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My ex-boyfriend (who broke up with me) is mad because I don't want to be friends, My best friend bailed on me even tho I haven't seen him in 2 months, I failed a chem test, an ASL test and an English Socratic Seminar today and I have to go to school tomorrow. It's been a hectic day. If you have the time (and energy def don't feel pressured!!) I'd love a hurt/comfort Stucky or Stony fic please (or Bucky/Steve/Tony)

that is a huge pile of shitty anon, i’m sorry!

“All right, Iron Man, back in the air,” Steve calls and Tony does a silly salute even though he doesn’t think Steve can see him from where he is.

“Upsie daisy,” he calls in return. He’s barely lifted off when something hits him in the right thigh with a loud crunch. Pain spikes all the way down to his toes and up into his hip. The shock knocks him off kilter. He cries out, but it’s more out of shock than anything.

“Tony?!” he hears someone yell, but the view on the HUD is spinning and that’s more important than whoever’s yelling at him.

“Sir, you’ve taken a hit—”

No shit!” Tony yells back breathlessly.

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Hey :) I've looked through your tag- and masterlist, but I couldn't find any fics where Harry owns an orphanage or works on improving the minestry in regards of child abuse. Can you please rec some fics like that if you know any? Thanks in advance :) ♥

Ok, so I’m probably not going to get all of the fics I’ve read like this, but I’ll do my best and keep updating as I remember. I think the first fic kind of falls under both of the things you’ve asked for :)


(orphanages, victims of child abuse, education, etc.)

Suffer The Children (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 32.3k, Summary: Draco Malfoy has learned via painful experience that the least complicated way to go about things is to not allow himself to care – about anyone. After all, he’d tried that once without success. But now he finds himself thrust into a situation where maintaining the armour around his heart simply isn’t an option.

There’s Something About Harry (megyal)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.9k, Summary: Magazine feature articles are commonplace for Draco Malfoy until he manages to get an exclusive on one Harry Potter: rings of fire, binding, charity-work, CHILDREN! Life will never be the same again.

Small Blessings (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 37k, Summary: After the war, Harry opens an orphanage with the help of a surprising friend. When he adopts an infant left on his doorstep, he has no idea what fate has in store for him.

Take What’s Left Of Me (frayach)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 23k, Summary: One day Draco just left without saying a word, leaving Harry reeling. You’d think that after what Draco did, Harry could move on, but he can’t. When Astoria miscarries and Draco comes to him pleading for a baby, Harry can’t say no. | Content/Warnings: MPreg

No One Deserves To Live In A Closet (ChannelTheFlannel)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 135.1k, Summary: After the war has ended, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy live very separate lives. Harry makes furniture and volunteers at an orphanage. Draco runs a record shop and writes articles for The Prophet. They both try to avoid public attention, but for very different reasons. Draco suffers from anxiety disorder and fears rejection, even when he knows he’s changed for the better.

The Beginning Of Reality (amightypenguin)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 25k, Summary: When Harry Potter cannot be awakened from a self induced dream state, can his Auror partner Draco Malfoy find a way to wake him before an unforeseen threat in Harry’s mind destroys them both?

Here And Now (Morgan_Elektra)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 27.8k, Summary: It’s been 5 years since the end of the war, but less than a week since Rita Skeeter outed Harry on the front page of The Prophet — and made some rather scandalous insinuations about him and his blond former nemesis. A chance (or is it?) encounter on a street corner reveals just how much has changed… and what remains the same. An over-sized courgette, some olive oil, a bottle of wine, and Ed Kowalczyk make things extra interesting.

The Girl In The Kneazle Nightie (Saras_Girl)

Rating: PG, WC: 29.8k, Summary: All Luna wants is for her friends to be happy. Harry and Draco aren’t going to make it easy for her, but that’s okay. She has a plan.

ab epistulis (cornmouse)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 83.9k, Summary: A future fic that takes place when Draco is 30, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Draco owns a bookstore and ends up developing a correspondence with the author of his favorite novel.

Twelve Hours (eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 14.9k, Summary: The last thing Harry expected to see while leaving the takeaway was Malfoy dumping his garbage into a bin on the kerb of a Muggle neighborhood.

Dear Enemy (GingerTodgers)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 56k/?, Summary: An anonymous benefactor makes a generous donation to Harry Potter’s School for Squibs in exchange for a weekly letter from the Boy Who Lived. What begins as a chore soon becomes the only outlet Harry has to talk about the war, love, life, hope, redemption, his renewed obsession with a certain blonde nemesis and how he really, honestly, believes that this will be the year Puddlemere United reclaim the Quidditch League Cup. | Content/Warnings: WIP

One word prompt, ‘Forest’, given by @chaotheminecrafter 

Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Just some kissing
Wordcount: ~1600 (wayyy longer than it was meant to be, oops)
Summary: The boys go for a late night ride when they shouldn’t.


The call came late that night. It was their last day back at home on the winter vacation. At early next day, they would be flying back to their lives in L.A. Either of them wasn’t complaining, this was the best time of their lives but something being at where they grew up together was nostalgic, it brought back a lot of memories. Memories made together, places, people… Everything had been much more simple then.

And at the same time, it never had been simple.

Link took his ringing phone from the bedside table. He had already gone to bed an hour ago but it was impossible to sleep. So many new memories had been made during the holidays with his family, a lot to think about. Link silenced the phone and sneaked into the bathroom to speak, he didn’t want to wake up everyone. “We were already sleeping, man,” Link answered the phone.

Sounded like Rhett sighed at the other end of the line and then there was silence.

“Rhett?” Link’s voice was nearly a whisper. “Is everything okay?”

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The Game

author: @piecesofscully
rating: PG-13 / R
timeline: sometime post Revival after Scully has moved home to the Unremarkable House

Note: Just a fun little diddy in the spirit of Halloween. 

Scully’s eyes flick towards the coat closet across the room, and she squashes the urge to give in to the nagging itch that’s been growing in the back of her mind throughout the day. Instead, she holds her wine glass a little tighter and brings it to her lips, careful not to drip a single drop of chardonnay onto the spine of the book that lay upside down in her lap. With Mulder’s recent Wednesday night basketball games at the YMCA in town, she’s been afforded a few quiet hours a week in the home she inhabits once again, time to reacquaint herself with the quirks of an old house that only the homeowner can appreciate. The sound of the drippy kitchen faucet, the whine of the structure under a heavy wind, the comfort of sitting in her corner of the well-worn couch.

But under the white noise and behind the static silence, she can almost hear the clinking of her mother puttering around in the kitchen, humming to herself as she washed the dishes. She can still smell the faint traces of her mother’s perfume as she rushed past the couch, righting the stack of magazines on the coffee table. It’s been months since she’s passed away, yet nights like this Scully swears that she is still around, her presence as bold as ever.

