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[PRE-ORDER] Yuri!!! on Ice (Fan-made Goods)

Hi, guys!

Me and my friends - @junjoupurelove and @ance-art​ - are opening a Pre-Order for our “Yuri!!! on Ice” goods from 31 December 2016 until 13 January 2017. This is open for both Indonesian and International buyers.

Below are the details of the things we’re selling. Sharing with your followers will be very much appreciated. :)

Please note that the price does not include shipping fee to your address.

“Journey” Fanbook (5 Chapters Fanfic):

  • Price – IDR 55,000 / USD 8
  • Pairing – Viktor x Yuuri
  • Rating – R18, 60+ pages
  • Preview – Here
  • Bonus – Victuuri Pin 5.8 cm

“Victuuri” Standee Keychain:

  • Price – IDR 60,000 / USD 6
  • Size – approx. 8 cm

[SET] Fanbook + Victuuri Stande: IDR 100,000 / USD 12

Mini Standee Keychain:

  • Price (single) – IDR 50,000 / USD 5
  • Price (all 3) – IDR 130,000 / USD 12
  • Size – approx. 6cm
  • Characters – Yuuri, Viktor, Yurio

A3 Poster:

  • Price – IDR 25,000 / USD 5
  • Characters – Eros & Agape

Please fill out this form to place your order:

1.       Indonesia
2.       International

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[SFM] To Catch a Thief 

based on @reypadawanjedi personal thief AU and written by @mizuaoi.
Check it out here!

It was pretty interesting making this. Though it is not exactly my best piece, it was fun to make and learned some interesting things. I hope to improve in the next one.

Now question, would you like me to attempt and make SFM comic versions of some scenes from @mizuaoi‘s To Catch a Thief fic???

It’s been a long day. Work has been kicking your ass.

You make it to the bus stop and put your bag down. That’s when you notice it.
Is that….? That can’t be real? Have you repressed your tickle thoughts so bad that you’re seeing things?!

You take a step back and a wave of embarrassment washes all over you, leaving an after tingle that you know so well.
Then you have your usual paranoid thoughts when you tickle blush. Everyone can see you, people know, you’ve just given your kink away, someone is about to call you out and publicly shame you.

But you are alone. Standing and staring at the sign.
You read it over and over and the fact you haven’t been tickled today, or in a week, becomes more apparent to you.
Sadness creeps in behind your bush but before it can have any power you notice the email address on the poster, just below the logo.

Without thinking you take out your phone and stare at the screen.
Curiosity has you now, you start to compose an email. Even you are surprised at your bravery…

‘[] Hi, I haven’t been tickled today’

As you press send, you get butterflies, then tingles climb up your body and feed your blush.

You are just about to put your phone back when it pings…

‘Hello. We need to fix your situation don’t we? Stay where you are, I’ll come and pick you up.’

Reading the reply your hands shake and you start to feel light headed…. what have you done?

Cirque de Glace:  A Yuri!!! on Ice Circus AU

Stories about Ringmaster Victor and his troupe of talented circus performers.
I clearly do not own photoshop.

Part 1:   Silks - Victor-centric - feat. Yuuri and Chris - 2092 wc

Part 2:   Stripes - Yuri-centric - feat. Otabek and JJ - 2865 wc

Part 3:   Stunts - Mickey-centric - feat. Emil, MilaSara, and OtaYuri - 2298 wc

Part 4:   Styles - JJ-centric - feat. Everyone, EmiMike, and OtaYuri - 3039 wc

Poster Boy [Chapter 1] - Poe Dameron x Reader

A/N: Inspired by that page in the Star Wars Propaganda book 👀 ( ). Also a bit by the Rouge One VR thing on Playstation. Also I didn’t mean for this to be multichapter story but?? It just sorta happened?? Whoops.

