fic reading habits


→ most read poly pairings

  1. Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer (Leverage)
  2. Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke/El Burke (White Collar)
  3. Kathy Seldon/Don Lockwood/Cosmo Brown (Singin’ in the Rain)
  4. Annie Edison/Troy Barnes/Abed Nadir (Community)
  5. Nine/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness (Doctor Who)
Butterfly Effect - bard_linn, Kiraya - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
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When a little blond boy awakens an old Turk from his long sleep, no one could’ve guessed how things would change.


look don’t be an idiot like me and read this all in one go okay it’s honestly great and amazing and if you read quickly you’re probably gonna miss details or etc that makes this so good