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netflix shows i really want: Falcon: The Sam Wilson Story
More than ‘Cap’s best friend’. More than his wings. More than what you know.
In the heartfelt Netflix Original Documentary ‘Falcon: The Sam Wilson Story’, assassin-turned-director James Barnes (Tribeca Audience Award–winner ‘The Red Room’) and producer Nancy Rushman (Peabody Award–winner ‘Shield?’) explore the man behind the legend, and how he copes when his feet land back on solid ground. [x-]

i just know i have found the place my heart belongs by scagnetism
word count: 32,549

“Gracie loves faeries, don’t you, little love?” Louis asks, cutting through Harry’s thoughts, and she spares a glance over her shoulder at her father, nodding quickly before looking back at the house and touching it with gentle fingers.

Harry looks up at him, and they share a small smile, Louis making him feel warm, warm, warm. “This is her house, and it’s my favorite thing in my shop,” Harry explains, and Louis crouches slightly so he can see it better.

“’S beautiful,” he murmurs, and Harry smiles appreciatively at him.

Harry looks at Gracie again, blonde hair falling into her face as she inspects the glittery house, and he instinctively tucks her hair back behind her ear. “I’ve never seen the faerie,” he says to her softly, “but sometimes, when it’s very quiet, I can feel her.” He closes his eyes, taking in a breath, just sitting like that for a few seconds for the effect. “That’s how I know she’s watching over me.”

Or, the one where Louis has a quiet little girl, Harry has a toy shop with a magic faerie house, and they were made to fall in love.

read on ao3

I was just reading the comments to @porcupine-girl’s coffee shop AU Here Come the Dreams (it’s lovely, by the way) and I thought of a prompt: Openly gay NHL prodigy Eric Bittle, just recruited to the Falconers, stumbles upon a wonderful coffeeshop in the his new team’s home town. He doesn’t understand why the handsome young man behind the counter (Jack Zimmermann, who opened his shop in Providence before the NHL put a team there) is acting so strangely, but Bitty loves the man’s coffee and loves the man’s latte art.

(Jack, meanwhile, is d y i n g, because Eric Bittle is everything he wanted to be?? and so hot??? and is FLIRTING WITH HIM he cannot even deal)

Newt Imagines + Reader “Just Like Me”

♡ Hello! Here is a Newt + Reader Imagines I have been working on all week! I would’ve had it done in a day or two, had my college professors not bombarded me with assignments (´;ω;`). So, to the anon who suggested this lovely idea, I apologize for the delay. ;~; I hope you enjoy it! 

As a point of reference, I did create a spell in this fic called “invinet remosa” which lights a path to the closest entity in your presence. I used the latin words for “find” (inveniet) and “entity” (rem) to name the spell! ♡

Also, I’m thinking of writing a part two for this, but I want y’alls input and thoughts! Please let me know if you even would want more!

Originally posted by hardyness

Prompt: Newt Imagines idea: A fellow beast enthusiast meets Newt while both are attempting to break a beast out of captivity.


Finally, you were just a few feet away from saving her. All of this hard work of investigating, following, and putting yourself in situations that would normally mean certain death if you weren’t as lucky as you’ve been, will have finally paid off. You took a deep breath as you eyed the complicated looking lock on the magically barred door. This was going to be a difficult one, and would require more concentration and endurance than you’re used to. You take another deep breath, and let the memory of how all this began motivate you to move forward.


It all started with a lost child. You were walking the smaller, more quiet streets of London on your way home after a long day of tip-tapping away at a typewriter till your fingers were numb, cooped up in a boring office space. You preferred these quieter routes for your walks home, as it gave you a chance to finally breathe and relax. The life of a local paper writer was not your preferred source of income, as it was loud and bustling with way too many humans in your face at all hours of the day. You chuckled hopelessly as you thought to yourself, 

“If only I could be paid to round up the Mooncalves every day or raise the young Swedish Short-Snout who requires way more attention and stamina than this rubbish work.” 

Of course, these said tasks were priceless to you, and demanded no pay as you loved every breathing moment. You have adored beasts of all kinds for as long as you can remember. And honestly, taking more than one of them into your care started off as a temporary task for you, but as you stumbled upon more and more creatures, you just couldn’t get enough. They were all just so very fascinating!

So, as you walked down a particularly lonely street, you happened upon a lost child who was homeless. 

