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things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

Robert’s mostly asleep, curled up on the sofa as usual. He manages fits and starts most of the time, the ridiculous duvet he can’t stop wrapping around himself, the sound of the pub washing over him.

He can’t remember the last time he went in his room for anything other than clothes.

He’s drifting, somewhere close to conscious, when voices bleed through his vicious nightmares.

“-long has he been like this?”

There’s a soft hand in his hair, threading strands through familiar fingers.

“Months. Don’t think he could handle being upstairs, love.”

Robert recognises the voices. He knows them, he thinks, but he’s so tired, exhausted in ways he’s never been before and can’t bring himself to open his eyes.

“Is he asleep?”


There’s a silence that Robert’s not sure is real; maybe he’s still drifting in and out of sleep.

“He looks awful.”

Robert wants to protest, feels like waking up just for that. He’s doing his best; he’s trying to be strong, has to be for Aaron.

“I spent most of the time worrying about him. Every time he came in, he looked worse. I think that hurt more.”

Robert didn’t mean to be weak. He tried. He really tried.

The hand rests on his cheek, something soft and damp presses to his temple. A kiss, he thinks, and doesn’t know who it could be. His heart thumps in want when he thinks about Aaron doing the same. Chas has done it once, when she thought he was alseep, worried about you, she’d whispered. Vic’s never done it, even if he knows she wishes she could.

He shifts, lets out a slow breath, but can’t open his eyes. Part of him wants to stay here, warm and loved. He doesn’t want to wake up, to face the reality of being alone.

“Robert?” The voice sounds suspiciously familiar, something Robert wants, needs. “Hey, Rob, s’alright.”

Robert curls up deeper in the duvet, but there’s something warm next to him. He buries his face in it, the hand coming back to his head, massaging gently. He feels safe, comfortable and his chest feels tight.

“I don’t wanna wake him,” the voice admits. “What if we can’t do this, mum?”

“You will. You’re strong, both of you.”

Robert doesn’t feel it. He feels every day like another piece of him shatters and disappears. What if he’s not the person Aaron wants when he wakes up?

Robert whimpers, feels the hand tighten in his hair, then relax.

“I should let him sleep.”

“He’ll kill ya for not waking him up.” Chas, Robert thinks. Chas.

If Chas is there-

Robert jerks awake, body screaming to go back to sleep, to rest, but when Robert’s eyes open-


Oh, fuck.

“Aaron,” Robert says, his vocie unrecognisable, more sob than word, and he drags Aaron in, presses his face into Aaron’s neck. “Aaron, Aaron.”

“It’s okay,” Aaron says, just as wrecked. “Rob, I’m home, I’m home.”

“I tried to be strong,” Robert says, knowing he wasn’t meant to hear but he can’t stop the words tumbling out. “If you thought I could handle it-”

“Hey,” Aaron says softly, kisses Robert gently, far more gentle than Robert deserves. “We’ll talk later, alright? I just wanna be here with you.”

“Yeah,” Robert says, leaning in, pressing his face to Aaron’s neck. “I love you so much, Aaron, I-”

“I know,” Aaron promises, kisses his temple. “I love you too.”

I Think Your Droid Likes Me Better - Cassian Andor x Reader

I have not written anything in a while so I apologize. As I am writing this it is exactly midnight so HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2017 is a happy, healthy, and wonderful year for us all. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy. xx 

Warning: fluff, some violence

Being assigned to work under Cassian’s command wasn’t a terrible thing. Just this morning you were reassigned to work with the handsome captain and his towering droid. The droid had never been particularly kind to you but you’ve been on your own practically your whole life so you learned to toughen up and not take things personally. Walking towards Cassian’s ship, you figured this would be a simple and uneventful mission.

You caught sight of Captain Cassian Andor himself and walked up to him, saluting him playfully. Cassian rolled his eyes at you but you saw his smile come through and light up his face. Cassian had actually been one of your first acquaintances when you joined the rebellion. You were still an intelligence officer in training while he was a respected captain but within your friendship you were equals. You both enjoyed each other’s wit and teasing comments, it made the sometimes-somber days more entertaining. You’ve also always had a bit of a crush on the captain but you’ve been too afraid to act on it in any way.

“Y/N, have you been briefed on the mission yet?” Cassian asked as he motioned you to follow him on board the ship. You followed after him and the doors closed behind you.

“I’ve been told that we’re going to the Ring of Kafrene to learn why the Empire is transporting high quantities of Kyber crystals across the galaxy. Apparently, the Empire has been taking them out of Jedha?” You reiterate the orders you have been given before you were quickly whisked off to your current location. You keep your gaze on Cassian while you speak from memory and he seems pleased with your answer.

“That’s correct. I have an informant waiting to meet me there. So we have to be in and out as quietly as possible. Do you understand?” he asks. He turns away from you, without hearing your reply of a ‘yes’ and moves towards his seat at the cockpit of the ship. However, you have other ideas about who should sit in that seat.

“Cassian, let me drive! Please?” you ask sweetly. Your dark haired captain looks back at you and grins.

“I think we all know who’s the better pilot between the two of us,” he replies teasingly.

“We do know who the better pilot is…and it’s Cassian,” you hear. You suddenly remember that you and Cassian are not the only ones on the ship. Wherever Cassian is, his droid is never far behind. K-2SO is looking at you plainly and you can’t help but huff dramatically at his comment. The droid has never liked you very much but you stand your ground whenever K-2SO tries to challenge you. Cassian always enjoys the show the two of you put on with your banter.

“Kaytoo, what you do know? You’ve never even witnessed me fly a ship!” You walk closer to the cockpit, ready to physically jump into the unoccupied seat if you face any more resistance from your new team.

“All the more reason to let the professional handle it. Cassian, we do not really have any more time to waste. We should get going before Y/N can stall us any longer,” the droid explains to your captain. With each word you feel your face become hot with anger but there’s nothing you can do about it as Cassian climbs into the seat aside the droid and prepares the ship for takeoff.

“Not fair,” you whisper under your breath as you take a seat in the space behind the cockpit. If you can’t pilot then you’ll keep busy in another way. You spend the quick trip hiding two blasters under your jacket and making sure that you are going to be able to blend into the environment of the mining colony.

“We’re approaching our destination,” Cassian says. The ship lands at it’s designated landing pad and you stand. The anger inside you has suddenly been replaced with the familiar adrenaline that you experience with every mission you go on. The door to the ship opens and you make your way out onto the landing pad.

“Wait, Y/N!” you hear Cassian shout within the ship and you turn back. You see him stash a blaster within his jacket quickly and jog to where you are. “You need to stop. I haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“What does that mean?” you ask.

Cassian looks around you both, in search of any eavesdroppers or Imperial soldiers. “It means that I’m going out alone. I need you to stay here with Kaytoo and wait for me to come back.”

“Wait, so I just have to sit and do nothing? Why was I even told to come along then?” you ask, both to Cassian and to yourself quickly. “Is it because I’m still in training? I’m never taken seriously. I can help you but you don’t trust me, obviously,” you say. The adrenaline you felt just one minute ago is now replaced with hurt. You feel Cassian grab hold of your wrist to prevent you from storming back onto the ship. He sighs and squeezes your wrist before speaking.

“Y/N, don’t say that. I trust you more than I trust any other person in the whole galaxy. You’re here because once I find out the information I need; I’m going to relay it back to the ship. I’ll only do that if I’m going to be captured or killed. That would mean that you need to be on this ship and you need to forget about me and leave as quickly as you can. Deliver the information to Mon Mothma and the mission will be complete,” he whispers to you and he never lets go of your wrist. You look back at him and your hurt is replaced with worry.

