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lmao my tree bros one shot is at 25 000 words,, stay tuned.

i kinda want it to be my gift to my followers when im at 100 (im currently at 88 in the last three weeks of being on tumblr!!) but ill probably be a little late on that…. who knows. 

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I would just like to say that a week or so ago we were promised an angsty tree bros fic but I'm not sure if you posted it and I just forgot but wHeRe iS iT

If this is about Eulogy you’ve been fooled I haven’t finished the last chapter

What FanFiction and AO3 need is a “suggested story” list. When you finish one fic you really liked and you now need to fill the void, you just click on the option and find a similar one.

dear evan hansen sky high au

the wonderful @galaticpanda and I spent the past few days brainstorming this

inspired by this les mis fic where les amis were all at Sky High


  • has the power to make plants grow anywhere
  • of course, his favorite type of plant to grow is trees
  • has a ton of little flowers and flowerpots growing in his room
  • gets too nervous going up to show his power so he ends up getting picked to be sidekick
  • doesn’t want to use it to harm people
  • let him grow his trees in peace
  • grows little bonsai trees and stuff when he gets anxious to calm himself down
  • when he goes full on panic attack things start to grow on him uncontrollably
  • always has twigs and leaves and petals in his hair. The other four are always pulling them out but he is never plant-free for long
  • connor thinks he looks adorable
  • leaves little flowers for people when he can tell they’re hurting
  • largely linked to his feelings/emotions
  • spends the night at connor’s or something and they wake up to a little rainforest 


  • power: invisibility
  • when he and zoe were younger, they’d play hide and seek and he’d always play little cute tricks on her by disappearing so she can’t find him
  • goes into his room and turns invisible when he wants to be alone
  • or when he doesn’t want people to see him at school
  • mainly uses it to avoid social situations
  • gets picked as hero because his power is useful, but he hates having that much pressure on him so he doesn’t try very hard
  • also turns invisible when he’s embarrassed, so when he starts liking evan he disappears whenever evan looks at him
  • evan thinks it’s because connor doesn’t like him, but later on he realizes that it’s actually because he does
  • of course when evan realizes this he makes a little bouquet of flowers for connor and there’s blushing all around (connor turned invisible for a solid hour)
  • when he doesn’t want to talk to his parents he uses his invisibility to make them think he left his house


  • technopath/computer genius
  • everyone expected it because of how good he was with computers
  • initially chosen as hero, but moved to sidekick after 2 days
  • he got demoted because he reprogrammed the school intercoms to say nothing but the word “kinky” on repeat for an entire day
  • the professors couldn’t do anything about it. the only thing they could do was make him a sidekick as a punishment
  • jared doesn’t really care. sometimes he makes the teachers’ computers flash obscenities to make evan laugh
  • they first find out about his power after connor throws the printer at the teacher and jared just walks over there and fixes it like it’s nothing
  • he’d fixed all of his robot toys at home so that they could move on their own and do other awesome things
  • still loves video games
  • his and evan’s personalities/powers clash, but in a good way


  • everyone thinks it has to do with music bc she can just play any instrument that she picks up
  • she just goes with it. doesn’t say much when they make fun of it or anything 
  • one day the murphys are camping and realize that no one knows how to start a fire so she just casually uses her powers to make one
  • she’s actually a pyro and they all freak out a bit
  • cue all the “zoe is hot” jokes
  • evan kinda realizes that this must mean that she’s actually just musically talented on her own
  • she gets picked to be a hero and she loves learning to use her powers
  • she’s the only person connor won’t mess with because he knows how much power she has
  • she and connor often refer to themselves as supergirl and the invisible boy


  • superintelligence/telepathy
  • this one’s no surprise to her or her family
  • she was obviously intelligent from a young age 
  • chosen as a hero, for obvious reasons
  • she knows the answers to questions before they’re even asked, so everyone originally assumes she can see into the future
  • in reality, her telepathy allows her to read minds so she already knows what they’re gonna ask
  • however, she also hears all the snide comments everyone makes/thinks about her
  • she has trouble filtering what’s said and what’s thought so she thinks of a lot of people as friends
  • she forgets who actually confides in her
  • she knows more about some people than they know about themselves
  • that’s why she said that she was friends with connor
  • she can hear his dark cloud of negative thoughts from classrooms away
  • she also knows about evan and his insecurities
  • when someone is having a particularly bad day she’ll sorta sneak positive thoughts into their heads like how evan leaves flowers for people
The heart beat