“Pardon me,” he murmured, “have you seen my mum? I-I didn’t mean to wander off far, there was just this amazing smell coming from the bakery, and, I’m sure you’ve smelt those pastries, the scent is so warm and sweet, I j-just wanted to see if maybe the few quid I scraped up would be enough to buy one…” the little boy rambled and trailed off.

You smiled at the curious child, responding calmly, “Was your mum around this area before you lost sight of her?”

The boy nodded quickly, but his shoulders sank as he sighed, “Yes, but you see, she is deaf, so it is quite hard to find her.”

You maintained your calm state and took the child’s hand, smiling down at him to keep him at ease as well, “No worries, little one, I’ll help you look for her.” 

And with that, you used your other hand while the boy looked ahead to slowly pull out your wand, whispering under your breath “inviet remosa,” a spell that lights up a path for you to follow that will lead you to the nearest entity in the premise, aside from the two of you, of course. You made sure to mask the path, as well, so the young muggle wouldn’t notice.

As you followed the path, you peeked down at the boy and started small conversation to keep him calm, “Did you manage you make it to the bakery? It is closed now, isn’t it?”

“No, I couldn’t even find it…” the child murmured sadly.

You reached into your bag and pulled out a pastry you bought for yourself on your walk home just a few minutes ago, not minding letting it go as you extended a hand which was gently clutching the custard filled bread to the boy. 

“Here you are, managed to grab an extra on my way home.”

The boy’s face lit up, reflecting back onto you as you grinned. While he happily munched away at the pastry, you turned your gaze to your surroundings and noticed a suspicious looking goblin and a wizard far down an alleyway. They were using a magical concealment spell that kept them out of a muggle’s sight, but, unaware that any other wizards would be in the vicinity, they did not mask themselves from you. Having seen this kind of situation before, you walked slower and listened closely, and once you heard the word “Occamy,” your head snapped over, seeing the goblin dealing a few eggs to the wizard while growling,“We forced her into captivity to breed, so it happens quicker than you think. I can have new eggs to you within the next few weeks.”

Rage boils your blood at the thought of these horrible beings harming a creature in any way, but before you can do anything about it, the wizard notices you, casts a spell and they both vanish without a trace.

You let out an exasperated sigh, and then hear the boy shout “Mummy!” and run away from your side. You smile softly as you look up to see the lighted path lead to the thrilled little boy and his relieved mother. Sighing once more, you were glad for this to be settled so you could figure out what on earth was going on.

This was your life. You worked as a part-time paper writer, raised and cared for magical beasts, and anytime something suspicious in relation to creatures came up, you were always set on getting to the bottom of it and rescuing them. Your intentions and motives? They were widespread. Your love for magical creatures stretched far and wide, but there definitely was more to it than just love. Not every wizard or muggle (that is aware of magic) treated beasts kindly, and some even took advantage of the them. You couldn’t stand for this injustice, and thus took it upon yourself to buy as many eggs you could from black markets to keep them out of bad hands, you rehabilitate creatures taken out of their former environments, and, in this current case, save a beast being held captive by those with ill intentions.

So, fast forward, you’ve finally made it. You cracked the case, and you’re in the building hidden away on a god forsaken island off shore that is holding this poor Occamy captive for breeding. You concentrate on the magical lock that holds this door shut, and good god, it is quite the tough one. With immense difficulty, you murmur “alohomora” for what seems like the thousandth time, and a huge wave of relief comes over you as you hear the lock properly turning and snapping open. You approach the door with great caution, as you have not come this far to allow a little carelessness mess this up. Taking a deep breath, you prepare yourself for the worst and proceed to open the door.

Very much to your surprise, there is an oddly calm Occamy the size of the room next to a man holding a tea pot. He sighs for what appears to be the hundredth time as he looks at the creature with a pleading expression. “Will you pretty please get into the tea pot, m’am?”

You raise an eyebrow at the extremely peculiar yet relaxed exchange between the two. The man begging the creature was tall and slender, with chestnut-brown, messy hair that went every which way. You approach very cautiously, hand on your pocket which had your wand tucked away in preparation for anything. You clear your throat, loud enough to get his attention but also quiet enough to not spook the Occamy. 

“Who are you?…” you question the mysterious and eccentric man.

He looks up very quickly, alert and nervous that one of the guards had unfrozen from his paralyzing spell. He relaxes a little when he realizes it wasn’t anyone he had seen, but still remains on guard at the sight of an unfamiliar face. 

“N-Newt Scamander… And yourself?”

You narrow your eyes, not having heard this name in any of the information you gathered about this facility, a bit surprised. “Y/N… YL/N.”

