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what's your favourite Jily fic and why

oh GOD. so many. i can’t choose just one.  

basically anything written by @alrightpotter and @jiilys bc their writing is fucking phenomenal.

favourites include:

i heard you were looking like the moon by ellie. ( I CRY SO MUCH. it is so poetic and beautiful and how????)

amber by ellie (again i am in absolute awe of anything ellie writes bc it is like poetry. so beautiful)

your hand holdning mine by ellie as well okay i love her

with you by caroline (it’s actually the same. i just love caroline’s writing so much i cannot even describe how beautiful it is)

this one (no title) by caroline (IT’S THE SAME I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT)

is there a place where this is not temporary by caroline also

aaaaaand laisser derrière tout ce qui est perdu by @padfootdidit (so incredibly poetic and beautiful and so much love and amazing characterization and just….. i love)

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No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da pavor.

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

Chapter 10 | 9 | | 8 | 7 | 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 |

The weekend was a hell to Ambar, she tried to contact Simon in every way without any success, she tried phone, skype, messeges, snapchat, instagram, email, she even thought in sending him a letter, she needed to explain the whole mess and asking for his forgiveness, she didn´t expect that they would go back at the state of possible relationship, but she just wanted to tell him how all changed since that day in the rink, and how wrong she was and how she would do anything to never do that stupid bet with Matteo, but after every attempt to contact him, he inmediatly blocked her in every social media she used, so she decided to wait until monday and talk to him on school, he had to hear her since he sits next to her. 

When she entered the classroom Simon wasn’t there yet but he usually arrived a little later after her, but Matteo and Gaston were already there, Matteo was sat with a notable black eye and Gastón was next to him, neither of them looked very happy neither.

-Hey -Ambar mouthed softly to them, but the only answer she got was a lifted brow from Matteo, Gastón didn’t even look at her, she went directly to her sit to wait, those minutes seemed everlasting, but when the teacher entered she could saw how the figure of Simon was behind her, Ambar sat straight and couldn’t help but smile when she saw him, but unlike her Simon was looking at the floor the whole time, never looked at Ambar, not even once, weirdly he didn’t went to sit next to Ambar, he stayed next to the teacher.

-Good morning class, we’ll have a little change today from specially request from our Director -The teacher said smiling -Delfina, pick up your stuff and please take sit next to Ambar from now on, and Simon will sit with Miss Carbajal.

The teacher said and Ambar swear she could heard how her heart crushed, Delfi took all her stuff quick and sat next to her confused, Ambar didn’t take her eyes out of him while Simon walked over and sat next to Jazmin, smiling sincerely like always to Jazmin, and Jazmin being flirty with him, it was the worst to watch, she knew Jazmin had a little crush on him, she has commented to her before, but seeing that, was devasting her and now she didn’t have a clue what to do.

-Where the fuck is she? -Matteo asked to Gastón after looking in the whole school for Luna without any luck, wasn’t in the cafeteria, not in the table they hang out usually, not in the corridors, not even in the library, how was possible that she hide that good when she just arrived the school.

-I don’t know, but I don’t think that she would hide this well if she wants to see you -Gaston said exasperate to Matteo -And I don’t blame her, actually I don’t want to see you neither, but I don’t want to be alone, and since Nina doesn’t talk to me for your fault, I’m stuck with you, dickhead.

-Thank you for the support, bro -Matteo said remarking sarcasticaly the word “bro” 

-Is that… Matteo how could you did something like that? I mean, I can believe Ambar doing it, but you? You aren’t like this… -Gaston said with clearly dissapointment in his voice that made Matteo’s heart shrugged

-I…I don’t know, Ambar was teasing me, an..and I was jealous of seeing her with Simon, and…fuck… I was so afraid -Matteo said sitting  in a bench nearby and placing his face between his hands 

-Afraid? Why afraid? -Gastón said taking a sit next 

-I have met her for like two days and… and still felt so different about her than I’ve felt for anyone, I wanted to be in Simon’s place, I wanted to hug her, and make her laugh, and be around her all the time, and… and she was practically a stranger -Matteo said lifting his face and Gastón saw how broken his best friend was -but I also thought she would be like every other girl, she would go out, will post some pictures with me, win some followers and when she realize it that I am not as perfect as everybody think she would go, and that thought made me feel so awful and I didn’t want to feel that way, and I thought that if I’ll stay in denial those feeling will go away