It happened again. The same painful disaster. It was happening everyday, so annoying, so unendurable. And to think, everything was so peaceful and nice for Bendy and Boris only a little while ago. Their lives were perfect, they didn’t have anything to worry about and have nothing to fear. Until Bendy got that illness. Everything changed for them both. Now instead of having fun and living their lives they had to put their effort into finding the lost items for the machine in order to save Bendy from all of this pain, and at the same time dealing with those two guys who were out to end them. This all has became an unbearable daily routine for both of them. Especially for Boris. Bendy wasn’t really worried for himself as much as for his bro, who didn’t have anyone else other than him. The older was trying not to pay too much attention to his condition and stay positive to not make his bro too anxious, and Boris also was trying not to think about it too much. At first it wasn’t too hard, but as this keeps happening more and more, Boris just couldn’t ignore it anymore. He was being really stressed and scared, even though he was trying hard not to show it off and not think about it. But this time that was exactly what he was doing, thinking about it. He was sitting on the grass, gazing at his beloved brother who was sleeping peacefully, lying his head on his shirt that he took off a moment ago when the pain attack kicked in again. This time, it seems to be worse than usual.

It was already late evening, but they were both still peppy and were still walking. Suddenly, Bendy curved with a painful groan, falling down while gripping to his stomach. Boris instantly ran towards his brother to help him. Bendy was shaking like crazy, he could barely make any sounds other than just squeaking, felt like something was blocking his breath. At one point, he just fell to his brother’s arms with no sound or movements. Boris started to freak out as he realized that Bendy was no longer trying to breathe, he wasn’t breathing at all! His panic level was increasing as the older one was still unconscious, he tried to pat him softly on the cheek but he was still not moving. Boris could no longer control himself, he started screaming and crying loudly as he was shaking his brother.
“BENDY!! BENDY, NO! COME ON! WAKE UP!! STAY WITH ME PLEASE!!!!” desperately pleaded Boris. Fortunately, the luck was on their side again. After few minutes, Bendy opened his eyes, taking a deep breath and started to cough constantly. He pulled his hand to his throat as a  stream of black liquid flowed down from his mouth to the ground. After that, he took a relived breath and lied on Boris’s lap. The pain was gone.

Bendy seems to be much better now. But not Boris, he was still terrified after what just happened, for a moment there, he actually thought that everything was over…and seems like Bendy was getting ready for that. For the last few days, Bendy was pushing his young brother much harder to be independent and self-capable. And that was showing the fact that he was ready to give up and die, or at least that’s what Boris thought. And  he couldn’t stand that thought. The thought of losing the one person he loved, the thought of never get to see his smile, hear his voice, never get to hug him, listen to his teaching or just goof around with him. And what will he do without Bendy? Where will he go? He could still try to find and fix the machine on his own, but what is the purpose if he already lost his beloved one? All of those thoughts were causing him a headache. His eyes started to tear up.
No… he is strong enough… he’s not gonna leave me… I know he won’t” silently sobed the young wolf while wiping his eyes.
He looked at his brother, who was still sleeping like a little baby. Boris slowly crawled next to him, trying to be as quite as possible to not wake him up. He seems so pacified, like he never got any deadly diseases. Boris moved his sight to Bendy’s exposed chest that was lowering and rising because of his breathing. He moved his head closer and placed his ear on it.

“Ba bump…” a quiet and pleasant sound is what he heard. The sound of a beating heart, his brother’s  heart.  The sound of life that he valued more than anyone else’s.  It was such a satisfying sound, just listening to that slow beat made Boris so relaxed. All the heavy thoughts were gone, all the worries been drawn away, all that he was thinking now is that his bro was still there, he was still alive. This fact was giving him hope that at one day, all of this pain and suffering would be over, and they will go back to those wonderful times when they could live peacefully with reasons to be nervous or scared.

Boris got carried away so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t realized how he lied down completely on his bro’s chest. He was brought back to reality when someone’s hand gently caressed his forehead.

“Boris, could you get up? You’re too heavy…” Bendy’s soft voice broke the silence. Boris instantly got up nervously rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sorry…” he said with a soft smile.

“What were you even doing?” the other asked.

“Nothing… I just wanted a hug!” childly answered Boris.

“*Yawn* you’ll get your hug tomorrow… I’m very tired…” wearily said Bendy as he flipped over to another side. “You should go to sleep too, it’s really late…”

“Okay” Boris lied down on his back next to Bendy, gazing upon the night sky. He felt much more confident about completing their quest. Only positive thoughts from now on, whining won’t get them nowhere. Other people deserves to be saved too, no one has to go through all this. Being with those who you love is the biggest treasure, and Boris was determined to keep his treasure. Forever.
“Good night Bendy! I love you ~” said Boris as he closed his eyes and start falling asleep.
“Mhmn… love you too, bro…” Mumbled Bendy through his sleep.
Tomorrow is a new day, new challenges to deal with, and new progress to make.