You relax a bit as you notice he’s already looking back at the creature with a calm expression while cooing soothingly, “It’s alright, girl, I don’t want to hurt you… Just into the pot and I’ll get you and your babies out of here in a jiffy.”

This man… He was treating the Occamy with such immense patience and kindness. And wait… Did he just mention rescuing the creatures from here?

You clear your throat and relax your hand that was pressed up against your wand up until this point. “Mr. Scamander, are you… a part of this facility?”

He barely looks up at you as he appears to be quite horrible with eye contact, murmuring “Not even in my wildest dreams, Ms. YL/N, would I ever wish to be a part of this nightmare. And yourself?” he questions, looking you in the eye properly for the first time.

Newt had this friendly aurora about him. Just the way he looked at you, even if it was only momentarily, put you at ease, as you could tell this man meant absolutely no harm. He was here to do good.

“The same as you,” you respond, a look of worry coming over your face as you remember why you’re here. “I had heard that this poor Occamy was being forced to breed in captivity, which is never a good thing as it can severely stress the creature. It took me quite a bit of time but I finally managed to find this place and-“

“-and so you’re here to rescue her.” He finished your sentence for you, looking back at you once again. As you stood there, shocked, he grew uncertain in his accusation, and asked for confirmation, murmuring more quietly this time “Is that right, Ms. YL/N?”

You laugh softly, smiling for the first time in front of him as you nod, responding, “and you the same, Mr. Scamander?”

He nods and you chuckle once more before you glance at the tea pot in his hand, and begin to connect the dots.

“A bug.” You state suddenly, after a long moment of silence, to which he looks at you with a raised eyebrow. “A b-bug?”

You look at the Occamy’s hungry eyes and then back at Newt’s hand, repeating more specifically, “yes, a-a-a an insect. You need an insect to entice her to go into the pot!” Newt gives a little half smile, feeling a little silly he hadn’t even thought of that, but absolutely loving that this new person was just as invested as he was in this creature.

“Right, an insect, but whe—“ and before he can finish his sentence, he widens his eyes as you suddenly leap towards a scurrying cockroach in a corner of the room, landing on your side and clutching it into your fist, shouting “Got one!!”

You stand up and rush over to Newt, the Occamy now eyeballing your hand as it begins to advance closer towards you with each passing second. You manage to shove the roach into the open tea pot in the nick of time, the Occamy shrinking and diving into the pot just moments after.

Newt sat in amazement as he watched the Occamy fly into the pot, then back at you in even more amazement. “You’ve… you’ve handled these creatures before?”

You grin, reaching over and putting your hand over the top of the tea pot, as Newt had forgotten to use the cover. “Just one or two.”


There you go!

To clear up anything, it is implied that Newt learned his Occamy Catching strategy from you. :)

That’s it! Please let me know if you liked it at all or if you would like more! ♡

Day 10: YouTuber AU

•okay so the classic thing to do here is to create types of channels for each of the characters and then make sure they find each other and fall in love one way or another so THATS WHAT IM GONNA DO
•penny’s channel is her reviewing books and teaching math problems and just a lot of nerdy shit
•a lot of her subscribers are also nerds
•such as one particular Tyrannous Basilton Grimm-Pitch
•who also happens to have his own channel
•it’s a mix of him playing violin, reviewing books with Penny, and talking about things that bother him (like politics and stuff) in the form of an advice show
•he’s got a lot of dry humor and sarcastic and witty advice and stuff
•it’s very organized and there are like seventeen playlists and he produces content every other week
•Simon’s, on the other hand, is a mess
•it’s full of him practicing his sword fighting skills, actually being serious and talking about his life (which was shitty) playing soccer, reviewing (eating) food, making lists of whatever, and some gaming
•there is no organization. At all. Sometimes he’ll have videos every day for two weeks and then not show up at all for a month.
•Agatha’s is very organized
•she reads poetry that she’s written and vlogs her dog and has pretty videos of her singing with aesthetically pleasing backgrounds
•but she specializes in makeup videos
•that’s her shit
•she’s actually very good at it
•sometimes she’ll appear in Simon’s videos but she doesn’t really like it
•eventually they break up because they’re so different
•Baz becomes better friends with Penny, who of course is close with Simon because they went to school together
•and she gets him hooked on the gorgeous mess of a boy that is Simon Snow
•Baz may or may not binge watch him in the middle of the night sometimes
•one day Simon makes a breakup video talking about Agatha and expectations and all that and then rambles on for a while about just like. life in general
•Baz yells about it a little bit
•and then on a whim decides to make a coming out video
•which promptly gets him a million more subscribers, including one Simon Snow, who clicked on it because it popped up in his recommended videos
•Simon is a bit blown away by the guy - he’s so so pretty, and he’s talented, and he’s funny in a dry sort of way, and did Simon mention that Baz is gorgeous?
•but since their families are kinda on the opposite side of the political spectrum he decides there’s no way they can be friends
•until they meet at one of Penny’s parties
•and then, after a night of fighting over petty shit and pretending to hate each other, Penny accidentally locks them in a closer together
•she thinks it’s so that they can just become friends already
•meanwhile, our heroes are busy making out
•well, it’s hard to do much more when you’ve got that much tension between two people
•honestly, what else could they do??
•Penny is the only one surprised when Baz appears on Simon’s coming out video the next week
•their subscriber count increases by, like, a shit ton
•but neither of them care bc they’re too busy tumbling around and being boyfriends