-But they didn’t -Gastón said knowing what was on Matteo’s mind, he knew it better than himself 

-No, they got stronger and now… -Matteo said with her voice cracked at the berge of crying and Gaston noticed it 

-And now, you are going to man up and talk to her, explain her, and if she understands and forgives you and really wants that things work out is the girl for you, if she doesn’t at least you will know you tried at least to fix the mess, okay? -Gastón said placing a reconforting hand in Matteo’s shoulder, he knew Matteo screwed but also knew that this was hurting Matteo, and seeing him like that hurt him too.

-Thank you, really, I don’t know what I would do without you -Matteo said placing his hand on his shoulder too 

-You probably would be dead or in jail -Gaston joked and Matteo couldn’t help but let a little giggle out and the realization hit him like a train

-Talking about dead, we should see how is Ambar, she looked pretty bad this morning -Matteo said standing and Gastón followed 

-Okay, but if she starts bitching about how this is your fault or my fault like every time something goes wrong in her life, I am leaving her -Gastón said while they staring to walk now looking for her

-Hey, don’t be like that, she is going through a hard time in her house and now with Simon -Matteo tried to defend her, she was very private about her personal problems and only Matteo knew about that, so far he knew.

-All people go through different things in their lives, that doesn’t give the right to anyone to be shitty to others 

-She just… just need a little more patiente -Matteo explained, he knew that Ambar was a little too much to handle sometimes, and didn’t want to start imaginating how unbareable she was at that moment 

-I know, and you know I try my best to be patiente, but today is just not a good day to push my bottoms, she can be annoying when Nina starts talking me again -Gastón said that and Matteo felt guilty to know how this stupidicity has affected Gastón too, the most inocent in all this mess 

-Oh bro, I really, really sorry, I should go talk to her, explain her that you didn’t have to do anything with this -Matteo said stoping their walk

-Nah, I’ll do it this afternoon, I’ll tell her the truth, if she doesn’t believe me then she doesn’r know a thing of who I am and shouldn’t…. you know -Gastón said trying to not put more guilty on his best friend, but also sad of thinking Nina could actually believe that Gastón has something to do with that, he was excited about their new relationship and didn’t want it to end so soon and for not an actual reason 

-Okay, but if you need that I …. 

-I know, don’t worry, we’ll have eachother’s backs always, don’t ever doubt that -Gastón said giving him the most sincere smile ever, and Matteo couldn’t be more thankful for having him in his life, they shared an accomplice smile with more meaning that a thousand of words and then kept walking to find Ambar, after a couple of minutes they found her sitting in a bench on a corner of the cafeteria looking at nothing while Jazmin and Delfi were trying really hard to get her attention 

-Do you want to scream at me? Do it, I don’t mind, that always put you on a better mood -Jazmin was almost like begging her when Matteo and Gaston arrived 

-Hey girls, what’s up? -Matteo asked being smuggly casual as always 

-I don’t know, she hasn’t said a word, not even when I laughed her expression changed -Jazmin said looking at her worried, Ambar always frowned to Jazmin when she snorting while laughing 

-Can you give us some minutes? -Matteo asked kindly and both nodded taking their stuff with them 

-Also Matteo, that black eye gives you such a vibe of bad boy, I love it -Jazmin was saying smiling widely 

-Jazmin, let’s go -Delfi said exasperate taking Jazmin with her by her arm leaving the three friends there 

-Hey, are you okay? -Matteo said and Ambar fixed her eyes on him 

-Sure, why wouldn’t I? -She said with an emotionless smile on her face, that kind of smile that doesn’t trasmit any good sensation 

-Because all the mess from friday? And Simon changing sit? I expected you to be a little more… you know… -Gastón said gesturing with his hands because he didn’t want to say the world he was thinking. Histarical, Gastón thought she would be more histerical 

-What? No! Why would I be bad about some random guy that I just met and doesn’t mean anything to me, that was a game and is over, so now back to normal -Ambar said monotone, Gastón was confused but Matteo knew that she was hurt, maybe that was the most hurt Matteo has seen Ambar in his life, just that she was holding up inside her, not letting anyone know she was weak or hurt. 