“Cassian that would only happen if you don’t come back though, right?” you ask in a whisper, shifting your gaze from the ground to your captain’s face. His features are stoic but his dark eyes are soft as they look into yours.

“Don’t worry. I plan on coming back…to you,” he whispers the last part of his sentence so quietly that you almost don’t hear it. When you process it, you feel your heart beat faster. “I have to get going. The informant is waiting on me and I can’t miss him. You’ll stay here so I don’t have to worry about you, right?”

“I’ll stay right here and wait for you to come back to me,” you whisper back to him. Cassian nods and smiles softly at you. He quickly gives you a kiss on your cheek, very close to you lips. You close your eyes and try to savor the feeling but it’s over all too quickly. When your eyes open Cassian is nowhere in sight and you are standing alone on the landing pad.

You sigh, wishing you would have said more or done more. You want to run and find Cassian to protect him but you decide against it. You already promised him you would stay on the ship so that’s what you’ll do, even if it kills you.

You walk back on board and the door surprises you as it shuts quickly. Again, you are reminded of K-2SO’s presence.

“You should not have run off like that. You could have put the team in great danger,” the droid says. Normally, you would have answered back with a snarky remark but you can only think of Cassian. K-2SO doesn’t seem satisfied with your silence.

“You could have been killed or worse, you could have gotten Cassian killed,” the droid continues to say as he stands up and out of his seat and approaches you. Your anger suddenly comes back and you remember to stand your ground.

“Kaytoo, just for one minute please shut up. I know that you hate me but I don’t have time for this. Cassian is out there alone and possibly in danger while I’m just sitting on this ship with a droid who can’t even stand the sight of me. I’m going out there to find him and make sure he comes back. If there’s one thing we have in common, it’s that we both love Cassian,” you huff.  

“It is good to hear you finally admit it,” the droid answers while you open the doors and run down the ramp to the landing pad and make your way into the crowd of people nearby. “Oh no, she was serious? I have a bad feeling about this,” K-2SO says as he follows swiftly behind you.

The streets of the mining colony were filled with smoke and people. You hadn’t found Cassian yet and you wondered if you should just head back to the ship. K-2SO was following you but at a distance so he could appear as if he was still an imperial droid. As you turned down a dark corner you decided to go back to the ship and if Cassian still wasn’t back then you and K-2SO could formulate a new plan. Walking around this place aimlessly wasn’t doing any good.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see that the towering droid has followed you down the alley but has been stopped by a couple of stormtroopers. You can’t hear what they’re saying at your distance so you move in closer.

“We’ve never seen you here before. What are your orders?” one of the troopers asks. K-2SO appears as cool as ever but you sense there is going to be trouble.

“I am here to provide extra security. Surely you have been made aware of the need of my presence here,” the droid answers weakly.  

“We’ll see about that,” the other stormtrooper replies as he motions for another imperial droid to approach. You know what’s going to happen and you have to make a quick decision. The droid draws out its hand, which turns into a slender device that will access the port in K-2SO’s head. “Run diagnostics and confirm orders.”

Before the droid can carry out it’s orders you blast it and shut it down. Then you kick one of the stormtrooper’s legs out from under him and he falls, hitting his head on a steel crate on the way down. The other stormtrooper attempts to shoot but you send the blaster upwards and the shot ricochets into the air. You manage to twist the blaster out of the stormtrooper’s hand and hit it against his head. He drops immediately. You look at K-2SO and simply say, “run.”

The two of you run as fast as you can through the streets and back to the ship. You close the doors behind you and look out the window to see if anyone has followed you. Thankfully, there is no one but it’s only a matter of time before you’re found. You worry for Cassian even more and curse yourself for screwing things up.

“That was a stupid plan-,” you hear K-2SO say behind you.

“I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to help but I just seemed to screw everything up even more,” you say quickly in an attempt to quiet the droid. You feel a metal hand place itself on your shoulder and you are closer to K-2SO than you have ever been, closer than he has ever allowed.

“I was not finished speaking,” the droid starts. “I do think it was a stupid plan. It was not really even a plan. You just ran off and I followed.”

“I know, Kaytoo. This isn’t really helping.”

“Please, let me finish. I have never been so close to danger since I joined the rebellion. If that droid had been able to run my diagnostics then I would have been doomed. You saved my life from destruction. I thank you wholeheartedly. Well, I suppose I would if I had a heart,” he chuckles lightly before continuing, “Cassian was right about you. You are an admirable rebel and a true friend. I apologize for my unpleasant behavior towards you. I will try to be better,” the droid finishes.

Suddenly there is an overwhelming silence. You feel tears run down your eyes and you reach out to hug the droid. It’s a bit awkward given the height difference and the hard metal against your body is not the most comfortable feeling. But it’s the best hug you’ve had in a while and you feel the beginnings of a new friendship. A friendship you thought would never blossom.

The door to the ship is knocked on loudly and the both of you are startled out of the embrace. K-2SO heads to the cockpit to open the door and you ready your blaster. You’re both taking a risk as the visitor might not be Cassian but it would seem that you are both ready to take that chance. The door to the ship opens and your eyes meet the dark brown ones that are everything to you. Cassian is back and safe. He’s breathing heavily and is sweating profusely but you don’t care. You jump into his arms and hold him as tight as you can. Cassian holds you just as tightly as the doors of the ship close once more.

“You came back,” you say. You hear his laugh fill the space of the ship and you feel at peace.

“I told you I would,” your captain replies.

From the cockpit you can hear K-2SO preparing the ship for its departure. You let go of Cassian so he can take his place beside the droid. He makes his way over to the unoccupied seat but before he can sit the droid holds his long arm out to block Cassian’s path.

“I believe we should allow Y/N to fly us back to the base,” K-2SO says. Cassian looks back at the droid questioningly and attempts to take a seat once again. That attempt fails once more. You approach the cockpit and stand near Cassian.

“I think Kaytoo is right, Cassian. Give me a chance,” you tell him. You feel his hand rub your back for a few seconds before he moves aside and allows you to sit. You smile and give him a kiss on the cheek before turning towards the controls.

“I’m tried anyway from all that running and fighting,” Cassian says as he lies down on the bench-like seating behind the cockpit.

K-2SO turns to look at you. “All the more reason to let the professional handle it,” he says quietly and you laugh. You press a few buttons and suddenly you are back in the air and on your way home to Yavin 4.

“I heard that you know,” Cassian says. He laughs quietly to himself before continuing. “What’s going on between the two of you? Before we landed you hated each other and now it’s like I don’t exist.”

“Maybe your droid likes me better now,” you laugh teasingly. “Are you jealous?”

Cassian walks up behind you and you can feel his warmth. “Just a little,” he jokes back. “But it’s nice to see you both getting along for once.”

You look to K-2SO and you can see him nod in agreement. You turn your attention back to flying and there is a peaceful silence. It is not tense or angry like it usually is and it’s a nice change.

However, K-2SO decides to break the silence. “You know, now that we are friends Y/N, I can finally tell you how Cassian won’t stop talking about you. I believe he has a strong emotional attachment to you. I once found him asleep on the ship before a mission whispering your name. Another time, he told me that your smile shines with the light from the sun. That is a direct quote with such poetry. It must be love.”  

You turn back to look at Cassian as best you can. His face is red in embarrassment and he’s looking down. He groans a quick “Kaytoo, please shut up” before he makes his way back to his seat.