Her eyes are drawn to the coat closet once again, and she releases a resigned sigh as she heaves herself to her feet. The closet door creaks as she pulls it open, and, blindly, she waves her hand in the darkness until she finds the hanging string. Following the quick tug, her vision is assaulted with suddenly visible clutter and junk shoved onto the built-in shelving as the bulb burns brightly above her, and she squints momentarily, giving her eyes a moment to adjust. With a shove, the outerwear that hangs on the rod before her is pushed to the side, and she scans the back shelf. Scrabble, Clue, Boggle…


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heya lilbro, i really love your rec lists! 😍i'm gonna try to read them all this summertime. that's for sure 👍🏽 in season 13 sam might use his powers again. that's so exciting. in the aftermath of using his powers sam was usually shaky and feverish. and i'm a little addicted to feverish sammy. so since october is still so far away. would you amaze me with some feverish!sam fics? love and light to you 😘

Thanks, anon! Love and light and lots of feverish Sam fics coming up:

A Promise by dragonflybeach
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 3,247 | Archive: AO3
Sam Winchester had been thirteen years old the first time he honestly thought he was going to die.

The Raven by collegeboy_spn
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 29,972 | Archive: AO3
The Raven is a hotel opposite a haunted house a few miles outside Baltimore. Sam and Dean are there on a boringly routine job. Then Sam finds a package of nineteenth-century letters under a floorboard, a mysterious ghost with sad eyes insists that Dean is going to kill his brother, and the world’s creepiest doctor shows up claiming he can cure Sam, who’s suddenly starting to spike high fevers for no reason Dean can figure out.

His Father’s Son by bright73
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 34,492 | Archive: AO3   
A road-trip, a hunt gone wrong and the Winchesters’ exploration of their family’s dynamic.

Fever by geminigrl11
Pairing: Gen | Rating: G | Wordcount: 1,303 | Archive: ffnet   
Sam has not improved, and now the fever affects all three equally, one with frailty and two with fear. 

Stay With Me by tifaching
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 2,700+ | Archive: LJ
Sam’s delirious and Dean’s deal is coming due. 

Only Human by  mamapranayama
Pairing: Gen | Rating: R | Wordcount: 15,000+ | Archive: LJ
Sam screwed up – his father and brother are hurt because of him and he deserves to feel the pain he is in.

Some Piece of Mind by authoressnebula
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 6,743 | Archive: ffnet
Sam falls ill after a hunt in a marsh. Sick enough that Dean decides serious downtime is needed, not just two days rest in a motel room. 

The Best We Can With What We Got by ratherastory
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 6,513 | Archive: LJ
Sam gets sick, and somehow that’s the least of their problems.

(If that wasn’t enough feverish Sam, check out all the rec’d fics at the archive here.)

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not exactly crappy but we were talking about how we like books an am like yeah i read a lot! and mom is like yeah is great to read even if it's just porn. I'M STILL sweating bullets!!!!! so something with tony like yeah I know you watch my sex tapes Steve...

hahahaha omgggggg STRESS

Steve instantly breaks out in a sweat—across his forehead, under his arms, at the small of his back. He goes cold with it.

“I—that's—I don't—I-I—”

Tony smirks at him, his eyes dark, and it feels like Steve has swallowed his tongue. It’s alarmingly and shockingly familiar to when he got cornered by the Lieutenant and he had no idea what to do then and he has no idea what to do now.

“I don't—watch them,” he stammers and when Tony’s eyebrows shoot up, Steve realizes what that sounds like and he flushes molten-hot all the way down to his navel. “I mean I do!” he practically yells and then falls into a mortified silence.

Tony seems surprised. His whole demeanor softens. “Really?” he says and his voice is kind. “I was just trying to wind you up, that's—” He looks genuinely curious when he leans forward. “How many of them?”

Steve is so shellshocked he answers. “Seven.”

Tony’s eyes go round. “That’s almost the full set.”

To his immense embarrassment, Steve can feel his blush deepening. “I couldn’t find the last one.”

Tony’s lips form a perfect o.

Steve covers his face and hunches his shoulders and groans. “God, Tony, I’m sorry, I know that’s awful, I’m your friend I shouldn’t have, I was invading your privacy and taking advantage and you—”

“Which was your favorite?”

Steve’s mouth swings open and closed again. “…Come again?”

Tony edges a little closer, and Steve feels like he’s been hit with a jolt of electricity when he sees the way Tony’s looking at him. “I’d like to. Now, Steve, tell me which was your favorite.”

Not Expecting That (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Prompt: One night stand tend to not be the best idea. Especially with someone you hate.

Rate: PG-13

Warnings: Cursing (it’s a connor fic come on), gets a little steamy in the middle of this, lack of editing and an extremely tired author

Word count:4400+

part 2 coming soon!

You stood in the bathroom, leaning over the counter as you waited quietly. Seven minutes. Seven of the longest minutes of your life. You couldn’t help but let a long aggravated sigh pass your lips as you pushed back from the counter and leaned against the lock door behind you.

Slowly, you slid down the door until you were sitting on the bathroom floor with your knees pulled up to your chest. You put your head on top of your knees and sat there, reflecting on how you had come to be sitting in your bathroom floor, waiting for a pregnancy test to finish developing at the age of seventeen.


“Come on, (Y/N)! You have to come. Don’t be a party pooper!” Jared said as he stood at your door step, his hand wrapped around your wrist as he playfully pulled you out of the house.

“I really don’t wanna go to a party.” You mumbled but Jared shrugged his shoulders and flashed a smile at you.

“Too bad, you’re coming.” He said and you groaned loudly, throwing your hands up in defeat. Jared jokingly threw his hands up in the air and cheered ad you turned on your heel to go back inside and gather your things. Your parents were out of town for the next month, so you didn’t have to worry about trying to sneak out or around them. After double checking that the door was locked, you pulled it shut and followed Jared to his car.

The ride to the party was filled with bad singing and jokes, considering the fact that Jared was one of your best friends and had been since you were younger. Your families were friends, so it wasn’t a surprise that you two had grown close.

Jared pulled up in front of a house that seemed too large to belong to almost anyone that you or Jared would have known, so you tilted your head to the side as you glanced over at Jared.

“Who’s party is this again?” You asked and Jared tapped his chin slightly before throwing up his index finger and making an ‘Aha!’ noise.

“His name is like Derek Chimbs. He’s the quarter back, I think.” Jared said, wrapping his arm around your shoulder, a smile on his lips as he lead you to the house.


You leaned back against the door a little more as you picked up your phone off of the ground, checking the time left on the timer. 6 minutes. You groaned out loud, each minute felt like a year was passing by. Leaning your head back against the door, your head craning up at the ceiling, you closed your eyes and prayed for these minutes to pass by quicker.


“Here!” Jared said as he pushed a drink into your hand, you weren’t even sure what was in the cup but you wasted no time knocking the drink back.

“Oh fuck, that was strong.” You said, a cough racking your body as you glanced over at Jared, who was both giggling and looking at your with a triumphant smile on his lips.

“I called it the Jared ‘Cool'man shot.” He said, his normal dorky smile still playing on his lips as you bursted out laughing. That’s how the majority of the night went, Jared handing you random drinks and you laughing at whatever ridiculous name he had come up with them.

Maybe three hours into the party, you were wasted. The room was spinning around you, your words were slurring but you felt wonderful. Jared stood beside of you, the two of you laughing and telling jokes, knocking your cups together before chugging the drink. To be honest, this was the most fun you had ever had at a party, and it was thanks to Jared being there with you.

“Oh, fuck.” Jared said, his eyes glued across the room. You tilted your head to the side slightly and glanced over to where he was looking, but it just looked like a sea of people.

“What?” You asked as you spun back around to face him.

“Zoe Murphy is here. God, she is hot!” Jared screamed, and you bursted out laughing. This caused the taller of you two to glare down at you, before smacking you in the back of your head.