anonymous asked:

If you read any fanfic, you reckon you know any good credence and graves fics ?

i laughed aloud when reading the line “if you read any fanfic” because when i’m old and gray and recall what has happened during my life i’ll probably realize i spent at least ¼ of it reading fanfic of all kinds my point is YES I CAN HELP YOU 

Shooting Stars & Silver Moons by writingramblr. A coffee shop AU, Credence is the barista, Graves happens to want coffee, it’s cute af, it’s a coffee shop AU if you need some fluff at the end of the day. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

such as is common to man by  imochan. Credence goes to London with Newt, and finds the real Graves here. He is nothing like Grindelwald. I really loved the way Graves was portrayed there. Angsty fic, perfect fic. Also Graves teaches Credence magic, and it’s incredible and very well written. SMUTTY. COMPLETE. 

What Shines Through by l_cloudy. a fUCIKING SUGAR DADDY AU TAKING PLACE DURING CANON IM !!! i read the first chapter yesterday and words cannot express how much i fucking love it im just. siGN ME THE FUCK UP. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Where Does the Good Go?  by Midnight_Musings. Graves cares for Credence fter the incident between Tina and Mary Lou Barebone. Then Grindelwald enters and fucks it all up. 10/10 would recommend. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

I still remember your soul of beauty,  by JuliaBaggins. Grindelwald taunts the real Graves by talking to him about Credence. Sad and powerful. COMPLETE. 

Angel On His Shoulder  by writingramblr. *bangs fists on table* A !!! FUCKING !!! PRIEST !!! AU !!!! WITH CREDENCE AS THE PRIEST !!!! NEED I SAY MORE??? I DONT THINK SO !!!!! this is hitting all of my sweet spots, i’m a sucker for this kind of shit, pls do yourself a favor and read it. WORK IN PROGRESS. 

Eternity In A Heartbeat  by writingramblr. Werewolf! Credence and Vampire!Graves. The later mistakes Credence for a human and his dinner but gets more out of this encounter than he thought. Honestly. Just. Vampire Graves. VAMPIRE GRAVES. SMUT. COMPLETE.

his hands so cold they shake by plinys. Soulmate AU in which each time your partner is hurt, you feel the pain yourself. Graves is not okay, and neither is Credence. Strongly recommend it. COMPLETE. 

The Lord’s Work by betts. Modern AU. Credence is a Jehovah Witness, Graves is a cop, and I very much enjoy Sinning. It is Very Good™. SMUTTY AND COMPLETE. 

Okay, I’ll stop for now, and i hope you’ll find some of these to your liking !! I’ve been stalking the Fantastic Beasts tag on A03 since I saw the movie, and i’ve read a lot more than that, so if you need any other recommendations, maybe for other ships, let me know. Enjoy, love !!  ❤️ ❤️

The Scone Tragedy

- @carryon-countdown 3 Dec 2016 Crack AU -

bas stops mekin out n asks semun to get sconez

he dus 

den bas teks deep breff den baz sais “bf, i am vampur,,. will u stay ma bf??!11”

n semun seys “NO”

bas iz hertbrokn <///3

bas creyd n runz awaii from semun wiffout eatn sconez n he has low blood suga so he fols

semun runs ova 2 hem


semun cri “i sed i no b ur bf…

…cus i wona b ur husband!”

he screems n frows sconez @ wol

a bootiful diamon ring wus insyd…


you left me in the dark @foxx-queen

There have been very few instances in Kara’s life where she has found herself so caught off guard, so shocked, that her mind seems to shut down, to refuse to process what she is seeing.