Without looking back at him you say, “Now that we’re friends Kaytoo, I can finally tell you that I’m just as crazy about our captain. He’s rather bossy and stubborn but he’s also handsome and courageous. Not to mention I am always distracted by his eyes or his smile, almost to the point of madness. I think that I would follow him to the ends of the galaxy so it must be love.”

This isn’t the way you planned on professing your love to Cassian but it feels right. Your cheeks heat up in embarrassment when you are submerged in silence following your confession. It doesn’t last long before Cassian is behind you forcing your headset off and turning your head towards his. His lips meet yours in a sweet kiss that is over too soon. Your head is in a daze when he pulls away and you both can’t help but smile at one another.

You return to your piloting post and see Yavin 4 enter your line of sight. You grin widely, thanking your lucky stars that you were ordered to go on this mission in the first place.

I’m sorry if this was garbage. I wanted to write something where the two people (well, one human and one droid) who are closest to Cassian and care about him the most could find peace with one another. By the way, I also want to take the time to thank everyone for the sweet comments, likes, and reblogs on my previous writings. It made my heart burst in the best way possible. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. xx 

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FIC PROMPTS I'M SO EXCITED could you maybe write a little something about how yuuri feels about everyday-yuuri-anxiety and normal-person-butterflies-around-crush-anxiety and how he deals with Viktor Feelings

Ahhh, I’m so glad you mentioned this, because I have been turning this over in my head since your post! (Because really, anything involving anxiety and excruciating mutual pining is going to be my jam.)

This got a bit longer than I expected so tossing in a cut - I hope you enjoyyy:

“You should go,” Yuuri says.

Victor doesn’t so much as look up from the Japanese textbook spread across his lap. “Hm?”

“Your yukata will go to waste,” Yuuri says. It’s a really nice yukata. Red, with silver dragonflies. It would be a crime to deprive the community of Victor Nikiforov in that yukata.

“Didn’t you say there would be more festivals?” Victor frowns as he traces the practice sentence. “Besides, I’m learning causative verbs.”

 So it’s a stalemate. Again. They’re good at those.

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stolen shirts

Written for @aheartofwood because she loves Bodhi and I love her.

Bodhi woke up to Jyn rummaging through his drawers.

“What…are you doing?” he asked blearily.

“I want to borrow your shirt,” she said by way of explanation.

Bodhi rubbed his eyes. “W-why?”

“Because I like it.” She successfully extracted the shirt, yanked it out of the drawer, and swapped it out for the shirt she was currently wearing. She reached over to ruffle Bodhi’s hair (which was already messy from sleep) before sailing out of the room. She had stolen one of his shirts and had made a mess doing so, but Bodhi smiled nevertheless. He hadn’t had friends when he worked for the Empire. He’d had bunkmates and colleagues, but none of them had cared about him. Not the way Jyn and Cassian and Chirrut and Baze and yes, even K2, did.

He got up and reached for his jumpsuit, pausing when he saw Jyn’s discarded shirt. With a silly grin, he put on the shirt and left his jumpsuit unzipped from the waist up so that it would be visible. He went to the mess hall like that, grinning a little too hard as he joined his friends. It took a few minutes, but Cassian finally asked, “Did you two switch clothes?”

“I felt like a change,” Jyn said.

“Good, because I’m running out of shirts,” Cassian said.

“I like this shirt,” Jyn continued as if she hadn’t heard him. “It’s a nice fit.”

“It looks good,” Bodhi said. “You should keep it.”

“Okay,” Jyn said easily.

“Jyn,” Cassian said sternly. “You can’t walk all over Bodhi like that.” He turned to Bodhi. “You can say no to her, you know.”

“No, it’s okay,” Bodhi said. “It’s just a shirt.” It was just a shirt, but Bodhi would have said it was okay no matter what it was. Not that he was going to let Cassian know that.

“Yeah, and Bodhi knows I love him,” Jyn said, reaching across the table to ruffle Bodhi’s hair. “Right, Bodhi?”

He smiled. “Right.”

Cassian didn’t look entirely convinced. “Okay, but if she starts pushing you around, you let me know,” he said.

“I will,” said Bodhi, but he would probably do no such thing. He liked having friends, even if they stole his clothes, because they loved him and they didn’t want him to get pushed around. He’d never had a group of people before who loved him like that. Not family, not friends, and certainly no one with the Empire.

Defecting hadn’t been easy–in fact, it had been the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. But every day when he sat in this mess hall and looked at his friends, he knew that he had made the right decision.

Even if it meant they stole his shirts.


gdoc snapshot ;; aaron/robert  → bonnie & clyde au

As a condition of their sentence and probation, the court orders that Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are to have no further contact with one another under any circumstances. 

Yorkshire police were on high alert this morning when it was discovered that convicted murderer Robert Sugden had escaped from Manchester Prison, accompanied by former lover, Aaron Dingle. Just two weeks after their public trial and sentencing, it’s emerged that Sugden was mistakenly transferred to Strangeways from Wakefield Prison. As a condition of their sentencing, neither Sugden nor Dingle were permitted to serve in the same institution, and it is not understood, at this time, why Sugden was transferred at all. While both are considered highly dangerous, West Yorkshire Police are keen to assure the public that they’re doing everything in their power to recapture both fugitives.

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Hey, I like your writings a lot, I don't know if you take prompts but I always wanted to now what would be Luna's reaction seeing Matteo shritless for the first time, I am an awful writer, so I would love if you can do something with this, thank you very much.

Okay, first of all thank you very much anon, secondly, sorry for taking this so long but I’ve been quite busy, so there you have what I think would happen the first time Luna sees him shirtless, hope you like it, and sorry because is a mess and because maybe is too much hahahah (actually I’m not sorry for being too much at all)

The team was good, but not good enough for the international, this year the level was higher than last year’s and they needed to do something that outstand them for the rest of the teams.

-We need to do something like last year’s, but we need to do it all, not only Luna and Me -Matteo said looking at all of his team partners

-I agree with you, we are the current winners and I don’t want to lose that tittle -Ambar said looking at Matteo who nooded at her for her support

-I don’t know, what you and Luna did last year was great, but requieres a lot of training and I don’t think I can get to that level in this little time -Jim said with an apologetic look on her face

-Well, I am way up that level, so I know we can do it, at least I can, and that is what we need -Ramiro stated cocky as always, but it was true that he could make it

-Sorry but I need to be with Jim in this -Simon said and Matteo rolled his eyes, he knew the guitarist will always find something to be against Matteo’s ideas- Don’t take it personal Matteo, I just think I am not on that level, and I don’t think we should take such a risk and fuck it up at the presentation

-Don’t take it personal? How the fuck I’m not going to do that when you always find the way to be against every fucking thing I say -Matteo said now exasperated

-Hey Matteo, calm down -Ambar said worried, she didn’t like when Matteo was in one of his ranting

-I’ll do it when your little boyfriend put as much effort in this team as the rest of us

-I am putting as much effort as everyone, but I have other things to concentrate too, I have the band and I have a job, and I can’t just leave them, that’s why I don’t want to compromise myself on something and then let you guys down -Simon said now raising his voice a little bit, but talking slowly to not look so defensive on Matteo

-But babe, you are with me, I am going to help you, and you won’t need to worry about failing -Ambar said to Simon calmly -And same goes to you, you are with Ramiro I bet he would help you to get on the level we need -She was talking to Jim this time, who still doesn’t look sure about it

-Well, Ambar and Ramiro says yes to improve our rutine, and Simon and Jim says no, desicion is on you Luna, improve it or leave it like this -Matteo asked at Luna who was shy the whole argument

-I know Luna wouldn’t chose something that could affect the team at the moment of the competition -Simon said with a smirk on his face looking at Matteo

-Can you let her talk at least -Matteo said getting frustrated again, Luna has already said to Matteo that she wanted to improve it, but she was afraid that the team would be against her so that’s why Matteo decided to say it, because he knew Luna didn’t want to make the others feel obliged to do things.