 I remember how I stood in line with the numerous other recruits, dressed in the iconic orange coveralls, hands folded behind our backs. Finally, I had gathered the courage to join the Resistance, to fight, to fly. General Organa herself had looked each of us up and down, silently judging us, seeing for the first time what we could be capable of. Since then we’d come far. We’d long since completed training and began to make a name for ourselves at the main base.

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The Thief with the Swan Tattoo

Swan Queen ‘FTL’ AU: It looked like an old, useless storybook collecting dust in the university’s abandoned library, up until Regina found herself dragged into its magical pages and forced to live through the book’s story in order to escape. Her only hint is the first chapter she’d skimmed over: find the thief with the “swan” tattoo.

AO3 || FFN


ShadowhuntersSeason 2, Episode 8 PromoFreeform

“Laura Hollis is the most complex math equation you have ever encountered in your life.
You’ve known for a while that something’s off with her, that something’s not right. Something has seriously fucked that girl up. But you have never previously observed her from as close as you have been able to recently, with all the running in the mornings and the going to her games with Kirsch. There’s just something about her that doesn’t make sense and your brain - despite all the trauma it’s gone through or maybe because of it - can’t shake the curiosity.” 

White Blank Page by zbrockman (tumblr: sedinbrothers) and antisocialgod (tumblr: hedalexsa)

Summary: Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted.

Pairing: Hollstein

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this story and if you’re not reading it you’re seriously missing out on some amazing writing. 

Find it here: (AO3)


I updated my fic recs page again and made some fic posters because I’m hella bored, so If you want some new good reads, Check it out >>> here. <<<


The Terminal by @coeurdastronaute

Lover in Low Light by @chrmdpoet

Wonderland by @clarkesquad

possibility days by @adrmaloud

fearless. by @aliciaclvrk

in love in war and politics by centuriesofexistence

stud by @coeurdastronaute

FtWD (Elyza Lex) by @coeurdastronaute

Silly Blue Costume by orphan_account

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tag urself heathers fandom edition
  • lawful good: quality fic posters & artists
  • neutral good: mcnamawyer stans who probably cry at thanks for coming after me
  • chaotic good: the people who suddenly spam everyone with content
  • lawful neutral: *picture of red/yellow/green thing* "omg heathers is so good"
  • true neutral: everything neatly tagged, no Opinons in tags
  • chaotic neutral: those screencaps from the movie with a quote from a different part of the movie
  • lawful evil: jd/self insert fic writers
  • neutral evil: "chansaw is abusive1!1! jd is my misunderstood bby1!1!"
  • chaotic evil: "christian slater pulling the gun out is the moment i realised i was in love with jd"

Question : mon AU universitaire a viré tellement AU qu’il n’a plus grand chose à voir avec qui ou quoi que ce soit, donc est-ce que ça vaut le coup que je le poste sur AO3 ? Sinon, qu’est-ce que j’en fais ? Des suggestions ?

Poster Girl [Chapter 1] - A Poster Boy Companion Fic

A/N: so as you may have guessed, this is a companion fic for Poster Boy, this time more-or-less from Poe’s perspective so yeah. nice. hopefully? anyway here u go. also i know that this chapter is in third person but that might change i’m not really sure atm. also i have no idea how this turned out. ALSO this companion fic will hint at bits and pieces not featured in Poster Boy for obvious reasons.

A/N 2: wow writing this was surreal. we’ve come so far since Poe and the reader disliked each other like this.

Tags: @vanessawolfblue @kxylo-ren @britishteahater @umbrellabrass @purple-skeleton @winchesterandpie @yourgodameronright @the-creative-lie @i-alrightokaycool @definitely-nota-fangirl

 "Red Squadron, Ivory Squadron, you’re up.“ Commander Dameron shouts to the pilots lounging around the hangar. It was supposed to just be a simple defense mission, holding off oncoming First Order forces while the personnel stationed on Hoth could evacuate. The red squadron are already by their X-Wings, while the larger Ivory Squadron take a moment longer, seeming to have had to break up their chat mid conversation.

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