“Ow! What the fuck?”

“My feelings for Zoe Murphy no laughing matter, have you seen her?” Jared said, in all seriousness as he got closer to your face. If you weren’t also intoxicated, you would have been able to really smell the alcohol on his breath because of how close he is.

“Go after her, tiger.” You said as you patted his back. The childish boy lit up like a Christmas tree as he nodded quickly.

“I’m gonna hit her with my slick moves.” He said as he dissapeared into the sea of people. You sighed quietly as you glanced around the party, hoping to see someone else that you knew. You weren’t exactly the most talkative of people, didn’t make friends the easiest. That wasn’t to say that you didn’t have friends, but Jared was the only one who you expected to see at parties.

You spent the next thirty minutes just walking around the large house, mingling with random people as you did. You had only had one other drink since the time that Jared left, and you weren’t even completely done with it. You continued to walk around, not really paying attention as a couple of boys came running full force through the house and one of them managed to your cup. The liquid flew back and landed on the maroon shirt you were wearing, causing a large stain straight down the front of it.

The guy didn’t even bother stopping after he drenched your shirt. You shook your head as you began to push your way through the crowd of people, glancing over to see Jared with his tongue down a drunk Zoe’s throat, and his hand under her shirt. You shook your head slightly, laughed a little bit but continued to walk to the door.

The fresh air hit your face, quite a difference from the smell of teenage body odor and alcohol. Taking a deep breath, you walked to the staircase that lead to the front door and sat down on the last one with your head in your hands. Jared had been your ride here, you couldn’t take his car and your house was too far to walk intoxicated from here. You also really didn’t want to sit in an alcohol covered t-shirt for the rest of the night.

You closed your eyes, leaning your head against the handrail beside of you. A small sigh escaped your lips as you attempted to block out the loud music the you were still able to hear even being outside. It worked for a little bit, before a voice pulled you out of your semi-quiet moment.

“Well you look like fucking shit.” The voice chuckled, and your eyes shot open, a small scowl forming over your features as you met eyes with none other than Connor Murphy. You rolled your eyes slightly as you looked at him, still scowling.

“Oh, thank you so much Connor.” You spat. You and Connor had never, ever gotten along. Since you first met in first grade and Connor stole your bottle of glue, you had grown to hate him. He picked at you, you cussed him out. That was how your entire relationship for ten years had gone.

“You’re welcome.” He said, nodding his head at you. His eyes slowly trailed down to the giant stain on your shirt, and he had to stifle a chuckle.

“So, can you really just not hold you alcohol?” Connor asked, and if it was possible, your eyes would have been burning holes into his head.

“Some asshole ran into me and knocked my drink over my shirt. I can hold my alcohol just fine.”

“Uh-huh. Totally believe that.” He said, rolling his eyes. You flipped him off, and he returned the favor. “Fuck you too.” Connor said, and you chuckled quietly.

“Why are you even here Murphy?” You asked, and he shrugged slightly as he glanced towards the door.

“Zoe said something about a party and free booze. But, I got here and you’re fucking sitting outside, so I have yet to get inside.”

“I’m not stopping you, you can walk around me.” You said, and a small shiver ran through your body. It wasn’t particularly cold, but between the wetness of your shirt and the alcohol in your system, you couldn’t help the small shivers.

“Are you cold?” Connor asked, a small amount of concern lacing through his voice. You were shocked for a second, but only a second because he followed it up with. “Not that I fucking care or anything.”

“Oh, thank you so much Connor. Yes, yes I am cold.” You mumbled out, and Connor shuffled around for a moment before he let out an aggravated sigh before extending his hand to you.

“Come the fuck on. I’ll get you another shirt.”


You chuckled quietly at the thought of Connor acting like he actually cared about you. For almost eleven years, the two of you had been nothing to but swore enemies and usually spent yours days attempting to making each other’s lives hell. But that night, Connor had decided to be nice to you. You werent in any position to turn down getting out of the alcohol covered shirt, or to turn away Connor being nice to you.

You shook your head as you checked your phone again, the timer having gone down to four minutes. A groan passed your lips as you smack your head back against the door a few times. You were completely unaware that minutes could pass by so slowly, each second seemed like it was taken an hour. You just wanted this to all be over with.


Connor parked the car he drove to the party in the drive way, and you quickly followed after him. When he went in through the front door, you raised your eyebrow and Connor glanced back at you, rolling his eyes.

“My parents are out of town. How do you think Zoe got away with sneaking out to go to a party? My parents would fucking kill her if they were home.” Connor said, and you nodded as you slowly followed after him, shutting the door behind of yourself. When you turned back around, Connor was no where to be found so you stumbled around the house until you ended up in the kitchen.  You pulled yourself up on a counter, kicking your feet back and forth slightly as you waited for Connor to return from wherever he had dissapeared to.

Humming to yourself quietly, you glanced around at Connor’s kitchen. It was nearly double the size of the kitchen at your house, and much cleaner than yours. The walls were a creme color, with tile counter tops. In the middle of the room was a round kitchen table that awkwardly had 5  hairs tucked under it. Your thoughts on the room though were interrupted by Connor’s voice from the door way.

“You’re staring at the kitchen table, where there are fucking chairs, but you chose to sit on the counter?” Connor asked, rolling his eyes. Due to the fact that you hadn’t heard him enter, you jumped slightly and turned to look at him with a scowl on your face.

He had started to laugh quietly after he scared you. Since going upstairs, Connor had pulled his hair up into a top knot, and he was holding a dark colored shirt in his hands. The sleeves on his hoodie were pushed up to his elbows and the hoodie was almsot completely unzipped. You shook your head slightly as if to shake the scowl from your face.

“Is that shirt for me?” You asked, and Connor glanced down at the shirt before he threw it at you. You caught the soft material in your hands and glanced back up at Connor.

“You can leave now.” Connor said suddenly, and you were a little taken back by this. You knew that Connor and you had never really gotten along, but you didn’t expect him to throw you out so suddenly.


“I mean it’s not like you would wanna hang out with me anyways. You fucking hate me like everyone else on the planet.” Connor said, his hands balling up into fists at his side.

“I never said I wouldn’t want to hang out, did I?” You asked quietly and Connor let out a laugh, shaking his head.

“You must think I’m stupid. Like all the fucking rest of them. You all think I’m just some big fucking loser, and probably wish I was fucking better off dead!” Connor shouted at you, and you tilted your head to the side as you slid off of the counter and walked over him. You reached out slowly towards his hand, but once your skin touched his, he ripped his hand away.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Connor said as he took deep breaths. You were sure if he was having a panic attack, or if he was just this angry. Once again, you reached down and grabbed his hand, holding it firmly in both of yours. He attempted to pull his hand away from you, but you just held your grip and pulled him back towards the counter. You pulled yourself back up on the tile, so you could meet Connor’s eyes as you rubbed small circles on his hand.

“Hey, just breathe okay? You’re okay. You just gotta look at me and breathe. Okay? I don’t hate you, and I don’t think anyone else does. People are just hateful.” You whispered quietly. Connor didn’t say anything, he just stood there, his eyes locked with yours as he focused on your breathing.