-Ambar, you don’t have to fake with us… -Matteo said talking softly while taking her hand, but she inmediatly took it appart 

-What fake? This is real, I don’t care about him, I don’t care about anyone, I am the most popular girl in the school and there are lots of guys dying to have a chance with me, do you think I am going to feel bad for a… a… dork, without sense of fashion, bad hair, that smiles at everything, you are ridicoulous guys, if you excuse me, I think I am going to have a nap in the nursery room, bye -Ambar said putting on sunglasses and walking out of there 

-You won’t believe me, but I would prefer that she would screamed at us, this was terrified -Gastón said with real concern on his eyes 

-I know, and I am so worry about what she would capable to do -Matteo said looking really worry for her

-Why the fuck she can take naps on school? -Gastón asked confused and Matteo couldn’t help but laugh at that 

-Ugh, today was a very tiring day -Luna said throwing her backpack at a side of her bed

-I know, hide and run away from the guy you like must be exhausting -Simon said teasing her but Luna just let a sigh out -You know that you can’t hide all the year till we leave school, right? 

-Yes, but, just… not yet, okay? -Luna said and Simon just nodded 

-But, how did the things went with Ambar then? Did you see her? -Luna asked worried and he sat next to her and she reposed her head in his lap while he played with her hair 

-Yes, I talked to the director and could changed sits with one of her friends -Simon said without smiling, it was weird looking at him without a smile on his face -And she didn’t show up to the other half of classes, Matteo said she was at the nursery 

-Nursery? Is she okay? -Luna asked worried 

-I don’t know, and it’s killing me because I am worried and, why am I worry about the girl that played with me? with us! -Simon exclamed confused 

-Because that’s who you are, you worry about the people you love, even if they don’t deserves it -Luna said with a reconforting smile -And.. and the rest? you know… -Luna couldn’t pronunce his name, but Simon knew her too well to know about who she was talking about 

-You mean Matteo? -Simon said with a little smile and Luna just nodded sightly -He was… with a black eye -Simon laughed and Luna let a giggle out 

-I still can’t believe you really hit him -Luna said laughing at the though of Simon, who was a carebear made person, hit someone -You literally once saw a fly trapped and let it free

-I know, I can’t even remeber doing it, I would like to apologyze -Simon said meaningful and they both laughed for a while until it went off -He seemed off to be honest, that glow of perfect guy, that presence he has, you know, that you have to turn your head whenever he enters a place… gone -At his words Luna couldn’t help but felt how tears were streaming out her eyes, Simon noticed it and cleaned one with his thomb -You’ll get throuhg this, we’ll get throught this, together as always -Simon stated and Luna just nodded sightly with a smile and tears still on her face. 

in my last exam, everyone finished early because my teacher forgot to print half the questions lmao so we were all quietly chatting. i was on my phone, when the girl sitting behind me in class casually asks me, “when are you going to upload the next chapter?” and i go from ????? to !!!!!!.  i showed her my ao3 account a couple months ago cuz we both rlly liked bnha, and i thought, oh, did she read it, and apparently she’s been reading demolition lovers ever since i first posted it in february. back when i showed her my account, she recognized my user but she????? didn’t say anything?????? not till today?????

she told me she was surprised cuz the girl sitting in front of her in class, the one who was the go-to chatting buddy, was the author of the tddk fic she read and loved.

it’s a small world.

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yo fam i gotta ask, ur KiriBaku fic is the only 1 i read cus im picky asf with fanfics, im curious if you know any good fanfics out there bout these 2. because there's more fanfictions than im willing totake the time to go through

Oh!!! Thank you so much anon! I actually don’t read too many KiriBaku fics myself (I plan to make my way through them soon!) But here are the top three that have stayed in my mind!

Heart Strings by starofjems
Teen, One-Shot, ~8000 words

Summary: Red. Red was all Bakugou could see sometimes. His father called this ability to see strings of fate a gift. Bakugou called it curse. He never wanted to be fate’s pawn, never wanted to willingly play its games. More than anything, Bakugou had never wanted to know who was at the end of his string. There was no turning back.

