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Kind of a Drabble idea but like it's fine if you don't just like Jason hugging bizarro or Artemis hugging bizarro just like some hugging bizarro because I love him and I can't hug him cause he's not real but he's real in my heart and he deserves all the hugs

On screen the character turned a corner, coming face to face with a lumbering zombie. The screen tinted red as it attacked.

Bizarro, sitting next to Jason with his eyes fixed on the screen, nearly jumped out of his seat.

“What’s wrong, buddy?” Jason grimaced, shooting the zombie and healing the character before moving on.

“Bizarro am scared,” Bizarro replied.  

“Not all zombies are scary.” Another corner, another zombie. This time, Jason jumped as well. “Yeah, okay. How about next game we go with something that takes place in sunlight.”

Bizarro shifted on the couch so he was closer to Jason.

Jason glanced over. “Need a hug, big guy?”

Nodding, Bizarro reached over and pulled Jason against his side, hugging him close.

From the television came a shriek as another zombie descended on their character. Bizarro’s arms tightened around Jason.

Jason put down the controller. “No more zombie games, got it.”

Mick Rory deserves to be with the kind of person who insists on making Burning Love their Official Song™ and sings it to him drunk on karaoke nights, and blasts it through the kitchen on lazy Sunday mornings as they do dishes and dance around barefoot and totally wheedle Mick into dancing with them, and gets the band to play a slow, romantic cover at their wedding for their first dance as a married couple. 

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"Keith, it really isn't that serious, you need to let this go," Shiro said.

(so I cheated a bit with extra sentences but)

“Keith, it really isn’t that serious, you need to let this go,” Shiro said.

“You always say that,” Keith protested, grabbing Shiro by the wrist and holding him back. “But it’s clearly affecting you; I can tell. You’re still having nightmares.”

Shiro sighed, keeping his gaze on the floor. “It’s just something that happens everyday. Nothing new. I didn’t want you to—”

“I know,” Keith finished for him. “You don’t want to make a fuss about trivial things.“

Hand shifting to squeeze Shiro’s, he turned around to find Keith’s intense eyes boring into his. “But this isn’t trivial—not to me. No matter what happens, I’m with you all the way.”

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WINCEST : dean confesses his feelings/love for sam when he thinks he's asleep but sam is actually awake...

Okay, I hated this and I’m sorry. I hope you like pain.

When Sam told Dean he got accepted at Stanford, Dean just stared at him and nodded, then went off and didn’t come back long before dawn, smelling like alcohol and women’s perfume.

Sam couldn’t sleep the whole time Dean was gone, too overwhelmed by fear, sadness, regret and the immense feeling of loss. Dean was already gone from his life and he knew it, there was no turning back now. Sam felt like the biggest part of himself had died right there and he tried to put the pieces back together the best he could, knowing it would never be perfect again. Not like he ever was.

Dean knew about Sam’s feelings for him. Had known for a while now, but it didn’t changed anything, Dean couldn’t make any choice and Sam didn’t want him to, could never force himself on Dean like that. But Dean needed to know, otherwise Sam couldn’t make it. Sam needed to know.

He was past crying himself to sleep when he heard the sound of the door lock. Dean. He laid still, trying to pace his breathing so Dean wouldn’t notice he was awake so they wouldn’t start the inevitable fight in an inappropriate time. He closed his eyes and listened as Dean stumbled himself out of his clothes and boots, cursing between his breath. Then, Dean was quiet. Sam thought he’d passed out on John’s bed now that he wasn’t sleeping on it, but after a moment, Sam felt Dean lying next to him on the bed.

Sam kept his steady breathing, still pretending to be asleep until eventually Dean would pass out.

“You know, I get why you want to leave, Sammy. I get it. You deserve a better life that me and dad can’t give.” Dean paused for a second. “I’m sorry I can’t give what you want, Sammy. You deserve someone better.”