-I don’t know, I do think we need to get better on our level, but if you guys think that it could be worst, then maybe… -Luna said lower her voice with every word

-Are you serious? -Matteo said with an increadulous smile -You really don’t think we should improve our choreography?

-You heard her, she only wants the best for the team -Simon said smiling

-Yes, trust me I heard her, loud and clear when she told me before she thinks that we need to improve, bad luck her best friend doesn’t know how to read between lines -Matteo said with a cold smile and then stood up and walked towards the lockers

He was frustrated indeed, Luna was always afraid of people banning her ideas, even when they were great, and Matteo thought this time that it was a need for them and if Luna wasn’t sure aboout saying it to the team he would do it for her, but he never  thought that she would be against her own idea, and only because she was too worried about pleasing everyone else.

-Matteo wait a second -He heard her reaching him at the lockers

-What happen Luna? Do you have another idea that I can tell to the guys so you can reject it? -Matteo said sarcasticaly while sitting on the bench to take of his skates

-Don’t be like that with me, you know that I want the best for the team and I don’t want them to feel bad if they can’t actually do it -Luna said trying to explain herself

-I know, but that’s the thing Luna, they can, I’ve seen Jim doing great tricks in the rink, she is insecure when comes to competitions, we just need to find the way to take the pressure off her, and Simon just want to piss me and uses the best friend label to get you to do what he wants, because I know he can do the improvements too, actually Ambar is going to do the hard work, he just needs to hold her right, and if Ambar is saying she can, I don’t get why he can’t agree with her -Matteo said walking to his locker and taking out a clean shirt

-He is not like that and you know… -Luna was saying to defend her best friend when Matteo decided to take off his shirt, Luna has never seen him shirtless before and it was better than she imaginated, not that she imaginated him shirtless a lot, just casually about 60 times per day, but that is normal right -Wha…what are you doing?

-Changing my shirt, the other one is sweaty, is that okay or do I need to ask permission to Simon too? -Matteo said looking for something in his locker

-Cut up the Simon shit Matteo, ca…can you dress u..up so we can talk like a normal couple -Luna said stuttering and that made Matteo turn to look at her and realize how of a blush mess she was, and like the tease he was he needed to have fun out of that

-Why? Can’t we talk while I get a little of fresh air before putting my clean shirt? -He said walking to get closer to her

-Matteo because you know, we are having a talk and… -She put one hand on his chest to push him a little but that was a bigger mistake, the kill bill alarms went on in her head and couldn’t look away from his chest, it was a little shiny from the sweat from the practice, she couldn’t even say a thing and Matteo knew he had her where he wanted her

-Yes I know we are talking, but you know how I hate to argue with you babe -He said now talking to her slowly and putting a string of her hair behind her ear -But I want you to stand up for what you think is the best, and for all your ideas, you know I will always have your back, right? -He said getting close to her and she nodded as answer without taking her gaze out of his torso, she was wondering when the fuck he got those perfect abs -Great, I always want you to do and say what you think is the best to do okay? So what do you want to do right now, Luna? -He asked with his face just milimeters apart of hers, she could felt his breat in her mouth and instinctively closed her eyes and lifted her face searching for his lips and Matteo smiled victorious and joined their lips together in a kiss, but a different kind of kiss that they were used to share. This one was messy, heated and full of need, like they were dying of thirst and they were each others water, Luna couldn’t help but roam her hands through his whole torso and arms, and Matteo took her by her waist a little under her top, tracing circles with his tombs on her bare skin, they were sunken in their kiss for minutes, with no desire of stoping but then a noise made them pull apart.

-Hey guys, we were asking if is everything okay? -Simon said a little embarassed -Did I interrupt something?

-No, no, we were just… hmmm. talking -Luna said rambling while fixing her top and trying to put her hair the way it was before

-Oh, okay, but the guys want to know if this is done for today or we will practice more? -Simon asked trying to not look at the shirtless Matteo right by Luna’s side who was looking at him like he was about to murder him

-Yes, I think this is all for today, but we’ll have to train tomorrow earlier if we want to improve the chroreography -She said putting her hand on her waist avoiding Simon gaze, that whole situation was way too unconfortable for her and that was making her a blush mess

-So are we going to improve it? -Matteo asked her enthusiastic

-Yes, you are right, we need to stand out and get better than last year if we want to win, and we will only going to do  it if we work together -She said smiling widely to Matteo who smiled her back and wrapped her in a tight hug

-I know you would take the best desicion for the team babe -He said smiling and placing a little kiss on her forehead

-Okay, if you think that is the best, Luna, I would agree with you, I’m going to tell the others and leave you alone to let you get back at your “talking” -Simon said remarking the talking part

-Hey, I’m going with you, I should tell them what I think -She said to Simon -I’ll wait for you there, get dressed for fuck sakes -Luna said to Matteo

-Don’t act like you don’t like it babe -He said teasingly and she just rolled her eyes laughing of how much of a dork her boyfriend was, and walked to the rink following Simon.

Fic: Where there is love. 

Robert has a nightmare, and with Aaron in prison Chas is the one there to comfort him afterwards.

“Aaron no, please don’t. Aaron.”

Chas is woken to the sound of shouting, screaming, coming from Robert and Aaron’s room. It’s still dark outside, and a quick glance at the clock confirms that it is too early to be awake.

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@draganchitsa  told me to write about Arya discovering the ridiculously sexy picture of Gendry in the illustrated copy of A Game of Thrones. One does not simply refuse Celia.



“What. Is. This?”

“…oh. Uhhh…I don’t know?”


“It’s. How did you find that?”

“Does it matter? The point is, I found it.”

“I went to extreme measures to make sure no one–especially you–would find that.”

“Why me especially?”

“Because I knew you’d do this.”

“Gendry. What the fuck.”

“I was low on cash, okay? It paid well.”

“Was this the only time?”




“You’re lying.”

“I’m not.”

“You are. But I’ve decided I’ll allow it.”


“On one condition.”

“Oh boy.”

“Recreate this picture.”


“Do it. I want to see your body glistening with sweat and soot defining your well-toned abs. You can lose the douchey necklace but I absolutely insist on that bull’s head helmet.”


“Don’t tell me you don’t still have it.”

“…okay, I do.”

“Go get it. Now.”


“If you recreate that picture we can play  your favorite game. You know the one where you’re a lowly blacksmith and I’m a noble lady on the run from my enemies and I take shelter in your smithy and you hammer my–”

“Give me five minutes.”

robert/aaron, finn, chas

GENRE:    angst, fluff
WORDS:    1619
SUMMARY:  robert and aaron fight over finn, chas tries to get them to see sense

written because we didn’t GET IT

Robert’s leaning against the bar, enjoying the Chas, Cain and Faith drama in ways he probably shouldn’t be so open in displaying, when Aaron walks into the bar, Finn hot on his heels. Anger pinches Robert’s chest, but he keeps his mouth shut at Aaron’s warm smile when he sees him.

“Afternoon,” Aaron says, leaning in for a quick kiss. “Didn’t think you’d be home already.”

“Yeah, well,” Robert says, shoving down his irritation. “I wanted to get home to my fiance, didn’t I?”

