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under ground

pairing: blaise zabini x ron weasley

setting: modern, non-magical, college au

word count: 804

written for: @icanhelpyouthere + @themalfoymanner + @hexmionegranger + @hermionvgranger + whoever else asked idk

It starts with a secret.

“The fuck are you doing here?” Ron Weasley demands, just as Blaise enters the locker room.

Blaise arches a brow, but otherwise doesn’t bother to respond. Ron Weasley is irrelevant. The contents of Draco Malfoy’s gym bag, however, are not.

“Hey, man,” Weasley goes on, undeterred. “I asked you a question.”

Blaise glances at an unmarked orange pharmacy bottle sitting on the middle shelf of Weasley’s locker. Fucking idiot. Fucking amateur. “That doesn’t entitle you to an answer, though, does it?”

Weasley narrows his eyes. “What are you—that’s Malfoy’s bag,” he blurts out, sounding surprised. “What are you doing to Malfoy’s bag?”

Blaise rifles around, tossing aside a few of Malfoy’s extra shirts and a monogrammed grey hand towel before coming up empty. He frowns. “Taking back what’s mine.”

Weasley snorts, and then rakes his fingers through the sweaty red fringe of his hair. “Jesus, dude, do you have to make everything sound like a threat?”

Blaise inspects the peeling blue label on a tub of IcyHot, irritation beginning to lick like fire against the tops of his tonsils. Malfoy wasn’t this clever. He fucking couldn’t be. “Dunno,” he muses, flatly. “Do you have to make everything sound like a deleted scene from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Weasley huffs at that, audibly dismissive, before turning towards his locker and reaching an arm back to lift his practice jersey over his head.

And Blaise.

Blaise is suddenly paying only very minimal attention to the gum wrapper and Dorito crumb and parking ticket detritus at the bottom of Malfoy’s bag. The fucking little black book could wait. Because Weasley

Weasley is tall, obviously, tall and broad shouldered and long limbed; more lanky than he is anything else. But there’s a promising sort of elegance, almost, to how he’s put together. Big hands and strong forearms and an unexpected layer of muscle bunching around his biceps, cording up and down his neck, stretching and flexing and pulling beneath the freckled skin of his upper back as he shifts around, searching for a shirt.

And Blaise.

Blaise appreciates pretty things. His apartment is monochromatic, a perfectly contemporary celebration of sleek lines with shiny finishes, and he’s no stranger to sacrificing basic functionality for aesthetic appeal. And while Weasley might not be particularly refined, he is, Blaise thinks with some confusion—with some interest, really, lazy and muted and soft—he is most certainly a pretty thing.

“What?” Weasley snaps, glaring at Blaise with thinly veiled suspicion.

Blaise toys with the zipper on the inside pocket of Malfoy’s bag. “What do you mean, what?

Weasley hunches forward slightly, crossing his arms over his still-bare chest. A decidedly rosy flush is starting to creep across his face. “You’re—fucking staring at me, man.”

Blaise smirks. “Am I?”

“See—that, that definitely sounded like a fucking threat. What’s your problem? You look like you’re—like you’re plotting something.”

Blaise shrugs, and then chuckles, unable to stop himself from letting his gaze linger—impulsively, pointedly, heatedly—on Weasley’s exposed skin. Shoulders. Abdomen. No. Lower. Blaise is plotting something, of course. Weasley’s locker is two down from Malfoy’s, and that might just be better than a surveillance camera.

“You think Malfoy’s a douche, right?” Blaise asks, as conversationally as he can manage.

Weasley rocks back on his heels, basketball shorts slung low across his hips. “Doesn’t everyone?” he sneers.

Blaise licks his lips. Weasley watches him. “Want to help me out with something, Weasley?”

Unbidden, Weasley’s eyes drop to Blaise’s crotch. He looks stunned, and not a little dazed. “Um. What?”

“Not that,” Blaise lies, and then pauses. “Well. Not unless you really want to.”

Weasley clears his throat, expression hovering somewhere on the knife-edge between uncomfortable and intrigued. He appears helpless. Focused. Sharper than he usually is. Blaise can’t believe it took him so long to notice this. To notice him.