Sam tried so hard to hold back a sob his muscles were burning. “I love you, Sammy. I’ve loved you ever since I held you in my arms for the first time. And I… I want you. So bad it hurts. But nothing would hurt more than be with you and then watch you hate me once you realize how fucked up this is. I can’t corrupt you like that.” There was disgust in Dean’s voice and Sam never hated himself more.

Dean loved him back, but still didn’t want to be with him. A tear rolled down his face and Sam couldn’t breathe, so he tried to hold his breath, tried to end it.

He felt Dean’s touch on his face, felt his fingers wiping the tears off his cheek. He didn’t moved.

“Goodnight, baby brother.” Dean whispered, then fell asleep.

He had already lost him.

Person A of your otp can see a visual count/ automatically know how many lies a person has told throughout their life time. Person B is the first grown adult A has seen that has not told a single lie. However, B’s counter finally goes up when they tell A, “I’m fine, really.”

Bonus: Person A works in a hospital, because newborn babies haven’t told any lies yet, and it helps them think that they’re normal for a moment.

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For the sentence prompts: Keith couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

Keith couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. Eyes wide and lips parted in surprise, he stared down at the man before him.

It looked like this: Shiro smiling wide and proud with a smile brighter than anything he had ever seen before.

It looked like this: Shiro gazing up at him with adoration, and the twinkling stars above reflected in his dark brown eyes.

It looked like this: Shiro, down on one knee, with his human arm outstretched, a deep purple jewelry box sitting in the palm of his hand.

And as the reality of it all began to sink in, Keith’s open mouth shifted itself into a slight smirk as he knelt down in front of Shiro and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

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Fic Rec List: Amoneki

I’ve seen a couple of time people asking for fic recs for this pairing, so I decided to make one.

This includes fics from both AO3 and


♠Some of the fics are not necessary romantic, some contain only friendship between Amon and Kaneki.

♠This doesn’t include other Kaneki or Amon pairings. Just Amoneki (with just ONE exception).

♠I’ll add the warnings that the writer gave to each work

♠This is really long

♠This doesn’t include tumblr shots… yet.

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The Visiting Magister

Yeah I forget where I was headed with this….three months ago when I started so here, have some ficlet that I forgot the conclusion for. I begged for some Mae/Dorian fluff over at the DAKM and never got it so I wrote it myself :P

The Chargers filed into the Herald’s Rest, as raucous as they ever were; more so, as today they were returning victorious from a particularly hairy mission. Literally. Giants, three of them, covered in the stuff, had wandered too close to a settlement outside the Hinterlands. The Chargers had lead the campaign against the things and had just returned to Skyhold for some much-deserved rest. Also booze. Lots and lots of booze.

The Iron Bull lagged slightly behind his men, taking in the mostly empty bar. Old Ben-Hassrath habits, he supposed. Cabot gave him a nod as he set to serving the laughing, roaring beast that was the core group of the Bull’s Chargers. The big Qunari could not keep a satisfied grin off his face, content that his men couldn’t see it.

He’d do it again. However difficult it got, he’d take them over the Qun any day.

That was when the figure in the corner caught his eye. The Bull didn’t make any change in his routine–toss Cabot a sovereign, head over to his chair along the wall, nod at Krem to let him know he was good–but he watched the figure nonetheless. Casually, enough that no one could tell he was doing it. He could not see much, as it was.

“Cabot, this ale is piss warm,” The Bull called, taking a swig of his swill.

“Allow me.” The newcomer had moved quickly and now stood in front of him, a heavy, pale blue cloak swept back from a pair of slim shoulders. Bull quirked an eyebrow, taking her in (formally, now, since she was in front of him) before holding out his mug. She was tall, blond hair about chin length and styled in loose, wavy ringlets about her face. The woman tilted her chin up, a gesture both self-certain and familiar. Her pointer finger extended to his mug. Fractals of frost spread, coiling intricate designs. When Bull took another long swallow the ale was pleasantly cool, not quite cold, and far more refreshing. She watched his throat bob as he drank and Bull, ever a showman, flexed a little more than was necessary as he set his mug down shifted in his seat.