“Are you okay?” You asked quietly, and Connor didn’t answer. Instead, he crashed his lips against yours. For the first moment of the kiss, you were confused but you started to kiss him back. He moved slowly closer to you, his hand moving to the back of your neck as your head craned back to keep your lips together. The kiss became sloppy and needy quickly, your hands roaming down to his jacket, unzipping it all the way and pushing the front of it down quickly. Connor seemed to follow your lead as he pulled the Jacket off his arms, leaving him in a baggy tank top.

He pushed your legs apart and slid in between them, your legs wrapping around his skinny middle and your arms wrapped around his neck. Connor lifted you up off the counter, his hands rested on your bum as he carried you towards his room. A small giggle passed your lips as you pulled back from the kiss, slowly starting to kiss down his neck and down to his collarbone. This action made you receive a small growl from Connor as he tossed you on his bed.

You started to glance around his room to try to take in what it was like, but you didn’t have time to take anything in because Connor climbed on top of you and captured your lips in his again. Your hands moved slowly to his top knot, pulling it out so that his hair would flow down to his shoulders. Nearly instantly you buried your hands into his hair, and the man groaned quietly into the kiss.

His hands toyed with the bottom of your shirt for a moment before you pushed him back, breaking the kiss. Connor looked slightly confused, but when you slipped your shirt off of your body, he nodded his head and reattached his lips to your neck, kissing and nipping at the skin. This earned a small moan from you. Connor smirked against your skin as his hands started to roam along your middle, slowly making their way around to your back. It took him a few moments, but he finally unhooked your bra.

You pulled the straps off your shoulders and discard the piece of fabric. Connor’s left hand went to grip your breast slowly, neading the small bead in between his index finger and thumb. You squirmed slightly under his touch, and he responded by kissing down to your nipples, taking on in his mouth.

A gentle gasp escaped your lips as Connor flicked his tongue over the area, sucking and nipping on it slightly. He then continued to leave sloppy kisses down your stomach until he reached the top of you leggings, and he glanced up at you, as if asking permission.

You nodded your head and Connor slid his finger under the waistband, pulling them down to your knees. You impatiently kicked your leggings the rest of the way off your body, and Connor chuckled quietly.

Connor’s finger looped under your underwear, but you playfully pushed his hand away and shook your finger at him when he looked up at you.

“It’s not fair that I’m almost naked, and you’re still fully clothed.” You said, a small giggle passing your lips as you grabbed his wrists and flipped him over, throwing your leg over his mid-section so that you were sitting on his stomach, straddling him.

You leaned down and kissed him roughly, your hands slowly moving up under his shirt until you broke the kiss long enough to pull Connor’s shirt off and throw it to the side. You began to kiss down his neck slowly, nipping and sucking at his skin, receiving a quiet groan from the man. You slowly moved yourself back, until you had your barely clothed middle rested on top of his hard on through his jeans.

“God fucking dammit.” Connor said as he watched you slide lower down his legs until you were placed in the middle of them, your hand pawing at his length through his jeans. The man let a small moan pass his lips as you unbutton his pants and slid them down, leaving only both of you in your underwear.


An alarm like noise pulled you from your thoughts, and you glanced down at your phone. The timer you had set when you first took the test was timed out, and you felt your hands shake slightly as you pushed yourself up and stood by the door for a moments.

“Please be negative. Please be negative.” You whispered quietly as you took a few small shuffles towards the upside down pregnancy test. Your hands were shaking as you reached down and picked it up, slowly flipping over.

“One line, Not pregnant. Two Iines, Pregnant.” You said aloud to yourself before you glanced at the middle, and your heart dropped to your feet. Staring back at you, were two pretty pink lines and you felt like you could have puked in that moment. You were pregnant, with Connor Murphys baby.


The next few days were a blur, you had barely left your bed and when you did, it was eat or throw up what you had eaten. Mostly you laid in bed and stared at your stomach, your shirt pulled up snd placed under your breasts so that you could see the entirely of your stomach. You would poke and rub at it, still in shock that there was a person growing inside of there.

You hadn’t told Connor. You hadn’t told anyone, not even your parents. (Who had extended their trip another two months. You silently thanked any higher being for that.) But you decided that today, you were gonna tell at least Jared. You had called him about twenty minutes ago, and you finally heard a knock on your door.

You pushed yourself up off your bed and made your way down to the door, but noticed half way down the stairs that Jared was already standing in your house, waving your spare key at you with a grin on his face.

“I let myself in.” He said with a smug grin, and you shook your head.

“I gotta remember to move that damn key.” You chuckled as you sat down on your couch, Jared literally throwing himself on the couch beside of you, causing you to pop up off the couch a little bit.

“So why did you call me over? I was playing Halo and my team was totally winning, all thanks to me, and then I had to let them down by telling them that my smokin’ hot best friend invited me over. They were all incredibly disappointed.” He said, and you rolled your eyes.

“I’m sure.” You said before sighing quietly. Jared’s face went from goof, to slightly serious as he saw how tense and almost sad you looked.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” He asked, and you pushed yourself off of the couch, holding up a finger to single ‘one minute’ as you disappeared into the bathroom. You came back with the pregnancy test in your hand, and sat down beside of Jared again.

His eyes instantly went wide as he saw the white and pink stick in your hand, and he threw his hands up in the air. “Whoa! What the fuck?! Are you pregnant?” Jared asked.

Tears welled up in your eyes as you nodded your head, and Jared slowly and awkward wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closed to him. “Do you uh, do you know who the father is?”

You nodded but didn’t answer. You didn’t want Jared to make fun of Connor since it was no secret that Jared and Connor didn’t get along either.

“I uh, who is it?”

“You’re gonna make fun of me if I tell you.” You mumbled quietly, and Jared let out a small laugh, shaking his head.

“No I’m not, it’s not like it’s Connor Murphy or something.” He laughed, and you tensed in his arms slightly and started to fiddle with your fingers. Jared gasped slightly as he pulled you back, holding you by your shoulders so you would be forced to look at him.

“It’s not Connor Murphy, is it?” Jared asked, more seriously. When you didn’t reply, Jared groaned loudly and he threw himself back on your couch. “Are you serious? You fucked Connor?”

You gave a small nod.

“When the fuck did you fin- Nope, nevermind, I dont want to know,” Jared said. “Have you told the freak yet?”

“Hey, don’t be mean. But no, how in the world do you tell someone you barely know that you’re going to have their kid?”

“I mean, any normal person I could help with, but this is Connor fucking Murphy.” Jared said, laughing quietly at the end of his sentence.

You groaned, shaking your head. “You’re no fucking help.”

Jared was silent for a moment before he placed his hand on your shoulder, “Do you want me to take you to the Murphy house and wait with you?”

You nodded your head and Jared pulled you up to your feet. You grabbed your bag and placed the test in it before the two of you went out to Jared car.

The ride over to Connor’s house was quiet and you couldn’t help but notice that Jared’s normal reckless driving had been replaced with careful turns, making sure he had his turn signal on and that you were wearing your seat belt.

“You know, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly treat me like precious cargo.”

“I just dont want Murphy to murder me if I end up hurting you or it! The guy’s fucking psycho!”

You sighed, knowing that Jared wasn’t exactly wrong. Connor had problems, and you weren’t exactly sure how Connor was going to take this. As you pulled up to Connor’s house, Jared parked across the street.

You sat there for a few moments, wiping your sweaty palms on your leggings. You continued to tell yourself that you needed to just go, and get this over with. You knew you needed to, but you were terrified.