“What?” Weasley says again, more quietly.

“You know what I do, right?” Blaise drawls, taking a step forward. Leaning into the solid cold metal of the locker directly in front of Weasley’s.

There’s a beat of silence. It’s tense, like a wire trap coiled tight. Expectant. “Yeah.”

“Then you can imagine how…valuable…a list of my customers would be. Past and present.”

Weasley’s tongue darts out, wetting his lower lip. Blaise’s gut clenches. No. Simmers. “That’s what Malfoy’s got? A list?

The list,” Blaise corrects.

“Right. That.”

Blaise chooses not to speak for a minute—just lets his mouth fall open and his posture relax as he makes a show of inspecting Weasley. Of studying him. “You’ll let me know if you see anything,” Blaise murmurs, flashing a smile he’s surprised to realize he almost means. “Won’t you?”

Weasley blinks.

Blaise doesn’t.

It starts with a secret.

Blaise has always liked secrets.      

namo-or-death  asked:

I lol'd at "You always know where to find the best stuff" like I was selling cocaine or meth or something. But yes, the fic is awesome. I'd be sure to leave a lot of comments to the author as thanks (and hopefully score a sequel).

That’s a good idea, as a former fic writer myself, comments were literally my life force. I’ll leave a message as well, just to make the author feel good about themselves cause that’s always nice. Fingers crossed for a part 2 tho

turn to dust | i’m dancing with the devil; everything i want i found (drug dealer!au)

‘A good girl meets a bad boy’ cliché except no one is really good and no one is really bad; there is only existing, trying, and failing; there are neon lights, dark alleyways with dirty sidewalks, too many cigarettes and not enough conversations; her stacked textbooks collecting dust and his broken-in boots that he wears to outrun cops. It starts in the wrong place, at the wrong time and finishing it may be the only way to right it, but they might be incapable when in quiet rooms and early morning diners, it almost seems glorious.

i. stars - the xx // ii. nightcall - london grammar // iii. nicotine dreams - laurel // iv. young god - halsey // v. fire breather - laurel // vi. the sun - the naked and famous // vii. river - bishop // viii. devil devil - milck // ix. better than heaven - block party // x. turn to dust - wolf alice // xi. desire - meg meyers // xii. smoke stacks - layla // xiii. medicine - daughter

twice-asks  asked:

Ahh. Hell's keepers author-Nim is ending the fic soon! I feel so sad :( because it's the only dreamcatcher fic that I like. I imagine mewtzu author nim is on your blog right now to check out the fic dealer's (namo queen's) recommendations

I need to read the hell’s keeper trilogy, it’s on my list of recommendations. But I highly doubt that a popular fic author would be checking out this blog. I also love that namo-or-death has a reputation now as a fic dealer


au meme: turn to dust - drug dealer!au 

You know that saying, ‘you reap what you sow’? Facing up to the consequences of your actions and all that good bullshit? Well, let’s just say, with cops on his ass all the way down Bleecker, Jess didn’t exactly believe in that right now.

#rory decides that the ivy league life just isn’t for her #and picks up life in the city after being accepted to nyu #to start their journalism program with a bang #it’s more amazing than she could ever imagine  #working as the up-and-coming features writer in the literary magazine on top of being one of the many staff writers on Washington Square News #spending most of her late nights in the library where she likes to flirt with the young janitor guy with the crazy hair and the funny looking lip #and sometimes, it really takes it’s toll #then you have jess #the not so subtle janitor guy who likes to flirt with the girl with the crazy blue eyes and long legs #and only took this job as a cover #since about 2 months ago he almost got caught by the cops selling coke to the rich kids at Columbia #that doesn’t stop him from doing it #no, he just makes sure he covers his tracks, using a different name and sticking to going indoors instead of doing sell-and-runs out of car windows and alleyways #he only does it cause his mom’s a flake and his dad’s a bust and he can barely eat most days cause his mom spends all their rent money (and then some) on drugs she shouldn’t be doing #which makes him a hypocrite doesn’t it? #but at least he’s the reason they have a roof over their heads while he lives off bagged chips and pre packaged sandwiches from the corner market 

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help I need cute fic recs and I'm told ur the person to go to for all my jeanmarco fic needs? D:

WHOA WHOA HOLD UP? ME??? Who told you that? I guess that makes a Jeanmarco fic dealer

Well here you go, enjoy!!!