“Thanks. What can I do for you, ma’am?”

That earned him a satisfied smirk and the shushing of fine fabric as the woman took a seat to Bull’s side. She glanced around the bar, at the Chargers and a smattering of Inquisition soldiers making merry. “I had heard there was a Tevinter Altus here. I’d have thought to find him near the closest source of alcohol, but…perhaps not.” A little note of something dark slipped into her expression but was gone just as quickly. She was very good, Bull realized. “Must be very popular, that one.”

“Yeah,” the Qunari allowed himself a small chuckle. The woman glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, “-you ‘Vints are real popular this far south. Especially with the thousand-year-magister shitting everything up.”

“Knew all along, did you?” Her eyebrows were up, a small smile on her lips. Impressed, then, and allowing it to show. Odd play for a ‘Vint, were he not pretty sure he already knew who this one was.

“Accent is a bit hard to miss. Vyrantium?” Bull replied conversationally.

“Qarinus.” The Bull grumbled just a little at that. The pretty ‘Vint seemed to take it as a challenge.

“So glad the victorious are hailed so graciously.” Bull was deep in discussion with the blonde ‘Vint when he heard the eloquent scoff. The voice was rich and altogether offended. The Bull felt a grin break as he hauled his not inconsiderate bulk to his feet. “Tell me, to what do I owe the offense? Have I been gone so long you’ve gone senile and forgotten my existence altogether?” Mae rolled her eyes dramatically, though the look was altogether fond. She was hidden from Dorian’s view by a well-placed pillar and Bull fully intended to make use of that.

“Hey there ‘Vint.”

“Hey there. Hey there?! Two weeks in the wet fighting for my life and the freedom of the free world and all I merit is a–mmmpphh!” Dorian’s protests were quickly muffled as he found his lips pressed firmly to Bull’s, lithe form pulled in close to the Tal-Vashoth’s much larger one. The Chargers let out a tumult that was equal parts cheers and groans as their boss welcomed his heart home properly. Dorian growled against the kiss at first, thrashing like a cat in a sack. He shoved against massive arms to no avail, squirming his body even though hips lips didn’t leave Bull’s. Bull could just see the telling spread of a blush across Dorian’s attractive features; it took but another moment of struggling before Dorian melted with a final squawk at the indignity, a sigh escaping his nose. Bull felt a clever hand trace one of his ears, earning Dorian a little shudder as the mage slung his other arm around Bull’s neck.

“You are an incorrigible beast,” Dorian relaxed into Bull’s hold, once he had gotten over that feeling that the entire bar was waiting to burn him at the stake for being too bold. Old habits.

“You like it,” Bull grinned, leaning down just far enough to nuzzle Dorian’s ear. That earned him a little shudder of his own along with Dorian’s long-suffering sigh.

“My my, whatever would your father say?”

Dorian stiffened in earnest. Bull frowned as he felt the mage’s hands knot into fists, stepping back from his very sudden rigidity of posture. He watched Dorian’s eyes narrow then widen, first in suspicion, then in surprise.

“…Mae?” She stood, arms swept wide as she offered him a gracious bow, all fluttering blue fabric and blonde curls.

“The very same. Am I allowed to hug you? Such things seem common to you in the South, it would seem. I should like to blend in.” Dorian’s cheeks colored again, a dusting of crimson beneath the caramel of his skin. Mae’s laugh was kind, though, and he swept over to her. With an elegant bow Dorian folded himself in half, kissing Mae’s hand (while Bull ogled his ass). She caught him at it, too, narrowing her eyes before pulling Dorian up straight into an embrace. “I apologize for opening with thoughts of Halward, that was most unkind of me. It does seem you have made a friend you neglected to tell me about.” Bull’s grin was wide and unapologetic; Dorian sighed with his entire self, offering his arm to Maevaris, the picture of resignation.