Aaron slides onto the stool next to Robert, tapping the bar with his fingers. He’s smiling, so Robert knows he’s done the right thing. Chas is talking down the other end of the bar, a sour look on her face.

“Doesn’t look like you’re getting a beer anytime soon,” Robert points out.

Before Aaron can reply, Finn appears at his elbow, looking uncertain, and Robert’s anger flares once again.

“Something you want, Finn?”

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Wait - Cassian Andor x Reader

The reader and Cassian are both captains and spies for the rebellion. Little tales ensue about how each of them patiently waits for the other to come home.

Warnings: fluff, some sexy talk, and angst

Enjoy. xx

The mission had gone off without a hitch. Your team was a little bit battered and bruised but there were no casualties and that was all that mattered. Honestly, you were just glad it was over so you could get back home, to Cassian.

With the rebel base in sight, you make the descent into your designated landing pad. Once landed, you switch off all power and turn towards your team.

“Everyone did great today. I’m really proud to call you my team. Now get some rest and I’ll see you all tomorrow,” you call out wholeheartedly. You walk out of the ship and make your way to the mess hall, where you know he’ll be.

Even after being with him for a year, just the thought of seeing him makes butterflies erupt in your stomach and in your heart. Walking through the walkway and into the cafeteria, you realize you’ve come at the busiest time. No matter, you could spot your lover in a sea full of people. You immediately catch a glimpse of familiar dark brown hair that’s seated at a table in the middle of the hall. A grin breaks out on your face and your legs move towards him on autopilot. About halfway to the table, his dark brown eyes catch yours and he is upright in a second. You both weave your way around people and finally collide in a hug. You smell Cassian’s sweat and his soap, you feel his arms around you and it is home.

“I’m so happy to see you, mi amor,” he whispers into your ear. He gives your midsection a squeeze before pulling away, just enough to look you in the eyes. As you look up at Cassian, you see the small but affectionate smile he wears only for you. You want to tell him that you missed him so much, that every thought you had while on the mission went back to him, and that you are so happy to see him too. But something about that small, affectionate smile tells you that he already knows all of these things to be true.

“I love you,” you say to him. Before he can respond, you pull him down for a passionate kiss and Cassian follows your lead. Forgetting where you are, you deepen the kiss, which Cassian seems to thoroughly enjoy based on his groan.

“Get a room! Geez, I’m trying to eat,” your teammate Akira calls out. Her comment then draws the attention of the room and everyone begins to clap and whistle teasingly. Cassian seems determined to kiss you as he maintains contact with you but shoos the comments and others away with his arm.

You break the kiss to laugh at him and at the reaction of your comrades but your laugh is cut short as Cassian brings your lips right back to his. You decide to follow his lead, knowing he waited patiently for you to come home.

Cassian’s mind is somewhere else. More specifically, it’s with you. Both of you were captains of your own teams so it was very rare for you two to work together. So whenever you were gone, he could only worry and hope that you were okay.

“Cassian…Cassian!” At the yell, Cassian notices that K-2SO is suddenly looming over him.

“I’m sorry, Kaytoo. What do you need?” He replies to the droid as he gets back to the task of checking that all of the ship’s gears are working correctly.

“Captain, you seem awfully forlorn. Is it that you’re missing Y/N?” The droid asks him, unafraid to sugarcoat what he means to say.

Cassian chuckles at his droid companion. “I am, friend. She’s been gone for two weeks. Doesn’t that seem a little long to you for a simple supply run?” Cassian asks this out loud, mainly because he wants the droid to ease his worry.

The droid begins to walk out of the ship but turns at the last minute. “If I were you, I would not worry about Y/N. She is almost annoyingly resourceful and clever. I also think that it may be important to mention that Y/N can "kick ass”…. yes I believe I have used that term correctly,“ K-2SO replies before continuing his departure.

Cassian breathes a sigh of relief, knowing that everything the droid said was right. It’s just so hard to wait and wonder how you are. He wants to always protect you and keep you safe. He can’t do that when you’re a million miles away and he feels helpless. Before he can return to his task, he hears a knock on the wall of the ship. Turning around, there you stand with a smile on your face.  

Cassian races towards you and picks you up in a hug, spinning you gently. He hears you laugh and his worry is gone. His mind is no longer somewhere else. His heart is right here.

You turn onto your right side but it doesn’t feel comfortable. You try your left side but it’s just as bad. You’ve been tossing and turning for the past hour and you know why. Cassian was on a mission and you always slept best when you were cuddled into his warm body. He would wrap his arms around you and sing you to sleep if you needed it. When he was a million miles away you worried.

You think back on the last conversation you had with him before he left. That had been four days ago.

"Mi amor, I’ll be okay. Try not to worry,” he had told you. He had his head nestled into your shoulder while his arms held you tightly.

You sigh. “It’s impossible for me not to worry. Every time you leave me, I’m afraid I’ll never see you again,” you whisper in a defeated tone with tears springing from your eyes and falling down your cheeks. Cassian hates to see you cry because it just makes him want to stay with you even more.

“Mi amor, don’t cry. Please. I love you so much. I will come home to you. I always will. Even if I was an entire galaxy away, I would find a way back to you,” he says confidently while looking you in the eyes. “Now kiss me, Y/N.”

You nod at your lover’s words and kiss him softly on the lips. Cassian weaves his hands through your hair and you clutch his arms. When you both pull away, you smile and let him go. He gives you one last kiss before running towards his ship. He turns back to you before boarding.

“I love you!” he shouts. At these words, your sad smile is replaced with a grin.

“I love you too! I’ll be waiting for you so come back to me alive!” you shout back with equal strength. You see his bright smile through the distance and hear:

“I’m planning on it!”

As you return your thoughts to the present, you wonder how much time has passed. You’re actually starting to feel sleepy so you decide to welcome the feeling and close your eyes.

When Cassian returns, its nighttime and the sleeping quarters are quiet. As he enters your room he finds you asleep but you continue to toss and turn. He thinks about waking you up so you can know he’s back but he decides against it. Instead, he changes into more comfortable clothing and climbs into bed with you. He pulls your body against him and he breathes in the scent of your hair, which is still damp.

“I’ve come back to you, mi amor,” he whispers into the room while he wraps his arm around your waist. As he settles into sleep he feels you turn one last time, closer into his body warmth. Then you become still and you both sleep soundly for the first time in days.

You’re guessing Cassian’s mission hasn’t gone according to plan based on the small gash on his forehead and the slight limp in his walk. Of course you are excited to see him and want to jump into his arms but you figure that’s not the best idea at the moment. Cassian limps towards you and pulls you into a hug. You can hear his wince almost immediately so you pull away.

“Cassian, I’m taking you to the med bay,” you tell him before he can ask why you withdrew from him. You notice your lover’s pout and roll your eyes dramatically.

“But Y/N…,” he begins to say and then draws closer to your ear to whisper, “I need you.”

You know exactly what that means and it takes every ounce of your willpower to not give in.

“Please, Cassian. Just get checked out so we can make sure you don’t have any broken bones or a concussion or need stitches. Please, do it for me,” you reply while making sure to show him a pout of your own.

Cassian looks into your eyes and gives in, sighing dramatically. “Alright, but afterwards can we please go back to your room so I can make love to you? I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, Cassian. So much,” you say before you grasp his hand and help him get to the med bay. All the while he pretends to need your support but he’s really just whispering filthy things in your ear like:

“I need you so much.”

“I’m going to love you so good tonight.”

“In fact I’m going to love you all night long and every night from here on in.”

Before you reach the med bay, you groan at Cassian’s words.