Nightglow- moami

Sina University- emclementine

Le Reconteur- lemonorangelime & quartetship

Prisoner of Rome- ThisBirdWithoutACage  

Dichotomy - saphruikan

Fights- commodorecliche

Magazine Covers- Five  

That’s Amore- jeannkirschstein

The Witch’s Son- livsws

ATSIT(All The Stars In Texas)- southspinner

I’ll Be Back Next Year- jeenburchtime

Locked-  mamaarachne

Open Your Eyes- freckledjeankirschtein

In Too Deep- sassirin

Instinct- avoidingavoidance

To the Stars- the-vashta-nerada

anonymous asked:

HELLO :D do you have any ereri fic recs? TH ANKYOU <33

Oh, Nonnie, let me hook you up here okay. I’ll be your fic dealer for tonight.

Help Me Stand

(Also as a note on that one, it has a LOT of self-harm so if that upsets you at all please don’t read it.)

The Minutes Of The Red People

(This is REALLY neat Assassin!Levi AU with quite a bit of human experimentation thrown in.)

What’s Eating You?

(Zombies + snarky Eren.)

The Little Titan Cafe

(Coffee Shop AU~!)

Mercy Doesn’t Exist

(More human experimentation/assassin AU - as you can see I’m fond of this.)

House of Echoes

(Just a warning, House of Echoes can get EXTREMELY dark and EXTREMELY twisted.)

Our Eyes

(Heterochromic!Eren in this one - I’ve only just started reading it myself but fucking hell, I’m recommending it anyway.)

Tentative Bliss

(To put it simply, it’s a BDSM AU! featuring lots of Armin.)


(90s AU aww yeah~)

These are the BIG recs, honestly I have a giant list of Ereri fics/oneshots to read and once I sort through them I’ll add to the list, but yeah. Hope this helps you Nonnie!

Happy reading!

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Who's your dealer?

Originally posted by mc-suckit


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FOLLOW ALL OF THEM BECAUSE THEY’RE AMAZINGLY TALENTED WRITERS. Also, they’re just wonderful people in general, they won’t let you down <3

anonymous asked:

hey, it's your incognito gtop fluff dealer -u-. This one is cliche but whatever. (1/4) After being married for a year Seunghyun and Jiyong are finally ready for new additions in the family. Seunghyun offers the idea of surrogate parenting to Ji on their wedding anniversary, because he knows for how long has Ji been dreaming about having a baby. Jiyong thinks it's the best anniversary gift he could get. The night is beautiful. Seunghyun is a blessing.

(2/4) But after a little baby girl finally comes into their life Seunghyun is reminded of the reason why he was so hesitant about having children in the first place. All of Ji’s attention and love goes to their babydoll. And while the sight of Ji playing with their child, tickling, taking care of is endearing, and a picture of a small, chubby hand wrapped around Ji’s slender finger does beautiful things to his heart, he still feels like the baby stole something that should only belong to him. 
(¾) But after noticing Seunghyun’s jealousy Ji just laughs, jokingly telling Seunghyun that he is even a bigger baby than their daughter. Seunghyun sulks even more but there’s so much love and adoration in the way Ji looks at him that Seunghyun feels like a fool for his jealousy. Ji spends the night riding him -u-. The morning after Seunghyun see Ji standind by the crib their baby is sleeping in. He approaches him quitely from behind 
(4/4)He wraps his hands around Ji’s waist, gently drawing him closer to his chest. He looks at Ji with the same huge smile Ji is looking at their girl. Then Ji tells him how lovely she is, just like Seunghyn, and the elder man forgets how to breath for a moment. He averts his eyes, choosing to look at the angel sleeping in the crib. Seunghyun jokes about how those puffy cheeks are definitely Ji’s, and his husband giggles in answer. Seunghyun feels like he is beginning to love their baby. 