“An affront for which you will make me pay,” he suggested.

“Spectacularly,” Mae agreed, tossing a wink to Bull. “You may start with getting me a glass of wine and telling me about this dashing young man.”

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41 and/or 50 -- and if i were a better person i'd've copied the prompts before i sent this BUT I AM TERRIBLE

41 –

I don’t believe each person has just one true love, but sometimes we don’t have enough time to find another. (That’s the way it crumbles.  Cookie-wise.)

Time has always been a tangible thing to Hamilton, a weight felt on the lungs. He closes his eyes and imagines a clock, ticking, relentless as each moment wasted darts away to never be found again. So he grabs on to every minute he has, takes time in fistfuls, and he tries, he tries.

Found – a boy (he’s Laurens, at first, then John, just John, his John) with hazel eyes and a laugh like a gunshot – loud, explosive, devastating - and when he looks at Hamilton time seems to stop, frozen, and there’s only this.

But as so many things are, it’s a lie, because time goes on and so does the boy, and then –

Found – a woman he doesn’t deserve, but to whom he tries to make himself worthy, he spends time on letters where he professes a thousand things to her, and she loves him for these gifts, and they are wed and he loves her, and then –

Lost – a letter arrives and Eliza reads it to him in a shaking voice and it’s Laurens, his time run out. He can’t breathe for the weight of time in his lungs.

(There’s so much work to do.)

In between these times, these loves, there’s another. There’s a time where Burr buys him a drink, and a time where he works next door and they are close but never close enough. Sometimes Burr stands close to him and Hamilton knows it’s only a few inches but it seems more like a mile.

He tries, once – touches his hand to Burr’s because he wants to know the skin there - because the moment feels right and Burr looks at him and no, it wasn’t the right time, if there ever was one.

He sleeps (not very much) and he writes (incessantly) and sometimes they meet – they keep meeting – and Burr’s eyes will find Hamilton’s, and Hamilton is always left to wonder.

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from my twitter prompts! for mgckia on twitter!!

klance + things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear + canon verse

Keith is tired.

But not the usual sort of tired he experiences after a difficult mission. He feels this exhaustion in his bones, with every fiber of his being. And, worst of all, his brain feels like it’s been dragged through the wringer.

In his short life, Keith has dealt with a decent amount of emotional turmoil. When his parents passed away, when foster families treated him poorly, when the Galaxy Garrison expelled him- grief and anger aren’t new to Keith at all. Recently, though, there are emotions popping up he’d rather not mess with.

Including the slew of emotions from today’s battle.

He wants to be mad at Lance for saving him. He wants to punch him in the face for being so damn reckless, but he also doesn’t enjoy being a hypocrite. Which he’s almost positive the other paladins would call him out for if he reprimanded Lance.

Never in a million years did he think Lance would risk his life- for him. For Keith, his self-proclaimed rival.

Keith groans and continues his trek down the corridor to his room. As much as he’d love to say something to Lance right now, he’s far too exhausted to hold a conversation, let alone a debate. Because it’s Lance and there will be a debate if he’s involved.

Suddenly, as Keith passes the door to Hunk’s room, he hears yelling.

But it doesn’t sound like Hunk.

“Hey, man, calm down.” There’s Hunk. Curious, Keith presses his ear to the metal. “You know how Keith can be.”

“Oh, I do alright,” the original voice answers and- it’s definitely Lance.

What? Keith wonders if he should walk away, should turn back before he hears something he isn’t supposed to. And yet he can’t force himself to move.

“Then what’s your deal?” Hunk asks.

“I just- I’m sick of him almost getting killed,” Lance cries. His voice cracks on the last word, and Keith freezes. “He’s always rushing into danger like he- like he has a death wish or something!”

“He doesn’t have a death wish, dude.”

“Yeah, well…” Lance trails off.