This starts off like any other well-written but cliche “red string of fate” quirkless soulmate!AU, but it is so well-written, and there is a twist that completely took my breath away, and for those reasons, I highly highly recommend it!

don’t count on me to let you know when by newamsterdam 
Explicit, One-Shot, ~16000 words

Summary: Kirishima has always made things easy for Bakugou. But that doesn’t mean that Bakugou’s gotten any better at these things, even after all of these years.

This a future!fic about Bakugou and Kirishima reuniting after years apart, as they learn to become a part of each other’s lives again. This fic is so well-written. Like, damn. The characterization, the dialogue, the drama, heck, even the smut is well-written, and I usually don’t even like smut. This fic had me in tears and I absolutely cannot recommend it enough times.

but i’ve got an angry heart by newamsterdam
Teen, Multi-Chapter, Incomplete

Summary: Bakugou Katsuki is not going to jeopardize his future a second time, and that means staying away from anyone who gets too close. Kirishima Eijirou has never learned how not to be close to someone. Of course, they end up as next-door neighbors.

This one isn’t finished just yet, but it is still excellent. It’s kind-of a quirkless college!AU, but it’s not mindless fluff like those tend to be. There’s really good, thought-out angst with some unforgettably chilling scenes as you and Eijirou both slowly figure out what happened in his past that made Bakugou so tight-strung. The pacing of this is fantastic, and the touch of mystery is so so good.

Homestuck Camp Counselor AU

• John and Terezi are the camp pranksters, they’re the oldest campers and have been coming to this sleep-away camp for years. They know all the tricks and the administration Hates them bc they’ve never gotten caught. Vriska used to help them but she got kicked out of camp bc one of her pranks went too far Whoops. This year, they’re joined by one Jade Harley, something of a child genius. This is their last year as campers and they want to pull the Ultimate Prank™. Can our unruly trio be stopped before the whole camp gets pranked? It’s up to our motley crew of counselors to put a stop to their dangerous malarkey!! (Actual quote from Jake English)

• Karkat has been going to this camp for years and finally got to come back as a counselor. The other counselor that’s been assigned to his cabin (2 counselors per cabin) is Dave and holyy shit is Karkat pissed at first. He loves all the traditions and hard work and at first glance Dave acts like he’s too good and cool for everything. Turns out, Dave has a crappy home life and He’s just secretly jealous that Karkat had a better childhood and a chance to come to a camp like this. They talk, Karkat listens to Dave vent about his crappy Bro and Dave helps Karkat loosen up and have fun with the kids.

• Kanaya is like Karkat, they’re friends who have been coming here for years and suddenly her new counselor partner is some goth chick named Rose?? Um?? Kanaya is here for friendship bracelets and swimming and Rose just wants the counselors to sneak out to parties. Rose and Dave win and get the gang to sneak out to a party in the next town over in the middle of the night. Rose and Kanaya end up making out the whole time. They make matching friendship bracelets in the color of the lipstick lesbian flag.

• Roxy is a new counselor (I guess all the strilondes are new that’s just how it’s gonna go) and her cabinm8 is some dude who frickin brought his laptop to sleep-away camp like cmon man. Sollux doesn’t want to do any of the outdoor stuff he just wants to play Minecraft or something. Roxy bets him that he has to participate and not use any electronics All Week if she can hack the camp’s records fastest. Sollux laughs at her so hard he has an asthma attack and shakes on it. Sollux is hacking away when Roxy shoves her phone in his face, its his medical records. How are you still alive with That Many Allergies like seriously dude are you okay? Sollux has no electronics for a week. He suffers a terrible withdrawal and then has a lot of fun.

• Jake was sent to be a counselor by his grandmother because he was home schooled all his life and needs to make friends, his counselor partner in crime is the one and only Dirk Strider. Unfortunately, neither of them has ever been around this many people before and also don’t know how to take care of children. Unfortunate combo x2, they are the lucky counselors to get John and Terezi in their cabin! The kids all understand that Jake and Dirk are not in charge and do not listen to them. At one point, the two are duct taped to chairs, back to back like in a hostage situation. They bond over their mutual inability to take charge and also Do Anything.