Hello there! i’ll be frank, it’s not my first time writing fics, but it is my first sibmission to you!

sorry if there any mistakes i haven’t notice, English is not my first language (plus i’m pretty sure i’ve cheked everything) (⇀‸↼‶)

i fell in love with your AU and it gave me an idea for this “masterpeaceofshit” XP

i also wanna use this oppertunity to tell you dat you are my very favorite artist! your ideas and drawing are stunning and they always inspire me! thank you so much for sharing your work with us Rouge, u da best! (= ̄ω ̄=)

fic by katethepeach

art by Rouge

queercateer  asked:

"Sincerely Me" but Connor is alive and he, Jared, and Evan are making up fake emails about their friendship to convince his parents to not send him to therapy after a suicide attempt? If you want to (Maybe Tree Bros??)



“Fuck you Kleinman!” Connor snapped as he ripped his laptop away from the boy in glassed. “Who the fuck invited you anyways! Did you invite him?” Connor turned his attention towards Evan.

Evan immediately turned into a stuttering mess. “I-I’m sorry I-I just he-he’s good with computers and I thought he’d be helpful please don’t be angry!” Evan managed to choke out.

Connor shot a glare towards them both. “You got me into this fucking mess Hansen, so you better keep you asshole under control.” Connor muttered. He did not fucking rub his nipples and moan with delight for Evan Hansen of all people.

“Okay ‘I like my parents’” Evan started.

“Who the fuck says that.” Connor and Jared said at the same time. Both boys shot each other a glare.

“Okay ‘I love my parents but each days another fight’” Evan said. “’If I stop smoking drugs than everything might be alright’”

“Smoking drugs?” Jared cackled. He grabbed the laptop and smirked at Connor. “’If I stop smoking crack’”

“Fuck you Kleinman! I smoke pot dickwad.” Connor managed to kick the boy.

“Jesus your parents are going to think your gay for Evan.” Jared shook his head as he read over the letters.

“I could fucking care less what my parents or dumbass sister think about my sexuality as long as I don’t get sent to fucking therapy they can assume I like dick.” Connor snapped.

Evan blushed when Connor said this. Connor was an attractive guy but it’s not like Evan would ever admit that. 

“Sincerely me.” Jared sighed. “Are we done yet?”

“No Kleinman we have a lot of fake fucking letters to write got it.” Connor glared.

Jared just shrugged. “Whatever.”

“Dear Evan Hansen, thank for every note you send.” Connor said.

“Dear Connor Murphy, I’m just glad to be your friend.” Evan replied.

“God this is so gay.” Jared muttered.

“Fuck off Kleinman.”

“Jared please stop.”

Some more cute au's for all your otp needs

“We take a dance class together and our next routine calls for partnerwork, and we got put togeth-STop standing on my foot!” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU

“We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall and into your living room I’m really sorry oh my god you’re naked” AU

“We’re both cosplayers and we somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ship and people want photos of us in compromising positions and oops now we’re kissing” AU

“We sat next to each other during a really sad film and now we’re sharing tissues silently whilst we cry at the cinema” AU

“You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the road and now we’re in the same holding cell” AU

“I was on my balcony playing music and you were walking past and stopped to listen because it’s your favourite band too” AU

“We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another spiderman reboot” AU

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) trainee nurse” AU

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#18 “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” connorxevan :)


my my my my my boys!! 


Evan fell asleep easily. It took them a month or so of dating to get to the point where they were comfortable enough with each other to cuddle, but the first time they did, Evan fell asleep almost the second he curled up against Connor. Over time Connor came to realize that literally any time that Evan was laying down next to something warm, or with a blanket on top of him, he was in danger of falling asleep. Connor was never annoyed by it, he found it endearing. Evan was constantly anxious in his waking life, but sleeping was one of the few times that he looked completely at peace. Connor cherished these moments. 

Evan was a totally still sleeper. Once he was in a comfortable position, he wouldn’t move. Much to Connor’s dismay, he wasn’t much of a sleep talker as well (Connor had hoped for Evan to say something cute or funny). Evan would just lay there until he woke up. Sometimes it would seem like he wasn’t even breathing, scaring Connor half to death. 

Evan would always wake up and apologize for falling asleep but Connor would brush off the apologies before pulling Evan closer. 

Right now, the sun was warm, and Connor for a split second regretted laying out here. All it took was one look at his (sleeping) boyfriend for the heat from the sun to become irrelevant. Evan’s legs were tangled up with Connor’s which was kind of risky seeing how they were on a hammock. 

Evan mumbled under his breath and shifted slightly, letting out a puff of air. Connor now recognized these signs as Evan waking up. Right on cue, Evan groaned, and moved his body, rocking the hammock. He opened his eyes sleepily and looked at Evan. 