“It’s just the way he is. He’s stubborn and hotheaded. He doesn’t always think before diving into battle, you know?”

Keith would take offense if it were anyone else, but Hunk is one of the kindest people he’s ever met. He means it in the nicest way possible.

“He never thinks about the rest of us, though,” Lance hisses. Even through the door, Keith catches the venom dripping from his voice. “What would you do? Or Shiro? Pidge, Allura-“

“And you?”

A long pause follows. Keith strains against the door, worried he might’ve missed what Lance said. For a moment, neither speak.

“What about me?” Lance finally says.

“Dude, come on. I’m serious. What would you do?”

Another awkward lull in the conversation before Lance shakily responds, “If Keith died?”

Keith stills. That tone… Lance isn’t supposed to sound like that. Ever. He’s evading the question, Keith notes, pressing even closer to the cool metal. Hunk doesn’t humor him with an answer this time, and Keith listens to Lance heave a longsuffering sigh.

“I- I don’t know,” Lance says, achingly honest.


“I mean,” Lance interjects, “I don’t know what I’d do if he… died. I have no idea what I’d do without him.”

What. The. Fuck.

Keith draws away as if the metal sears his skin. He can’t believe it. No… no Hunk can’t be talking to Lance. Maybe it’s Shiro in there? Maybe Shiro’s voice sounds odd and higher-pitched because he’s tired, too?

Even Keith knows it’s a filthy lie. He’s only trying to convince himself at this point.

Hunk’s reply is gentle, barely audible. “Yeah. Yeah, I know, man.”

The mutter of voices carry on, quieter, but Keith slowly backs away from the door. He’s sure, now, that he needs to leave before Lance says anything else worthy of panic, anything else Keith won’t be able to forget regardless of how hard he tries.

In a haze, Keith turns around and continues walking down the hallway. The worried tremble in Lance’s voice, the earnestness behind his confession, haunt Keith for the rest of the day and all through the night.

Lance is the first one. He’s the first person to ever care this much.

Jilytober Week 1

AU’s- tell me which ones you want to see and I’ll write which ever 3 or 5 get the most votes or more it just depends. (just use the numbers and you can vote for three- either comment on here or message me, whatever you want bro)

  1. bookstore au
  2. overflow housing college au
  3. stuck in the airport due to delays au
  4. always end up on the same public transport au
  5. high school teachers au
  6. Prince and the Pauper au
  7. running from the cops au
  8. Placed in witness protection together au
  9. accidentally broke into your flat au
  10. Foreign exchange student au
  11. Run away from home and decided to crash on your doorstep au
  12. drunk dial wrong number love confession au
  13. you live in my childhood home au
  14. met in a holding cell au
  15. I met you while drunk and was really only into your dog au
  16. Drunken night in Vegas where we accidentally get married au
  17. teen parents au
  18. taxi driver/cross country road trip au
  19. Our grandmas are trying to set us up au
  20. snowed in and not friends/not on good terms au
The Visit

Summary: There are rumours aplenty about the Mad King. That he is a tyrant, a sorcerer, that he possesses strange and dark magic - so when he comes to visit Geoff’s court, everyone is prepared for the worst. 

But Ryan is not what he seems, and the last person anyone would have expected to find out the truth is the King’s fool.

(King AU/vaguely minecraft AU)



So Gavin was absolutely fucked.

Ryan was out, Michael had said. Gone riding, Michael had said. Won’t be back for three hours, Michael had said.

Three hours - three bloody hours - of course Gavin had thought it’d be a safe time to sneak into the visiting king’s guest room to have a poke around. You know, just to make sure he wasn’t plotting anything. This was actually Very Important Royal Business. Geoff had sent him. Granted, Geoff hadn’t technically told him to break into the other king’s room, but that was part and parcel of being the official royal spy.

Okay, perhaps Gavin was actually the official royal fool, but same business, because Geoff sure as hell used him to spy on people anyway. No one ever suspected the court jester, after all.