• Other characters: Jane works in the kitchen, she’s John’s cousin and sneaks him prank supplies from the mess hall. The head counselor is Jack Noir, a no nonsense ex-drill Sargent with a young daughter back at home. He carries a picture of her around with him to remind him to be nice to children. His camp has been plagued by tricksters for years and he wants to put a stop to it. Will the counselors discover the prank-happy campers before they get thrown out? Or will the pranksters elude Justice yet again, their legacy living on in tall tales?

It starts slow. They are stretched across the red sheets, bodies aligned, knees knocking together. Alec nuzzles his cheek into the soft fabric, his gaze wandering across Magnus’ face. He lifts his hand and with his thumb, he gently traces the outline of Magnus’ cheekbone. He slides a finger down to rub across the curve of Magnus’ mouth and Magnus presses in, placing a kiss against Alec’s digit. He smiles and his eyes crinkle; Alec muses that he will never get enough of that smile.

Suddenly, he feels the urge to get closer, to sink into Magnus’ warmth, to immerse himself into his scent. He shifts closer and feels Magnus’ arm sneaking around his waist, his fingers dipping under his t-shirt and rubbing along the knobs of his spine. Alec reaches out and tips Magnus’ face, angling it, so that they are both comfortable.

His fingers toy with the edge of Magnus’ shirt as his lips press against Magnus’ cheek. He’s breathtaking, Alec thinks. Magnus hums quietly, content with the gentle pecks that Alec is leaving behind. Leisurely, he moves across Magnus’ face until he arrives at his mouth and takes Magnus’ lower lip in-between his own. Their mouths move against each other languidly and then Alec’s lips part subtly, letting Magnus in - still, their pace doesn’t change. There is no rush. It remains slow.


In the morn, he will leave, and in the morn, Sansa will be alone once more. It is an inevitable truth. She cannot fault Jon for what he must do. Winter is upon them and war is imminent. It is his duty as their king, and it is her duty as the Lady of Winterfell to support him. Still, is she not of flesh and bones? Will she not bleed if poked with a steel blade? Will his absence not render a hole in her chest that she fears may never heal? It is already too much to live in these castle walls so filled with memories yet so haunted by the ghosts of her family. Mayhaps it is selfish to pray for Jon to stay, but she has only just got him back. She cannot lose him too. 

“Sansa.” His voice is like a whisper, brushing against her skin, as the snow flurries around them. It is soft and sweet, but he is leaving and soon it’ll be gone, carried away by the wind. 

“I know what you will say and I have nothing further to add, Jon.” She will not have this argument with him. His mind is decided, and so is hers. 

“Will I have your blessing when I go?” 

She doesn’t answer, not immediately. The years have stolen the love she once felt so fully in her heart. The knights of her songs turned on her, slicing through her lungs and infesting it with their lies and filth, until she could no longer breathe. There was nothing pure left in the world. But then Jon came. His promises and sweet assurances gave her hope. Sansa’s afraid when he leaves, that will go too. 

“Do you need it, my king?” She turns to face him. His hair is pulled back from his face and his grey eyes are watching her as they always do, with so much earnest concern.

“Sansa,” he says her name again, and the thrill and pain of hearing it runs through her a second time. “I will return.” He takes her hands in his. “You must know that I will do whatever it takes to come back home to you.” 

She does know, but there is meaning behind his words that she does not wish to face. He cannot know. Those who love her only die and she will not let this be Jon’s fate. He must never know. 

But she cannot lie in the Godswood. 

“I will pray for your safety.” 

Winter howls around her as she walks away. In the morn, he will be gone, and so too shall a piece of her. 

want to be (yours) anyway (chapter 2)

“So,” Sofia says. “I have to tell you a thing.”

Nursey raises his eyebrows, pushing Maya’s stroller along the path in Centennial Common. Family Wednesdays are a rule–they always make sure to do something together on Wednesday nights, especially during the school year, so that Maya gets to spend time with both of them. It’s probably not really necessary to schedule it, they hang out all the time anyway, but it helps to have the routine. “Okay,” he says. “Tell me a thing.”

A gust of wind sweeps up, bringing the early December chill with it, and Sofia shivers, hooking her arm through Nursey’s and leaning close to him. “It’s, um. About me and Malaya?”