“What ya lookin’ at?” Evan’s voice was heavy with sleep. His cheeks were a rosy pink, and his hair was a complete mess. Connor smirked at his boyfriend. 

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” Connor said. Evan blinked at him a few times, his sleepy mind still processing the words. He then blushed even more and buried his head in the crook of Connor’s neck. Connor laughed, and rubbed his boyfriend’s back. All of their movement was shaking the hammock that was already small to begin with, so when Evan moved up to kiss Connor, the hammock tipped over. 

The two boys laughed when they hit the ground, the now empty hammock swinging above them. 

“I love you,” Evan whispered. Connor gazed back at Evan, and knew for sure that he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 

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How do you think Connor and Evan's first time cuddling would go?

oooooohhh boy, this is kinda a loaded question considering i have a VAST amount of specific/extensive headcanons concerning the DEH kids (& tree bros specifically) SO UNDER THE CUT WE GO!!

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holier things

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…

The voice that drifts soothingly down the hall is hoarse, but steady. Adam rubs his eyes as he rolls over to check on the clock. It’s two in the morning. The other side of the bed is empty, though it’s not cold yet. Adam yawns and sits up as Justin’s voice comes floating through the open doorway again.

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Could you write a connor x evan where no one knows their dating and Zoe, Alana, Jared, Connor, and Evan are eating lunch and Zoe, Alana, and Jared notice a hickie on Evans neck and they freak out and him and connor ars super embarrassed



When Evan and Connor became a thing, they decided against telling anyone. They knew their friends would be overbearing if they did tell them. So they thought it was just better to keep the relationship between themselves.

The day had gone by normally. The two boys went to classes and ended up eating lunch with their friends. Zoe, Alana and Jared were all still in dark about the relationship between the two boys.

“So I was like Mr. Bellden, with all due respect I believe I deserved one hundred percent on this project-” Alana was in the midst of her story when Jared cut her off.

“Evan is that a hickey!” Jared gasped as he saw the small purple bruise poking out from Evan’s collar.

Evan blushed. “N-no it’s not!”

Zoe’s eyes widened as she saw part of the little bruise. “Oh my god Evan! Who the hell gave you a hickey!” Zoe was in utter shock. Evan had a boyfriend or girlfriend? Why didn’t he tell them?

“Evan, I didn’t expect this from you of all people!” Alana was shocked.

Connor had to hide his blush, holy fuck. Evan was right he should not have given him a hickey in that spot. “Wait a second! Connor are you blushing too! Are you the one who gave Evan that hickey!” Jared laughed.

“Oh my god ew, no.” Zoe gagged. The thought of her brother and Evan dating was weird to her.

“You guys! What the heck!” Alana covered her face.

Both Evan and Connor were super embarrassed. They’d done so well with hiding their relationship but a little hickey was enough to make the two teens all flustered and embarrassed. 

Jared, Alana and Zoe were all still freaking out and making fun of them

“I hate you so much.” Evan muttered as he covered his face.

“I hate myself too don’t fucking worry.” Connor grumbled back, the blush still evident on his pale cheeks.

How it would really happem
  • Connor: I notice you Evan, I've always noticed you. I notice the way you always try to say the right thing, how you pick at your cast, when you fidget with your shirt, how your eyebrows scrunch up when Jared says stupid sh*t, the way you take notes in class, how you're always wearing some sort of blue, the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about trees. Evan I noticed it all and that's why I love you.
  • Evan: You noticed me? NO THAT MEANS YOU'VE SEEN MY FLAWS!!! *starts to cry and hyperventilate*
Dear Connor Murphy: Today, I Broke My Arms (And Possibly Legs)

First fic posted! This is a Evan x Connor, but my ship name for them is tree bros.This is just a small fic (880 words) about Evan “falling” from a tree, but his boyfriend finding him. Hope you all enjoy! (Side note, I have no idea what it feels like to break a bone)

Evan winced, trying to move the arm he was laying on. Pain was radiating from it- no, radiating wasn’t a strong enough word for the amount of pain that he was currently in. He closed his eyes and bit hard down on his lip, trying to distract himself from his arm. He heard pounding footsteps, leaves crunching underfoot, and Connor was there. Why was Connor here?

“Evan? Evan, oh my god-” Connor’s feet skidded on the grass and he fell too, but he didn’t seem affected by it. Evan opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend. Evan didn’t think he could move, the pain was too bad. “Holy fuck, babe, shit, are- fuck.” Evan tried to smile at the dark haired boy but when he turned his head, the rest of his body shifted, sending more shooting pain down his arm. 