“Please stop for now. I don’t have much willpower left and if you keep going we might have to use the nearest closet or your room at the med bay,” you tell him.

Cassian smiles and gives your bum a squeeze. “You know mi amor, I have no problem with that.”

As your sit Cassian down you can’t help but laugh at his antics.

“I can’t believe I missed you.”

This time is different. When you return back to the base after your latest mission you learn that Cassian and his new team have decided to sneak off to Scarif to steal the plans to the Death Star. By the time you find out what the situation is, you notice that some of the rebel fleet has returned. Their numbers are small and you instantly worry about Cassian, more than you ever have before.

You attempt to ask the returning pilots if they’ve seen him or if they have any news. Most of them appear to be in shock and ignore you but a few of them give you reassuring smiles and comments that they’re sure he’s okay and on his way home. Those comments do nothing to ease your worry. It’s not until three hours have passed and more survivors have returned that your superior pulls you aside only to tell you that the love of your life is gone. She also tells you that he and his team have saved the rebellion and given hope to many.

You try to keep that positive thought in mind while you return to your room but as soon as you open the door you break down. The tears stream furiously and your sobs are loud and uncontrolled. You feel anger that Cassian has been taken away from you. In your sudden rage you throw the first thing you see across the room. You do a double take of the object and realize that it’s Cassian’s jacket. You immediately run over and pick it up, holding it close to your chest. You smile slightly when you recognize the scent of his sweat and soap, which seems to be embedded in the fabric.

You walk towards your bed and see a letter. You quickly reach for it and try to control your tears enough so that the words are legible.


I am so sorry I wasn’t there to greet you. I had to do something that I felt was important and if I succeed then we still have a fighting chance. Please don’t worry. I will come back to you. Just wait patiently and I promise I will see you again. I love you so much, mi amor.

Keep fighting.


After you read the letter, you feel a certain peace wash over you knowing that he at least said some sort of goodbye. But each word also makes your heart break more and more until you can do nothing but lie down and cry. And wait. And wonder. You begin to wonder just how long you’ll have to wait for your Cassian and the small, affectionate smile he wears only for you.

If you are reading this, I’m sorry if I have cause you emotional pain! This idea popped into my head last night and I couldn’t sleep until it was written. I am thinking about writing an alternate ending for this in the future so stay tuned. xx

“And Ser Arthur, I can only assume?”  

The Princess’ voice is unreadable, though perhaps a little airy.  

“Yes, Princess,” says Ser Barristan.  There is a bite to his words.

Brother, how can you do this?

“And you know not where he has gone?”

“No, Princess.  Only that he is gone, and, if Brandon Stark is to be believed, that he seems to have Lady Lyanna with him.”

“Lady Lyanna?  She is only fourteen.”

“Fifteen, Princess.”

Brother she is only a child.

“Small matter.  She’s only a girl.  What is Rhaegar thinking?”


“Perhaps he is as smitten with her now as he was at Harrenhal?”  

Elia’s voice is cold.  She never mentions Harrenhal.  Nor does Rhaegar.  It is as if that blue wreath had never existed.

Girl child, she child, child nonetheless.

“I could not say, Princess.”

“Of course not.”  

Ashara looks out her window at the sea.  She likes the sea less in King’s Landing.  It does not crash against the waves and spray them with salt and color them blue and white.  It is docile here.  

You are a great knight.  You are Sword of the Morning.  You are the one who dove into the Torrentine with me when we were small, who kept me from drowning.  

“And none of your brothers know where he has gone?”

“The King is making enquiries, though I do not doubt that they will be fruitless.”

“The King.  So he knows.”

“He does.  He—ah—heard Brandon Stark’s arrival.”

“Half the city heard Brandon Stark’s arrival.”

“Not the part where he bade Prince Rhaegar come out and die.”

Do you do this for your prince?  Do you do this for your king?  Do you do this because you think it right?

“A fool.  That is treason.”

“Indeed, but I fear the King may…act equally rashly.”

“All is madness these days—the King, Brandon Stark, my husband and his valiant knights carrying off a girl child in the night.”

“Perhaps, Princess.  I fear how it will end.”

“In blood, I suppose.  And fire.  Our king is so fond of fire.”

“Princess—the Prince did not—”

“No, he did not.  I know nothing of his intentions, and I suppose that Ser Arthur said nothing to Lady Ashara before he departed.”

She turns away from the window.  They are looking at her.  

“No.  No, he said nothing.”

How can you do this, brother?  She is a child.  She is a war.

everything is lost

GENRE:    angst, make-up
WORDS:    1512
SUMMARY:  robert confronts aaron over his comments

i thought this was ooc for ever but oh WELL (thanks for your help, @beautifulhigh​!

Robert’s angry.

Their bedroom is a mess, clothes strewn about the floor, the bed covers half hanging off. It should be comforting, usually makes Robert feel the press of love behind his breastbone. Now it just infuriates him. He wants to break something, cause some damage, and clenches his hands into fists. He can’t do it, can’t give in to his rage, not when he’s trying so hard to be better.

For what, he thinks nastily, sitting on the edge of the bed. It’s Aaron’s side, his wet towel sitting in a puddle on the floor. Robert grits his teeth, hates it anyway, but now - now he just wants to tear it to shreds.

There’s footsteps on the stairs and the hair on the back of Robert’s neck stands on end. Aaron, then.

Dropping his head into his hands, Robert tries to keep his anger in check. He doesn’t want to lash out, not now, not when he’s supposed to be strong.

“Wondered where you’d got to.” Aaron says it lightly, like everything’s fine.

“Wanted to be on my own.”

Aaron doesn’t get the hint, comes into the bedroom and shuts the door behind him. “Think Liv’s feeling better.”

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By Prudence Ruled - ehmazing - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I always feel like a huge weenie linking fic on tumblr, but giftee @aquamirage asked specifically for this post to be made so how could I refuse??? I couldn’t.

anyway I have 12k of potentially 15k-20k words written of a The Crown space au fanfic so that’s what I’ve been doing this spring break

elia begs rhaegar not to name their daughter rhaenys. she begs him.  

rhaenys targaryen died tortured beneath the hellholt.

the queen that never was died crownless and charred beyond recognition.

so she begs.  names have power, she tells him.  name her nymeria for her rhoynish blood, or alysanne for the good queen if he must have a targaryen name.  but not rhaenys.  please, not rhaenys.  if he names her rhaenys, she is doomed to horror and mutilation.

rhaegar only kisses her forehead.  “she must be rhaenys,” he says simply.  “she must be rhaenys.”

To Do List

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

Tagged by @anniemar the amazing! Thanks, dear! Maybe having some public accountability will actually help me get my write on.

Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

1. I’m a Ghost; You’re an Angel- Yes, I know it’s been almost a year since this was updated, and many of you have probably thought this was abandoned. But it’s not ABANDONED abandoned. I’ve got about half the next chapter already written, but I probably need to re-read to refresh my memory and then finish it. There’s only a few chapters left, so… I just gotta get her done. No excuses.

2. You’re the One That Got Away- For @hushhorizon. The next angsty episode of the drama extravaganza is also about halfway finished. I’ve been wanting to finish it for ages, in an attempt to show my my support and appreciation for my girl, GhostCrumpet, but I’ve been struggling, and writing angst is hard. :(

3. My Giveaway winners price fics- Technically there are 3 of these, but I’m putting them as one, because they are all equally important. It’s possible my winners have given up on ever seeing their spoils, or perhaps they’ve forgotten that they ever won in the first place. However, I’m determined to complete these, as promised, even if it takes me a while longer. I’ve got a past-Darcy/Bucky, Darcy/Clint Farmer’s AU for @bushy-barnes which is actually, (surprise, surprise,) already halfway written, a Darcy/Bucky wrong number bit for @leftylain, and a Darcy/Steve piece for @rdprice29 DON’T LOOSE HOPE, PEOPLE! I’ll write these, even if it kill me. I swear it.