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″You’re Gold” [100 Follower Special]

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Victuuri~
Prompt: 20: “I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…?”
Warnings: None, fluff!
Word Count: 1,890
Summary: When Yuuri winds up drunk, he somehow seems to convince Victor that karaoke is a fantastic idea. He drags him to a bar and shoves him onto the stage with him to sing a duet of a song that fits them well. (Seriously, it does. Also sorry the Author’s Notes are so long, but it’s important, so please read it? ^^)
Author’s Notes: I got the idea for this after the prompt, then, looked up common things drunk people do, and surprisingly…this was one of them. So I laughed my ass off while writing this, hope you like it!~ Also just cause he asked, my wonderful brother, @acidrainmaker gets a shoutout! This is the 100 follower “thank you” fic and…wow. Thank you is definitely not enough, but I’m so happy and thankful. I hope you all like this fic, and I spent a lot of time on it, so I hope it’s good! I chose Yuri on Ice to write for because I figured it was one of the most widely known fandoms I know, so I thought more people could enjoy it if I write for this fandom. If you’re one of the few who doesn’t know/hasn’t seem Yuri on Ice, I first recommend watching it, and then if you want, leave me a prompt and a ship from a fandom and I’ll write for it for you. <3
Also I’m sorry that this wasn’t like…”tickling based”? It was more shippy/fluffy based, but there is some in there! I promise! XD I’m thinking about uploading it to AO3, but I’m nervous because there /is/ tickling in it, and yeah my senpai follows me, and yeah she already /knows/ but I mean…. I dunno. I might and I might not. I’m neervous;; My AO3 is filled with like super serious shit and then there’s just my Tumblr XD AANNNyways sorry that was supposed to be my reasoning behind why there’s like little amounts of tickling in this one. Don’t worry though! I’m gonna do an entirely tickling and nsfw themed fic very soon! It’s in the planning phases~ It’s gonna be with Clear and Aoba, the (angsty) children *^*

EDIT: I feel like I should just give a special shoutout to my first follower. It was Yuri, but she deleted her former blog @mystictickles, so the first follower on my list  now is the lovely @otomiya-tickles (Ginny)! So there you go~! Special thanks to you for being the first one interested in my tickling trash~ Love ya! <3

Song: Gold by “Owl City”.

Yuuri sat in a chair, legs spread widely, head drooped, and his arms were resting on the table, glass of alcohol in hand. He had big dark circles under his eyes. He was so tired. And Victor thought it was a grand idea to go out here and have a party. Well he had to choose the night after they’d been up all night doing…I-think-you-know-what, and Victor hadn’t let Yuuri sleep the next day, so of course he chose tonight to throw a huge alcohol-involving party with a ton of people where he had to be somewhat social. Well, as a “fuck you” to Victor, he’d just been sitting at a table, half asleep, mentally drained.

He hadn’t touched the glass of alcohol either, and Victor decided that since Yuuri was being such a deadweight party pooper, he’d give him a responsible job.

“Watch Yurio, I don’t want him drinking. That wouldn’t be good tomorrow morning,” Victor instructed, pointing a finger at Yuuri. That’s what’d happened. Well Yuuri could barely see past his blurred vision eyes, pulsing headache, and the roaring music, shouting, and screaming didn’t help either. And then there was Chris’ obnoxious singing.

Yuuri whimpered to himself. He just wanted to go home and sleep in his warm bed with Victor beside him, and relax for a few…years. But that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, it looked like, because Victor was currently sliding around the dance floor in his socks, giving an “ice skating” performance to some girls. Which just pissed Yuuri off more.

He let out a sigh, and let his head fall into the crook of his arm, hoping that maybe he could perform a miracle and fall asleep in this chaos. He was tired enough, anyhow. That was when he felt something splash his wrist. He flinched, looking up. The alcohol had swished in the glass and splashed his wrist when his head his the table. Victor just had to fill his glasses so full, didn’t he…

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The Other Side Of The Door

Simon and Baz get into a fight. It is short lived. They definitely make up. (Also there’s kissing.) (I’m bad at summaries.)