“Okay,” he says again. Malaya is Sofia’s girlfriend–they’ve been dating for just over a year now, and Sofia’s heads over heels for her. Not that Nursey can blame her, really; Malaya is five-foot-nothing of rugby-bruised knuckles and wicked grins, raps like a champ, and melts into a puddle of goo around Maya.

Sofia starts chewing her bottom lip, her expression uncertain, and Nursey rolls his eyes, tugging at her beanie. “Babe,” he says. “C’mon. Just say it.”

“I think she might move in with me,” she says in a rush. “During break.”

(read the rest on AO3!)

  • Magnus, ranting about Alex: I could've sworn I felt a spark between us!
  • Sam: That's because she was wearing wool when you bumped into her.
  • Sam: Static electricity, it's basic science, Magnus.

A N D  T H E  T A G  R E A D   S I M P L Y : “P R E T T Y

by @funkzpiel​ / read on AO3 

Newt trembled. What was there to say? He couldn’t make him want to live.

But he wanted to. Oh how he wanted to.

Newt scrubbed fiercely at the tears running down his cheeks and braced himself. Made himself tall and confident and proud. He stood his ground and said, “Because you deserve better too, Percival Graves. You deserve more than a casket and a funeral with honors. You deserve to survive this. You deserve to live the life you want to live, whether it’s here or at MACUSA or somewhere else entirely. But you deserve to live. I want you to live,” then finally, a soft and pleading whisper. “Please live. Don’t let him win.”

Feeling Alive- Part 7

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

When Can I See You Again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 8/?: When Can I See You Again?

Word count: 3159

It’s time for Open Practice… Gosh you guys. You’re so sweet and wonderful and I’m so grateful to every single one of you. This one’s pretty long, but I think you’ll enjoy. (I hope you’ll enjoy!). Let’s do this!

It’s four o clock on Friday morning and you’re holding a hushed conversation with Lola over large mugs of coffee.

“But that’s great! Aren’t you excited?”

You nod, then stifle a yawn with a hand.

“I just hope I don’t fall asleep… But yeah. It feels like this big part of his life and-”

“And he’s letting you into it,” Lola nods in a satisfied kind of way. “I’m so pleased for you, Y/N.”

“Let’s not get too excited,” You tell her, more to manage your own expectations than anything else, before getting to your feet. “I’m going out on blanket patrol.”

“See you in a bit, then,” Lola turns back to her computer screen. You pick up the bundle of blankets from the spare chair and walk out, waving to Nahid who’s currently manning the front desk.

OK, so when you had said you were free on Friday, you had sort of neglected to tell Bucky that you were also on the night shift at the library until seven in the morning. You hadn’t wanted- well, to give him any excuse to tell you not to come. And you’ll be fine. It’s not like you haven’t been tired before.

You tread softly through the carpeted alleyways of the library, checking all the spots you know are favourite haunts for exhausted students looking for a spot to nap. Although sleeping in the library isn’t officially encouraged, the faculty had eventually recognised that not only was it an inevitability (especially during exam season) but also that the air conditioning in the building was so ferocious that students would find themselves waking up half-frozen. Hence blanket patrol.

You give out six blankets: some to sleepy, but still conscious friends, some you have to carefully drape over the curled-up forms yourself. After you’ve checked every inch of the library, you return to the office and sit down to go over the inventory lists for the month. Just three more hours to go…

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Imagine Keith telling a straight Shiro he was gay. Shiro jokingly asks if Keith has a crush on him and is shocked when Keith hesitatingly admits that he does.

A couple of days later, after much contemplation on Shiro’s part… He decided to give Keith a chance. He was Shiro’s closest friend and he liked Keith a lot so maybe Shiro could learn to love him..?

Imagine Keith savoring every moment with Shiro, thinking that one day Shiro would leave him when he finally realizes that this was just a phase.

Imagine Shiro doing his best to make Keith believe otherwise because Shiro had learned to truly love Keith regardless of his gender.

Something to Remember Me By - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

#ChoicesCreates Round15

Prompt: “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Rating: T 

Hosted by @zigisbisexual this week.

[A little note: I don’t know why all I want to write lately is TRR fanfics. Here’s another rather long one for Drake and MC. It began as Drake’s perspective but then whizzed off into MC’s. Hope it’s enjoyable! ]

[Summary: Drake’s unwillingness to let her go has nothing to do with honest intentions or loyalty. Will he find a way to convince MC to stay? My summary descriptions are still awful.]