4. I Pledge My Love to You- So…. I’ve got about a month before it’s @dresupi‘s birthday again. I should definitely try and finish the gift I started for her last year. That’s a thing. Sweet Brit, and your infinite patience! I haven’t forgotten, promise!

5. FYDL Galentinels Day Exchange WinterShieldShock fic for @handsets from last year. (You might be seeing a pattern…) I’ve posted 3 parts here on tumblr. I need to put it on AO3 and finish it. It probably has another 3 parts left. Maybe 4 parts left. (No, I’m not going to say half finished again, but yeah…)

6. I’ve got about 14 prompts in my inbox right now- most of them are from an ABO Smutty Sunday I did last year. I’ve got every intention of dusting these off and giving most, if not all of these, a shot. I love taking prompts. It makes my soul sad that I haven’t finished them.

7. There are a few other various WIP’s on my docket. For the sake of brevity I will not list them all, but I’d love to finish ALL THE THINGS.

8. As for things for the future! (Yay! Break the cycle!) I’d love to maybe take a look at some of my Give me a Title and I’ll tell you what fic I would write prompts from a few weeks ago. @neverending-shenanigans had some awesome ideas and I’d love to work out some kind of show me yours I’ll show you mine exchange…

9. I’ve been sort of inspired by @pinkpandorafrog to ask people if there’s something of mine that they want me to continue or write more of and take some requests. I’M NOT DOING IT YET! Just saying, it’s something I wouldn’t mind trying if I can break out of my funk and get back to work. There are a few of my prompts and challenge pieces that I think need a little more an it’d be fun to see what you guys would like to see as well. Maybe after I cross 1 or 2 things off this far too massive list.

10. There may or may not be a, (you guessed it!), half finished Pride and Prejudice short that someone *coughmiincough* keeps telling me I need to put up on Amazon and see if I can make some extra dough. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but I think this is a great place to start. If I tagged you in this post and you wanna share what, if anything, you are working on, consider yourself officially tagged. Same if you just wanna do the thing. ;)

anonymous asked:

robron. 16

things you said with no space between us

“I love you,” Robert says, voice breaking on the words.

Aaron’s curled around him, arms tight around Robert’s chest, his chin resting on top of Robert’s head. “I love you too.”

Robert’s trembling, can’t stop himself, but it’s been so long since he’s slept here, in their bed, so long since he’s been able to feel Aaron, to smell him, want him. Eyes clenched shut, he’s gripping tightly to the hands Aaron has pressed around him, their legs a tangled mess. It’s the first time Robert’s felt safe in … he doesn’t know how long.

“I hated it,” Aaron admits, voice quiet, whispering the words into Robert’s hair.

Robert squeezes Aaron’s hands, turns his face into the pillow. His chest feels tight with everything he’s stopped himself feeling, the worry, the pain, the fear. “I know.”

“I thought, sometimes I thought I’d never get out.”

“I,” Robert starts, doesn’t know how to finish. How can he even imagine how hard Aaron found it? How awful the entire experience was, doesn’t even know how to begin helping.

Aaron lets out a slow breath, ruffles Robert’s hair. He strokes his fingers over Robert’s chest, kisses the crown of his head.

“I don’t know how to help,” Robert says, hating the admission even as it falls between them. “I feel-”

“Don’t,” Aaron says, quickly, shuffling them around until Robert’s facing him. He looks wretched, eyes red, a picture of someone who’s suffered more than Robert could imagine. He brushes his fingers over Robert’s face, presses forward until their foreheads are touching. “You’re not useless, Rob, I wish-”

Neither of them able to finish sentences, Robert still trembling, Aaron broken into so many pieces Robert doesn’t know how to begin fixing him, fixing them.

“I know,” Robert says, guilt thudding in his chest. “I didn’t mean to, I thought it was, I can never take it back.”

“I know,” Aaron says, looking pained, but not accusatory. He’s searching Robert’s face, looks sad and hopeful in equal measure. “I think we both did things we regret. This is a new start, yeah?”

Robert nods, throat thick with emotion. He swallows, presses a kiss to Aaron’s lips. “We can do this.”

“Yeah,” Aaron says, surprising Robert with his vehemence. “We can.”

Robert hardly dares hope, wants to so badly. “I missed you so much.”

“I know,” Aaron says, voice soft. He strokes a hand through Robert’s hair. “You look so much better.”

“You’re here,” Robert says, without shame.

Aaron’s cheeks colour, but he smiles in that way that Robert loves so much. “Our whole lives, Robert.”

“Yeah,” Robert says, kissing Aaron again, a third time, wants to bury himself in Aaron and never let him go again. “Our whole lives.”

It feels like a start.

tictactoews requested  ;; patrick kane/jonathan toews) → coffee shop au

jonny isn’t really paying attention the first time he walks into starbucks, but when he gets a cup with his name scrawled on it - a name he was sure he didn’t give - the guy behind the counter just smirks at him. jonny puts the encounter to the back of his mind. the next time he goes, the guy scrawls sidney crosby on his cup and jonny knows he’s being messed with. that doesn’t stop him going back. when he gets a crudely drawn hockey stick and a puck, he raises an eyebrow but doesn’t say anything. the next time he gets a name - and a number. patrick kane, the guy who apparently serves up his coffee with ridiculous notes and a load of attitude, is apparently a hockey fan - but when jonny extends an invitation to the hawks next home game, patrick declines. the next time jonny leaves a tip, he leaves two tickets to the hawks game as well; whether or not patrick will accept them- and maybe kinda perhaps wanna go out with jonny, geez he sounds like one of his cousins - is something he’s just gunna have to wait on. 

The Handmaiden AU no one asked for. Dedicated to @lemonysnickit, who told me The Handmaiden is on Amazon prime.

It was only supposed to be a con.

Jeyne had been conning people since she was a little girl. Pickpocketing, forged artwork, hawking jewelry made of plastic and paste and passing them off as pearls and diamonds. Harry had told her that this would be her hardest con yet.

He had been right.

She sprinkled more salts in the tub, tried not to stare at Miss Sansa’s breasts. They were lovely and pale and pink, and every time they peeked out of the water Jeyne had the urge to take one in her mouth. That was Harry’s job, Harry who was wooing the “ice queen” niece of Petyr Baelish and would throw her in an asylum as soon as they were married. Jeyne would receive a third of the Stark girl’s fortune, so it was for her own benefit that she urge her mistress into this marriage. But no matter how much her stomach rumbled at the thought of all that money, it turned whenever she thought of Harry putting his hands on Sansa.

She dared a glance at her breasts again, felt sick at the thought of Harry’s hands and mouth on them. Harry would be careless and rough, and Sansa deserved someone was thoughtful and gentle.

The lady made a sound then, and Jeyne glanced up at her face. “What’s wrong, miss?”

“My tooth is sharp,” Sansa murmured. “It’s been cutting my mouth all day.”

Jeyne sat on the edge of the tub, peered into Sansa’s mouth. She saw the tooth, and at a nod from her mistress, she slipped her thumb inside to feel it. It was obscenely warm and wet, and it was only the sharpness of Sansa’s tooth on her thumb that pulled Jeyne out of her reverie. She reached into her apron for her thimble, slipped her thumb into Sansa’s mouth again. The redhead stared at her the whole time, her trusting blue eyes never leaving Jeyne’s face. Jeyne dropped her eyes in embarrassment, found herself looking at Sansa’s breasts again. She dropped her eyes to the water, saw through the water’s silky sheen the crop of hair between Sansa’s legs. She looked up again, found Sansa’s eyes wide.