“M-My arm, it’s broken,” Evan stumbled over his words at first, but he felt surprisingly calm. Shouldn’t he feel more upset or something? He did just try to kill himself after all. Evan had never broken a bone before, but judging by the amount of pain his arm was in, and how his arm did not feel like it was in a natural position. “I can’t stand up-” Pain was all over his body, was it even coming from his arm? Evan watched as Connor sat up and looked over his body.

“Babe, Evan, your legs don’t look so good as well.” Connor said, and pulled out his phone. He punched in a few numbers before raising the phone to his ear. “Hello, my b-friend,” Evan closed his eyes as he heard Connor stumble over the word ‘boyfriend’. “He fell, and I don’t think he can walk. His arm is broken, for sure, but his legs look messed up.” Connor fell silent, but then gently touched Evan’s cheek. “Hey, keep your eyes open. I don’t want you to pass out or something.” Evan grudgingly opened his eyes. Connor leaned back a little, listening to his phone. “Yes, we are at the old orchard, down on 34th?”

Why is Connor even here? He was supposed to be having family time, or something like that.

“Connor, why are you here?” Evan asked. Connor blinked, looking down at him. His long eyelashes brushed against the skin under his eyes, which Evan watched with interest. He didn’t notice that his eyes were closing until Connor’s fingers brushed against his cheek again. 

Evan half opened his eyes. Connor had put down his phone and was looking at him worriedly. “You weren’t home, and your mom said that you said you went to the orchard." 

"Hmm.” Evan hummed in response. The pain was all over his body, and the longer he laid there, the more intense it seemed to get.  

“Evan, what were you doing?” Connor asked. Evan closed his eyes again. He wanted to go to sleep, he still wanted to die, dammit. “Keep your eyes open. Where does it hurt?” Evan snorted. 

“All over. I fell out of a tree.” Evan didn’t open his eyes. “Don’t worry, I am not bleeding internally, or something. Just in a lot of pain. Kind of just want to pass out.” Connor exhaled sharply, something he only did when he was panicking.

“Don’t, Evan. Don’t pass out, or anything, shit, stay awake baby.” The corners of Evan’s lips turned up. 

“Must be a special occasion to have you call me baby.” Evan commented. Connor rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, all it took was for you to fall out of a fucking tree, Hansen.” Evan started to smile more, but winced instead. “Evan, what can I do to make it better?” Evan was quiet. He was barely moving.“Evan?" 

"S-stay here?” Evan’s voice was strained, barely above a whisper. He was obviously in a lot of pain. Connor moved so he was laying down right next to his boyfriend.

“Of course. Just stay awake, okay? Stay awake until the paramedics come, they should be any minute now.” Connor assured. Evan let out a short breath. Connor took his eyes off of the boy for a minute to look up at the tree he had fallen out of. He could see where a branch had broken off, but it was really high up, way higher than Evan usually climbs. What was he doing up there?

Connor was jerked out of his thoughts by the noise of siren nearing them. The two were a little bit away from the entrance, there was no way that the doctors could find them on their own. 

“Babe? I am going to walk a few steps away, so I can get their attention.” Connor whispered. “I am not leaving you, okay? Can you open your eyes for me?" 

Evan slowly lifted his eyelids and looked at Connor. Connor leaned down and pressed a kiss to his forehead, being so gentle that Evan barely felt it.
Connor stood up, and started shouting at the men who had just entered the orchard. 

"Dear Evan Hansen,” Evan whispered to himself. “Today, you wanted to see the world, to see if there was anyone out there, and guess what? You broke your arm, and probably your legs. But Connor Murphy found you, and called you baby, so maybe it isn’t all bad.”

Tree Bros Oneshot: Evan’s Birthday

AN: hey everyone! this is my first deh oneshot, so i hope you enjoy. 

July 10: Connor and Evan have been dating for a few months now, and today is Evan’s birthday. Connor has no idea what to get him, so he seeks help from his sister Zoe and Evan’s other friend Jared. Unfortunately, they’re as clueless as he is. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,123

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!” Connor panicked, pacing back and forth in his bedroom.

It was currently noon, and Connor had planned to pick up Evan for a little birthday date at four, but there was one problem. He didn’t have a present. 

“Dude, calm down. Just get him like a plant or something. He likes trees, right?” Jared sat in Connor’s office chair, spinning in circles and acting calmer than the Murphy boy. 

“Why don’t you buy him a Keurig? Everyone loves Keurigs,” Zoe chimed in. She was sprawled out on Connor’s bed with her head hanging upside down off the side. 

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When Connor wakes up he dreads the day, and that isn’t fucking helping him in anyway. That refers to the ticking time bomb that society calls a “soulmate timer”, to him it’s just a huge pain in the ass that resides on his left bony wrist. Making matters even worse, it’s his day. Today is the day his timer ends and he gets a soulmate. All in all, he feels terrible for whoever it is and hopes that they get the right fucking idea and ditch Connor and his fucked up life.