Oh, there’s a lot of cursing in this. Not magical cursing. Swear word cursing.

Also, this one is a bit longer! (1011 words)

It is also on  ao3

Simon doesn’t miss his magic all the time. In fact, most of the time he feels free of a burden more so than anything else. But then he wants to go outside - to get some Aero Bars, or walk to the park down the street, or just get some fucking fresh air for a change - and realizes he can’t because Penny isn’t home and Baz is off at University and won’t be back for another week and he can’t go outside without one of them spelling his wings and tail.

Of course he couldn’t think to spell them away permanently himself before he went and gave all his magic up to save the world. He was too busy - you know - saving the fucking world.

So Simon is stuck in his (and Penelope’s) flat, alone, with no chocolate. He’s too busy sulking to hear the door open and his boyfriend walk in, just in time to hear him curse, “Crowley, I am so fucking useless.”

He startles when a voice replies from the doorway, “Snow, you’re a lot of things, but useless is not one of them.”

Normally it would be easy for Simon to listen to Baz, let the words calm him and take him back down to a normal level. But he’s been stuck in this house for two days driving himself mad not being able to do anything. Feeling trapped and, yeah, useless.

Simon is too stuck in his own misery to do anything but fight back. Hard. He jumps to his feet and turns to face the boy still standing in the doorway. He feels the heat rising in his body, knows his cheeks and ears are covered in red. He’s seen the same on Baz’s face enough times to know this must be what it feels like.

“And what would you know about it, Basilton? Do you even know what this feels like? Being completely trapped somewhere, unable to leave, completely stuck in your own head, going fucking stir-crazy-out-of-your-fucking-mind? I’m fucking useless. I can’t do anything on my own. I need you or Penny to even walk through that door.” Simon can see his words hit Baz; a clear punch to the gut.

“Do you even hear yourself, Snow?” Baz spits back, venom lacing his words. The red from Simon’s face is now mirrored his boyfriend’s. “You’re so fucking selfish. Do you even think before you come up with this shit?”

Instead of waiting for an answer, Baz turns to leave, slamming the door behind him.

Simon sits back down on the couch, still fuming, then realizes he’s too worked up to just sit there. He starts pacing around the flat; he gets a glass of water in the kitchen to help cool himself off, then makes his way into the bathroom to splash some cold water on his face - because the glass he drank was definitely not enough, then goes into his bedroom.

The dresser next to his bed is full of Baz’s clothes, so he avoids opening it. Actually, Baz’s clothes are scattered through all of his drawers…and his closet…so he’s probably better off avoiding changing his clothes altogether. Instead he lays down on Baz’s side of the bed, curls himself into a ball, and tries to force down the angry tears threatening to spill over.

Simon must fall asleep at some point because the next time he opens his eyes, the room seems reasonably darker. Suddenly it hits him. Shit. Numpties.

He doesn’t even think twice, just runs out the front door of the flat and trips over something in the hallway.

“Ouch, Snow. Don’t you look where you’re going?” Baz is sitting against the wall next to the door, looking at Simon, who is now sprawled out on the floor. There’s not a trace of a smile anywhere on Baz’s face which worries him. Normally he would find some humor in Simon tripping over things. Simon really fucked up.

“Baz? I didn’t think- I was just- I-”

Baz stands up as Simon continues to fumble for words. “Let’s just go back inside before someone sees you.”

Simon reaches across his shoulder as if to remind himself of what started this in the first place. He hadn’t even thought twice about it when he was fighting with Baz. He follows his boyfriend back in and leans against the back of the couch.

They both speak at the same time
“I’m sorry-”
“I’m sorry-”

Before Baz can continue, Simon cuts in, “You have nothing to be sorry for. I was an asshole. I wasn’t even thinking when I said that. I had no right. I’m so sorry.” He’s having a harder time holding back his tears now. The number of emotions he has dealt with in the past two hours is overwhelming his system.