You must have sat there for a moment too long before Jared reached over and unbuckled your seat belt, beginning to shoo you away with his hands.

“Go get him, hot momma!” Jared said as you opened the door. You rolled your eyes and shut the door.

“Please, please never call me hot momma again.” You said, shaking your head as you started up towards the Murphy door. Standing awkwardly there for a few moments, you finally brought your hand up to the door and knocked three times.

The door was opened a few moments later, and there stood Connor Murphy in all his glory. His hair was slightly messier than normal, his eyes showed how confused he was that you were here.

“(Y/N)?” He asked.

“I uh, can I come in?” You asked, and he stumbled backwards slightly to allow you room to come in. You let a small laugh pass your lips as you followed the boy upstairs. The house was oddly quiet, so you assumed that he was home alone.

He lead you to his bedroom, and the two of you sat down on the bed. You sat at the edge near the bottom, and Connor sat at the top near the middle.

 You sighed quietly as you glanced down at your hands, fiddling with your fingers as you tried to find the words you were looking for. But all you came up with was, “I uh, I just needed to tell you something. Like we need to talk about something important.”

Connor scoffed, rolling his eyes as he flopped back on his bed. “Did you come all this fucking way to tell me that you regret sleeping with me and that you don’t want me to fucking tell anyone?”

Your eyes went wide as you started to shake your head. “T-thats no-”

He cut you off, “No, I fucking get it. You dont want to ruin your image by people finding out that you slept with Connor Murphy, the fucking freak!”

“Connor, if you w-”

“Well don’t fucking worry (Y/N), it’s not like I fucking have anyone to tell!”

“If you would just list-”

“I can’t fucking believe that you came all this fucking way just to tell me t-”

“I’m fucking pregnant!” You screamed out, cutting off him mid word as he had done to you so many times previously.

He stopped in his tracks, his mouth snapping shut as he looked at you. His eyes were wide as the two of you just stared at each other for a moments. No words were said, instead only the faint sound of both of you breathing filled the room.

“Wait, really?” Connor mumbled, and you nodded your head.


“Well… that’s not what I was expecting.”

Dream Forgery: MSR Fic

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Scully’s POV. She thinks about the loss of her dreams. MSR angst.


Scully had long since forgotten what her own dreams were. Mulder had essentially committed dream forgery in the first degree.

“A nice trip to the forest” he claimed. Her dreams of chirping birds and starry skies turned into dayglow bugs and a near death experience.

Quick trips “just to check” on sewer dwellers and fat sucking mutants turned into nightmares of days and days of autopsying poor souls until she was too tired to stand.

Dream forgery.

Scully had once dreamt of candlelit dinners with someone that listened to her wants and needs but ended up with a weary eyed Mulder scarfing pancakes, burgers and sweet potato pie at any number of roadside diners, while he rambled on about the Yeti and Mothmen.

She tries not to sulk about her waking life but she wasn’t prepared for what started happening at night, in her most intimate moments.

Dana Scully was a sexual being or at least she used to be. She loved being loved and being made love to. She longed for that breathless moment just before she came, her lover’s name on her lips but Mulder had now stolen that as well.

Working all hours, day and night left no time for that particular luxury.  

So she had resorted to being the master of her own pleasure, no longer having the time to find someone that could fulfill her needs. She spent her nights, eyes closed, mind drifting to the feelings and sounds from her past, creating a tingling in her abdomen and a moisture between her legs. She would work herself into a frenzy, fingers on her clit breathing Marcus’ or Ethan’s name until the night Mulder’s name escaped her lips.

Dream forgery.

Scully bolted up in bed, sweat on her brow, heart pounding, mortified as her wet fingers slipped from her body.

“Damn him” she yelled into the dark of her hotel room.

White picket fences had long drifted from her mind but children still held a special place in her dreams.

Yet Mulder had somehow seeped in here too, not his fault, not his theft but there he stood telling her he found a vial of her ova. That he’d known for years but couldn’t bear to crush her dreams.

Dream forgery.

Scully somehow got past his thievery, saw past his all consuming presence in her life and one night she crossed the invisible line between them.

For once in seven long years her dreams aligned with her heart. Her dreams of his lips on hers, his hands skimming her body. Stroking, teasing and igniting a fire, burnt out for so long.

Scully woke after that first night and watched the midnight moon play across Mulder’s face. His eyes jerking beneath their lids, mouth slack and breathing slow as he dreamed.

She wonders if she ever stole one of his dreams, took his desires in a different direction, claimed it as her own.

She dressed quietly unwilling to disturb his slumber, wanting his fantasy and reality to merge for the time being, to allow him to dream before she had the chance to be the one to commit dream forgery.

She slips out wondering if she will ever be able to create dreams of her own again or if she is forever destined to combine her longings with his.

As the door latches behind her, she hopes for the latter.

[doctors orders]

[WowWOwOwOWwowow ok guys, so that update amirite? I’m still dying over the fact that the fic I wrote was STRIKINGLY SIMILAR to what came out like, guys, hire me, we are clearly on the same page. I am so happy and in love. Anyway, this fic definitely follows the end of current Julian route, so there will be spoilers! Also I did not really feel the need to rate my last fic which was probably just a standard PG-13 affair, but things do heat up a lil bit here… so…. just to warn you….. no preview cuz… spoils.]

Rating: [the very top of] PG-13
Word Count: 1880

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this is for @notanightlight who asked for thought-you-were-dead-but-you’re-not fic, and i filled it using an idea @onemuseleft helped me flesh out awhile back

Steve is seething and the adrenaline from the battle is only exacerbating his anger.

He grits his teeth as he wrestles the Iron Man armor into one corner of the roof where it will be out of the way as he and the others work out how to get rid of the enormous plant-like creature that’s wrapped itself around the top ten floors of this skyscraper.

“You know this would have happened even if I hadn’t been enjoying myself,” Tony says sullenly. He’d been lucky to get the faceplate open before the suit’s systems shut down entirely. This model doesn’t have easy-release catches, so without power he’s good and stuck until they can get rid of the plant-creature.

Steve scowls at him. “Don’t, Tony. I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“No, of course you don’t,” Tony mutters and then glares at Steve. “Then you might have to actually listen to me. Guess you’ll be sleeping on the couch again then, huh? So you can keep avoiding it?”

Steve snaps.

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Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) Chapter Thirteen

Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) 13/24

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

Updates: Sunday

Thanks so much to @botanistlester for betaing this giant monster, as she’s been super helpful and encouraging with her little comments and endless excitement. We couldn’t have done it without you <3

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil

For reference, @snowbunnylester is Phil, @ineverhadmyinternetphase is Dan

Hey guys! I just wanted to make a quick note at the top of this chapter. There’s been a lot of… backlash and comments regarding the previous chapter of this fic, and it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for both me and @ineverhadmyinternetphase. We’d like to address a few of these things here.

1. We promised/warned at the beginning of this fic that the rating would never go over pg-13. There will never be an overabundance of nsfw content other than implied and a little bit of nudity. This is down to a few things. I am ace flux, which means that I experience every form of asexuality at different levels at different times. There are days where I am completely repulsed, and days when I am fine, but I am always asexual. Julia, meanwhile, is always sex repulsed. This means that, as a duo, we made the decision to never write anything more than implied smut, particularly as that is something Julia is completely against, and I understand her completely as I have days where I am completely against it as well. I would like to reassure our readers who were worried we’d change the rating or include nsfw that this will never happen, while also informing those readers who are disappointed by this why we choose to keep the rating at pg-13. If this is a deal breaker for you, we apologize, but we will not be changing the rating at any time.