He stared at the ceiling when his mother knocked on the door. “I’m already up!” He yelled glaring at the door then back at the ceiling. He knew he was going to fuck it up, just like he always did. God his soulmate was going to hate him. His soulmate was going to be absolutely horrified, his breaths felt like they were being punched out of him, stomach churning in a way that made him want to throw up. Shaking he got out of bed and opened a Ziploc bag hidden in his desk. Lighting the blunt as quickly as he could he smoked out the window. Fuck, it was going to be a rough day.

Taking a quick shower, just to cover up the smell, Connor got dressed in his normal clothes, no need to try and impress his soulmate. He looked in the mirror and touched up his hair to look even more messy than it already was, black skinny jeans, scuffed boots, thin black jacket and a grey shirt. Perfect. Walking downstairs he felt empty and agitated. Pouring milk in his bowl of cereal, Larry, his father was already eating. He glanced his oldest child, clearing his throat. “Morning, Connor.” He glared at his father, rolling his eyes. “Big day isn’t it, bringing home a lovely girl for us tonight.”

“Oh fuck off.” Connor snapped pouring the rest of the milk into his bowl of cereal. His mother, Cynthia knocked on Zoe’s door upstairs telling her to get up. He ate his disgustingly sugary cereal that no one else in the house dared to touch, in fear of Connor’s anger and cavities. “I’m skipping today, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“It’s your senior year, Connor. You are not missing the first day.​” His mother sighed pouring herself a cup of coffee, while Zoe joined them at the table.

“I already said I’d go tomorrow.​" 

“He doesn’t listen. Look at him, he’s probably high.​” His father quipped from behind the newspaper.

“He’s definitely high.​” His sister noted making her own cereal.

“Fuck you!” He hissed laying his head down on the table, it was too early for this shit.

“Fuck you.”

His mom’s voice raised. “I don’t want you going to school high, Connor.​”
“Perfect, so then I won’t go. Thanks, Mom!” Dropping his spoon into the half filled bowl of cereal he pushed himself out of his seat angrily. The chair slammed into the table, and his family let him stomp up the stairs into his room. Connor looked at his clock. He had an hour. Pulling a white and blue book from his bookshelf he laid on the bed waiting for Zoe to yell at him and hurry up. He read the first sentence on the page seven times and the first paragraph as a whole eight times, he couldn’t focus with fear biting at his brain.

“Connor! Hurry up!”

He groaned passing by the wall mirror on his way down. Internally, he recoiled from his own reflection, hoping his soulmate would do the same at first glance. He swung his bag over his shoulder, pushing past Zoe in the hall.

“Asshole.” She mumbled, clutching her shoulder.


Bolting downstairs and out the door he ignored his parents and climbed into the car. From underneath his jacket sleeve his soulmate clock tingled.

“Are you going to be a fucking monster to your own soulmate, too?” Zoe spat starting the car not long after she’d said goodbye to their parents.

“Maybe you should shut the hell up.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be such a dick!” She shouted pulling out of the driveway and into the street. “You smell like weed by the way.” Her anger had a root, Connor wasn’t the kindest sibling. He would threaten her, pound on her door screaming obscenities, push her, insult her, he was no angel.

Twenty minutes left.

Staring at his hands more time passed until Connor spoke up. “Stop the car, I’ll walk.”

“And let you have a chance to skip school without me knowing for sure? I think not.” Zoe sighed looking at him almost sympathetically. “I know this whole soulmate thing is freaking you out, but don’t skip.”

He rolled his eyes at her and bit his thumbnail, getting a black nail polish chip in his mouth.

Thankfully she parked near the entrance and unlocked the car. Opening the passenger door he stepped, closing it harshly.

“Look, Connor-”

“Just fuck off!” His head swung back in her direction, giving her a scowl through a few stray pieces of hair. Stalking his way into the building only a couple kids were there. After entering the same combination from last year he yanked open the locker.

Ten minutes.

The hall started to bustle, no one talking to him by the wall. And then there was a voice.

“Hey Connor, lovin’ the new hair length, very school shooter chic.” Fucking Jared Kleinman.

Connor glared at him unnervingly silent. Gripping the strap of his bag he clench his other fist, ready to sock him.

“It’s - it’s funny, it’s a joke.”

“Yeah I know it was funny. I’m laughing, can’t you tell?" 

Jared took a step back.

"I’m sorry, am I not laughing hard enough for you?” Connor shouted earning a few uncomfortable looks from his peers, part of him wanted to crawl into a hole. The other part just wanted to punch the shit out of this asshole.