“It’s okay, Simon.” Baz walks over and puts a hand on his shoulder. Simon lets his head drop, but Baz lifts it back up with a finger until their gazes meet. “And I do have something to be sorry for.”

“You don’t, I-”

“Shh.” Baz puts a finger over Simon’s lips. “You are not selfish. You are the most unselfish person I know. You gave up all of your magic to save the world. I never should have said that and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m such an ass,” Simon whispers.

A few tears slip past Simon’s defenses. Baz wipes them away immediately and pulls Simon’s lips to his. Simon melts into it, letting everything he is feeling seep out of him, letting Baz take it all away. The kiss is slow and deep and full of forgiveness.

Eventually Simon pulls away, remembering something.

“Wait, you’re here. Why are you here?”

“I knew Penelope was gone and I figured you’d be going stir crazy, so I made the trip. I guess I took too long.”

“You stayed.”

“You came outside.”

“I wasn’t thinking about myself. I was thinking about you. How I needed to see you. I didn’t care who saw me.”

Baz leans in to kiss him again.

Disneyland AUs

Person A is a disney character and person B’s kid wants a photo AU

Both work as characters, either paired couples or characters from different movies AU

Meet in the Castle AU

Both have kids who both want to get a photo with a character AU

Our kids were both dressed up as the same character and now they are best friends AU

Waiting in line for Splash mountain AU

Sitting next to each other on the roller coaster AU

In the same carriage in Tower of Terror ride and one person is scared AU

My kid was lost and you found them AU

Both our kids were lost cause they both saw a princess and needed to go look AU

Sitting next to each other at the fireworks AU

Build a Bear AU 

Somehow meeting in one of the themed restaurants AU

Wow our kids dragged us onto It’s a small world and how annoying is this song AU

Both are the third person in their group so volunteer as single riders and get paired together AU

We are sitting in the boat for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the ride broke down and now we are stuck AU

Post-Apocalyptic World

written for hoperaiweek

post-apocalyptic world; game-verse kinda?

When Lightning opened her eyes, the first thing she was painfully aware of was the presence of time. It was a difficult thing to pinpoint, but unlike when she’d been in Valhalla, she was all too aware of things moving forward. Nothing happened all at once - it had or it hadn’t.

The next thing she was aware of were the sound of waves crashing onto the shore. That was shocking, because the waves that lapped the shore of Valhalla were silent…or at least, they’d always appeared that way to her, because of the constant battles.

Lightning finally blinked her eyes completely open, sucking in a breath as she staggered to her feet. This area looked…familiar.

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This is Thomas Brodie-Sangster in Nanny McPhee (2005).

2005, which means he was 15(!!!) at the time. Yeah, no one’s surprised.

So why am I sharing this? Because I have a sudden craving for a Maze Runner fic where the first thirty boys are sent up to the maze and Newt is this tiny little pipsqueak (shown above) and everyone assumes he’s, like, ten at the most. Except he doesn’t feel that young because, you know, he’s actually the same age as most of the others. But that doesn’t stop everyone else from treating him like a kid. And then he goes through this ridiculously fast growth spurt and suddenly everyone’s extremely confused, especially one boy in particular (maybe Minho?) because this new, very obviously teenage Newt is kind of really hot, but at the same time they’ve gotten used to the idea that he’s just a child, probably around 5 years younger than the rest of them.

Alternatively it could be (one-sided) Newtmas with Thomas observing the group and suddenly realizing that Newt has grown up real fine. Because I’m Newtmas trash like that. (Obviously it could also be both.)

So, can you think of any existing fics with themes like this? Anyone feel like taking the prompt and running with it? I’d write it myself but I’m terribly swamped with school and work stuff at the moment so I doubt I’ll have time to write anything in the next few months…