2. The entire debate/fight over Phil being a bottom has extremely upset me. I talked a lot about it on my blog, but essentially, I just want to say that both Julia and I feel that sex isn’t about power, but about mutuality, and affection, and that is why, as you will see, Dan and Phil share a very versatile lifestyle in this fic. Please don’t attack us for choosing to write them in this way; there is nothing wrong with preferring Phil as a top, but there is something wrong in attacking the others for doing something that defies the norm in the phandom.

3. Please do not go to Julia (@ineverhadmyinternetphase) regarding anything that has to do with the implied nsfw content of this fic. I’m super sex repulsed most of the time, so anything to do with asking for smut/nsfw content makes me want to throw up. Feel free to come chat to me about literally anything else though, including why I want to write fics that don’t have nsfw themes (there’s a whole bunch of acearo goodness in that answer xD)

4. We will never write any scene outside of this fic that is nsfw as a side chapter or a bonus chapter etc… This is because this makes Julia incredibly uncomfortable to think of her characters as doing nsfw things in general outside of the implied stuff we did write, and it makes me uncomfortable to even consider writing something without my co author for our co-authored fic, if that makes sense.

5. Please read this post, in regards to some of the unfriendly comments we have been receiving in some ways.

(AO3 Link) (Masterlist) (Previous)

Chapter Thirteen

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At First Light: One Year Ago (Prologue)

A/N: I’m very excited to announce At First Light, my Riverdale/Until Dawn AU fic! This has been a huge project for me, challenging and fun. There are a few things you should know before you begin reading. At the end of each chapter you will have a choice (In the form of two options that will link you to the next chapter). Each choice you make will affect the events of the story, so be careful. Also, I will warn you that this is based on a horror game, so I tried to make it as scary as possible. If that’s not your cup of tea, read at your own risk. Otherwise, enjoy!

Word Count:  ~30,000 for entire fic.

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Horror Themes, Major Character Death

Summary: One year ago a group of friends gathered together at the family lodge on Mount Blossom. When one friend, and brother, goes missing on their night of fun, their lives are changed forever. Now, a year later, the remaining eight friends have gathered again to celebrate the life of their friend, until all hell breaks loose. It’s up to you to decide. Who will survive Until Dawn? Choose wisely. 

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masked man

why do i keep getting ideas

This would be a hell of a lot easier, Tony thinks, if I could have a drink.

Instead, he sighs and turns the five year chip in his pocket over between his fingers.

“There, that one,” Rhodey says, bringing Tony back to the present. “If your dumb ass is really going to do this, that’s the one. Right build, right height.”

It takes a second for Tony to find the one he’s referring to through the crowd. The man, or male-appearing person, in question, is wearing a full-face mask that looks like it might be made of actual metal, the construction resembling something between Peter’s space mask and the Iron Man Mark I—kind of crude, but effective. The rest of the costume is period: a red coat with intricate gold embroidery, a white linen shirt with ruffled collar and sleeves, breeches, white stockings, black shoes with a slight heel. They’re scuffed, torn and dirty like he’s been roughed up, stuck in them for days. It’s a nice touch. Tony huffs. “You’re talking about the man in the iron mask?”

“That’s the one,” Rhodey confirms.

“Waist’s too wide,” Tony mutters, mostly to himself, “but yeah, I suppose he’ll do.” He can feel the weight of Rhodey’s gaze on him and sighs. “What is it, platypus? Come on, spit it out.”

“You’re really gonna do this?” Rhodey says after a beat. “When you don’t even know if he—”

“I know,” Tony says and gets a disbelieving look for his trouble.

“You don’t know. You haven’t asked.”

Tony pulls a mouthful from his glass, grimacing at how very virgin it is and says, “I know. I don’t need to ask.”

Rhodey sighs again, like Tony is the most exasperating thing in the universe. Which, probably true. Then again, Quill exists. “Okay,” Rhodey says, lifting his hands in surrender. “Fine. Just for the record, I would like to state that this is a terrible idea, and I told you not to.”

“Noted,” Tony says. “You are absolved of guilt. Now go make googly eyes at Wonder Woman and let me make my bad decision.”

“Man, shut up,” Rhodey complains, but he makes a beeline straight for Wonder when he turns away.

Tony stays where he is for a little while longer, nursing the rest of his drink. The man in the iron mask is alone, lingering near the outskirts of the room, face turned toward the dance floor. His head follows the movement of a couple and Tony realizes he’s got long blond hair tied back with a blue ribbon. Yeah, he’ll do nicely if he can’t have the real thing.

He’s nearly across the room when the metal face turns toward him and Tony gets the distinct impression he’s getting the up-and-down. He smiles, lets his eyelids slip down a little. “See anything you like?”

Tony’s dressed as Beetlejuice, complete with wild white hair, black and white striped suit with skinny legs that fit a little indecently at the groin, and heeled pointed black boots. He’d nixed the teeth, which were pretty much impossible to make hot, so he knows his smile flashes white and straight between his black painted lips.

The mask tilts ever so slightly up, the bearer’s gaze turning back to Tony’s face. Then he nods, a small, restrained gesture. In character. Interesting.

“I’m going to be straight with you,” Tony says. “I’m looking to have a little fun. Are you interested or am I barking up the wrong tree?”

The man just looks at him for a long moment and Tony gains a new appreciation for everyone on the other side of the Iron Man mask. The unreadability is maddening.

Then the man in the iron mask stands and Tony’s breath catches in his chest. He’s tall. And with the locks of blond hair peeking out from behind the mask Tony can almost make himself believe it’s actually Steve.

God, Rhodey’s right, he’s losing it.

The man in the iron mask slips one hand covered in buttery soft black leather around Tony’s and pulls gently.

Okay, the not-talking thing is kind of starting to turn him on.

Iron Mask leads him out of the ballroom and out into the gardens, which is ridiculously cliche and also, again, kind of a turn on.

Maybe this will help him shake free of the hold Steve has on him.

The only light in the gardens comes from strings of tiny lights embedded in the tall rows of hedges. There are fake spiderwebs stretched overtop, the eerie silhouettes of giant fake spiders scattered throughout. It’s chilly out and Tony shivers, relishing the heat he can feel seeping through the glove.

Iron Mask takes him out deep into the gardens, into a little nook Tony’s sure he must’ve known was there because it’s practically invisible. No one’s going to find them out here unless they want to be found.

The thought makes his belly wriggle with heat, which only intensifies when Iron Mask turns to face him, the little lights glinting off the metal mask.

He reaches up and brushes his fingertips over Tony’s lips, the leather soft as sin. Through the narrow eyeholes, Tony’s sure he can see the gleam of eyes.

He reaches for the mask, but a hand catches him by the wrist.

Tony’s mouth quirks, his heart beating a sharp tattoo against the back of the reactor. “Can’t kiss you through the mask,” he says and hears a shivery intake of breath that makes him grin. “And I’d really like to get my mouth on you.”

The hand around his wrist tightens, then Iron Mask lifts his other hand and pushes the mask up, till just his mouth is exposed. It’s hard to make much out in the dark, but he’s got plush, full lips and Tony licks his own.