“What the hell!” Jared stumbled away. Behind him stood Evan Hansen, the quietest kid  at school. With his striped shirts and constantly flushed freckled cheeks he didn’t always blend in, especially now. Maybe he was going to say something Connor couldn’t tell. Evan stuttered.

“What are you looking at? You’re a fucking freak!” Pushing Evan to the floor he flinched. His wrist stung. His head hurt this couldn’t be happening. Thoughts flooded through his head bouncing back and forth creating a chaotic symphony of fear and panic. He felt like he was drowning. Shoving his sleeve down he stared at the clock. He looked behind him to see Zoe help Evan up. Sprinting out the building he left campus tearing himself apart.

He’d just hurt his soulmate.

I might add more to this au since I left it open for more…

Hope you like it!

Birthday Cake (Evan/Connor)

This is dedicated to @connorxxmurphy and her wonderful cake! This is for you! 


Evan hummed to himself as he stirred the cake batter. Soft instrumental music played in the background as the oven beeped, signifying that it was preheated.

Evan was making a cake for his boyfriend. Ever since he was little, Evan has always enjoyed baking, but now he had a reason to make a birthday cake for someone!

“How are you doing, Hon?” Heidi poked her head into the kitchen. Evan smiled warmly at her, and started to pour the batter into the pan.

“Good, Mom. It should be ready around 6, and Con and I are having a date here at 7.” He said. Heidi beamed.

“I will get out of the house by then, in that case, don’t want to ruin a special birthday date!” Heidi walked over to her son and rubbed his arms. “Do you have anything else planned for tonight?”

“Yup. Ordering pizza, and I have his favorite movie. For a gift, I got him a new hoodie, and the cake.”

“Aw, Evan, you are the sweetest boyfriend. Connor is going to love it.” Heidi gave Evan a small kiss on the cheek, one last arm squeeze, and walked out of the kitchen. Evan put the pan full of cake batter in the oven, and set the timer.

As he started to make the frosting, Evan let his thoughts travel. Connor and Evan had been dating for about five months now, every day better than the last, but this was the first birthday they had spent together. Evan wanted it to be perfect, and the one thing he knew for sure that he could make perfectly was cake. He hoped that Connor liked his new hoodie as well. Evan has been guilty of stealing a few (or more) of his boyfriend’s hoodies, but he couldn’t help it! All of his hoodies were constantly warm and smelled like Connor.

Evan finished the frosting (It was a regular green frosting with a hint of a mint taste) and set it to the side. The cake still have 10 minutes to bake, so texting Connor seemed like the most attractive idea right now.

Evan: hey connor!

Evan: how does it feel to be an old man now? youre officially 18!!

Connor: i kinda want to take a nap

Evan: con… its 5:30 in the evening, plus we have our special birthday date at 7… pls dont sleep

Connor: bah humbug

Evan: babe…. Thats christmas

Connor: what are you up to?

Evan: stuff hbu

Connor: very specific

Evan: shut up

Connor: im gonna take a shower i will text you when im on my way to your house

Evan: okie dokie!! See you soon!!

Evan put down his phone. There was a few more minutes on the cake, so Evan pulled out the rest of his supplies. He would need to wait for the cake to cool before frosting, but Evan was always impatient when it came to baking.

A mint bar, some sprinkles and more green food dye. Connor liked mint, so Evan couldn’t help but go all out for his boyfriend.

An hour later, everything was set up. The cake was frosted, and was sitting in the fridge (to hide from Connor). Evan had ordered the pizza, and it should arrive around the same time that Connor comes over. Evan’s phone buzzed.

Connor: i know im early but is it cool if i come over now

Evan: of course

Connor: see you in ten?

Evan: yes!

Almost exactly eight minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Evan said, shoving the cake haphazardly into the fridge. Heidi came downstairs as Evan reached the door. He opened the door with great flourish. “Happy birthday Connor!” He shouted as his boyfriend came into view.

Connor was wearing his standard black hoodie and jeans. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and he was smiling.

“Thank you! How are you doing, babe?” Connor stepped into the house, giving Evan a quick kiss on the lips. Heidi walked in, and hugged Connor.

“Happy birthday!” Heidi said. Connor smiled. “Now, I will get out of your hair. Have fun you two!” In a flash, Heidi was gone.

“Ready to watch the movie?” Evan asked, grabbing Connor’s hand. Connor beamed at him, and let his boyfriend lead the way.

A few hours and a pizza later, Evan had decided that it was time for gifts.

“Babe, you really didn’t need to get me anythi-” Connor tried to protest as Evan ran out of the room to get his gift.

“Shush!” Evan called back, grabbing the hoodie. He didn’t bother wrapping it. “Happy birthday, Connor!” Evan wasn’t going to lie, he almost felt jealous about the look of pure joy that Connor had on his face when he saw the jacket.