why you gotta hurt me like this mysterious fic dealer??? this domesticity is so painful. I can’t think of gtop adopting a little girl without wanting to cry buckets of tears. singing her lullabies to get her to sleep, her later doing ballerina and gtop going to her recitals, Jiyong tying her hair in little bows, her sitting on Seunghyun’s shoulders when they go to art museums.

oh and woops my hand slipped

nosetothewind94  asked:

Hello, my dearest fic-dealers! I kinda froze my butt off today and as comfort would like to request an update to the hypothermia tag please, as the next best thing, since I don't have a surly werewolf to cuddle up to. Thank you!

dont we all want a werewolf to cuddle up to?

The Weather outside is Frightful…Nope that’s it! by SerenityShadows (1/1 | 2,239 | PG13)

It happened like everything seemed to happen to her nowadays, chasing after werewolves.

Accidentally Yours by StupidGenius (1/1 | 1,398 | G)

Deaton sighs. Pinches the bridge of his nose. Sighs again.

Talia, he thinks, I love your boy like a son, I really do, but he’s a complete moron.

I Will Take You Home by triggeringthehealing (froggydarren) (1/1 | 3,669 | G)

There’s a cold spell in California that winter, and when Stiles drives out to Derek’s house in the Preserve, a snowstorm hits before he can make it back to town safely. Stuck in the house, they work on keeping the cold out, but when Derek takes too long gathering firewood, Stiles can’t help but follow him into the woods to investigate.

Tell Me Some Things Last by talliabram (1/1 | 4,212 | NR)

“Stiles!” The shriek rang out through the forest like a whip cracking. “STILES!”

Derek was certain his feet didn’t touch the ground, not at the speed he was going. All he could think in the milliseconds where his feet breached the snow was that no matter how fast or how hard his legs pushed it would never be fast enough.

Part 2 of Wounded Healer

Warming To You by yodasyoyo (1/1 | 2,476 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek get stuck in a magical blizzard. Fluff happens.

Aurora by MellytheHun (1/1 | 2,995 | NC17)

A birthday gift to my tumblr friend who request NSFW hypothermia fic!

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anonymous asked:

i am totally here for peggy smut threesome (sorry for asking twice, i assumed tumblr ate it). and thank you for being so patient with all our requests <3 you're like the fic dealer.

Yay! Okay, well I think I’m ready with a list now! It’s woefully short, because I really don’t read as much Peggy-centric fic as I should. 

She Houses Tornadoes by triedunture

Rated E // 7258 words 

Summary: Peggy has been giving Steve what he needs for a while now: a firm hand. At his request, she’ll do the same for Sgt. Barnes. If he’s up to the challenge. Look, do you want to see Peggy Carter domming the heck out of two smug-faced twerps? This may be for you. Bucky and Steve have fooled around together in the past, if that skews it either way for you.

Sonic Says: I love this fic so much. It’s probably one of my favorite Peggy fics, as well as a favorite smut. 

Air Raid by bob-genghis-khan

Rated E // 3762 words // Part of a series

Summary: AKA being mean to Bucky Barnes for fun and pleasure.

Sonic Says: BDSM! Threesomes! Hot as fuck. 

Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) by Speranza

Rated E // 36675 words 

Summary: This is a war story.

Sonic Says: This isn’t really a Peggy fic, but I love the parts with Peggy. Also, threesomes…again…surprise… >u>

new york is the ocean (and the ocean is bleedin’ salt) by defcontwo

Rated M // 3739 words

Summary: It is 1970, and ten minutes and however many blocks ago, Rebecca Barnes looked across the street and out of the corner of her eye, saw a man ascending from the U-Bahn and set off down the street. He had on a dark coat and he walked with a deep, heavy weight to his gait, a swagger with no joy in it, and for all that he walked with his head down, she saw enough to be sure, in that moment so completely dead certain, that he wore her brother’s face.The trouble is, James Buchanan Barnes has been dead for twenty-six years.

Sonic Says: Okay this one is more about Bucky’s sister, Rebecca Barnes, than it is about Peggy. But the parts with Peggy are great, again. And it’s Peggy/Rebecca, which is extra awesome. :)