One leather-gloved hand curls around the back of his neck and Tony can feel the question in it. “Yeah,” he breathes, “yeah, that’s good,” and then Iron Mask’s head is dipping forward, his mouth covering Tony’s.

Tony makes a soft, muffled sound. God, his hands are big and sturdy, just like Tony always imagined Steve’s would be.

The edge of the mask digs into the bridge of his nose, a faint bite of pain he couldn’t care less about. He slides his hands over broad shoulders and enjoys the way Iron Mask slides his tongue over Tony’s bottom lip, requesting access. He’s considerate, which is something of a novelty for Tony, who moans a little and opens to grant his request.

He kisses like he needs this and when Tony breaks off because his weak bastard lungs are screaming with the need for air, he continues kissing down Tony’s throat. Then he licks a long stripe up the tendon and Tony’s fingers clench, his whole body tensing as arousal shoots through him like liquid fire. “Let's—please—c'mon, I wanna— Let me—” he pants and he doesn’t even sound coherent. He manages to get his hands on Iron Mask’s breeches.

He goes stiff, mouth freezing where it’s pressed to Tony’s collarbone. Tony doesn’t notice right away, he’s so muddy-headed with lust. But then Iron Mask chokes out, “Wait—stop, I can’t.”

Now it’s Tony who freezes.

He knows that voice.


“Shit,” Steve says and one gloved hand comes up, pulls the mask off entirely. Then Tony’s looking at Steve’s stricken face, obviously flushed even in the low light.

“Oh my god,” Tony says, horrified. “You—” His eyes go wide. “Did Rhodey know? You—you never spoke, you didn’t want me to know it was you, Steve, what the fuck?” he all but yells, his voice high and tight in his throat. “Was this some kind of big joke?

He rocks back from the weight of what he’s just said. Christ—

“No!” Steve shouts, and he looks, possibly, even more horrified than Tony. “Rhodey—Rhodey said you liked me, that—” He swallows, seeming to shrink into himself. “That you wanted me to kiss you, you just were too afraid. He said you were planning on doing something stupid, that I should intervene.” His expression turns miserable. “I wasn’t supposed to keep quiet so long. It was just supposed to be a surprise. So you…so you’d give me a chance. But I got so caught up. I’ve thought about it so many times and you were so…” Steve breathes in, shaky, his eyes bright. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Tony.”

Tony’s shaking, vibrating with adrenaline and nerves, but if he’s hearing Steve right… “You’re telling me,” he says, “you wanted to, even though thirty seconds ago you just shoved me away—”

“I do!” Steve hurries to say. “I do want to! I want to go out, I want to…” He flushes. “Have sex with you. But I want you to do it with me, not some stranger. Not—” Steve looks sick. “Not when you think I’m somebody I’m not.”

Tony stares at him. In an uncomfortably small voice, he says, “You want to go out with me?”

Steve slumps back against the hedges. “Tony, I haven’t thought about anything else in months. I’m over the moon about you.”

Tony’s heart starts to pick up speed again, but in excitement this time, rather than fear. He edges forward. “Okay.” A laugh slips out of his mouth that’s just shy of hysterical. He’s going to murder Rhodey. “Okay.” He puts his hand on Steve’s chest and looks up at him, a hot lurch pulling at his insides at the sight of Steve looking back at him. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” Steve breathes, and Tony watches his pupils expand with wonder. “Yeah, very, completely okay.”

And the sound of his groan when Tony kisses him is the sweetest thing he’s ever heard.

happy halloween, ya’ll


Originally posted by btsleepy

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: I do not want to give anything away, but I will leave this link to the song I based it on, and add the lyrics in the beginning of the fic :)

Hoodie- Hey Violet

Word Count: 2,900+

Rating: Pg-13 (due to alcohol mention, language, and a few sexual references)

Author’s note: This is my thank you to all my followers. I have reached 200+!! Leave feedback , comments, and likes always make me smile. Also if ya’ll want a part 2 ….comment and let me know….. I think this one deff has potential :) . NOT EDITED!!! Will be editing throughout the day, just wanted to get it out there for ya’ll since I promised. Minor mistakes are probable.  HOPE YOU ENJOY!

I can’t keep your love
I can’t keep your kiss
Gave you everything and all I got was thisI’m still rocking your hoodie
And chewing on the strings
It makes me think about you
So I wear it when I sleep
I kept the broken zipper
And cigarette burns
Still rocking your hoodie
Baby, even though it hurts
Still rocking yourI used to put my hand in your pockets (holding on)
The smell of your cologne is still on it (but you’re still gone)
Slip it on over my shoulders
Someone I’ll never get over
Makes me feel a little bit closer to you

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Bend And Break

Author: @k-x-t-x-ae

Artist: @ravenclawghostshadow (who’s amazing art you can find at the very beginning of this fic!)

Beta:  @parttimestoryteller 

Word count: 10k

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mild eating disorder, self harm, strong language, homophobic slurs

Summary: As a dancer for a prestigious London dance school, ballet consumes Dan’s every waking hour. When Dan’s boyfriend Phil moves in with him, he starts to see the deeper into cracks of Dan’s world and the pain Dan inflicts upon himself. 

Author’s Notes: Pah! It’s finally done! I want to give enormous thanks to my beta, Iona. She got me through several rough patches in writing this fic where I was close to throwing in the towel, and was overall incredible. I also want to say thank you thank you thank you to my amazing artist @ravenclawghostshadow. I’m so honored to have received such INCREDIBLE art and to have gotten to work with a person who was such a genuine joy. Thanks you!! Hope you enjoy!
Chart Topper, Heart Stopper
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Chanyeol and Baekhyun are enemies in the public’s eyes. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are also dating behind the public’s eyes. It’s a complicated situation but one song together might just change that.
Author: touchofbeige for baeconandeggs
Side Pairing: Kaisoo
Length: Oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Artist au 
Rating: PG-13

Admin Z: I find this fic really cute and Heaven is tottaly Chanbaek song. Hahaha.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Unforgivable

4.3K words, PG-13 rated (for violence and general darkness).

I wanted to explore what would happen if Scorpius was forced to do something awful, like an unforgivable curse, during the time he was pretending to be the Scorpion King. This takes place between his brief conversation with Polly Chapman, and the scene with Draco during HPCC:Pt2. Spoilers under the cut. 

@bounding-heart continues to be a lovely human being and an excellent beta. 

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Fanfiction Masterpost

Okay, I think I got this all up to date. If I’m missing anything let me know. The links to all these fics can be found on the Fanfiction tab of my blog, but since mobile can be a butt and you can’t see the tabs, I decided to put together the master post. :D

I’ve also been meaning to rewrite some of the earlier fics but that’s a project for another time.