“Evan!” Connor had simply exclaimed before slipping the jacket on. It was a good fit, amid the sleeves that went a little past Connor’s hands. “Thank you so much!” Evan kissed Connor before standing up again.

“I got one more thing for you,” He said before going into the kitchen. This time, Connor didn’t protest, only watched him go with wide eyes.

Evan brought out the cake with obvious pride. Connor’s jaw dropped as Evan placed the cake on the table in front of him.

“Ev…” Connor said in a breathy voice. Evan lit one of the candles that was placed in the center and sat down next to Connor.

“Happy birthday to you,” He started to sing softly. Evan was by no means a talented singer, but this was a special occasion. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Connor, happy birthday to you!” Evan kissed Connor’s cheek and rested his chin on Connor’s shoulder. “Make a wish babe.”

Connor started to lean towards the cake but instead turned to Evan and kissed him deeply. It was only when Connor pulled away that Evan realized that Connor was crying. He quickly blew out the candle and hugged Evan tightly burying his face in Evan’s shirt.

“Hey. what is wrong?” Evan asked softly, feeling panicked. Did he not like the cake? Instead of responding, Connor just shook his head. After a few moments, Connor inhaled a shuddering breath and pulled out of the hug. Evan was quick to wipe away Connor’s tears. “Is it the cake? Is it too much?”

Connor laughed a watery laugh. “No, it’s not the cake. It is just, no one has ever done this much for my birthday, like ever. It means a lot to me.” Evan smiled, and moved close to his boyfriend.

“Alway, Connor. If I could, I would get the moon for you.” At Evan’s words, Connor smiled brightly, and kissed him. “Now, let’s get some cake, okay?”

Tree Bros fics bc I need to read about other mentally ill people as a coping mechanism
Sky, For Forever (1,006 words); Evan and Connor were actually friends but Connor still dies
We’re A Million Worlds Apart (12,415 words); soulmates!au bc I am a sucker for a happy ending
You Better Watch Yourself (25,918 words); soulmates!au where Connor lives bc I love that shit
And I Suddenly Feel the Branch Give Way (587 words); soulmates!au where Connor still dies bc pain is great
The Desperate Type (93,816 words); Evan and Connor meet when Evan responds to Connor’s post on a suicide forum seeking a suicide partner Dank memes and dead dreams (3,404 words); get together fic featuring some nice group chat action

connorxxmurphy  asked:

Could you maybe write a drabble for ConnorxEvan, where they are going on their first date and both boys have no idea how to properly do the dating thing? Please and thank you!!

leeets do this (i literally just said this out loud oh my god) evan x connor is the reason i breathe

love these boys!! so much!! tree bros!! (i also added in a mention of alana/zoe cause i am starting to ship them)


“So…” The word hung between the two awkwardly, the tension thick. Evan’s face was a light pink color, what seemed to be a permanent blush. 

The ice cream parlor was nearly empty, apart from the family in the corner, and the two boys sitting at a high table near a window. The parlor was cold due to the air conditioning, but even in September, the weather was still quite hot. Connor briefly wished that he hadn’t worn his standard all black outfit, but remembered what Zoe said. “Don’t act any different than you usually would- but also don’t be a douche. Just be the good version of yourself. You don’t want to change yourself on the first date, because he said yes to you because he likes you as you.” Even though half of that didn’t make sense, Zoe has been sucessfully dating Alana for a few months now, so she must know what she is saying. So Connor wore his standard black jacket, black shirt, and black jeans.

“You like trees?” Connor finally said a few moment too late. Connor internally cursed himself the moment he spoke. You like trees? How much more lame can you get?  

Any regret over choice of words dissipated when Evan’s face lit up. Connor made a mental note. Evan really likes trees. 

“W-well, I did a internship over the summer-” Evan started talking quickly, probably the loudest that Connor had ever heard him speak, but cut himself off. His face became even more pink, borderline red now. “Sorry, you probably don’t want to hear this.” At this, Connor frowned. He leaned across the (slightly sticky) table and made direct eye contact with Evan, observing how flustered the other boy got from that. 

“Evan, I asked you out cause I want to know more about you. Now, I know nothing about dating, let alone first dates, but if talking about trees makes you happy, I beg of you, please talk about trees.” As Connor finished his little speech, he leaned back in his seat. Evan looked slightly shocked, but he smiled and looked down at his ice cream. “Now,  Evan Hansen, could you please tell me everything about your internship with trees?” 

“O-okay.” Evan said quietly. He shot a quick glance back up Connor, and looked down before he started talking again. “Over the summer,” 

Connor took another bite of his ice cream as he watched Evan become more animated. Yeah, he made the right choice by asking Evan out.