They were both to do with her family.

All of Me: Chapter 8

The Fic:  Belle French is a pudgy librarian who’s in love from afar with “town monster” and ace reporter, Mr. Gold. Little does she know, he’s head-over-heels in love with her, too. With a little help from Belle’s chef and friend Marco, as well as Neal, Emma, and Henry Cassidy, can these two shy, sweet nerds discover all-accepting love?
Chapter Summary:
Belle runs into Emma while shopping and discovers they have more in common than she thought. Later, Gold and Belle embark on their second date; their excursion offers Belle an unexpected opportunity to comfort him.
Rating: T
Thank You: Amazing Beta who cleans up all my messes: @magnoliatattoo; Artwork: @wizzygold
A/N: Rumbelle romance, my friends. Please enjoy and share your thoughts. My door is always open.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Chapter 8 on AO3

What’s in a Name?

Kiss your own fingertips
And hug your own curves.
You are made of waves and honey
and spicy peppers when it is necessary.
You are a goddess,
I hope you haven’t forgotten.

Emery Allen

Clothing stores were the enemy.

The stores themselves weren’t to blame. Like most of the troubles in Belle’s life, the fault seemed to be hers. She’d never understood the stereotypical female compulsion to buy pretty blouses or earrings, or to hunt down the “perfect” little black dress for a special occasion. Beyond the usual dilemma of fit and size, shopping simply didn’t entice her. The stores smelled funny, the overstuffed racks overwhelmed her with choices, and the salespeople insisted on hovering nearby to unlock fitting room doors—a sadistic storewide advertisement that the fat girl was trying on clothes. No, Bookish Bellewould much rather be reading, scribbling in her journal, or leafing through magazines for interior designs for the dream home that would always be out of reach.

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Title: Air
Rating: M
Chapters: 5/?
Relationship: Daishou Suguru/Terushima Yuuji
There, blond hair and piercings glinting in the low light of the apartment, and wearing grey skinny jeans, stood the man he’d had spent the past two weeks texting. He could feel the colour drain from his face.
Alternatively: that wrong number AU no one asked for but I wanted to write

Because You're Mine, I Walk the Line | Chapter 2 | Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Carmilla (Webseries)
Rating: Mature
Relationship: Hollstein


“Carmilla finally stops pacing, sitting down on the edge of the wooden table. Just then, Laura notices the book she is holding. Her book. The bloody cupcake on the cover. She looks up and stares back into Carmilla’s dark eyes, feeling the distance between them growing even more.

Laura hates this.

It shouldn’t be like this. They were going to grow up together, never to be parted and sharing in each other’s lives. But everything changed in the last year, and maybe this is the make or break point in their friendship.”

anonymous asked:

A snippet would be very nice, if you don't mind. Again, I'm really sorry to bother you.

Alex waits, her fingers playing with the hem of her pajamas. This has become their routine. Kara has nightmares, more often than not she can’t sleep, so she comes to Alex’s room.

 Every. Single. Night.

 They don’t talk. Alex had tried a few times, but Kara never talks, she just sits quietly and looks out of the window, into the sky, eyes searching for a planet that is no more.

 Alex doesn’t understand, not really, but she guesses she never will.  So she just waits.

 “I’m sorry I keep bothering you Alex…” Kara whispers and Alex gasps blinking a couple times out of surprise. Because this? This is new.

 She wonders if she imagined it, but Kara is looking at her, studying her, and it is enough to know she didn’t.

 “You don’t.” She assures. “I just wish I could do more.” It is unsettling. Alex has always wanted a sister. Now she has one and she doesn’t know what to do of it. Kara is breaking and she doesn’t know how to fix it. The truth, is that she wants to help Kara but she doesn’t know how… It makes her feel useless.  “I wish you would talk to me.”

 “Talk about what, Alex? About all I’ve lost? The things I miss? Everything I won’t ever see again?” There are tears falling from Kara’s eyes, Alex hands move before she can think better of it, to wipe them, but they are brushed off by Kara’s head shake.  She rests her hands on her own knees instead, fingers curling against the flannel of her pants.

 “It doesn’t have to be like that. You can tell me whatever you want. Not to miss them, but to remember.”

 Kara looks at her then, eyes searching and Alex’s eyes just hold and hold. “Tell me something about yourself.” She inquires, a small smile on her lips.