Jeyne reached her finger into Sansa’s mouth, hating how wet she felt between her legs. “All smooth now, miss,” she said, dropping her hands.

He should have told me she was so pretty.

“I call innermost on the left.”

I was going to call innermost on the left,” Rickon whined.

“Too bad, I called it,” said Robb, reaching over and rubbing his little brother’s head.

“But you always win and this is the first night we all get to go,” Rickon pouted. 

“Robb,” Mother intoned, and Robb gaped at her.

“But I called it.”

“Calling doesn’t mean anything, Robb. If it were, I would call the shamash every time and win. It is diplomacy,” Sansa said, fiddling with the end of her braid. Robb rolled his eyes at her.

“Oh please. This isn’t about diplomacy. It’s about winning.”

“While you are debating that point, can I have the third from the right?” Arya demanded. 

“Second from the right,” Jon called.

Rickon was right, Bran thought. It was the first night that they had all been able to pick a candle. The past two nights, one of their parents had sat out, and before then, they had had to break into teams. But tonight was the last night, and there were eight of them and eight candles, and it would be down to luck and strategy to see which would burn out the fastest. 

“Sansa’s candle is tilted. It’ll burn too fast,” Arya pointed out.

“It is not,” Sansa retorted.


But Father was adjusting the candle in question. “Anything else? Or can we light up?”

Everyone shook their heads, and Mother reached over and turned off the light switch while Father lit the shamash for Rickon, then helped him light each candle in turn.

They said their prayer the sat in silence for a few minutes, watching as the nine glowed hot in the dark.

“How long will it be?” Rickon asked, breaking the silence.

“Ten minutes? Twenty?” Bran said. Rickon shifted in his seat. 

“I thought it would go faster since there are more of them tonight,” he complained.

“Nope,” Arya said, “but it’s ok. It’ll be fun.”

Rickon stared at the menorah scrunching up his face. “I want to win,” he said forcefully.

Jon and Robb both laughed. “Don’t we all,” Robb said.

“But you’ve won three times and I haven’t won any,” Rickon said loudly.

“Luck and strategy,” shrugged Robb. Jon elbowed him and muttered something, and Robb doubled over laughing, his kippah falling off.

“Yes?” Mother said.

“Nothing, Mother,” Robb muttered, bending down and grabbing his kippah. It was a new one, one that Sansa had made him for her bat mitzvah. She had made them all new kippot with a crocheting pattern that she had found online, and had even made herself a lacy head covering with a bird pattern on it. Bran liked the kippah. He liked wearing it to Hebrew School especially because it was much nicer than everyone else’s kippot. No one else had home-made ones. 

Across the room, they heard the sound of their father’s phone dinging with some new message, and Father rolled his eyes. “Forgot to turn it on silent,” he muttered, getting to his feet and going to his phone.

“Ned, leave it,” Mother called after him.

“Just making sure that Lannister doesn’t keep bothering me. If he keeps texting, it will ruin the night.”

“Did he like the gelt you brought him?” asked Jon.

“He made no comment,” Father replied, coming and sitting down. “I think he couldn’t tell if it was a joke.”

“Why would he think it’s a joke?” asked Bran. Who thought gelt was a joke? It was chocolate.

Father sighed. “Probably finds the concept of chocolate wrapped in gold offensive. A reference to the whole…” he cast Rickon a look and clearly adjusted what he was about to say, “‘Tywin Lannister poops money’ thing.” Rickon laughed. He was still young enough to find it funny every time it was mentioned. Robb smirked and whispered something in Jon’s ear. A grin spread across Jon’s face and Arya elbowed him pointedly and he bent to tell her.

“Well,” said Mother, “If Tywin Lannister can’t pull that stick out of his butt long enough to enjoy some chocolate, he doesn’t deserve it.”

“Precisely,” agreed Father, and he settled down next to Bran. “Oh darn. I am losing.” He was. His candle was still standing head and shoulders above the two on either side of it, and he sighed. “Ahh well. Better luck next year I suppose.”

Jon had stopped watching the candles. His candle, like Father’s, was burning slowly and he was now occupying himself by running his hands through Arya’s hair and maxing it stand on end in funny directions while Arya told him loudly about her new kindergarten buddy who had made her a Christmas card shaped like a Christmas tree.

“Are you trying to make Arya’s hair look like a Christmas tree? Is this some sort of interpretive illustration?” Father asked, and both of them grinned.

“She is a work of art,” Jon replied somberly and Arya elbowed him again. 

“Did you make Weasel a Christmas card?” asked Sansa.

Arya shook her head. “No, I made her a paper dreidel and taught her how to play. It was fun. She’d never played before.”

“You should bring her a real one next week,” Mother suggested, “We have a million and a half left from Sansa’s bat mitzvah.”

Arya nodded happily. “And some gelt?” she hinted.

“Are you allowed to bring chocolate to kindergarteners?”

“Probably,” Arya said at the same time Sansa said, “Probably not.”

No one was watching the candles–no one except Bran and Rickon. Rickon’s eyes were wide and determined. His candle was neck and neck with Robb’s, and I’d he won, he would get first spin when they turned to dreidel after the candles finished burning.  “Come on,” he was muttering to himself. “Come on, come on, come on.”

Robb laughed. “Wishing will not make it so, Rickon.”

Rickon glared at him.

“Leave him be, Robb,” said Bran. Robb shrugged and turned back to Jon.

“I want to win,” Rickon mumbled to Bran.

“I know,” Bran said. “And you might. Look how close yours is to being done.”

“No one else seems to care if they win,” Rickon said. He suddenly seemed very small. It was often easy to forget how small he was. He was so loud and full of energy all the time, running through the house at top speed, but now, seated between Bran and Arya, he seemed tiny. “Why doesn’t anyone else care?”

“Because it’s just a game,” Robb said.


“What! It is!”

“I don’t know,” Bran whispered to Rickon while Father told Robb not to ruin his brothers’ fun. “But it doesn’t matter what they think, so long as you are playing.”

“But it’s not fair if they don’t care and still win,” Rickon said.

Bran hummed noncommitally and looked back at the menorah. His candle was still too tall to be close to winning, and so he gave up, but Rickon’s. Let Rickon win, he thought staring at the candles. Rickon’s and Robb’s were both so close to guttering out. Let him win. He never does, and he really wants to.

And, a moment later, Rickon let out a triumphant “HA!” and jumped to his feet in celebration.  There was a thin stream of smoke rising from a pool of wax above where his candle had just gone out.

“I win! I win I win I win!”

“Well chosen,” grinned Bran, and Rickon gave him a hug at the same time that Sansa said, “Oh good! You should have won.”

“Can we play now?” Rickon turned to Father and stared at him with wide eyes. “Please?”

“We need to watch them all burn out,” Mother said gently, and she pulled Rickon into her lap.

“Can I have some gelt at least?” Rickon asked.

Mother reached into the bag at her feet and tugged open the yellow plastic mesh and let Rickon fumble out some chocolate.

He ate one as Arya let out a whoop, her candle somehow having outpaced Robb’s, then he handed a coin to Bran, and smiled.

“Thank you, Rickon,” Bran said, peeling back the golden foil.

Rickon kept smiling and he put another piece of chocolate into his mouth.