say so, my love. Might I be permitted to know what heinous indiscretion I have committed before you cast me from your presence forever?”

Will’s smirk eased the insistent, irrational tightness in his chest. This was going to be a game, then. That was good. They both enjoyed their games, now that they tended to end with Will in Hannibal’s lap, rather than Hannibal’s knife in Will’s gut.

“I’ve discovered your dirty little secret,” he said, eyes dancing with unrestrained glee.

“I assure you, dear Will, I have shared with you every one of my secrets, both dirty and clean. There is nothing left hidden between us, I am your open book,” Hannibal said, spreading his hands as if to illustrate this. It was true, Will held all the details of Hannibal’s life within him, every secret, every story, every memory that constituted Hannibal Lecter. Even Mischa.

Will’s lips split on a grin and his expression turned horribly smug. “An interesting choice of words…”

Hannibal sat a little straighter in his armchair as Will strolled into their sitting room, admiring the easy grace with which the formerly twitchy, awkward man now moved, anticipating the moment Will would deposit himself upon his waiting lap. He was a little disappointed, therefore, that instead of his warm, pliant self, Will placed, for some reason, a paperback book on Hannibal’s knees. Hannibal quirked an eyebrow at him and received only a nod towards the object in response. He looked down and froze.

The book was battered and dog-eared, far from the pristine, cloth- and leather-bound volumes Hannibal displayed in their home. Its black cover was creased with use, with a small rip in the bottom corner, but the artwork was still clear, two pale arms extending from the top edge, hands brought together in a shape faintly resembling a heart. In them was cradled a blood-red apple.


“I always suspected all that fanboying over Dante was a front, but I had no idea your tastes were so… teenage,” Will gloated.

Hannibal considered whether it was too late to eat the man’s brain.

“The only one with a motive here is you.” Kise scoffs. “What happened to leaving me alone?”

“It’s cute that you thought I would listen to you, princess.” Aomine snickers.

“It’s cute that you can’t stay away.” Kise counters.  The comment makes Aomine’s eyes light up.

I really liked this part of the fic so cue awkward fanart lol I LOVE YOUR WRITING MO


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Omg I keep forgetting to ask! Did you ever see the Taylor stanfou fic I did for your post?

Omg I did! I was casually browsing the Stanfou tag on ao3 (as one does) and saw my username mentioned and was just like “whaaaaaaaaaaaat that’s me!!!”

thank you for writing it, Begin Again will forever be their song to me

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

THIRTEEN TEETHMARKS, by concertinacheatingheartbeat
➥Elijah thinks the years too long, too dull - even for such a grave man like himself - not to have something to chase. She would rather have been devoured by lions, drowned by leviathans than to once more catch his eye in the flow of a crowded room. // katherine/elijah


→ most read poly pairings

  1. Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
  2. Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/El Burke (White Collar)
  3. Kathy Seldon/Don Lockwood/Cosmo Brown (Singin’ in the Rain)
  4. Annie Edison/Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir (Community)
  5. Nine/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)