 “What do you wish to know, Alex?”

 “Everything, anything. Whatever you feel like sharing.”

 Kara stands then, moving to the window, she propels it open, the wind blows her hair slightly and Alex shivers a little at the chilliness that enters the room.  Kara looks at the stars, her eyes reflecting their light, there is a small smile in her lips even though the tears aren’t completely gone.

 “I love the stars. When I look at them I can pretend I’m still home.” She closes her eyes and there is an even bigger smile dancing in her lips now. “If I close my eyes I can hear my aunt’s voice telling me about them.” Kara takes a deep breath. “Rao, I can even smell her. Feel her arms around me. I miss her so much Alex.”

 “Will you tell me about her?” Alex moves from the bed to join Kara, her feet are cold, and she regrets not wearing any socks tonight.

 “She is- No, she was, my best friend.” Kara corrects herself, eyes open again, watching the infinite stars like she can memorize then. Maybe she can, Alex thinks. “She was in the military, so she traveled a lot for work, around our solar system, visiting the other planets. Sometimes we’d go weeks without seeing each other. But every time she’d come home the first thing she ever did was come to see me. She’d hug me, hold me tight in her arms, and I would feel safe and warm.” Kara sobs wrapping her arms around herself.

 Alex wraps her arms around Kara, hugging her from behind, her chin rests on Kara’s shoulder, and blonde hair tickles her nose as they stay embraced.

 “You are safe here too, Kara. I will never let anyone hurt you.” Alex promises and she knows she will die before she breaks this one.

kivrin  asked:

Peter, Nightingale, E. Sharing a drink

“You couldn’t find coffee?” Thomas asks when Peter comes back carrying nothing but a green glass bottle with a black-and-silver label. It looks almost like it should contain alcohol, although he’s quite sure it doesn’t.

“Nope,” says Peter. “You want caffeine, you can try some of this.” 

Peter’s drunk half of it already, so it can’t be that bad; Thomas reconsiders this when what tastes like over-sweet cough syrup washes over his tongue, but he just manages not to splutter any of it over his clothes. 

“Good lord,” he says. “What is that?”

“Energy drink,” says Peter. “Very popular these days.”

“I’m familiar with the concept,” says Thomas. “I’m just wondering what’s actually in it.” 

“Definitely caffeine,” Peter says. “Also, allegedly, vitamins. Apart from that I wouldn’t ask.”

Thomas considers how long the drive back to London is, and how much like cough syrup the stuff tasted, then shrugs and drinks the rest of it. He’s had a lot worse, after all. 

The way Peter stares at him in incredulity once he’s done may or may not have been the better part of his motivation, though. 

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Hey so I saw the voting for the best ereri fics and well I took it upon me to click on one of the AU's. Street Brat. I spent the last 24 hours reading it constantly and I just want to thank you so much for reblogging that and piquing my interest bless your soul I still haven't stopped crying and omglob she's still updating 10/10 I'm just. Thank you for showing it to me. I've followed the author and now I await the 12th of December.

@monsoondownpour you have to see this

vigilantes with benefits// a quakerider one-shot

(aka Daisy and Robbie try and fail to ignore the attraction between them)

She made her way to the center of the crowd, allowing her body to slowly start moving to the music. She closed her eyes, taking in all the vibrations around her; the low bass blaring through the speakers, the loud footfalls of sloppy drunks trying to dance, the almost imperceptible clink of glasses over at the bar. Absorbing the energy of the people around her, allowing her senses to take over, Daisy could almost lose herself completely in the music. Almost, if it weren’t for the feeling of a strong, silent gaze watching her from across the room.

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Solar flares (Twelve x Clara, all ages really)
Two sentient stellar beings, in close orbit around each other, exchanging plasma, in an epic romance that had taken millennia to consummate. One would envelope the other in a few million years, and then they would burst outward in a supernova, bringing their love to a spectacular end. Their light and their love would be ash, but not now, and not any time soon. Today, now, in the glory days of their love -- or so the Doctor described it -- their names swirled across their surfaces as sunspots, dots and whorls in the plasma. The written language of stars.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Wordcount: 6K
Contains: Soulmarks, soulmates pretending they’re not, a bit of pining from Clara for Eleven, cameos from Niels Bohr & Jerry Garcia, a lot of plasma doing metaphorical things, a recap of series 8, metaphors subtle like anvils, the eyebrows, a tiny bit of guitar wank, maybe taking that star-crossed thing too literally.