Post Gathering Darkness:

  • Prophecy - Magnus contemplates the meaning of the prophecy in relation to his destiny with Cleo. (Rated: K)

Post Frozen Tides:

  • Back in Auranos - Once Cleo and Magnus arrive in Auranos, they decide to make up for lost time.(Rated: R)
  • Moving In - Part 1, Part 2 - Magnus and Cleo move in together and explore items from Cleo’s past. (Rated: K, PG-13)
  • Jealous - Magnus gets jealous when someone shows interest in Cleo (Rated PG)


  • All Hearts Day - Part 1 (by me), Part 2 (written by @fallingkingdomsfics) - An FK-inspired Valentine’s Day fic (both sections rated R)

Growing Family Series (collection of post-series one shots…in chronological order)

  • Naming - Magnus and Cleo discuss what they should name their first child. (Rating: K)
  • A Young Family - Lucia visits Auranos and finds Magnus enjoying an afternoon with his growing family. (Rated: K)
  • Grumpy - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Cleo’s day trip with Ty goes awry when Magnus can’t join them…(Rated: K)
  • Welcome Home - Cleo and her children are excited to welcome home Magnus, returning after months away overseas. (Rated: K)
  • The Beach - Magnus spends a day at the beach with his daughter. (Rated: K)
  • Visitors - Nic and Ashur stop by the palace to visit the newest addition to the Damora-Bellos family. (Rated: K)
  • Surprises - Everything seems perfect for the Damora-Bellos family, but life has one more surprise waiting for them. (Rated PG)


  • Mix Up (Magneo) - Cleo gets an opening to speak to a stranger at her local coffee shop. (Rated: K)

FK AU - Falling Kingdoms Alternate-Universe Synopsis Posts written in collaboration with @fallingkingdomsfics. Both fics are written by me. 

  • Caffeine Craze - Magnus’s and Cleo’s relationship unexpectedly heats up… (Rated: PG-13)
  • A Perfect Cliche - Magnus takes Cleo on a vacation to ask a very important question… (Rated: PG-13/R)

forlorn-kumquat said:

Tony/Rhodey where Tony bonds with the Avengers after New York and moves them into the Tower. Rhodey is secretly jealous but he tries to hide it until he gets drunk one night, flies to the Tower, glomps onto Tony, and tells everyone that Tony is his

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff YEA

Jim is sitting in a Situation Room at the Pentagon, shaky with fear and relief when Tony calls.

Hi, sugarbear,” he says, breathless, and Jim swallows hard around the rock in his throat, hand clenching around the edge of the table.

“You goddamned idiot,” he finally manages to choke. “Maybe next time I should just tell them to aim at you, huh?”

He can hear Tony’s adrenaline-fueled grin when he says, “That would actually help me out a lot. Hell of a lot more efficient.

“I hate you,” Jim says, and buries his face in his hands, shaking and shaking and shaking. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“’I can’t let anything happen to him,‘” Tony says, uncharacteristically serious, and Jim’s stomach turns over, a rush of heat blooming in his ears. “And, 'Shit, we’re all gonna die.'”

“Ever the optimist,” Jim replies weakly.

You know it,” Tony says. “Actually these guys are pretty great, discounting the rocky start. I think you’ll like them. Especially one Captain America?”

“You’re kidding me, that wasn’t a joke?” Jim says, incredulous.

Nope!” Tony says gleefully. “He’s the real deal. Frozen for seventy years. Twenty-six, Platypus, he’s a baby. Somebody has to look out for him and make sure Fury isn’t solely responsible for his modernization.”

Jim can hear the planning already going on in Tony’s voice. “What did you do, Tony?”

Nothing yet!” Tony protests. “I just figured I’d invite them to stay with me. It’s not like I haven’t got the room. Avengers Tower has a nice ring to it.”

In less than a month, all five of them have moved in. Jim tries to be supportive, god, does he ever. He says hi and makes small talk when Tony abandons him mid-conversation with Thor or Clint or whoever on the line. He offers his extremely uneducated opinion on design elements when Tony asks for them. He doesn’t get jealous when Tony cancels a date night video call because the Avengers are going to watch Star Wars with Steve for the first time.

He is a grown man. He is not jealous.

Not at all.

When are you gonna stop by again, Pooh Bear?” Tony asks later when he’s crawled into bed, slurring with exhaustion.

“Soon,” Jim tells him. “I promise.”

Mmkay,” Tony mumbles and falls asleep with his mouth hanging open. Jim loves him so much it hurts. God, does he.

Tony yaps about Clint’s arrows this, and Bruce’s pants that, and Natasha’s bites need more oomph here, Steve’s uniform needs better protection there. He talks about the Avengers night and day and it’s good to see him so worked up about something good, about a bunch of people who seem to be doing all right by him. Tony hasn’t had a lot of people do right by him and he deserves to.

But it’s been a hell of a long time since Jim’s had to learn to share Tony’s time and energy and it’s no mean feat.

His carefully squashed jealousy finally snaps loose one night after he’s been drinking too much. It’s been a shit week and he’s had superiors crawling up his ass about the stupidest shit and he’s sick to death of dealing with people and their assholery. He hasn’t seen Tony or heard from him in two goddamn weeks and dammit, those spandex-wearing outliers had better be appreciating the fact that they have just about unrestricted access to him 24-7.

But that just gets him thinking that they had better not be appreciating him too damn much and then he’s two sheets to the wind and literally in the wind, rocketing for Avengers Tower.

Landing is much harder than expected; he’s really drunk.

He staggers through the removal process, and then into the penthouse, where the Avengers are all gathered, talking and laughing over a huge spread of Italian take out.

Everyone looks up when he crashes into a side table. Tony says, “Rhodey?” voice bright with shock.

Jim straightens up and attempts to smooth out his shirt. He might miss a little. “Tones,” he replies. Is he slurring? He might be slurring. God, he is so drunk.

“Rhodey, what the hell are you doing here, weren’t you—”

“Are you mad?” Jim demands.

“Uh, no,” Tony says, and, oh, okay he looks kind of like he might burst out laughing any second. “I’m not mad. I’m just wondering why you’re here and why you’re plastered, Jesus, how much have you had to drink?”

Jim waves a hand. “A few. And some more.” He grabs hold of Tony, glad to have something sturdy to hang onto and stares at him. “I wanted to see you.”

“Yes,” Tony says, mouth twitching, “I gathered as much, what with you flying and all. I’m going to have to put a breathalyzer in that thing, you shouldn’t be flying in this state.”

Jim hangs on to him tighter. “I wanted to see you. You’re spending all your time with them. But. But you’re mine. You’re mine first. Yeah?”

Tony’s smile goes soft. “Yeah, Sugarplum. Always.”

Jim swings around, points a finger at everyone around the table. “See he’s mine. Be nice or I’ll come for you.”

That makes Tony laugh so hard he can hardly breathe and Jim starts laughing too, though he’s not entirely sure why. He kisses Tony and feels his smile against his lips.

Tony loves the Avengers, but his heart belongs to Jim and now they know it.

anonymous asked:

what the heck in my experience phanfic in general is super sexual (and i personally sometimes wish it wasn’t) i find it really hard to find fics without sex / explicitly written sex

I was specifically talking about longer fic, and fic that’s not pure sex. It’s easy to find seventy million punk/pastel Dan with a ballgag riding Phil’s dick fics, but it’s rare to find a 100k slow burn fluffy falling in love fic that doesn’t treat the physical side of the relationship as though it’s non-existent. 

And me saying rare doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, just that the opposite (longer fics that are PG-13 rated) are far more in abundance. 

And if you’re looking for fics that aren’t super sexual then you will have a blast with this year’s phandom big bang lot. There are some really amazing stories and almost none of them exceed PG-13. (Again, almost none doesn’t mean none. It just means almost none.)

(Sorry if I sound like I’m over-emphasizing things, I just don’t want to make other writers feel bad or like I’m ignoring them.)