“If words fail, let my eyes and my heart be my language.”

Originally posted by bursting-rainbows

Maybe that was the problem with wanting someone too much. You started to forget other things, the little things that should matter. You looked for excuses, anything just to see them again and ultimately make that last mistake. The final straw that doesn’t make it easy to go back. Back to the way things were before they became complicated.

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I’ve been reading a bunch of Yondu X Reader fics. I don’t normally do that, because in my experience, once you’ve read one you’ve read them all. Don’t get me wrong; they’re fine for what they are. But they aren’t what I want to read. I got a big enough bug up my ass this time to actually start this, but I don’t know if it’s worth shitall. If I finish this, would you read it?

There is no Terra under your feet to spin its sun up and down; only riveted steel that clicks and groans as it settles. No nights and days, not out here among planetless suns. There are only cycles of sleeping and waking, regulated by an automatic switch somewhere in the Ravager ship’s deep and humming guts. And for this cycle, your waking seems to be everyone else’s sleeping.

You don’t mind, as long as sleeplessness doesn’t become a habit. The ship is dim and quiet, two things it very seldom is.  You’ve grown to love, in your own way, the Ravager crew of which you’ve been a part for the past few months. But the concepts of “calm” and “peace” are, bluntly put, alien to the crew of joyously violent outlaws.

You chuckle at your own pun and step barefoot into the dimly lit galley, the corrugated steel walkways nipping the soles of your feet. You’re not sure why there is no sleep in you. You’re not worried about anything, you muse to yourself as you open the fridge and harsh bluewhite light blasts your face like the visual equivalent of an airhorn. A pungent reek hits your nose. You bend at the waist, hands on your bare knees, and inspect the dubious chaos in front of you.

You’re not the only Terran or the only woman on board, but you’re only one of two in each case. Such as it is, the fridge is remarkably democratic: majority– alien, and male– rules. You curl your lip at both the sight and the smell and gingerly shut the door. “Suddenly I’ve lost my appetite,” you murmur to yourself.

“Oh, I haven’t.”

The raspy voice behind you shoots an arrow of electricity up your spine and dumps an invisible bucket of ice water over you. You bolt upright and whip around, unable to stifle a quiet yelp of surprise.

Yondu stands in the doorway, hip cocked against one side and hand braced against the other, grinning his sharp, multihued grin.

You freeze with breath caught and eyes wide, very much aware that your sleeping shirt, well-loved and long-used, has slipped off your left shoulder. You put a hand over your chest, ostensibly to indicate your pounding heart. And to keep your left tit from falling the hell out of your shirt in front of your grinning captain.

“Christ, you scared me.”

By way of apology, he chuckles. His tongue rides the ragged crest of his teeth, snakelike and darting. He regards you with eyes that, right now, glow a deep, visceral pink. You feel nailed to the fridge behind you, and you can’t help the heat that creeps up your neck into your cheeks. Like a lone hyena pacing just outside the swipe of a lioness’ paw, Yondu has been circling you for weeks. It was funny at first. Then it annoyed you. But for the past few days the blue bastard has never been far from your thoughts, especially in the soft darkness of your bed. It doesn’t make sense, how quickly he’d been able to find and flip the switch in you from hell no to well, yes. It doesn’t make sense, his rusty-raspy voice, the way he twitches and shifts under his coat as if he’s just itching to get out of it, to get at you. 

It doesn’t make fucking sense, how much you want to feel those teeth at your neck and that tongue between your legs.

Leave Me Breathless 14/14

Synopsis: Molly’s ex-fiancé Tom Abbot is tying the knot to the beautiful woman Polly Pedretti. She doesn’t have a problem with this, but everyone assumes she’s not over Tom. To prove she is, she tells about her boyfriend Ian, who unfortunately doesn’t exist, but wanting to keep up the deception she hires an ‘escort’ to accompany her to the wedding in Rome. Only it doesn’t go as planned.

Rating: Mature

Status: Completed

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She swore if she had to listen to one more of My Husband’s obnoxious comments about her cooking skills or his husband thighs, a murder would be happening.
Or: a fic based on @dadvans and @lazulisong’s My Husband AU!